My sister’s punishment is to give me a blowjob anytime that I want one.
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Mom, He’s Hard Again

My sister Eileen shouted, “Mom, he’s hard again!”

Mom shouted back, “Then suck him off.”

My sister shouted, “But I have sucked him off twice already. My jaw is starting to hurt.”

Mom popped her head into the room.

There I was naked standing in front of my sister with my cock pointing at her mouth.

Eileen was sitting on the toilet peeing. I could hear the splashing and I was sure that Mom could too.

Mom said, “Just suck it! If you can suck Rob’s cock then you can suck your brother’s cock.”

Eileen said, “But Rob is my boyfriend and I’ve only sucked his cock three times, I’ve already sucked his eight times since you caught me and punished me for it.”

Mom said, “So what! I’ve already told him that every time he gets hard that you will suck it and that you will swallow his cum, and that you will be polite about it too.”

Eileen said, “But Mom he’s only thirteen! And he’s my brother! At least Rob is sixteen.”

Mom said, “I don’t care! You are only fourteen and I caught you with Rob’s cock in your mouth Thursday when I came home early. I didn’t embarrass you or stop you or even say anything to him about it. What I did say to you was…if you want to keep sucking your boyfriend’s cock then you will have to suck your brother’s cock…and you said…Okay! Fine! Anything you say! Mother!”

Eileen said, “I was being sarcastic and fichus. I was mocking you!”

Mom laughed and said, “And now you are about to suck your brother’s cock for the ninth time in less than forty-eight hours.”

“And when I catch Rob fucking you, your brother will get to do that to you too.”

“Now who is mocking whom?”

I leaned in a little closer and Eileen opened up to accept it. Mom stood in the doorway and watched until I shot my wad into her mouth and she swallowed. Mom and I both watched Eileen wipe her pussy and pull up her panties and straightened her skirt. She was off to meet her girlfriend someplace.

When we were alone, Mom said, “Good work stud. Keep sticking it in her face. If I have to suck your father’s cock then she can sure as hell suck yours.”

I asked, “Will I really get to fuck her?”

Mom said, “Sooner than you think. I put a bug in Rob’s father’s ear yesterday that your sister was a boarder line slut and that she was ready to let Rob fuck her if he was insistent enough.”

Well, Eileen came home as happy as ever from being with her girlfriends.

Later Rob dropped in to see Eileen and Mom sent him right to her room. Then Mom waited outside of her bedroom and listened at the crack under the door.

I looked at Mom lying on her back with her head up close to the door. Mom was trying to get comfortable and kept moving around. Of course, I was kneeling down past her feet looking up her skirt. Mom was wearing a pair of pink panties that covered everything pretty well. I had often seen thong panties in the hamper but she wasn’t wearing any at that time. I was sort of disappointed but what to hell I was still looking at her almost bare pussy. That thin material was stretched pretty tightly over her puffy pussy.

After a few minutes of listening Mom raised her knees up and spread them slightly giving me a much better view. Then Mom reached down and rubbed a finger up her slit starting at her asshole each time. She traced the little valley from her asshole to her mound stopping at her clit for a little extra tickle. As time went on, her panties started to get a wet spot, and Mom lingered longer over her clit.

All of a sudden Mom shoved her hand down into her panties and obviously into her pussy, then she really started to rub her clit. She lifted her hips up off the floor and she started to moan.

After Mom settled down she lifted her head and smiled at me. Then she stood up, straightened her skirt and opened the door.

Mom said, “Rob, that sounded like she really enjoyed it. I want you to fuck her two more times then come down to the kitchen. I would like to talk to you. Eileen, you can stay right in bed and stay naked. I’ll send your brother in later.”

I heard Rob say, “Cool Mrs. B. It won’t take long and I’ll be right down.”

Mom closed the door, smiled at me, and said, “I’m sure of that.”

She looked at me and said, “Fuck her for as long as you can and as often as you can. If you need any help to you get hard, shove it in her mouth.”

I just smiled and gave her a thumbs-up.

It wasn’t long after that that Rob came out and smiled at me. He said, “I’ve got her all warmed up for you…stud.”

When I walked in, Eileen was spread-eagled on the bed looking at me.

She said, “He can’t fuck for shit. I’m hoping that you can do better.”

I stripped and got between her legs. I had been checking out some How-To sites and learned that if I press her knees to her tits and ram down into her as hard as I can, that I can penetrate her to the fullest. I was hoping that my fullest was better than Rob’s.

So anyway I was still going at it when Mom walked in.

She said, “Rob sure fucks like a bunny. Three times in about fifteen minutes…and he thinks that he is God’s gift to you.”

Eileen said, “Speaking of a gift…I just had my first orgasm from a boy…and it was out of this World.”

Mom smiled and said, “Your father was good at that…when we were first married. I really miss him…especially at night, lying in bed all alone.”

Eileen said, “We all miss him. I wish that he hadn’t died too.”

Just then I started to cum in my sister. She bucked up at me as best as she could and said, “Oh my fucking God. That was fabulous.”

Mom came over, sat on the edge of the bed, and kissed us both.

Eileen said, “I’m going to tell Rob to go fuck himself. That minute man shit isn’t for me.”

Mom kissed her again.

Eileen said, “Mom, what if you let us both sleep with you and then you and I can share him. Do you thing that you might like that?”

Mom kissed her again…on the lips that time…and I saw tongue.

The End
Mom, He’s Hard Again 817
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