I loved to swim and built a large lagoon type pool by my cedar home. It sat way in the back behind my house. I had a large wooded piece of property I had been given by my great grandfather when I was younger. Besides dozens of old magnolias around the house and pool there was a lot of oak with plenty of wild apple trees on the property.

The driveway from the road was barely a double track and overgrown. I mostly just rode a scooter when I had to go out. I used to work during the day making paving stones and different types of bricks. After my wife left I had started a small home business so I didn’t work that much or that hard.

I was relaxing by the pool in the morning when I heard the girl and looked around. I mostly swam nude and today was no different. I stood and started following the sounds through the trees and stopped at the site of a girl hanging from her foot in a tree. Another girl was below her on the ground and I cleared my throat.

The girl on the ground jumped and froze with her mouth open as she stared at my cock. I started walking closer, “you girls should know this is private property.”

The one on the ground blushed and looked up into my face as I stopped and looked up at her friend. I shook my head and moved to another branch before jumping to catch it. I pulled myself up and moved to another and then around before looking past the foot and down into the girl’s spread legs. She wasn’t wearing panties and her pussy looked very nice.

I grinned and moved to lean against the branch before holding her leg below the fork her foot was caught in. I grunted as I lifted her and then shifted her out of the fork. I lowered her and then brought her to me and reached down with one hand. I brushed her lovely pussy and caught a hand before pulling it up to another branch.

After that it was easy to get her right side up and standing on the branch. She couldn’t put weight on the foot so I helped her climb down and then jumped to land beside her. I looked at her friend before shaking my head and bending to lift her into my arms, “come on.”

I carried her through the magnolias and around the pool, “what were you doing in the tree anyway?”

The girl walking beside me grinned, “we were looking for a good tree to build a treehouse.”

I sat the girl in my arms in a chair before sitting. I glanced to one side, “the magnolias would work better.”

I shook myself, “I’m Jay. I own the land.”

The girl I had carried grinned, “you have a big cock.”

I blinked as the other girl grinned and then smiled, “well you have a pretty pussy.”

She laughed and tried to stand before sitting down again with a groan. Her friend shook her head, “I’m Dawn and this is Sam.”

She grinned as she undid her skirt and pushed it down before stepping out of it, “now he can see mine.”

I grinned as I looked at her fuzzy pussy and she sat back down, “so can we build a treehouse?”

I glanced at both of them and Sam shifted as she slid her skirt down and off, “it depends on where.”

Sam spread her legs as she sat back and rubbed her pussy before looking at me, “we can build it in the magnolias if that is where you want it.”

She grinned, “in case I get stuck in the tree again.”

I grinned, “sure.”

Dawn looked at her friend before standing and walking to my chair. She straddled me and reached down to rub the drooling head of my cock through her pussy before she sat and impaled her very tight pussy. I held her hips as she sighed and shuddered before grinning at her friend. I shook my head at her tight pussy and pulled her shirt off.

I turned her to unhook her bra as well and tossed both onto the table before she started rubbing her pussy back and forth, “you on birth control?”

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed, “yeah.”

I looked at Sam, “why were you wearing a skirt if you were going to climb trees?”

She was rubbing her pussy and snorted, “because our mothers wants us to be ladies.”

I grinned as I reached down to rub Dawn’s clit, “with no panties?”

She laughed, “skirts do make it easier to pee.”

I laughed as Dawn began spasming while her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock. I grunted and thrust up as I pulled her down before my cock began pumping a fountain of warm sperm through her cervix. She screamed and jerked as more cum was pumped and spurted into her.

When I was done she leaned against me, “that was awesome and worth being a girl.”

I grinned as I held her on my throbbing cock, “stay there and I’ll give you more.”

She leaned back and grinned before looking at her friend, “want to try it?”

Sam grinned as she stood and limped to me, “yeah.”

Dawn stood and looked at the cum leaking out before grinning and moving to her chair. I helped Sam turn and straddle me and slowly impale her pussy before holding her on my lap, “do you girls have wood?”

Sam shuddered as her pussy tightened and leaned back, “yeah our dads used to build things all the time.”

She wiggled and rocked as my cock throbbed deep inside her and I reached down to finger her pussy and rub her clit, “there is a magnolia with branches that would be perfect for a treehouse.”

I pointed and they looked and Sam grinned, “not on the edge and the others are blocking most of it.”

Dawn stood and walked towards it as Sam shuddered and jerked while her tight pussy spasmed around my cock and she turned her head to kiss me. When Dawn came back she was grinning, “it’s surrounded by other magnolias and perfect.”

I began humping and trying to thrust up and Sam started thrusting back and forth. Her tight pussy gripped and squeezed as she began to jerk and yell, “oooohhhhh!”

She twisted and turned as she bounced while I thrust up. A few minutes later she arched her back as her pussy clenched and she screamed, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

I held her as a geyser of sperm erupted against and through her cervix. I jerked and we both spasmed as I pumped spurt after spurt until I was done and she slumped against me as she giggled, “that was wonderful.”

Dawn laughed, “now that you are all cummy we can look at the tree and make a plan.”

I stood with Sam impaled and she wrapped her legs around me as I started walking. Dawn laughed but caught up and we walked into the trees. After they had seen enough I carried Sam back and lifted her off my cock. I sat her at the table and went to get paper and a pencil as well as a pitcher of tea. While they sipped tea and designed their treehouse I swam a few laps.

I went to see what they had drawn when I was done and grinned, “if you need help let me know. I always wanted to built a treehouse.”

They grinned and Dawn rubbed my cock, “sure and you can fuck us during our breaks.”

I shuddered and grinned, “let me go get Sam something for her ankle.”

Something was an elastic wrap I had used before when I was hurt. I wrapped her ankle and watched as they put their skirts on and left. Two hours later I heard a motor and came out to see them slowly driving around the house on a riding mower with a wagon that was way overloaded. I grinned and followed as they drove into the magnolias.

First I helped unload and then watched as they climbed the tree to measure. We cut and lifted four by six beams that went completely around the tree and out three of the branches. I checked my watch and pulled Sam down when she tried to climb up again, “lunch time.”

Dawn grinned as she looked down, “and another fuck?”

I grinned, “sure.”

I let Sam lean on me as we went back and they followed me into the house. They looked around as I headed towards the refrigerator, “grilled cheese?”

Dawn followed me, “sure.”

Sam headed towards the hall, “I gotta pee.”

I smiled as she disappeared and pulled out everything. Dawn helped me and did a dance a minute later. I was watching the skillet and bumped her, “no peeing on my floor.”

She grinned and turned to head for the hall, “I’ll chase Sam out.”

A few minutes later Sam limped out and leaned against me, “you don’t live with a woman.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “I don’t think a woman has been here for awhile.”

I smiled and handed her a plate with a sandwich, “there hasn’t been.”

She went to sit and eat and kept looking around, “you need someone to help out around here.”

I glanced at Dawn as she walked in and handed her a plate with a sandwich, “Help out?”

Sam grinned, “you don’t even have pictures on the walls.”

I looked around as I started the last sandwich cooking, “I wouldn’t mind a few naked girl paintings.”

They laughed and Dawn looked at her friend, “you could take our picture and use a computer to make them look like paintings.”

I grinned, “I wouldn’t know how.”

After I finished cooking and sat down they watched as I ate. Sam and Dawn washed everything after we finished and then Sam took my hand and pulled me through the house. She turned at my bed and grinned as she pulled up her skirt to her waist and laid back, “sperm me.”

Dawn laughed as she sat beside her, “I want mine from behind.”

I grinned as I pushed my shorts down and stepped out of them before moving between Sam’s legs. I felt and rubbed her lovely pussy before pushing into her. She shivered as her pussy grasped my cock and I held her waist before I began to fuck her with long thrusts. I kept it slow but buried my cock all the way in her tight pussy each time.

It was a couple of minutes before she spasmed and bucked as her pussy clenched and squeezed. She wailed and twisted as I began to fuck her a little harder, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her as Dawn laughed and reached out to rub her friend’s clit. Sam arched her back and squirted before she thrashed around so hard I had to hold her and bury my cock. I bent over her and kissed her as I humped and jabbed and she clutched me, “mmmm!”

I laid on her and started humping and thrusting and fucking her with deep thrusts. She shuddered and held on as her pussy grasped and gripped my cock when I pushed all the way into her. I started to pump spurts of cum and she jerked her hips up, “YES!”

I spewed and gushed and finally lay on her and kissed her before standing between her legs and pulling out. Sam grinned as she rubbed her leaking pussy, “fucked like a girl.”

Dawn laughed and rolled over and went to her knees. I moved behind her and rubbed her slit before spreading her knees more and then pushing into her. Her pussy was tight and she pushed back to get my cock all the way into her. I laughed as she groaned and began to fuck her firmly. She continued to thrust back and her pussy kept gripping and grasping my cock.

It wasn’t long before she began to wail and shake while her pussy spasmed around my cock. I shoved into her all the way to enjoy her tight pussy grasping and squeezing. I finally had to move and held her hips as I fucked her long, hard and deep. She howled as I kept it up and spread her knees and tilted her hips to get my cock deeper.

She was clutching the bed as I continued to fuck her and several minutes later I shoved into her and began pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and shoved back so I pumped my sperm against the back of her tight pussy. When I stopped she sighed and slowly lay forward, “I love having a cock in me.”

Sam laughed and gave her butt a swat, “you girl.”

Dawn grinned at her friend and I shook my head. I helped them up and they both kissed me before leaving. I dressed and thought Sam was walking a lot better. I went to check my work as the girls left with their riding mower. They were back a couple of hours later with another load of boards. They left after dumping them and I was left to think about them.

They didn’t return until the next day and that was with another load of boards. It was late morning and I was back by the pool again. I went to help and we started making the floor of the treehouse. It didn’t take long and then I was helping them frame the walls. I checked the time and pulled them down for lunch.

They grinned as they squatted by another tree and lifted their skirts. I could see their pussy as they peed and grinned as I pulled out my cock to pee beside them. I had hoped the girls would be here today and made sandwiches I brought out by the pool. The girls grinned as they stripped and I undressed.

We ate and they kept looking at the pool before Dawn grinned, “ever done it in the pool?”

I shook my head and she grabbed my hand and pulled me after her to the steps. She only led me into chest deep water before turning to press up against me and stroke my cock. I kissed her as Sam laughed and sat on the edge of the pool beside us. I lifted Dawn and she wrapped her legs around me as I slowly lowered her.

She reached between us to position and guide my cock as she was lowered onto it. I turned and put her against the pool wall before kissing her as I started to thrust into her. Her warm pussy gripped and squeezed my cock as we continued to kiss. It was a couple of minutes before she groaned and shuddered hard.

Her pussy tightened and I tried to fuck her with long jabbing thrusts. She jerked a minute later as her pussy clenched and squeezed, “mmmm!”

Sam giggled, “just like a girl.”

Dawn hugged me as I kept fucking into her with deep thrusts, “yeah.”

She spasmed while her pussy continued to tighten and squeeze. I tried to fuck her firmly with deep strokes and she wailed and thrashed around as Sam giggled. Dawn had lifted her legs and spread them wide as I kept fucking her and several minutes later I shoved into her. She was clinging to me and shaking as I grunted and kissed her while pumping spurts of cum.

She howled into my mouth as her pussy clenched and held my cock while I finished flooding her with warm sperm. When I finished I grinned while she panted and held her waist before suddenly lifting her off my cock and out of the pool. She laid back with her legs dangling in the water, “I think I really love getting fucked.”

Sam laughed as she leaned over to suck on a hard nipple, “girl.”

I grinned as I pulled myself out of the water and pushed Sam back and down, “your turn.”

She laughed as Dawn turned her head and lifted and spread her legs, “okay. Hard and deep.”

I grinned as I knelt and then lifted her and carried her to a lounger and put her down. I moved over her as she spread her legs and lifted them again. I kissed her and pushed into her and began to fuck her warm tight pussy. She shivered and humped while her pussy contracted and grasped my cock.

It didn’t take her long to start wiggling and moaning as her pussy started grasping. She was humping and thrusting up as her pussy kept squeezing. Dawn came to sit beside her and rub my back as I continued to fuck Sam slowly with deep strokes. She wrapped her legs around me a minute later and wailed as Dawn giggled, “who is the girl now?”

I grinned as I kept fucking Sam and she started thrashing and spasming. Her tight pussy constantly tightened and grasped my cock each time I buried it. I continued to fuck her with deep strokes and began to grind. It was several minutes before I grunted and shoved into her as my cock gushed cum.

She jerked and screamed as her pussy began squeeze my cock to milk the sperm out and into her, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted until I was done and Dawn giggled, “another spermy girl satisfied.”

Sam shuddered and then giggled, “yeah.”

I gave her a kiss before I pulled out, “do you have enough lumber to finish the tree house?”

Dawn grinned, “yeah. We have another load to bring over to finish the framing and then we have one by twelves for the siding.”

I shook my head as I stood, “In the garage is a dozen sheets of quarter inch plywood.”

They looked at each other and then grinned before jumping up to pull me after them. After looking they went to dress to go home for another load of lumber while I hauled the plywood sheets out to the tree. I waited for awhile but the girls didn’t return so I went back to work. I was up very early and mostly done with work until later.

I swam a few laps before laying out. When I heard the girls I turned as the riding mower came around the house with the wagon. Dawn was riding and Sam was walking beside the wagon but two women were also walking with her. I blushed as Dawn stopped and shut the mower off and jumped off to grab Sam’s hand.

They walked to me with the women who were blushing as they stared at my cock. I sat up and then stood, “you brought helpers for the treehouse?”

The girls grinned and looked at the women. Dawn turned and nodded to one, “this is my mother Jay.”

She looked at me, “mom this is Jay, my lover.”

I looked from her to her mother who was grinning. Sam reached for my hand, “mine too mom.”

The other woman grinned and then they both held out their hands. We sat and talked and they were not mad or upset that their daughters and I had been having sex. In fact they were relieved and the more I told them about myself the more they liked. Before they left both Dawn and Sam were spending the night and were grinning.

I helped them unload the lumber before we finished the framing and put the plywood on. I helped make a ladder and then a door and grinned when we finished and headed for the pool. The girls stripped as they ran after me and chased me into the water. Thirty minutes later I laid back in the sun and Sam grinned as she straddled me.

She slowly impaled her pussy, “want to sleep in the tree tonight?”

I grinned as I pulled Dawn down so I could suck on her nipples, “I was thinking of spending the night in a cummy pussy.”

They laughed and Sam wiggled and bounce, “we can provide the pussy but you have to bring the cum.”

Ten years and they are still tomboys who have build other forts and treehouses for our children.
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