A little girl name Alyssa finds out something strange
Chapter I - I found the treasure!

Alyssa is ten years old, she's a gamer because her brother has many games for her to sneak into her room and play. She usually plays the dirty hacked games that her brother bought, oh and by the way he's 17. Today she found a new game that...kind of surprised her.

"I'm going to school Alyssa!" Alyssa's brother says "There's a bowl of cereal down here!"

Alyssa usually walked to school by herself, but today her friend Aurea is taking her.

Walking to school..

"Soo did you find anything dirty in your brothers hiding place?" Aurea asks.

"No, he changes it every week so no one would find out about them, do you think he knows I play them?"

"I doubt it.."

As they walk and talk to school they hear something behind the dumpster of there house. It was Daniel! Alyssa's brother!! He was masturbating to a picture of Alyssa in the shower, with her panties around his face!

"Well this escalated quickly." Aurea says sarcastically.

"Yes right there, right on my head, jerk it bitch jerk it." Daniel moans.

"Holy fudge!" Alyssa says in a loud whisper. "He's masturbating to my picture with his underwear on his face!"

"And this surprises you? It's clear you're hot and he thinks the same as me and everyone else!" Aurea says.

Alyssa is mixed so you can kind of see the redness when Aurea said that.

"Hey Daniel why are you fucking your dick?" Aurea says hesitated.

Daniel jumps up and stuffs his dick in his pants so hard that he actually had to twist his legs to hide the pain.

"Gu- Guys wha- what are you doing he- here?" Daniel says humiliated.

"Most importantly is what are you doing here?" Alyssa gangs the courage to tell him.

"Are you masturbating to my picture? with my panties on your head?"

"Oh...see- seems like it, heh."

"You guys should get to scool don't want to be late, right?" Daniel picks up his bookbag and runs to school.

"Wow" They both say.

After school...

"Hey guys i'm home!" Daniel yells to see if anyone really was there.

"Hello sweety want some pasta?" His mom says.

"Shit now I cant rub my dick with her panties." Daniel thinks to himself.

"Ummm, sure ill have some."

Alyssa and Aurea walk into the house, Alyssa looks at Daniel and gives a smirk.

"Mom may I speak with you in private about Daniel, pwease?" Alyssa gives her old puppy eyes trick.

"You wouldn't dare." Daniel thought.

"Sure sweety let's go into my room."

Daniel follow them while Aurea is taking a shit.

"He was ....... dumpster ....... panties ....... shower ........" Was all Daniel could hear.

"DANIEL GET YOUR ASS UP HERE." Angie opens the door quickly and Daniel falls in.


"No pasta?" Daniel says jokingly.



Daniel is laying in his bed thinking about what he had done.

"Why does she have to be so damn hot!" He thinks

"If mom never had her I would have never been in trouble all these years!"

Daniel then gets up and stomps to the bathroom, but something stops him. He hears moaning and buzzing.

"Mhm, yes Daniel lick right there I love it, I love it!" Alyssa moans.

She stole her moms old buzzer and hid it under her mattress!

"Hollly fuck!" Daniel says surprised.

He opens the door a little and to no surprise it's Alyssa with her eyes closed facing from the door.

"I need some of that!" Daniel takes his clothes off and throws them in his room.

He barges in and smiles.

"What the fudge Daniel!"

He sticks his cock in the hole but it's tight.

"Yeah your tight but your tight pussy around my cock make me feel good." Daniel moans.

"Oh yeah Daniel, fuck me mhm mhm."

Alyssa pushes him off "No this is wrong!"

"But it feels good doesn't it?"


"Well that's all that matters." And he sticks his cock all the way in.


"Told yah."

They fucked so hard the bed rocked.

"YES GIVE IT TO ME GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!" Alyssa yells.

"I'm coming i'm comming i-" His orgasm stops him in his words.

"Fuck me i haven't cummed yet!"

He fucks her so hard that his ball sack goes lump.

"Keep going keep going!!"

"I- I can't."

"Then lick me i'm so close!"

He slowly goes to lick her but something pushed him and a flow of cum poured into his mouth.

"Wo- ha -how." Alyssa laughs.

"Why did you push me?"

"I wasn't about to wait for you so I wouldn't have my orgasm!

Then someone knocks on the door....

Alyssa looks at the clock - 6:00am -

"Alyssa wake up honey!"

The end of Part I :)

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