I watched as Heather let Big Jim fuck her on the school bus.
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Heather Gets Fucked On The School Bus

Heather is just about the prettiest girl in my class at school and she lives three houses down from me. We are both thirteen years old and in the seventh grade. We share the same homeroom and I sit right behind her.

She has a beautiful face and she is tall and thin and she has legs that go on forever. She looks absolutely amazing in her little tight shorts or in her micro miniskirts. Everything that she wears enhances her nice bubble butt. Her shorts enhance her pussy mound and her skirts come oh so close to revealing the color of her panties.

The other day I heard her telling my mother that she was wearing a B-cup bra finally…a 32-B that is.

She and I have teased one another since we were little but nothing serious ever happened. I got to kiss her a few times at birthday parties and such. Once on a dare from her best friend she let me put my hand down into her panties for a full minute.

Oh my God, I got to poke my finger up into her very wet slit and finger-fuck her for the whole minute. It was the best thing ever.

So anyway our summer of fun was over and school started up again.

On the school bus she and her best friend were invited to sit in the very back seat with a couple of the high school boys.

There was a lot of giggling going on back there for the first few days. I found a chance to sit in the row right in front of that final rear seat but on the other side from Heather. That way I could look back occasionally and see what was going on.

Heather was with Big Jim Gusher and her best friend Ellen was right behind me with Peter Rabbit.

I saw Big Jim kiss Heather and feel her up. She let him feel her boobs through her shirt and reach up under her skirt too. She really spread her legs for him. I got to see her pink panties. I even saw Big Jim slip his fingers into her panties. He was really feeling her up. His fingers came out wet and shiny. He wiped them on his pants and stuck them back into her. He finger fucked her good for at least fifteen minutes on the way to school.

In our homeroom I asked Heather, “Why did you let Big Jim finger you?”

Heather replied, “Because it felt good. He gave me an orgasm and I really enjoyed it.”

I asked, “Are you going to let him do it on the way home?”

Heather giggled and said, “I sure am and I won’t be wearing panties either.”

I asked, “Can I have them then?”

Heather said, “I need them until school is over…but sure…you can have them. What do you want them for?”

I blushed but she wasn’t looking at me. I whispered in her ear, “I want to smell them while I jerk off tonight.”

Heather asked, “How often do you jerk off?”

I said, “Two or three times a day.”

Heather said, “Me too…only I think I do it a hundred times a day.”

I said, “I can’t cum that often.”

Heather said, “I can! I can cum about ten times while I’m peeing in the girl’s room between classes.”

All I could say was “Wow!”

After my last class I rushed to my locker, which was two lockers away from Heather’s.

Shortly she came by and nudged me as she slipped her panties into my hand. I slipped them into my front pocket.

Heather whispered, “They are pretty wet. I’ve played with myself three times today and I came at least ten times each time. I’m ready for Big Jim to fuck me now.”

I almost choked as I said, “Fuck you.”

Heather said, “Yup! He asked me if I would let him do it on the bus on the way home…and…I said yes.”

I said, “On the bus.”

She giggled and took my arm and led me out of the school and toward our bus. Big Jim pushed his way in between us. He followed Heather up the steps and lifted her short skirt to see if she was wearing panties. Obviously she was not. The two boys behind me could testify to that fact too.

Heather went straight for the rear seat and I took my position right in front of her but all the way to the far side.

Before the bus even started to drive away from the school Big Jim had his fingers buried deeply into Heather’s pussy. He was trying to stretch out her little virgin pussy for his big eighteen-year-old cock. They didn’t call him Big Jim for nothing.

As we turned onto the main drag he pulled Heather over onto his lap with her facing him. He released his monster and forced her down onto it. I saw the look of shock on her face, her eyes were full open, and she turned white as a ghost. She was speechless and I wasn’t sure if she was even breathing. She laid her head on his shoulder and looked at me. She had glassy eyes, and then I saw tears running down her cheek.

She was staring right at me. I was sure that I saw her lips form the words, “It hurts.”

Then after him holding her tight for a minute he started lifting her up a few inches and then forcing her back down again. He was actually fucking her right there on the bus.

We had made two stops before Big Jim let out a howl that everyone on the bus could hear. Many kids turned to see what was happening, but only a few of us could actually see them.

After Big Jim had filled her pussy with cum he pulled her off and placed her on the seat next to him. She didn’t look very happy.

Big Jim and Peter got off several stops before Heather and I got off so I went back to sit with her. Normally Ellen would slide over to sit next to her.

I held Heather’s hand and she placed her head on my shoulder and cried.

Ellen came over and cried on my other shoulder.

I was not even aware that Ellen had gotten fucked too. I placed an arm around each one of them and held them closely.

At our stop I carried all three of our backpacks and helped the girls off the bus. Then I helped them to my house.

Mom said, “Where do you think you’re going?”

I said, “They need to get cleaned up before they can go home.”

Mom asked, “What happened?”

Ellen said, “We let two seniors fuck us on the bus tonight.”

Heather said, “I had no idea that it would hurt that bad. The fucker just came and pulled out.”

Mom sort of laughed and said, “Tell me about it. For the last few years I’ve only come using my own finger.”

I said, “But Dad gets to fuck you.”

Mom really laughed at that and said, “Yeah, and he cums but I don’t. A girl needs a lot of foreplay to get our juices flowing.”

Heather asked, “Can you teach us how to have really good sex?”

Mom said, “Who are you calling, US?”

Heather just put her arms around Ellen and me and then said, “Us!”

Mom blushed and said, “You really want me to teach my son how to please you during sex?”

Ellen said, “Yes! Please!”

Mom said, “I think that you two have had enough sex for today. Let’s get you two cleaned up and we’ll start tomorrow after school.”

Then Mom led the three of us up to her bedroom and into her bathroom.

Mom said, “Get undressed and I’ll wash your clothes before you go home.”

They looked at me and Mom said, “He’s going to see you naked and do a whole more to you than just look.”

She looked at me and said, “Take your clothes off too. We are going to see you naked tomorrow and we will all be playing with your pee-pee, even me.”

I looked at Mom and asked, “Does that mean that you need to get undressed too?”

Mom laughed and started to take her clothes off. Soon we were all naked and Mom sent the two girls in to shower together.

I followed Mom down to the laundry area and watched her put the girl’s clothes into the washing machine.

Mom asked, “Where are Heather’s panties?”

I replied, “In my pocket. She gave them to me before we got on the bus.”

Mom asked, “Why?”

I said, “I told her that I wanted to smell them while I jerked off later.”

Mom said, “Oh…I don’t think that you will be jerking off much after this.”

Up in Mom’s bathroom I watched her give both girls a douche using a squeeze bottle. She said that it would clean them out.

Then Mom asked them if they were on any form of birth control and fortunately they both were.

Mom then showed me how to lick their pussies to excite them. I mean that Mom actually showed me how. She used her own mouth and tongue to lick their pussies and flick at their clits. Then it was my turn.

After I had made them both cum, Mom showed them how to suck my cock. She was first and I was so excited that I came right in her mouth. She let the girls see it on her tongue and then she kissed them and shared it with them. Then it was their turn.

Ellen went first but she couldn’t make me cum. Mom let her stop when she said that her mouth hurt. Heather took over and by then I was ready to cum again. She looked surprised but she took it all into her mouth and then showed it to Mom and Ellen before kissing Ellen and sharing it with her.

Mom was right, I didn’t have the need to jerk off that night but after smelling of Heather’s panties, I did anyway before I fell asleep.

The next morning both girls sat up front by the bus driver. I took my usual spot in the back. Big Jim and Peter were not too happy with the girls. They wanted to fuck them on the way to school that morning.

I listened to them bad mouth the girls all the way in. They called the girls sluts and whores. They complained about not getting enough feeling in their big worm out cunts to even cum properly. Then they started asking the girls near us if they wanted to get fucked. Of course none of them were going to let them…especially after they heard what the two of them were saying about Heather and Ellen. Everyone on the bus knew everyone else and they knew that the girls were good and that those two boys were not. In fact we were all glad that they were finally going to graduate and get off our bus.

In school Heather and Ellen searched for me to eat their lunch with me. They were excited about coming home with me. They loved my mother and the fact that she was willing to get right in there and show us shit.

They also mentioned that they knew what Big Jim and Peter had said about them on the bus.

They made sure to tell all of the girls that they knew about them just cumming and going without any concern for them. The terms hair-trigger, quick as a bunny, and minutemen were used in the conversations.

Later, on our way to the bus some of the senior girls stopped us and told Heather and Ellen that they were sorry that they hadn’t warned them about Big “Dick head” Jim and Peter “Cotton Crotch.”

I had to snicker on that one. Peter was so blond that he had white hair. Apparently not just on his head.

The guys left us alone on the bus, which was fine with the girls.

Mom was ready for us when we got to the door. Mom was naked as she opened the door and invited us in. The girls gave her hugs and kisses, real kisses.

We went straight to Mom’s bedroom, got undressed, and got started. First Mom had me shove my cock into her pussy and cum. That took the edge off.

Then Mom helped me get Heather wet and ready and then she helped me get my cock into her. We thrashed about for a few minutes before I came in her. Heather liked it and had an orgasm just as I started to pump my load into her.

Mom then helped Heather and I get Ellen warmed up. In the process, Heather gave Ellen an orgasm. Mom told her that she had learned well. Ellen sucked me hard and then I fucked her. The third time was a charm and I lasted a long time. Ellen was super sensitive from getting eaten and had three orgasms before I had my next one.

The girls wanted more but Mom told them to get dressed and go home…that tomorrow was another day.

Mom had anterior motives for getting rid of the girls. She wanted me to fuck her one more time before Dad got home from work.

She let me fuck her first to show the girls…hell…they already had been fucked on the bus. Mom wanted to be my first and she was. She also wanted sex as badly as the girls did and I seemed to be her only outlet. She didn’t want to fuck some stranger and no one would be suspicious of me and Mom being in the house together. After all we were mother and son. Even Dad wouldn’t think that anything funny was going on. It was the perfect setup.

The girls came by every day after school until the end of that school year.

Heather and I became girlfriend and boyfriend. She never minded sharing me with Mom. We had a lot of threesomes after school. Mom stopped bugging Dad about sex and that made him happy. Mom and Heather made me happy.

The End
Heather Gets Fucked On The School Bus
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