My sister’s crotch smelled really bad.
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My Sister’s Smelly Crotch

I’m almost exactly a year older than my sister Sherry Candice Bailey is. I had always called her things that begin with her initials S.C. I have called her South Carolina, Sweet Cheeks, and even Sour Crab.

However, after she first started having her periods I started calling her Smelly Crotch. That’s right. Being a year older I had started masturbating. Sometimes I would use her panties to smell while I jerked off. They would be the ones that she had worn that day. They smelled really bad but that didn’t stop me from jerking off with them and into them.

One day I guess my sister found out that her crotch really did smell. She came home from Christie’s house crying after a sleepover. Well as it turned out she didn’t sleep over because she came home early.

She ran into the living room and into Mom’s arms. I was in the kitchen at the time but I could hear her perfectly. She only spoke a few words in between bursts of crying.

Sherry said, “Christie said that my crotch smelled.”

Mom asked, “How close did she get to it?”

Sherry said, “Really close Mom. We were experimenting. I licked her pussy first and it was nice. It tasted nice too. I gave her an orgasm. When it was her turn, she gagged and threw up. Mom it was just awful.”

Mom asked, “Do you wash yourself extra well down there?”

Sherry replied, “Yes, Mom, I do.”

Mom said, “Then come with me and I’ll show you how to douche. That will clean you out on the inside. It should help.”

I followed them at a distance but they closed the bathroom door. I listened but I really didn’t understand what Mom was doing to Sherry.

I was in the living room watching television when they came down. Sherry jumped up next to me. I rolled over on my back. Then Sherry sat on my face. She rubbed her panty-covered pussy on my nose. It felt good and it smelled even better.

Mom asked, “Does she still have a smelly crotch?”

Sherry wiggled her pussy on my nose some more and asked, “Does it smell bad?”

I managed to say, “No! It smells great. I like it.”

Sherry started to get up but I grabbed her waist and pulled her back down. I crushed her flat against my body. I could feel her face on my crotch.

Sherry said, “He smells like baby powder.”

Mom laughed then said, “It probably helps him masturbate.”

Sherry said, “Maybe I should use it when I masturbate.”

Mom laughed and said, “No honey, girls need lubrication not baby powder. I’ll give you a tube of KY-Jelly. That should help.”

Reluctantly I let her go and she got up. She was standing over my face though and I could look up her skirt at her panties. There was a wet spot on them. I thought that I may have been licking her but I didn’t remember doing it.

I asked, “Can I have those panties when you take them off”

Mom laughed and said, “Why not! Sherry, just hang them on your doorknob. He can use them and put them in the laundry for you.”

Sherry giggled and said, “Only if you do Mom.”

She replied, “Okay.”

I smiled.

That night I removed two pairs of panties from their doorknobs and went into my bedroom. I stripped down and got on my bed. I smelled of Sherry’s panties and they were sweet smelling. Mom’s panties had a slightly harsher smell, more musky.

I jerked off in each of them. I closed my eyes and imagined I was looking up at my sister when she stood over me. I just couldn’t quite imagine what she looked like without her panties.

I slept quite well and woke up with an erection. After jerking off a second time into my sister’s panties, I got dressed and went downstairs.

Sherry asked, “Did you enjoy our panties?”

I said, “Yes! Did you enjoy your KY?”

Sherry and Mom both replied, “Yes!”

As we finished eating I looked directly at Sherry and asked, “Can I see your pussy? I’ve never seen one for real.”

Sherry replied, “Only if I can see your cock. I’ve never seen one for real.”

I asked, “How should we do it?”

Mom laughed and said, “Get naked and then do that crotch to crotch thing that you did on the floor yesterday.”

Sherry said, “Mom, I need a douche first.”

Mom laughed and said, “No, you don’t honey. Douching every day is not a good idea. You need to douche after your period ends and maybe once in the middle of your periods. That should be quite sufficient.”

Sherry asked, “But what if it isn’t?”

Mom laughed longer that time and said, “In that case I’m sure that your brother will tell you. He hasn’t hesitated to tell you in the past.”

Mom watched us as we undressed and got in position on the living room rug. I was on my back and my sister squatted down close to my head and then she leaned over to get closer to my crotch. I looked at her pussy for a while.

Mom said, “Try touching now.”

I pulled her pussy lips open and looked inside. I poked my fingers into her hole. Then I found her clit and I felt her squirm. I had found her good spot.

Mom said, “Now use your mouth.”

I felt Sherry slip her mouth over my cock so I slipped my tongue up into her pussy. I got harder and harder the more I licked. It wasn’t long before I started to cum. Sherry never backed off from me and I just kept squirting and squirting into her mouth.

When I stopped cumming Sherry asked, “Why did you do that?”

I said, “I couldn’t help it. It felt too good.”

Sherry said, “Not you! Mom! Why did you hold my head on it? I almost gagged to death.”

Mom said, “You’ll get used to it. Women have been sucking cocks and swallowing cum since the beginning of time.”

After that day I still got to smell two pairs of panties as I fell asleep. However, I got to sixty-nine with my sister and with my mother every day. Mom let Sherry and I do it as often as we wanted too but Mom and I would only do it in my bed at bedtime.

Christie came to sleepovers so that she could join us. She really liked girls and after Sherry started to douche she really enjoyed my sister.

I could not fuck Mom at all, ever. She made me wait until Sherry turned sixteen to fuck her. It was a long three years but in the end it was well worth it.

The End
My Sister’s Smelly Crotch
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