You guys asked for more, so here it is! If you haven’t read the first part you may wish to do so now. This one is a little longer than the first part, and is pretty much set up for a third part now :)
The night I pleasured Ross behind some trees was all I thought about for the next couple of days. I loved sucking and fingering him, and I knew he loved me doing it. I had plans for Ross; I wanted to show him the tricks of the trade. If he wanted to be a Boyslut then I wanted him to be a good one. Having sucked my first dick at 11 years old, being 19 now, I can safely say I’ve had a few years of sucking practice. I wanted to pass this onto Ross so that he could pleasure me in the same way I did him.

I played it cool and left it a few days. I messaged him online on my second last day in my hometown, before I went back to university. We talked about random stuff for a while, then I suggested we meet somewhere. Neither of us particularly wanted to play with each other outside, but we couldn’t risk our houses either. It was about 7pm, and being winter it was already dark, so we had many places to hide should we need to.

I was dying to see Ross again. His cute, smooth, hairless body had left an image in my mind that I couldn’t stop thinking about.

‘Hey’ I heard his high pitched voice say to me.

‘Hey there, hows you?’ I replied to him.

‘Good! And you make me smile every time I see you now’ Ross said, as he winked at me. I winked back, smiled at him and began moving closer to him. We were both sitting down on an isolated bench at the edge of a park. Nobody was around.
I put one hand on the back of his head and felt his soft, dark blonde hair. I placed my other hand softly on his leg, and leaned in for a kiss.

As our lips met it was like fireworks going off. I forgot how soft and sweetly Ross kissed me before, with so much passion and lust. We probably kissed for a good five minutes, getting more intimate all the time. I had begun rubbing his leg, and I got closer to his crotch area. I broke the kiss, stood up and offered my hands to help him up from the bench – like a proper gentleman.

There was an old shed at the edge of the park where some sports equipment used to be kept. It’s been empty for a while now, and I’ve used it on many occasions already for my own dirty deeds (but those are different stories!). Ross and I headed to it, squeezed through the small gap in the door and turned the dying light on.

It wasn’t too bright, but I could see his cute face well enough to know he wanted to go further. I held him by the waist and we kissed passionately once more. As we broke away we both giggled. He lifted up his arms, signalling me to take off his top. He looked cute in just a white t-shirt, but so much better with it off! His flat, smooth stomach was just asking for a cum blast. His soft pink nipples needed sucking too.

I took my own t-shirt off at this point, and when I looked at Ross again, he had his jeans off, and was standing in front of me in just a tight, light blue pair of boxers. I could see a big bulge inside his underwear already. I pulled my own jeans down, and we both stood there with just our underwear on. I walked over to him, and placed my hands on his cute, spankable ass. I squeezed it for a bit while I kissed him.
I began grinding my crotch against his. I got faster, and he enjoyed it. We continued to kiss passionately too. I turned him round and humped his ass. My already hard boner rubbed the crack of his perfect ass, through the fabric of our boxers.

I kissed his neck, and worked my way down his back, kissing his shoulders, underarm, and down to his ass, all while humping him. I slowly grabbed his boxers and pulled them down. I could see a raging cock pop out and jump around in front of him. Ross took his own hand and began wanking himself off.

For being 13 years old, Ross had a very large cock. It was about 7 inches if I calculated correctly. This is usually below my standards. I love huge cocks, and I usually aim for 8 inches plus. But I knew that Ross was only 13, and therefore I could settle for less. Besides, I wasn’t about to dismiss a freaking hot boy who craved my body, just because his cock wasn’t to my standards!

I began running my tongue up and down his crack, and this action was met by moans of pleasure. I pulled his cheeks away to reveal his pink, tight, hairless boy hole. I began rimming him, and inserting my tongue into his ass. He moaned more in pleasure, as I buried my face deeper into Ross’s wonderful ass. Soon I was furiously licking his hole, and he was moaning pretty loud. I hoped nobody heard him!
I prepared to slide a finger into his pretty butt. Slowly to begin with, but to my surprise my index finger slid in very easily. I began finger banging Ross, while continuing to use my tongue too. I then slid another finger into his ass. This took a bit of working, but I eventually loosened up his ass enough to slide two fingers inside easily.

I stopped using my tongue, and I moved round to his front. While still fingering his butt, I began licking his dick. I licked the tip furiously, before taking it in my mouth. Every time I took his dick inside my mouth, I got it further in. Eventually I was deepthroating him like before. It was too much for him; between working his ass with my fingers, and his dick all the way in my mouth, he let out loud moans and I thought he was about to cum. I quickly took his now dripping wet dick out of my mouth, and stopped fingering him. I stood up, placed my hands on his neck and gave him a long, warm and deep kiss.

Ross was overcome with pleasure by now. He just looked up at me, smiling with his mouth half open. His beautiful, wide blue eyes said it all. He was begging me for more.

I decided to treat him to his first ass, and let him fuck me.

‘Fuck me Ross, and fuck me good’ I said to him.

Watching what I had been doing, he bent down and began licking my hole. When Ross’s tongue rimmed me, the feeling was so good that I began to moan! The hot tongue of a 13 year old boy on my ass was the most amazing feeling ever. He then penetrated my ass with his tongue, and started licking the inside of my hole.
His wet tongue slopped and slipped and slid in and out of my ass, and I would have let Ross tongue me like this every night for hours if it was possible.

Once he had satisfactorily lubed my ass up, he gently pressed his still dripping wet, raging hard cock up against my hole. He’d seen enough porn videos online, he knew what to do here.
He started by rubbing his dick up and down my crack. This felt awesome, as it slid up and down my ass.

‘Are you ready?’ He asked me, knowing the answer already, but just wanting to make sure.

‘Hell yeah, fuck me Ross!’ I replied.

He then began sliding his dick inside me. He took it slowly, and got about half way in when I started to really feel it. He pulled out, and slid his dick back in again, going further in this time. He had a good 5.5 inches of glorious cock inside my now, and he began to pick up the pace a little bit. Finally, with one huge thrust, he buried his entire cock deep inside me. I moaned in pain and pleasure. He didn’t stop, he kept going, sliding his cock completely in and out of my ass.

The faster he went, the quicker breaths he took and the more moaning he did. I was his first, and he loved fucking me! I certainly loved being fucked by Ross anyway.

In between gasps, I managed to say to him, ‘When you’re gonna cum, what do you wanna do?’

‘I wanna cum inside you Lewis!’ he replied.

That was that sorted. I could look forward to his hot load deep inside me in a while.

After another ten minutes of awesome sex, I felt him grunt and pick up the pace a little more. He managed to mumble ‘im gonna cum!’ to me.

His grunts got louder and he fucked me faster and harder. It felt amazing, and just then, he let out a loud moan, and I felt my insides fill with a hot gooey liquid.

He slowed right now, and withdrew his dick from my ass. I turned round to face him, and took his cock into my mouth, tasting the remainder of his delicious cum again, and the taste of my own ass. I gently wrapped my mouth around his quivering cock, and licked it clean.

We were both lying on the ground, using our clothes as a suitable floor. We moved closer to each other and pressed our warm bodies against each other, and shared another passionate kiss. It had only been a few days since I ‘got to know’ Ross properly, but I honestly thought I was in love with him now. His perfectly cute body, his willingness to do anything I want, and his kissing. Yes, he was an amazing kisser, much better than many people my own age I’ve kissed on a one night stand – girls included.

I was, however, still horny, as my own dick had not yet been satisfied. I wanted to push his kissing skills a little further, and see how well he gave me a blowjob. According to him, he had already blown five guys of various ages. I hoped I was in for quite the treat.

Without a word, I sat him up, and moved my cock towards his face. He waited patiently for my dick to approach his waiting mouth. I put it in his mouth. He wrapped his lips around my dick and began sucking me. It felt amazing, having my cock in this perfect 13 year olds mouth, and him sucking me off like I’ve never felt before. It was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had!

He managed to take my entire 5.5 inches into his mouth. I stopped him, stood up and let him blow me again. I placed my hands on the back on his head, and began throatfucking him. I held his face up against the base of my dick for a good ten seconds, and then let go. He choked and pulled away, but soon smiled and eagerly started sucking me again. I decided to let him do the work; after all he was doing an excellent job.

A few minutes later it was time to cum. At the last minute, I pulled my dick out of his mouth and let my cum spray all over his face. I shot 8 loads of hot cum all over his beautiful face and into his mouth.

I knelt down to be eye level with Ross. I rubbed my cum all over his face and cheeks with my hands, and kissed him so long and so passionately.

We spent the next ten minutes with him lying on top of me, just kissing. By the time we got up, my cum had begun to dry into his face. I decided to clean him up a bit, and licked all my cum off of his face. We got our clothes back on, and left our little sex closet… until next time.

Just as we were about to depart our separate ways, I turned to him and held his hands.

‘You’re a wonderful, cute, beautiful, amazing and perfect boy Ross. I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I think I love you’ I confessed to him.

‘I know. I love you too Lewis! You’re so hot and cute, and you understand what I want.’ he replied.

‘Shall we meet again tomorrow then? Here’s my phone number. Text me and we will meet again tomorrow night if you want?’ I asked him.

‘Of course I want to see you again before you leave. I’ll text you tomorrow’

‘Okay then Ross. Goodnight, I love you’ I smiled at him sweetly before kissing him on the lips one last time tonight.

‘Night Lewis, love you too!’

And we headed our separate directions.

Tomorrow was my big night. I was determined to fuck Ross in that amazing ass of his before I left to go back to uni.

=Look out for Part 3 soon, and let me know what you think of Part 2!=

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