Are the panties really bigger than the bikinis. Good question.
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Panties Cover More Than A Bikini

My daughter and her best girlfriend came into the kitchen wearing just their underwear. Jenny was in her white thong panties with a red heart over the top front. I had washed them a dozen times and I knew them well. Her bra was an older one that she had outgrown. That one was a 32-B and I knew that her new bras were 32-C.

Kara was wearing similar underwear but of course I had never seen hers before, especially not modeled like this.

I asked, “Why are you girls dressed like that?”

To which Jenny said, “Our panties cover more than a bikini would.”

I gave a slight chuckle and said, “Maybe your bras cover more than your bikini tops do, but there is no way those tiny string panties cover more than your bikini bottoms do.”

Kara said, “Maybe not our old bikinis but they certainly cover more than our new bikinis do.”

I said, “Prove it!”

Both girls smiled and ran off to prove it to me. As they left I was treated to two of the finest derrières that I had ever seen. Those twin globes were firm with very little if any unnecessary jiggle to them.

I took the opportunity to adjust my semi hard cock in my underwear knowing that I was in for a very nice treat. I knew what to expect because Kara’s mother had checked in with me before buying one for my daughter. I had also received some great pictures from her attached to an email. The pictures had shown the two girls modeling them for her with front, back, and close-up photos of each one and of them together. The last picture was of the two girls kissing each other very passionately.

The email suggested that I compliment the girls a lot. Apparently they were looking for some male attention and I was their target.

Kara’s mother wanted return pictures too. She really wanted nudes if I could some. I knew that she already had some but I also knew that she wanted some from me to prove that the girls would get naked for me. Kara’s mother and I had a bet on it and if I got nude pictures of both girls then Kara’s mother would let me be the first man to fuck her in her ass. It was a pretty serious bet with serious stakes. If I lost it would mean no sex for me for a month and I still had to take her out on dates every week. I was pretty confident of winning although you could never tell for sure.

A few minutes later the two girls came running into the kitchen again.

Their nipples were covered with small gold colored pasties that were no bigger than their areolas were. Their pussies were just barely covered with an elongated heart shaped piece of plastic that had been specifically molded to each girl. Kara’s mother had done the molds herself and had sent them in a week before. She had one made for herself and I had seen it modeled. The bottom was held on by a small butt plug in their ass and a short fat dildo that was in their pussies. Kara’s mother had molded those holes too. Like I said, the bottoms were specifically molded for each girl.

I asked, “Can I take some pictures?”

They both said, “Okay” then I suggested that we go up to my bedroom where my camera was. Again they said, “Okay.”

I had a new camera that I had purchased after Kara’s mother had told me what was up a week before.

They loved to pose for me in the past and this was just as good.

After a few pictures I asked, “Can you show me how those hearts stay on?”

Kara giggled and lay back on my bed to lift her legs up high in the air and spread them. I could see where the butt plug entered her asshole.

I asked, “Is that butt plug all that keeps it on?”

Kara replied, “No! We’ve got a small dildo in our pussies too.”

As I had done in the kitchen I said, “Prove it!”

Surprisingly Kara pulled her bottom off letting both plugs pop out and leaving her two holes to slowly close up. I had my camera set on multiple exposures and managed to get about fifteen pictures of the removal.

I turned to my daughter and asked, “How about you, Jenny?”

My daughter got on the bed next to Kara and then got in position before popping her bottom off. I was hoping that I had gotten the perfect shot in the multiple exposure with her also.

After a minute of more pictures the two girls started to kiss and finger one another as I continued to take pictures. They plucked off their tassels and went directly to sucking nipples and sucking pussies. It was certainly not their first time doing it because they certainly knew what the other one liked.

They did not seem to notice that I was watching them.

I enjoyed the sixty-nine. Jenny was on the bottom, which meant that I could see her tongue slip in and out of Kara’s freshly shaved pussy. I zoomed in for some awesome close-up pictures of that.

I sat back and watched them going at it for nearly thirty minutes. I lost count of their orgasms.

After they had set up to rest Jenny asked, “Can our house be nudity allowed like at Kara’s house?”

I looked at Kara and asked, “Is your house really nudity allowed?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, it is. The next time you come over to fuck my mother, you can look at my pussy while you do it.”

Jenny asked, “Daddy, will you fuck us?”

I replied, “No! You girls are only fourteen and I could get busted for fucking a minor.”

Then I looked at my daughter and said, “Besides, with you it would be incest.”

Jenny said, “Kara’s mother has sex with us all of the time.”

I said, “Really.”

Kara said, “She doesn’t mind a little incest.”

I said, “Maybe so, but she isn’t sticking a cock in you and cumming inside of you either.”

Jenny said, “Maybe not, but she took molds of our outer pussies, inner pussies, and of our rectums. That is pretty invasive by itself.”

So, I called Kara’s mother and invited her over.

The End
Panties Cover More Than A Bikini
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