My sister Jenna was seventeen and popular, especially with the football players. I’m more into boxing and kick boxing, I’m fifteen and a freshman. Our younger sister Lynn went to junior high and was fourteen. I normally exercise at home but a week after school started I was at a gym I use and then I started walking home.

I stopped at a house with loud music and my sister Jenna’s car parked on the street. It was angled out into the street and I decided to go let her know. The door opened when I walked up and a football player walked out and glanced at me as he kept going. I walked in and followed the music through the house and into the backyard.

I saw my sister right away, she was bent over on a table with a guy fucking her and a huge puddle of cum on a plate between her legs. I started towards her as the guy grunted and shuddered before pulling out to show her leaking cunt. I stopped beside her and bent to look at her smiling face, “Jenna?”

She focused on me and then jerked up, “ALEX!”

I shook my head, “mom is not going to like this.”

A football player put his hand on my shoulder, “this is a private party and you are bothering our team whore.”

I glanced at his hand on my shoulder, “move the hand before you get hurt.”

Jenna pulled me away from him, “don’t tell...”

The player grabbed me again and I spun and slugged him. He dropped and all the others went silent as they looked. I looked at Jenna, “we can talk about this when you get home.”

She bit her lip, “I can’t leave yet.”

I shook my head before spinning and walking back through the house. When I got home I showered and glanced at Lynn and a couple of her girlfriends sleeping over since it was a Friday. Mom was out so I headed to my room. I sat at my desk and remembered my sister’s slimy cunt leaking and the puddle of cum below her pussy.

I wanted to jack off but not with Lynn and her friends in the house. I finally went to take a cold shower and put on my shorts. I made a dinner since I knew Lynn and her friends had already eaten because of the mess and then cleaned up before heading to bed. They were watching a scary movie as I shut the lights off and stripped before getting into bed under a sheet.

I woke when my door opened and looked at Jenna as she hesitated. She crossed and sat on the bed, “Alex?”

I sat up, “okay talk.”

She cleared her throat, “please don’t tell mom.”

She looked down, “I like fucking and the team does me whenever I want them too.”

I reached out to feel between her legs and my hand touched her bare slimy cunt. She looked at me and bit her lip, “you can fuck me.”

I moved off the bed and pulled her up before stripping her and laying her back on the edge. My cock was drooling and painfully hard as I held her legs up and spread before pushing into her used pussy. She shuddered as I began to fuck her with long thrusts, burying my cock each time I pushed into her.

It was a few minutes before she moaned and shuddered while her pussy contracted and squeezed. I continued to fuck her and she turned to stuff the sheet into her mouth as she screamed. A few minutes and I was pumping a solid stream of cum against her cervix. I shuddered and grunted as I spewed and spurted until I was done.

I pulled out and turned her on the bed on her stomach before I straddled her legs and laid on her as I pushed back into her slimy cunt. I fucked her with deep thrusts while she jerked and moaned and her pussy tried to grip my cock. I fucked her eight times and pumped load after load into her until she was just laid back with cum leaking out of her.

I held her while she slept and tried to understand why she would let all the guys do her or let me. I heard mom come in late and go to her room and caressed my older sister. I woke early and sucked on one of Jenna’s nipples. She shuddered and opened her eyes as I waited. I smiled, “I won’t tell but you need to be careful.”

She nodded and I climbed out of bed before dressing to go exercise. When I came back I showered and dressed, Jenna was out of my bed by then. I used a scooter to head across town to a storage auction. There was a large crowd like always since they had started the TV show. The third had garbage bags and stank really bad and there was even rotting food.

Through a small opening I saw something in a back corner and made a low bid. No one even tried to bid and it won. I headed to the office to pay before returning and looked through the bags. I used one to start throwing the rotten food away as well as some real garbage. Half the bags were garbage and I called a place that would take it away.

What I saw in the corner was mining equipment. Well, underwater mining equipment with lots of trays and scuba tanks. I knew they would more than pay for the unit and then I found the six foot long sea chest. I spent a few minutes picking the lock before opening it and staring. Inside were mason jars of gold dust and nuggets and the whole chest was full.

I thought furiously before calling mom. I had only called her once before so she came over with a rental truck. She was as stunned as I was and kept grinning as I loaded everything. I put everything in the garage and we took the truck back. I started making a few calls and found several buyers.

Lynn and Jenna were out all day and I managed to sell over half of the gold and all the equipment. Mom grinned and let me order take out for dinner when my sisters came home. She kissed my cheek before going to get dressed and going out for a date. Lynn headed to a girlfriends to spend the night.

Jenna smiled as we cleaned the kitchen, “fuck my slimy cunt again?”

I grinned, “all night.”

She nodded and we went back to cleaning. When we finished I went to shut everything off and lock up. I brushed my teeth and found Jenna waiting in my bed with her legs spread. I could see she had been fucked and moved over her after stripping. I pushed into her slimy pussy and kissed her before I began to fuck her.

I started slowly with deep strokes as I planted my cock. She hugged me and shivered as her pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

Her cunt was slimy so my cock slipped in and out easily and it wasn’t long before she thrust up as her pussy tightened, “ALEX!”

I buried my cock as her pussy spasmed and she jerked. I pumped huge loads of cum as she continued to shake. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and rolled her over before pushing back into her slimy hole. I fucked her many times and fell asleep holding her. I woke to the sound of mom in the kitchen.

I caressed Jenna’s hip, “I’ll distract mom if you need to sneak to your room.”

She looked back and turned to kiss me, “thanks.”

I moved out of bed and pulled on my pajama pants before leaving. I walked into the kitchen and slipped an arm around mom’s waist, “morning.”

She smiled at me and sniffed before shaking her head, “you need a shower.”

I glanced over her shoulder as Jenna crossed to her room, “want to give me a bath?”

Mom laughed and kissed my cheek, “go wash.”

I showered and dressed before checking my cell and starting to answer calls. I spent the morning selling the rest of the gold and depositing the money. It was a slow day with everyone home and no chance to fuck Jenna again. Monday I got out early like normal but stayed to work out instead of going to my gym.

I finished and headed home but saw some of the junior high players. I saw my sister Lynn’s bike and frowned as I headed to the equipment shed. I walked in as a boy tried to stop me and saw my sister on her back with a guy fucking her. I shoved the boy away and crossed to grab the hair of the boy fucking Lynn.

I pulled him up and out of her before throwing him away, “Lynn.”

Her face went white, “Alex!”

I kicked back into the gut of a boy moving towards me as my gaze took in Lynn’s cum leaking cunt, “go home.”

I turned to the boys, “okay who wants to go to jail?”

Those were magic words and the guys in the shed suddenly ran towards the door. I looked at Lynn as she stood, “don’t tell mom.”

She was almost in tears as I looked at her, “be in my bedroom when I get home and don’t bother washing.”

I turned and walked out as she looked for her clothes. I was thinking of Jenna all the way home and called her cell. It went to voice mail and I told her to call me. Lynn rode past a couple of minutes later but didn’t stop or look. Jenna called and I told her what I had caught Lynn doing. She was quiet before I asked her to not talk to Lynn until we were together.

When I got home mom was dressed and going out which surprised me. I walked into my room to see Lynn sitting on my bed. I closed the door and started undressing, “what are you doing? You don’t even know those boys.”

She had been crying and sniffed, “I like sex.”

I pulled her up and turned her as I stripped her and laid her forward on the edge of my bed. I rubbed her slimy leaking slit, “and what about STDs or getting pregnant?”

She shivered and looked over her shoulder, “I’m on the pill.”

I moved and forced my thick cock into her tight cunt before I began to fuck her, “and STDs?”

She tilted her hips, “I wasn’t... I don’t...”

I buried my cock and pressed against her cervix, “from now until you find a guy I will fuck you and sperm you.”

Lynn shuddered as her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I pulled back to keep fucking her with long deep thrusts. She spasmed and her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

I fucked her faster and she began to convulse and shake, “aaaahhhh!”

I buried my cock just before it erupted and I began gushing and spewing cum. I glanced at my door when it opened and Jenna slipped in. I finished cumming but kept my cock buried, “I will teach you about sex, oral and anal and when you have a boyfriend and fully understand about STDs you can fuck them.”

Jenna sat on the bed and rubbed Lynn’s back as I pulled out, “we are sharing him.”

Lynn twisted when she heard her and Jenna smiled, “come douche and take a bath with me.”

Lynn bit her lip and nodded before I helped her up. I stopped Jenna as Lynn watched and lifted her skirt to see her slimy cunt. She kissed me before heading towards the door, “go buy us Chinese for dinner.”

I smiled and looked around before dressing. I called in a large order and headed to the garage. I had a scooter but seldom used it. I was almost to the small restaurant when I saw mom’s car. It was in a cheap motel and there were a lot of cars. I stopped before turning and parking and looking around.

Loud music was coming from a room with the door wide open and I went to look in. I frowned when I saw my mother’s purse on a dresser and stepped in and moved through several men. I stopped beside the bed when I saw my mother getting fucked from behind on the other side of the bed, “mom?”

She lifted her head as she shuddered and kept pushing back while the guy grunted and held her hips. She froze, “Alex!”

I turned, “we will talk at home.”

A guy grabbed my arm, “you will...”

I slugged him in the gut and then used a cross that put him down and out, “don’t touch asshole.”

I shoved another man away as I walked out with my mother calling for me to stop. I rode to the restaurant and paid for our food before riding home. Mom was home when I walked in and Jenna and Lynn looked nervous as they turned from the table. I crossed to put the food on the table before looking at mom, “you are a whore.”

She blushed, “I only...”

I grabbed her arm and pulled her after me and into my room where I left the door open. I turned her at the bed, “you only? How many had an STD?”

She reddened and I shook my head and reached out to pulled her blouse off. She tried to catch my hands and I pulled her close, “you were fucking a whole room of guys.”

She dropped her hands and I quickly stripped her. I glanced at Jenna and Lynn in the doorway before sitting mom on the bed and stripping. I turned her and laid her back before gesturing to Jenna. I moved over mom and pushed into her slimy cunt before settling. She turned her head away when the girls climbed onto the bed.

I humped, “first I find Jenna is the football team whore.”

Mom gasped and turned to look at Jenna and I humped again while her pussy squeezed, “today I find Lynn getting fucked at school by her football team.”

She looked at Lynn and I pulled back to fuck her with long strokes for a minute before shoving into her again, “now I find our mother in a cheap motel with her legs spread and the room full of men.”

Mom groaned as she put her arms around me, “I can’t help it I love fucking.”

I humped, “so do I.”

She looked at me as I turned my head to Jenna, “what are we going to do?”

My sister grinned, “first we buy larger beds.”

Lynn nodded and Jenna looked at her, “I will use rubbers when the team fucks me.”

Mom groaned and shuddered as her pussy spasmed around my cock and I began to hump and jab slowly, “and?”

Jenna smiled and bumped Lynn who spoke, “and I will get condoms and invite the guys here if they want to fuck me.”

I looked at mom as she wiggled and thrashed before whispering, “and I will invite a few guys home and use condoms when they fuck me.”

I fucked her with deep thrusts for several minutes before I shoved into her and began spewing and spurting cum. She lifted her hips, “YES!”

I pumped load after load before stopping and pulling out. I sat beside mom and Jenna reached over to tug on a nipple, “and we will sleep with Alex and let him sperm us.”

She shuddered before nodding, “who is next?”

I rubbed her pussy mound, “first we eat dinner and then I am going to fuck Jenna’s slimy cunt while we sit and watch a movie.”

Mom grinned and looked at Jenna, “you’re cummy?”

Jenna nodded and so did Lynn and I started pulling mom off the bed, “or we could eat dinner and you three could douche so I get clean pussies to fuck.”

They laughed and pulled me out and into the kitchen. The food wasn’t to cold and after we were done they pulled me into the bathroom where I got to help them douche. I pulled them out after we finished and sat on the couch with Lynn on my lap and mom and Jenna snuggled against me as we watched a family movie.

After it ended I pulled them to mom’s larger bed and laid Jenna back before I went down and started licking her pussy. She shivered and humped up as mom and Lynn giggled. I captured her clit and nibbled before sucking and my sister spasmed and tried to close her legs, “ooohhhh!”

I kept wiggling my tongue on her clit while she continued to squirm and moan. It was several minutes before I moved up and kissed her as she put her arms around me, “that was great.”

I lifted and pushed into her all the way before stopping. I shifted around until she was on me and mom and Lynn came to rub her back. Mom bent to kiss me, “lovemaking is what I really miss.”

Jenna shivered and sighed as her warm pussy squeezed and let my cock go. She sat up and started to rock and I kneading her breasts, “thrust and rub your pussy too.”

She grinned as mom and Lynn giggled and rubbed her pussy on me. She shuddered and spread her knees more, “mmmm!”

I reached between her legs and started to finger her clit and she spasmed as her pussy squeezed, “ooohhh!”

She was breathing hard and began to jerk and twist before spasming as her pussy tightened, “yyyeessss!”

She rocked and bounced and rolled her hips while she panted. Her pussy was constantly working on my cock, grasping and gripping it each time it was buried in her velvety hole. It was awhile before I pulled her down as I thrust up and started pumping a small geyser of cum. She jerked as her pussy tightened and squeezed, “mmmm! Nice!”

Mom and Lynn giggled as Jenna wiggled and squirmed until I was finished. She laid on me and gave me a kiss before lifting her hips, “Lynn’s turn.”

I fucked the three of them for two hours before they let me sleep. We were up early and rushing to get ready for school. Jenna drove Lynn and I to school and the first thing to happen was one of the senior football jocks got in my face, “you sucker punched me ass wipe.”

He was puffed up as several of his friends laughed. I smiled, “slick, stay in my face and I will do a lot worse.”

He turned as if to leave before swinging back in a punch. I’m a boxer and dropped into a crouch under his punch and slugged him in the gut with a right. I came up as he grunted and started to fold and I swung with a left upper cut to his jaw. I followed him back and jabbed a right into his jaw before following it with a left cross.

I stopped as he went back and down unconscious. I looked at his friends that weren’t laughing now before turning to pick up the book bag I had dropped. I walked into school as a small crowd gathered. All day guys looked at me and girls giggled and after the last bell Jenna met me as I started to walk to the gym, “what happened with Dale?”

I stopped and looked at her, “that would be the moron that took a swing at me?”

She blinked, “he what? He said you jumped him and beat him up for no reason.”

I laughed before turning to start walking to the gym, “ask his friends, they were there.”

When I got home mom, Jenna and Lynn were there and so were new beds in our rooms. Jenna slipped into the shower as I washed off the sweat from my workout, “the others told me what happened. Dale is off the team.”

I turned and went to my knees to let her wash my hair and felt her pelvis, “you fuck today?”

She caressed my face, “yeah.”

I leaned forward to kiss the top of her slit, “with condoms?”

She sighed, “they didn’t like that idea but when I told them why they liked catching something even less so yeah.”

I grinned as I had her spread her legs and captured her clit to suck on it and wiggle my tongue. She groaned and leaned back against the wall as she began to shudder and hump. I slipped a finger into her pussy and grinned as I used soap before slipping another into her ass. She jerked and spasmed as she thrust back and forth wailing.

She became erratic and I had to hold her up as her legs bowed. I stood and held her as she panted and clung to me. I gave her a soft kiss when she finally looked at me, “thanks.”

She grinned and then shook me, “damn you always get me off.”

I turned to finish washing before we got out and dried off. I went to my room and sat to look at my account and decide what to invest in. I heard boys and went to look down the hall and heard them coming from Lynn’s room. Mom walked down the hall and pushed me into my room, “several boys from her school.”

She backed me to the bed, “she has a whole box of condoms and I heard her tell them that was the only way they could fuck her.”

I smiled and caught her before turning and laying her on the bed, “and your men?”

She smiled as she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down and off, “I had three here earlier today and I used condoms.”

I spread her legs as I dropped my robe and bent to lick through her pussy. Mom sighed and shivered as I captured her clit and began wiggling my tongue. She humped and started moaning as I continued to tease her and slipped my thumb into her. She shuddered hard and lifted and tilted her hips, “aaaahhhh!”

Her pussy tightened and I grinned before sucking on her clit and then nibbling gently. She jerked and bucked as she cried out and twisted before trying to close her legs. I moved up and over her as she panted and pushed all the way into her before stopping. I kissed her while she hugged me and her pussy squeezed.

I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She started lifting and thrusting up onto my cock from the first stroke. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering hard while her pussy kept squeezing. A few minutes and I fucked her long, hard and deep as she wailed and thrashed around.

I kept it up as she continued to shake and buck while her pussy constantly tightened and squeezed. It was several minutes before she began to convulse while howling. I was planting my cock in her nice and deep and rubbing. She clutched me as she kept shaking while her pussy tried to milk my cock.

After awhile I pushed into her and kissed her as my cock throbbed and then erupted. I gushed and spewed cum against her cervix and mom jerked and screamed, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped a half dozen spurts into her while I kissed her and when I was done I slowly relaxed. Mom finally sighed and hugged me before I pulled out of her and laid beside her. I caressed her pelvis as she smiled and then giggled and rolled away and off the bed, “thanks baby.”

She left her panties as she straightened her skirt and walked out. I smiled as I moved off the bed and put my robe on before sitting back at my desk. It was an hour before Lynn rubbed my shoulders and I looked back. She was wearing a robe and nothing else since it was parted and I could see her entire front.

I turned and pulled her onto my lap, “did you use the condoms?”

She kissed me and wiggled, “yes.”

I caressed a breast before turning to finish what I was doing. I stood and she backed to the bed, “we have a little while before dinner is ready?”

I smiled as I followed her, “and you want something.”

She sat and then laid back as she lifted and spread her legs, “nice and deep.”

I opened my robe as I moved between her legs and slowly pushed into her puffy pussy. She wiggled and shivered as I buried my cock and reached out to cup and then knead her breasts. I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep strokes. She sighed and began to hump and lift her hips while her pussy squeezed.

She shivered and shuddered a couple of minutes later before starting to howl. I grinned as I began to fuck her firmly and use one hand to rub her clit. She shook and thrust up as she wailed, “aaaahhhh!”

I grinned and kept fucking her with long deep strokes. She wiggled and continued to shove her pussy up for each thrust. It was several minutes before I felt my balls churning. She was spasming and jerking while her tight pussy clenched and tried to massage the cum out of my cock.

I buried my cock and rubbed her clit hard and fast and she screamed and bucked as I gushed and spewed. She shook and convulsed while I pumped thick spurts of sperm into her, “YES!”

When I was done she was panting and shivered while her pussy kept squeezing. I bent over her and gave her a kiss, “how was that?”

She grinned and wiggled, “perfect.”

I stood and pulled out before helping her up. I closed her robe and mine before taking her hand and walking out with her. Mom was in the kitchen with Jenna who grinned back at us, “I’m next.”

A lot has happened over the years. I fucked Jenna and Lynn and mom until Jenna went to college. She continued to service their football team. Mom ended up pregnant a month after she left. Jenna met and married a guy while in college and then less then a year later they divorced and she came home.

She crawled into our bed that first night and has been in it every night since. Lynn continued to fuck the football team through highschool. She met a guy before she graduated but when he beat her she left him and has never been with another guy since. As for me, I teach boxing to street kids and anyone else that wants to learn for free.
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