Dad, his young girlfriend, had raw nude sex constantly at her place.
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Clothing Optional And Free Sex

Mom and Dad had been fighting a lot, and I do mean a lot, even in front of me. They raise their voices and actually scream at one another.

Well the shit hit the fan. Dad had been cheating on Mom and Mom knew it. He had a new secretary that had just turned twenty-one years old. That meant that Rainbow could drink legally. Of course Dad took her out to celebrate her twenty-first birthday and then he took her home, fucked the shit out of her, and spent the night.

Mom suspected that something had happened so she started stalking him. He was too stupid to even know it. A week later and Mom had all of the ammunition that she needed to file for a divorce.

Somewhere in the all of the hollering:

Dad said that Mom didn’t turn him on anymore, that she never revealed any of her good parts, and that she didn’t like to experiment in the bedroom.

Mom told me that Dad was going through his midlife crises.

Dad said that Rainbow had no sexual hang ups at all, that clothing was always optional in her apartment and that the sex was always free. He said that Rainbow never wore any clothes at home and that she never wore any underwear ever. He mentioned that Rainbow was a free sexual spirit and that she was the life of the party anywhere that she went and that she enjoyed sex with anybody and everybody.

Mom of course called Rainbow a fucking whore, a hippie slut, and a free love fuck bunny.

My jaw dropped when Mom told Dad to pack a suitcase and get to fuck out of “HER’ house.

Well, Dad was gone in less than hour.

Mom was totally naked when she kissed him goodbye at the front door. She said, “Remember me!” He reached a hand down between her legs and said, “How could I ever forget you?”

I just stared at Mom as she turned around to look at me and just stood there naked.

As Dad walked down the sidewalk to his parked car, Mom said, “Clothing optional and free sex can go both ways.”

I asked, “Does that mean that you will be naked most of the time in our house then?”

Mom said, “Yes it does, get used to it.”

I asked, “What about the free sex part?”

Mom blushed. She had a nice pink glow all over her top half, her nipples were hard, and her breasts were heaving with every breath.

She almost whispered, “I guess if she can…then I can.”

I asked, “Does that mean that I can have sex with you, Mom?”

Mom blushed again and again whispered, “Yes! Yes you can! You can sleep with me too if you wish.”

All I could say was “Wow” and I practically screamed that out.

She looked scared and very nervous but she took my hand and led me up to her bedroom. She got on the bed and watched me as I undressed.

When I got on the bed between her open legs, Mom was almost shaking. She was just as scared as I was and that actually made me feel better.

I didn’t kiss her or even try to feel of her breasts. All I did was slip my cock into my mother’s pussy. She was very wet and I slipped in easily. I lasted all of maybe two minutes before I started to cum in her.

Mom said, “That was good but I’m sure that you will get a lot better at it. Get it hard and do it again.”

I could hardly believe that I had just fucked my mother let alone that she wanted me to do it again.

That night I fucked my mother four times before we fell asleep.

In the morning she let me fuck her two more times before we got out of bed.

She was in another world most of the day. She was in and out of the house a lot. Whenever I asked her about more sex she would tell me to wait, and that latter she would have a special treat for me.

After we ate an early dinner she took me to see my father and Rainbow at her apartment.


Hello, I’m Daphne his mother.

My husband Gerald is in for one big surprise.

I drove my son and I to Rainbow’s apartment house. We just walked in and climbed the stairs to her second floor apartment. When I knocked, Rainbow opened the door. She was young, she was very pretty, and she was completely naked.

Clothing optional was certainly correct.

As I pulled my son inside and closed the door, my husband asked, “What are doing here?”

I pushed my son toward Rainbow and said, “See if the free sex is correct too. Take her into her bedroom and fuck the shit out of her while I talk to your father.”

Then I poked my husband in the chest and he kept backing away from me until he sat back on the couch. Oh yes, he was naked too and his cock was limp. That was nothing new to me, his cock was always limp whenever I wanted it.

I showed him some papers and told him to sign them. I told him that I was getting everything. He tried to tell me that he could take our son and the house away from me.

I replied, “Not if you want to keep Rainbow out of jail. She’s fucking a fourteen-year-old boy on video with your permission.”

He called me a fucking bitch and jumped up to stop Rainbow. I tripped him and he landed on the floor on his stomach. I was prepared for that and I sat on his ass and placed a pair of my used panties in his mouth. Then I used a pair of handcuffs to secure his wrists behind his back.

An hour latter my son came walking out holding the tiny video camera that I had just bought him.

Rainbow came out and said, “Your son sure likes anal sex. He butt fucked me four times.”

She looked down at Gerald and asked, “What are you guys doing?”

I said, “I think he wants to sign our divorce papers.”

I looked down and he was nodding his head yes.

Needless to say, he signed the papers, my son had the video, and we left.


Hi, I’m back.

Mom bought me a tiny video camera and told me to record myself doing really gross stuff to Rainbow.

I decided that sticking my cock up her ass was the worst thing that I could think of. It must not have been all that bad because she really enjoyed it. She even sucked my cock hard so that I could do it again and again. I butt fucked her four times before I couldn’t get it up anymore.

I got dressed and we walked out to see my mother sitting on my father’s butt. He was naked, on his belly with his hands behind his back, and a pair of Mom’s panties in his mouth.

I had watched her take them off in the stairway on our way up. It sure helped get me hard for Rainbow.

Dad signed the papers and demanded the camera card but Mom told me to keep it and to enjoy it because she was never going to let me butt fuck her.

Dad’s eyes bugged out and he asked, “Are you letting him fuck you?”

Mom said, “What if I am? You’re fucking a girl half your age. Have you ever looked at her Facebook page”

Dad shook his head no.

Mom said, “She fucks men and women, boys and girl, and old men. She does single penetration, double penetration, and triple penetration. For her eighteenth birthday she let thirty-six men fuck her constantly for forty-eight hours.”

Rainbow said, “That was really cool. All of those guys were older than my father.”

Mom looked at Rainbow and asked, “So what was the youngest and oldest males that have fucked you?”

Rainbow answered, “I let three twelve year olds fuck me last summer and I let a ninety-two year old man fuck me when I was fifteen.”

What about females?”

Rainbow said, “I like my girls young, preteen and teen mostly. Occasionally I’ll do a woman in her thirties…like you.” Then Rainbow smiled at Mom.

I had not turned the recorder off so I had all of that on disc too.

At home Mom and I undressed and took a shower together before we went to bed.

After that things were good at home. They were very good.

A few months later we heard that Rainbow had gotten tired of Dad…or Dad had gotten tired of her fucking everything with two legs and apparently a few that had four legs too.

The End
Clothing Optional And Free Sex
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