I had been fairly popular in highschool and went to the local college. I had a part time job that paid good money, even if it was off the books. I worked in a small legal distillery that made corn whiskey. One of my friends met me as I came home on Friday after school got out for the summer, “hey.”

I glanced at him as I got out of the new four door jeep Wrangler, “Hey Jay.”

He looked around, “want to party with us?”

I grinned, “I’m not stealing alcohol.”

He grinned, “no. Greg and I met these three highschool girls.”

He held up a hand when I looked at him, “their sixteen.”

I looked at my house and then thought of our old hideout. I smiled, “remember the hideout?”

He blinked and then grinned, “still have your air mattress?”

I nodded, “and the double sleeping bag.”

The hideout was an old moss covered barn built into a ridge beside a burned out house. Jay turned, “we need a ride.”

He was blushing and I grinned, “and here I was with my jeep.”

I gestured to my house, “let me go change and grab some snacks.”

He nodded, “meet us at Greg’s.”

I headed into the house as he trotted off. I told mom I had a date after I changed and grabbed a few things. I put the air mattress and double sleeping bag in the back and left. When I pulled up in front of Greg’s he was with three beautiful girls. He grinned as I got out and went to put his air mattress and large sleeping bag in back.

I smiled at the girls, “I’m Henry.”

One grinned as she slipped her arm around one of mine, “I’m Vixen.”

She had red hair and blue eyes that seemed to drew me in. The blonde cleared her throat, “I’m Dawn and this is Gwen.”

Gwen was another blonde and smiled sweetly. Greg came back and slipped an arm around her waist, “they wanted to party with some college guys.”

I smiled and looked at Jay as he walked up and went to put his stuff in back, “well we are out for the summer and I could use something to help me relax.”

The girls looked at each other and then laughed. Vixen rode up front in the passenger seat as the other two rode in back on the guys laps. I pulled down the overgrown trail and right up to the barn, we got out and went to move everything inside. We filled the air mattresses and laid them out in the center aisle.

I put my double sleeping bag on and then went to get the case of soda and bag of snacks. I grabbed the battery powered lantern I keep in the jeep and went inside. It was still light as Jay turned on a radio he had brought and Vixen pressed against me, “ever hear of edging?”

I looked at her and then at the other girls as they pressed against the guys, “no.”

she moved back slightly, “it is when a guy is taken to the point of cumming and then stopped.”

I grinned, “yeah. I don’t think I like that part.”

She laughed and rubbed my cock, “we do it a few times and when you cum it will be hard and you will cum more.”

I held her hips, “and just how are you going to take us to the edge?”

The girls laughed and stepped back to start undressing. Vixen grinned, “by fucking you.”

I grinned as I began to undress, “okay.”

Vixen pulled me to my bed and I laid back before she laid on me and kissed me. She straddled me and sat up before lifting and then slowly impaling her pussy. She wiggled and then grinned and looked at the others and I turned my head. Dawn and Gwen were straddling the other guys and slowly rocking.

I reached up to feel Vixen’s breasts as she wiggled again and started thrusting back and forth. Her pussy was warm and slick as it kept grasping my cock. She shuddered as my cock pressed against the back of her pussy and looked at me before grinning. She rolled her hips while her pussy tightened and milked my cock.

She started to breath hard as she began to shake and moan. I kneaded her breasts and kept rubbing and tugging on her nipples. It was several minutes before she spasmed and jerked, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

Her tight pussy clenched while she twisted and shook. It was several more minutes before I was ready to cum and Vixen lifted quickly and grabbed my cock and squeezed. She grinned and let go a minute later. She bent to kiss me and suddenly rolled off the bed. A moment later Dawn climbed onto my bed to straddle me.

She slowly sat on my cock with her slick pussy and wiggled before she began to rock. I glanced to the side to see Vixen straddling Jay. Dawn bent to kiss me before she began rubbing her pussy back and forth and I held her waist. I used my hands to help her roll her hips and she shuddered while her pussy tightened.

She began grinding her pussy and shaking as she panted. Her slick pussy constantly tightened and kept squeezing. I reached up to knead her breasts as I lifted my hips and tried to thrust up into her. It wasn’t long before she twisted and jerked as she wailed and I felt myself getting close.

Dawn suddenly lift up and off my cock and I groaned. She grinned as she reached between her legs to squeeze my cock. A minute and she kissed me before moving off me and the bed. Gwen climbed on and laid on me to give me a kiss as she whispered, “want to bet who pops first?”

I turned to look at Jay and Greg and grinned as I hugged her and felt her butt, “Greg.”

She laughed as she sat up and slowly sat on my cock. She wiggled to get it deeper into her before she started thrusting back and forth. Her pussy was slippery as she began to shudder while it tightened and kept squeezing. She watched me and I humped up to push my cock deeper while she rolled her hips and wiggled.

She bounced and rolled her hips as she continued to thrust back and forth. She spasmed and a few moments later started jerking while her pussy clenched, “ooohhhh!”

She twisted and rubbed her pussy on me hard before rolling forward and then to the side. I groaned as she turned and squeeze my cock and rub my chest. I turned to look at Greg as he jerked and kept clutching Vixen while he pumped cum into her. She was shaking and jerking as sperm pumped into her.

Gwen giggled, “one down.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “he has to wait until the last one cums before he can fuck again.”

I laughed and she grinned as she moved off the bed. A minute later Vixen straddled me and slowly pushed her cummy pussy down my cock. She wiggled and laid on me for a kiss before sitting up. She started rocking and rolling her hips while her slimy pussy tightened. Gwen was sitting beside Greg while Dawn fucked Jay and Vixen began breathing hard.

She shuddered as she rubbed her pussy on me and pressed down while moaning. A couple of minutes and she jerked and spasmed while her slimy hole kept squeezing. I was humping up as my balls began to churn and suddenly Vixen pulled off my cock and grabbed it and squeezed.

I groaned and jerked as she stopped me from cumming. Jay had rolled and was jerking and jabbing into Dawn while spewing cum and she had her legs up and spread. She was shuddering and clinging to him as she yelled. Vixen grinned, “looks like you get to sperm Gwen.”

She let my cock go and moved off the bed as Gwen crawled on and straddled me. I waited for her to slowly sit on my cock before pulling her down and rolling. I kissed her and began to fuck her firmly with long deep thrusts. She lifted and spread her legs as the others laughed and I kept fucking her.

A minute and she was humping and shaking while clutching me. Several minutes later she was thrashing around and bucking as I fucked her hard and deep. I buried my cock and kissed her as my cock erupted and I peed a stream of sperm into her cervix. She screamed as it seemed to keep going and I held my cock in her as far as I could.

When I was done I groaned and relaxed as Gwen continued to shudder while her pussy grasped and milked my cock. I waited until she took a deep breath and pulled out before laying beside her. Vixen moved onto the bed and straddled me as Gwen rolled and climbed out of bed. She went to Greg while Dawn began riding Jay.

Vixen impaled her cummy pussy and started rocking, “one more time.”

I grinned and pulled her down and rolled, “after I fuck you to death.”

She grinned and lifted and spread her legs, “okay.”

We took turns fucking the three before going to sleep. I liked sleeping with a naked girl in my arms and Vixen seemed to enjoy sleeping half on me. I woke up to her rubbing my cock and looked at her as she grinned. I shifted and rolled with her until I was between her legs. I pushed into her and started to fuck her slowly as we kissed.

Of course slowly didn’t last as she put her feet over my thighs, “hard.”

I grinned as I began to fuck her hard and deep and began to grind against her. She lifted and spread her legs as she clutched me and wailed, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

Her slippery pussy constantly grasped at my cock while she struggled and bucked. A couple of minutes later I shoved into her and pushed as I began pumping spurts of cum. I shuddered as I kept spewing while Vixen screamed and spasmed while her pussy milked my cock.

When I was done I rubbed against her, “tonight we are having another edging party.”

She grinned while her pussy kept squeezing, “oh?”

I humped, “we will fuck you on your back until you start to cum and then pull out.”

She laughed and shook me, “and switch guys?”

I heard the other girls laugh and turned to see them awake and looking at us. I grinned, “yeah.”

I pulled out and moved off the bed and helped her out. We went outside naked to pee before coming in to dress. I drove us back into town and led everyone into my house to shower. That was fun, I got to shower with Vixen who kept rubbing her breasts on me. After we got dressed we went into the kitchen and made breakfast.

After that I drove us to the mall where we walked around for several hours and had lunch. After lunch we went to see a movie and then had hamburgers for dinner. I drove us back to the barn where we had left the mattresses and sleeping bags. The girls grinned and began undressing as soon as we walked in.

We stripped and watched the girls as they went to our beds and laid back. I grinned at Jay and Greg, “stop before they cum. We do one complete turn with each before cumming and switching.”

They grinned and we walked to our beds. I laid beside Vixen and started caressing her and she sighed. I bent to suck on a nipple as I fingered her. She shivered and humped and grinned as she pulled me between her legs. I pushed into her and kissed her before I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She wiggled and humped and hugged me.

Each time I pushed into her I start rubbing and grinding. She began to shudder and moan as she thrust up while her pussy tightened. I nibbled on her earlobe, “tell me before you cum.”

She jerked and clutched me as she panted. I continued to fuck her with deep grinding thrusts and she suddenly pushed me back and I pulled out. I laid beside her as she shivered and twitched and grinned as I leaned against her to give her a kiss, “Jay and Greg and then I get to sperm you.”

Vixen grinned as I moved off the bed and found the guys waiting. I moved to the mattress Dawn was on and moved on and laid beside her. I caressed her hip and pelvis and bent to suck on a nipple, “sane?”

She shivered and grinned as she pulled on me, “and horny.”

I moved over her and kissed her before I sank my cock into her slippery pussy. She shuddered and humped as her pussy grasped my cock. I started to fuck her with long thrusts and her pussy grasped and squeezed as she kept lifting her hips. She moaned and wiggled and kept clutching me as I began to bury my cock and grind.

It was several minutes before Dawn stiffened and I looked at her tense face before grinning as I pulled out and laid beside her. She growled and sagged to the bed, “damn!”

I caressed her tummy and pelvis before leaning over to suck on a nipple. She shuddered and held my head and I moved up to kiss her. I moved off the bed and Jay slapped my shoulder as I walked to Gwen. I laid down and caressed her as she shivered, “one more before we fuck you hard and you can cum.”

She grinned and pulled on me, “in that case.”

I laughed as I moved over her and pushed into her slick pussy. I kissed her and pulled back before I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She shuddered and began to lift her hips and hump up while her pussy tightened and squeezed. It wasn’t long before she was panting and shaking as she wiggled and squirmed, “ooohhh!”

I grinned and fucked her hard and deep and she stiffened and clutched me, “OH... FUCK!”

I shoved into her before quickly pulling out as she thrashed and jerked. She groaned as she kept twitching, “damn!”

I grinned and leaned against her to give her a kiss, “now you get spermed.”

She grinned as I moved off the bed and walked towards my bed and Vixen. She was wiggling as Greg licked her nipples and I grinned, “time to finish so we can start another round.”

He laughed as he moved off the bed and Vixen lay back and held out her arms, “hard!”

I grinned as I moved on and over her before kissing her as I sank my cock all the way into her. She shuddered as her slick pussy tightened and I pulled back. I fucked her with firm thrusts and rubbed and pressed against her hard each time I buried my cock. She hugged me and wailed as she lifted and spread her legs.

I continued to fuck her as I tried to cum and she began to buck and struggle, “ffffuuucccckkkk!”

Several minutes later she was screaming like Dawn and Gwen. She was squirting and thrashing around under me like a wild animal. I buried my cock and grunted as I gushed a huge torrent of cum. Vixen jerked and spasmed when she felt the sudden stream of warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

When I was done I humped and jabbed and she spasmed and clutched me, “aaahhh!”

I grinned and gave her a kiss before pulling out and laying beside her. She was panting and giggled as she looked at me, “damn that was good.”

I tugged on a nipple and glanced at the other beds, “after we catch our breaths we are switching and starting again.”

Everyone laughed and Vixen turned to kiss me. It was a long night as we treated the girls to edging and each of us got to cum in each girl a couple of times. I woke to Vixen sitting up and turned to look around. She grinned, “gotta pee.”

That had the other girls rolling out of bed to follow her outside. We cleaned up and then packed everything into my jeep. I took everyone home before going to shower and relax. I went to answer the door a few hours later and Vixen grinned as she walked in and kissed me, “hey.”

Vixen managed to sleep with me at least three nights a week until she graduated and then she just moved in and never left. Friday through Sunday morning is reserved for our weekly edging party. Even now with Dawn married to Jay and Gwen married to Greg we still have our party and switch.
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