My second story, hope you all enjoy. Entirely fictional so don't ask.
High school is always a tough time when it comes to sexuality. Personally I never really involved myself with relationships, not because I didn’t want one but because they just never seemed to happen. I was always considered the ‘weird kid’ so to speak. I typically spent my time alone and didn’t bother with trying to build up a reputation. But apparently I did get some attention. Round about when I was 17 I noticed girls took interest in me, maybe not a lot of them but I found that people were curious about who I was and what I was all about. When I was in my final year, I was seated next to a girl I had never really taken interest in. she was pretty, but she was a very shy person and didn’t really put herself out there as someone to talk socially. Her name was Mia, and that’s a name I will never forget.

A day which seemed normal took a turn for me one Thursday afternoon. I was sitting in class, not listening to the teacher and drawing in my notebook. Time was passing by slowly, and I noticed that Mia was gazing over at what I was drawing. Now I don’t consider myself to be an asshole, but as she was watching I swiftly wrote ‘fuck off Mia’ because I was that kind of person at the time. At the corner of my glance I noticed her immediate response to turn away. I actually felt bad for her, it was meant to be a joke. So I swallowed my pride and turned to face her, she could barely look me in the eye. “I was just kidding sweetheart” I said quietly as I grinned. That was the first time I ever saw this girl smile, and I soon realized she was really easy on the eyes when she smiled. I completely forgot about her soon after and went back to doing nothing.

It seems she had not forgotten me though. As I was eating my lunch on my own I heard footsteps coming towards me almost silently. I assumed it was just someone passing by and didn’t bother to look over, however after a few seconds I felt a tap on my shoulder. My immediate thought was “what the fuck does this person want, but as I turned around I saw Mia standing behind me reserved and unable to look me in the eye. I sat in silence while she tried to compose herself, until she finally spoke. What was probably meant to be something along the lines of “do you want to come to see a movie?” was blurted out abruptly by her making it hard to understand. Her voice was all over the place and I just barely caught what she was trying to say. Before she was able to correct herself I cracked up laughing uncontrollably. As I calmed down I noticed she was looking very embarrassed and unhappy, I again felt bad for this girl, so I stood up and grabbed her hand, looked deep into her eyes and said “sure”. Immediately she smiled and hugged me, saying nothing she wandered off and went back to her own business. “What a player I am” I thought when I realized how smooth I had been in handling that situation. Not until later did it sink in that I would have to go on a date with this girl.

The next day of course was Friday, and that night Mia and I were to go on a date. She texted me that morning asking me what time suited me and whatnot. I didn’t really care, so I just told her “whatever suits you” and forgot about it. Not to my surprise at all, rumours began in the schoolyard about what my intentions were. I kept a keen ear for this kind of thing so eventually I gathered that the bullshit had escalated to me supposedly trying to use Mia for sex. I laughed at such a ridiculous rumour and went on with my day. People asked a lot of questions about Mia and myself throughout the day which began to annoy me. I questioned why I was even going on this date; I had been asked out twice within the last 3 months and rejected both. I didn’t really know why I said yes to Mia, maybe it was sympathy at the time, but I also thought she was much more worthwhile than the mindless idiots that asked me out before. Finally as the day ended I walked over to my car in await of Mia who I had told to meet me so we could drive straight over to the movie. She had tried to protest this so she could get ready properly but I had told her I didn’t care how she looked. After about five minutes Mia began to walk over to my car from the distance. At first I was thoroughly unimpressed, but as she moved closer I began to investigate her from a much closer view. I had never noticed how attractive she really was, she had very pale but soft looking skin and her hair was silky. In the time I had waited Mia had changed to a black dress and red high heels which revealed her assets. Never before had I considered Mia to be very womanly, but tonight she was looking extremely beautiful.

As she moved closer I smiled and said “hey beautiful” with utter sincerity. To my surprise she didn't respond and looked rather annoyed. I decided to ignore this and drove us over to the movie. We caught the movie and ate afterwards, however she constantly had an annoyed look on her face. I couldn't tell why, as we spoke she gave short answers and didn't seem to be very happy. But I kept the date going; after we ate I took her home. And this is where it got interesting. As I was walking her to the door I decided to give it on last shot to get through to her, I couldn't believe I was actually having to try to get this girls attention. “I don’t know what’s upsetting you sweetheart” I said smoothly. “But I had a good time with you anyway. You looked stunning”. She glanced over at me and gave a hesitant smile to which I returned the favour. We arrived at her door and I still lacked a response from her. At this point I had given up, “goodnight I said” as I hugged her and walked away. As I attempted to walk back to my car I felt her grab my arm. I turned in confusion to see her worried face. “Why didn't you make a move on me?” she said in a stressed voice. “What?” I said loudly. “I heard the rumours, but you didn't try to get with me at all tonight”. Suddenly I realized that Mia must have been angry that people had told her I was trying to have sex with her. I laughed and replied “they’re just rumours babe, I'm not like that” and continued on my path towards my car. Again I felt a grab at my arm, this time however as I turned around Mia planted her mouth on mine and began to aggressively kiss me. I was surprised, for such a composed girl she kissed like a slut. We kissed for about 5 minutes and then paused for a moment. She stared into my eyes in the night and whimpered “I'm so glad those rumours aren't true, you’re so perfect”. I was a little freaked out by her at this time but I kept kissing her, she was definitely making the date worth it.

Before I could even make a move further, she leapt towards her door with my hand in her left and opening the door with the right. Her parents weren't home and as I walked through her door she dragged me straight into her room and shut the door. Her movements were so rushed and hurried that I was taken by surprise as I realized I was in Mia’s room. Before I could even blink Mia kicked her shoes off and jumped on top of me. At this point I didn't question her actions, I was pretty happy to have this girl on top of me. She began to grind sensually on me and she held onto my chest while she kissed me. Thing couldn't have gone better so far, or so I thought. We made out for quite a while before she stood up. The lights weren't on, so I could barely see Mia. But as she stood up she began to unzip her dress, this caught my attention straight away. Once she unzipped, she slipped her dress off revealing a lovely pair of breasts, they would have been close to a D size for sure. I gasped and as I showed my attraction Mia smiled and climbed back on top of me. I was in shock, her nipples were poking my chest through my t-shirt and making me extremely horny. We continued making out as I groped her chest and played with her nipples. She moaned when I rubbed her lovely round nipples and I could tell she was getting turned on the more I played around with them. This proved to be correct when she again stood up on the edge of the bed and very much tore my shirt and pants off. We were both only wearing underwear at this point and I could see the silhouette of her body in the moonlight. Mia climbed next to me this time and kissed me softly. She stared into my eyes in the darkness and lowered herself to my lower body. I knew what was coming as she pulled down my briefs and grasped my cock. I couldn't believe shy little Mia was about to suck my cock. But as surprised as I was she started sucking relentlessly and I sat back and let her go to work. Her tongue was soft on the end of my cock, Mia couldn't go very deep but she knew how to stimulate with her tongue. It was amazing; she kept sucking and jerking for another ten minutes. I moaned for her and as she heard my cry of pleasure I felt her grin below me with my cock firmly in her mouth. I soon realized this was going to turn into sex, so I sat up and turn Mia on her back with her head on the pillow. She tried to ask what I was about to do, but before she could mutter a word I tore her panties off and began sucking on her clitoris to make her wet. The second my tongue met her flesh she curled and held her hands to her mouth. As I went faster she started shaking and what first sounded like crying turned out to be her outbursts of pleasure. She desperately tried to compose herself but after a few minutes she started screaming “Oh god!” in euphoria. I continued to pleasure Mia for a few minutes and caressed her skin as she trembled her hips in pleasure.

Suddenly she sat up and crawled on top of me again surprising me. She and I looked in each other’s eyes in the darkness and as we gazed, Mia grabbed my cock and held it at the entrance of her pussy. She mimed some words and instantly slid my cock all the way inside her. She moaned in pleasure and adjusted herself so she was able to move on top of me. I grunted loudly as she slid up and down on top of me. Mia was not a virgin, but was extremely tight. She must have only had sex a few times before, because I had to stop her a few times so I wouldn't cum too fast. But nevertheless we made love slowly and lustfully for the first time, and for the first time I saw Mia as a woman. I took the time to observe Mia’s beautiful body, she was near perfection. How I had not noticed before is a mystery, but her breasts dragged along my chest as I admired her firm hips. For a shy girl, Mia was fairly dominant in the bedroom. After she released a long and lustful moan, she moved off of me and laid herself chest first on the bed. Without gesture, I placed myself behind her and spread her legs outwards. She gasped in anticipation as I lowered myself on top of her and slid back inside her. She shot up immediately but relaxed as I began kissing her neck and caressing her body. I was gentle with Mia as she was clearly very sensitive. Her moaning was muffled into the pillow as I moved faster. This was not my first time having sex, but with the mix of Mia’s beautiful body and the sound of her moaning in sync with my lunges inside her, I was pretty much ready to finish. She appeared to be aware of this as my body clenched up. She immediately turned around and faced me with her back on the bed. I moved in closer and kissed her as I started pumping faster on top of her. She panted heavily and clenched my back before I couldn't withhold it any longer. With a final thrust I released my load inside her as I felt her legs wrap around my back. I remained inside her for a few minutes while Mia and I shared a long tongue filled kiss before we rolled over and held one another.

We both caught our breath and turned the lights on. I finally saw Mia’s naked body in full view. As she attempted to hide herself I stopped her and admired her body from a much clearer view. She seemed shy but submissive as I caressed her and kissed her stomach. I couldn't believe what I was doing; someone like me would be the last person to be so warming to a girl like this. But I continued to admire her for a few minuted before she got dressed and we walked to my car. She and I said almost nothing on the way to my car; we mainly smiled and laughed for no particular reason. She asked me if I heard what she said during sex and I wondered for a minute and said I hadn't. She smiled and leant over to kiss me, “doesn't matter” she said confidently. I drove away and sighed to myself. I was actually pretty down to leave Mia, but I was utterly intrigued by what had taken place.

It turns out Mia had been taking a lot more notice of me than I had to her. Mia told me a few weeks later that since we first started high school she’s been infatuated with me and never had the courage to talk to me. Then when I joked with her only once, she decided to go for it and finally asked me out. I stayed with Mia until we graduated and four years later she and I married. We’re expecting twins soon.

Oh, and those words she mimed during our first time, you guessed it. “I love you”.

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