Miss Green put you panties on my desk. That way we can all see them.
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Put Your Panties On My Desk

I was in my seventh grade English class when Mr. Jones said, “Miss Green!”

She looked up as if she were startled.

He said, “Please stand up and come up here.”

She did as she was told. Then he said, “Face the class.”

Again she did as she was told.

Mr. Jones said, “Now Miss Green, since you want everyone to see your panties…put you panties on my desk. That way we can all see them.”

Jessica Green blushed a deep red. Then she slowly reached up under her short skirt and pulled her panties down. Most of boys had never seen a girl remove her panties before and it was very sexy to watch. Her panties were yellow with lots of small pink dots on them. She let them fall to her feet and then she stepped out of them. I swear that she looked right at me and smiled as she picked them up, shook them to straighten them out, and then placed them on top of his desk.

He had her sit down at her desk and said, “I want all of you girls to keep your knees together in this class unless you want your panties on my desk too.” He looked at Jessica and said, “You may have them back at the end of this class.”

Two minutes before the end of class Mr. Jones let Jessica go to the back of the room to put her panties back on. Of course he wouldn’t let us boys turn around to watch but he seemed to enjoy the view.

Jessica walked out of the room right behind me and said, “How embarrassing.”

I said, “Don’t let it bother you. I think you are the sexiest girl in class.”

She was too. Jessica had failed a grade somewhere along the way and she was thirteen years old where the rest of us were mostly twelve. She had the prettiest face, the biggest boobs, and the longest hair. All of us boys were in love with her.

She turned me toward her and looked right in my eyes as she asked, “Did it excite you to watch me remove my panties in front of the whole class?”

I quickly replied, “Oh yes!”

She asked, “Did it make you hard?”

I quickly replied, “Oh yes!”

She giggled and asked, “Will you walk me home after school?”

I quickly replied, “Oh yes!”

Again she giggled and said, “Then I’ll let you remove them for me when I get home.”

All I could manage to say was, “Okay!”

Whenever she saw me between classes she would smile and wave. We had the last class together too and it was mathematics. After the bell rang we held hands as we walked to her house.

I followed her into her bedroom and sure enough she let me reach up under her skirt to take them off. Then she let me get her out of her blouse, bra, and skirt too.

Wow! My first naked girl!

She had me get naked too and then we got on her bed and started making out and playing doctor. We both learned a lot that day.

The next day at school Mr. Green asked, “Are you going to make me have you remove your panties again Miss Green?”

Jessica replied, “No Sir! I’m not wearing any.”

Well the entire class erupted in laughter, they cheered, and they screamed. Mr. Jones had completely lost control of his class. By the time he had gotten us to calm down the class was half over.

After school I walked Jessica home. We got naked, we made out, and then we had sex. It wasn’t all that good but as they say, even bad sex is better than anything else.

Mr. Jones left Jessica alone after that but every few weeks another girl would be called up front to remove her panties.

By Christmas break Jessica and I had seen a pattern to his madness. One by one he was getting all of the girls to remove their panties and we wondered why. The only thing that we could come up with was that he was photographing the girls somehow.

After our Christmas break we noticed that Mr. Jones kept his briefcase upright next to his desk, on the right hand end. Then when he called the next girl up to remove her panties his briefcase was lying down on the floor just under his desk on the left side with just a corner sticking out.

That confirmed our suspicions…he was recording them.

On the way out of class Jessica distracted him by looking out the window and letting her short skirt ride up a little further that it should have and let him glance at the lower curvature of her firm round buns.

Meanwhile, I silently picked up his briefcase and headed out the door. I rushed to the end of the hallway and out the side door. A few minutes latter Jessica was right with me. We opened up his briefcase and found his video camera. I removed the storage disc and put the camera back. I sat the case next to the building and then Jessica and I went to her house. We called the school and both claimed to be sick.

The disc contained the whole show as if someone were lying on the floor looking up her skirt. Her hands went up and her panties came down. Her legs spread as she stepped out of them and then it was over. We got to see her face, hear her name, and see her pussy…all with exceptional clarity.

I had taken a couple of pieces of paper out of his case and looked at them. There was a web site and a password.

When we checked it out we saw Jessica G. as one of the choices and clicked on it. Sure enough there was Jessica removing her yellow panties with the small pink dots on them.

We found the other girls too…then we called Jessica’s mother…she was a lawyer.

We gave her the address and the password and told her to look under Jessica G.

An hour later a police car was taking us to the police station where her mother and my mother were waiting for us. Mr. Jones was walked past us by two police officers. He was in handcuffs. We had to give our statement and hand over the disc.

Mr. Jones had a very good lawyer. He confessed and plea-bargained down to six months in a county jail. His teaching certificate was revoked. The deciding factor was that he never once touched the girls or had sex with them.

In the meantime, Jessica and I had made copies of all of the video clips on his web site and backed them up on DVDs.

We identified all seven girls and four of the teachers. We still had fourteen other video clips of unidentified women.

We noticed that the women were filmed differently. Mostly they were filmed in a bathroom stall as they entered, lowered their pants and panties, and then they peed. Then we got to watch them wipe, stand, and pull their panties back up. One of the women changed her tampon and another one masturbated while we watched her.

As we watched we got the distinct feeling that Mr. Jones had an accomplices, but who? The web site never came down and a new video clip had been added, so someone else had access to it…but who?

Jessica and I started to observe the women teachers. One in particular had a strange looking pocketbook. She was our Biology teacher Miss Riley.

Jessica followed her into the bathroom whenever she could. However, she never seemed to record anything. Perhaps she had learned from Mr. Jones’ mistake.

We found out where she lived and staked it our as best we could. We spent hours and days watching her.

We followed Miss Riley to a bar one night and the next day a new video clip of a woman peeing was posted.

A few days later this happened a second time too, with a nice video clip of a very pretty woman peeing and masturbating with another woman standing in front of her. We watched the first woman eat the second woman’s pussy and play with her exposed tits.

The only problem was that my mother was the first woman and Jessica’s mother was the second woman.

What were we to do?


The next day Jessica and I were waiting for Miss Riley to come out of her house on her way to school.

Jessica said, “Miss Riley we want you to remove that video that you posted yesterday. The one of those two women having sex in the bathroom of the Flying Dutchman Bar and Grill.”

Miss Riley’s mouth opened wide, then closed, and finally she asked, “Why? What do you want? Are you going to tell anyone?”

Jessica said, “Because they are our mothers. We just want to remove their video…and…my video. No we are not going to tell anyone…but…we want some of the money that you get from the web site.”

She said, “I have second period free today. I can remove them then. Will that be okay?”

Jessica answered, “Yes, that will be fine.”

Miss Riley said, “However, if you want some of the money…you will have to help me earn it.”

Jessica asked, “What do you mean?”

Miss Riley smiled and said, “You have to help me film girls and women in various stages of undress.”

Jessica laughed and said, “That’s easy, I see naked girls with their mothers all of the time.”

I asked, “Where?”

Jessica said, “On Tuesdays my mother and I swim at the YWCA. They have one big dressing room where we all get naked to change into our swim suites and again to get out of them. On Thursdays it is just us girls at the Y.”

I asked, “What about your sleepovers?”

Jessica said, “No way! I can’t do that to my friends.”

Miss Riley said, “What if I gave you a place to party on weekends, plenty of booze to feed the other girls, and I put a video camera in the bathroom?”

I said, “I’d like that. We could invite some boys too and maybe catch them fucking.”

Miss Riley said, “Now you’re talking my language.”


That day, after school, we talked to my mother and showed her the video of her peeing and then licking Mrs. Green’s pussy.

She almost fainted then asked us what we wanted.

Jessica said, “We want sleepovers…just us…together…in the same bed.”

I said, “You and her mother can have sleepovers at the same time but in a different bed.”

My mother laughed and said, “So you two want to have sex together and you don’t mine if we mothers do too. Is that about right?”

Jessica said, “Yup!”

Mom said, “You do know that your mother and I are not really lesbians. We are what you might call bisexual. We don’t mind helping the other one out occasionally. We both still like a good hard cock.”

There was a pause and then my mother asked, “Wold you mind sharing my son with your mother and I occasionally?”

Jessica looked at me and smiled then she answered my mother, “No, I don’t mind at all. In fact it might be fun to let you lick my pussy…occasionally.”

Mom blushed and said, “I’ve wanted to do that to you for a few years now. Your mother lets me smell your used panties…occasionally.”


That weekend Mom and I spent the time with Jessica and her mother. Jessica and I arrived on Friday right after school and we never left until we walked to school together that following Monday.

That weekend we were naked and in bed when our mothers arrived. Neither one of them freaked out. Jessica told her mother that sex was great, that sex with me was great, and that she couldn’t get enough sex from me. She told her about the penetration, the fantastic feeling of having a boy’s cock in her pussy, and of the wonderful orgasms. She told her mother that she had worn me out and that she needed both of them to have sex with her.

I watched them both get undressed and climb in bed with us. I felt my mother hold my cock while Jessica’s mother went down on her daughter. Soon my mother was going down on me too.

Once Jessica had her first orgasm from a woman they traded places like a tag team in wrestling. Mom dove into Jessica’s pussy with a wild abandonment that I had never seen before in my mother. She wasn’t kidding about sniffing Jessica’s used panties for years. She couldn’t get enough of Jessica’s juices. In fact she would not tag up with Jessica’s mother either and stayed right there licking, sucking, and swallowing everything that Jessica had to offer. She would not even let me fuck my own girlfriend but fortunately her mother was very good at giving blowjobs and she loved the taste of my cum as she swallowed it all.

Needless to say that weekend went very well. I had sex with all three of them and they had sex with one another too. Eventually, Mom and I would move in with them and sell our house.


Jessica asked Miss Riley for a nanny cam in a teddy bear. Of course it was a very good video camera.

At their YWCA swim Jessica took her teddy bear and one of the sixteen-year-old girls poked fun of her. That gave Jessica the chance to walk the teddy bear right up to the naked girl before she put her bikini on. The girl then went into some kind of sex act. She took the teddy bear away from Jessica and started fucking herself with it. She brought it to both of her nipples for kisses and up to her lips for kisses. There were close-ups everywhere.

Then that girl took the bear over to her naked mother for a similar routine. After that she went up to every naked girl and woman in the changing room and got us close-up pictures of eleven other females. It was a bonanza! Miss Riley could not believe how well that stupid teddy bear had worked. She had several weeks of videos to post and those videos were the most looked at. Her membership just about doubled after that series and the money just kept rolling in.

Miss Riley would join us for a night of sex every now and then.

Mr. Jones took off for parts unknown after his time was up.

Eventually, Jessica and I graduated from high school, from college, and were married. We are starting to work on having children now. I’m hoping for a boy to help me out. Of course Jessica wants a girl to dress up pretty.

The End
Put Your Panties On My Desk
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