I served alcohol to minors but it was okay because I was a minor too.
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Serving Alcohol To Minors

My mother is a lush and she is drunk most of the time. My father is a workaholic so he is never around.

We have a big old run down farm that used to belong to my grandfather. He gave it to us when he died.

I found a way to break into a beer distributor’s warehouse without getting caught. It was simpler than you could imagine. The back door can be opened with a butter knife. Fantastic!

So one night after dark I rode my bicycle there, opened the door, and filled my basket with two twelve-packs of Coors Light and took off.

There is an old hunting cabin way out at the far end of our property. I had cleaned it up some and had cleared away some brush and sort of built a fire pit. Grandpa must have had one there once upon a time too because there were a few logs to sit on and an old stack of wood between a couple of trees.

So anyway I carried the twelve-packs out there and realized that it was a lot of work for just a little beer.

I managed to talk my father into letting me get an old ATV that someone was getting rid of. At least it worked and I got to stay of his and Mom’s way.

So almost every night I would go into town and bring back more beer. I rigged saddled bags over the rear to hold two full cases of twenty-four cans with another case strapped across it. Then with one in my front basket I could really pilfer beer, four cases at a time.

I then used my ATV to get the beer out to my cabin. I actually hid it in various places too so that my father couldn’t find them all, even he cared enough to check on me.

Of course I then had a whole lot more beer than I could possibly drink.


I invited a couple of my friends to a campout. I wasn’t stupid though so I insisted that they bring their sisters with them, otherwise no girls no booze.

Stan had two sisters, one was thirteen years old and one was fifteen years old so I made him invite both of them.

Kenny had just one sister and Jill was fourteen years old like I was.

They knew what I was up too and were not at all pleased about it, until I reminded them that they liked each other’s sisters and that getting them drunk was a good thing. They finally agreed.

Stan was sixteen years old and sure had a thing for Jill.

Kenny was fifteen years old and liked Fawn who was also fifteen years old.

I was fourteen years old and I liked Star who was thirteen years old.

It would work out perfectly especially if we could get Fawn drunk. We had all heard stories of her getting drunk and letting the whole basketball team fuck her after a game once. She swore that it was not true but we never believed her.

I told my mother about the sleepover at the cabin but she was probably too drunk to remember…perfect.

I had made a half ass wagon to haul all of our stuff out to the cabin in. I had managed to scarf up some food by trading beer for it. One of the guys worked as a bagger at the local grocery store. They couldn’t sell beer because of some law, hence the beer distributor. So anyway he put a box of stuff outside and I picked it up. Later I gave him a case of beer. In fact I gave him four cases so that I didn’t have to cart them home. In exchange I got four boxes of food that was mostly snacks. Some stuff could be put in the stream near the cabin to keep cold like some of my beer. We had plenty of hotdogs to roast and eat. At my request he threw in some flashlights, extra batteries, and candles.

Friday right after school I rushed home and made sure that everything was all set.

Kenny and Jill arrived with their sleeping bags and backpacks so I ran them out. Stan, Fawn, and Star arrived but I could only take two of them out so I took Stan and Fawn out first and came back for Star.

When I got back to her she was smiling and said, “Fawn told me that she gets Kenny and that I get you.”

I asked, “Does that please you?”

Star smiled and said, “Oh God yes! I can’t wait to get drunk, dance around naked, and let you take advantage of me. Fawn says that it is the best sex that she ever gets. She is quite an exhibitionist. I think that I am too.”

I looked at her and said, “If you are an exhibitionist, then lift your shirt up and show me your tits.”

Star lifted her shirt up and then she lifted up her bra too. I knew right then that I was in for a great night.

She had herself back together when we arrived at the cabin.

Kenny had found the cold beers in the steam and had passed them out so, Star and I started drinking too.

By five o’clock Fawn was topless and dancing around the fire. Star joined right in with her sister.

Jill took a little while to get topless. I couldn’t figure out why because Jill had a really nice pair of titties. They were almost as big as Fawn’s tits but they seemed rounder and fuller, plus her areolas were darker and her nipples were longer.

Star said, “Jill I love your boobs.”

Jill said, “Thank you. Yours are really cute.”

Kenny said, “But Fawn’s are the best. Look at those suckers.”

He was right if you were just into size. Fawn had C-cup breasts according to Star. They were so full that they drooped and her nipples almost pointed up at the sky. Star said that her boobs were just barely into a B-cup while Jill claimed to be a full B-cup. I still wanted to suck on Star’s nipples.

We roasted a few hotdogs and drank some more beer. I watched as the girls walked into the bushes constantly to pee.

By seven o’clock the girls were only wearing their panties and their crotches were getting wet. I thought that it was because they did not wipe after peeing.

As the sun started to set the girls started to get cold. So we stoked the fire with more logs and we cuddled up to the girls to keep them from getting dressed again. We kind of liked them in just their panties, now if only we could get them out of them.

I brought my sleeping bag out of the cabin, folded it and placed it over my log seat and on the ground before me. I sat down on the log and spread my legs so that Star could sit between them. She had me keeping her back warm and the fire keeping her front warm.

Star grabbed my hands and pulled them down over her breasts so that I had two handfuls. I liked the way her nipples poked through my hands between my thumbs and first fingers. I gave them a little squeeze every now and then.

Fawn looked at her sister and smiled. Jill smiled too. Before we knew it the other boys had gotten their sleeping bags and were keeping the girls warm and holding their titties too.

Star leaned back for a kiss and whispered. “Are they copying us?”

I answered, “I think so.”

She leaned back against me lifting her butt up off the sleeping bag and slipped her panties down her legs. She giggled and handed them back to me. Unfortunately, I could not see her pussy but I did see the other girls remove their panties and hand them to the guys.

Next, I saw Star spread her knees and place her feet sole to sole. I only wished that I could have seen her pussy spread open like my two best friends could. Then I smiled as I watched Fern and Jill do the same with the bottom of their feet.

Fern had some hair on her mound but her pussy lips were shaved clean. When she spread, her pussy lips parted nicely showing a pink glow in the firelight.

Jill had completely shaved her pussy and her lips only parted slightly. However, her clit was much larger than Fern’s clit was.

Star leaned back for another kiss and said, “Watch this.”

Soon I saw Fern and Jill start to finger their pussies and tickle their clits. The three girls were masturbating right in front of us guys.

I felt Star vibrating between my knees but I watched the other two girls vibrate and it looked great. I only wished that I had been ably to watch Star have her orgasm.

The beers had caught up to us a long time before but we all managed to nurse our last two just to keep the buzz going.

Star stood up and took me into the bushes where we both peed before going to bed. I got my sleeping bag and said goodnight. I zipped our sleeping bags together so that Star and I could sleep together. I got to play with her pussy and she played with my cock until we feel asleep.


I was playing with Star’s clit when she opened her eyes the next morning and said, “I have to pee first, really bad.”

I did too, so we got out of a nice warm sleeping bag and walked out to the bushes again. We were joined quickly by her sister Fern.

Fern asked, “Did you two get it on last night?”

Star said, “No but we are going to get back in our sleeping bag after we pee.”

Fern asked, “Can I join you guys? I saw that you zipped yours together. We couldn’t get ours zipped so he put it under us and it was cramped in there. Plus he is sound asleep. He was too fucking drunk last night to fuck me. The jerk.”

Star said, “Only if you eat my pussy before he fucks me and then again after he fucks me.”

Fern replied, “Spoken like a true virgin.”

So we got in our sleeping bags together and I watched Fern slide down far enough to lick her sister’s pussy. Star had her hand wrapped around my cock and whispered to her sister, “That’s enough, he’s hard and I’m wet.”

She got out of there and let me between Star’s legs. Fern helped to guide the head of my cock to the right place so that all I had to do was push. I pushed my cock into her about halfway. I pulled it almost out and then pushed it back in a few more times until I was all the way inside of her. After that I fucked into my little thirteen-year-old girlfriend for a few minutes before I came. It was the best feeling that I had ever had in all of my fourteen years.

When I pulled out, Fern took my place again and licked Star’s pussy clean. She was going to suck my cock clean too but Star objected, saying that that was her job.

Star was the first girl to suck my cock and of course the first girl that I had fucked.

Fern asked, “Can I do him now?”

Star looked at me and held my cock before saying, “Okay, but I get to swallow his cum.”

Fern seemed a little sad and said, “I was hoping that he would cum inside of me.”

Star giggled and said, “He can…but I still get to swallow it afterwards.”

Fern said, “Deal” and straddled me slipping down onto my cock. Girl on top was great, I didn’t have to do the work and I got to enjoy the view better.

We saw Jill go outside to pee and when she came back in she got in with us too.

Jill whispered, “I wanted Stan to fuck me last night and take my virginity but the bastard fell asleep.”

Star said, “I’ll let you borrow my boyfriend. I gave him my virginity too.”

Star looked at Fern milking my cock and asked, “Will he be up to the job?”

Fern smiled and said, “Oh, he will be.”

Then we did a funny looking sixty-nine that more resembled the letter N. Fern was sucking my cock but her pussy was in Star’s mouth. Star was lying right next to me. I reached down and played with one of her nice hanging breasts as she sucked my cock.

Soon she said, “Okay Jill, climb on, I’ve got him all warmed up for you.”

So it was me that got to fuck three girls, of which two had been virgins.

The rest of the day went well and Stan got to fuck Jill and Kenny got to fuck Fern but that night I had all three girls in bed with me again. None of the four of us had too much to drink, but the girls made sure that the other two guys were too drunk to fuck them.

I had all three girls before I fell asleep that night. In fact I had all three of them again in the morning after we had a good pee.

That spring and all summer long the girls would join me at the cabin for beers, sex, and nudity. We invited the guys over, but just on Saturdays.

We had the best time ever. I made a few more night raids on the beer distributor but I only took as much as we needed. That fall they put a better lock on the door but it didn’t matter. I had made myself two another ways to get in, through a window and through some board that I had loosened behind some shelves on the side of the building.

The End
Serving Alcohol To Minors
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