The young whores continue to please their clients.
Like star dust glistening on fairies wings, Little girls dreams are of magical things.

Chapter Five. Meeting Trisha Jones

It's now a month after we partied with Dale Jones, the man I called Mr. Jones in part one of our story. Dale and I are now good friends, he needs friends with similar interest; he and I both have cravings for young girls. Since he met my daughters, eleven year old Brianna and nine year old Megan, he's never mentioned any dark thoughts to me about abducting innocent inexperienced girls to get a sexual fix, like he told me he thought about when I met him at the park last month.

Brianna and Megan have even taken to calling Dale uncle Dale, they've befriended the kindly perverted man just as I have. This day started out with Dale and me playing golf at a local country club, we were having lunch and few cold beers at the clubs restaurant when we had an unexpected visit from his thirty-two year old son and his cute curly red haired green eyed eight year old granddaughter Trisha.

Dale told me a secret when I first met him, he told me he had oral sex with young Trisha before he was arrested for downloading internet child porn. And after I met his sweet four-foot-five slender firecracker of a granddaughter, I could see why he couldn't resist the temptation to masturbate her, and lick her most delectable virgin pussy. His son seemed like a nice guy as well. Jimmy didn't seem to think his dad was a total pervert as his own wife seemed to think. What his daughter in-law doesn’t understand is, Dale isn’t a monster just because he’s acquired a taste for young girls?

Trisha came running to her granddad as we sat at a table in a far corner of the country club restaurant. She jumped onto his lap and held the sixty-five year old man tight, not wanting to let him go. I could see they have a special bond, their bond is the same as I have with my daughters. Trisha doesn’t seem to think her grandpa is some kind of evil monster. She looked so cute that day, with her curly red hair tied in two long French braided pigtails. She was wearing a pink button up blouse over a short blue denim skirt.

"Grandpa,” she said. “I wanna come to your house and spend time with you, like we used to do back when I was younger," she planted a kiss on his cheek.

"I know honey but since I got in trouble a while back, your mommy and daddy think its best we don't hang out together any longer," he said before kissing her on the cheek.

I saw the pain in Dale's brown eyes as he tried to explain vaguely why he couldn't see her anymore. My heart went out to the poor guy, I could tell he loved and missed her. It made me think. What would I do if Brianna and Megan were taken from me. God I think I'd go totally insane without my girls around. His son sat with us, we had a few beers. Trisha sat on Dale's lap the whole time, I was sitting to his right in a good position to occasionally catch a glimpse of her powder blue panties and sweet little cameltoe.

As the reunion went on Trisha flirted with me, she always waited until her dad looked away then she’d smile flirtatiously, all because she noticed me eyeing her exposed crotch. This was driving me wild, just seeing the outline of her pussy lips through those panties. Finally her dad and grandfather left us to go outside for a smoke. Jim told Dale he needed to speak with him in private. Jim asked me if I'd look after Trisha while they were gone, I gladly excepted. I spoke with her as we waited for their return.

“You sure love your grandpa don't you. I can tell by the way you didn't wanna get off his lap, before he left to go outside." She smiled then leaned over whispering. "I think its funny when his penis gets hard under my butt when I sit on his lap,” she whispered lower. “I like how it feels, is that bad?" This made me chuckle.

“Oh no honey, that’s not bad at all. And speaking of sitting on laps, would you like to sit on mine." She gave me a flirting smile, then quickly left her seat for my lap. "There, that's much better,” she said. “Your lap is much more comfy then that seat is." She wiggled her firm little ass around on my lap, acting as if she was trying to get comfortable, but I knew she was actually trying to feel the warmth of my cock under her butt cheeks.

"I have two daughters of my own,” I told her. “They’re slightly older then you, but they like sitting on my lap too." I whisper close to her ear. "They like the way my penis feels under them as well!" She looked at me with a surprised smile. "They do?" she said inquisitively, then all to suddenly we were interrupted by Dale and his son, as they came back from the outside smoking area.

"Well Trisha I see you've already made friends with Jack," said her father as he sat down to finish his beer. “Yes daddy, and you know what. Jack just told me he's got two daughters close to my age!!"

I could see this cute little carrot top girl has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, just as Brianna and Megan do with me. Jim finished his beer then told Trisha. "Come on sweetheart, we need to get to grandmas house. I have to meet your mom at the lawyers office by three, and its going on two o'clock now." Trisha slipped from my lap. Her warm little ass made my cock hard. She climbed back on Dale's lap so she could give him a kiss on the cheek. "Goodbye grandpa," she said sweetly.

Dale noticed sadness in her eyes, I did too. "Don't be sad honey, because you're going to be seeing me a whole lot more from now on,” he said to her delight. "I am....Goodeeeee." she exclaimed hugging him tight. "I love you." I heard her say. Dale kissed her on the cheek. "I love you more," he replied. She slid from his lap and took her fathers hand. "I'll drop her off to stay with you tomorrow dad," Jim said before he left us sitting alone.

"That's fantastic Dale. What made your son change his mind about you, after keeping Trisha away from you for two years."

Dale sipped his beer then sat the glass down, he smiled from ear to ear telling me.

"Jimmy caught my daughter in-law cheating on him, their getting a divorce. He's taking custody of Trisha. And the best thing about this whole deal is, Jimmy's going to let me take care of her from time to time while he's at work. He has an out of town business meeting this weekend. He was going to ask my ex wife, his mother to look after her. But I talked him into letting her stay with me for the weekend."

"That's fantastic buddy, I know you've been missing her something fierce. But does this mean you won't be seeing my girls any longer."

He laughed. "Oh no my good friend, I want Brianna and Megan to meet Trisha. I think they can help her get to know me once again," he smiled before adding. "If you know what I mean. Can you bring my girlfriends over to my place this weekend. I want Brianna and Megan to meet Trisha,"

"My girls have a date with two of our clients tonight, but yes I’ll bring them over Saturday if you'd like. I'm sure my girls would love to meet Trisha…And of course, If you want my girls to teach your granddaughter any of their skills. I'll be more then happy to give you a discount for any special attention I might give to Trisha myself. "If you know what I mean?"

And he did know what I meant, he knew this by the way I adjusted my cock through my golf slacks under the table as we spoke. I made arrangements to meet him at his house Saturday. But first of all its Friday night, and I’ve already made arrangements for my daughters to take care of the needs of two of our other paying clients.

Chapter Six: A quickie before work.

As I drive home from the golf course, I call Brianna's cell phone. Knowing she and Megan are most likely off visiting their friends while I’ve been out playing golf. I like them to have friends, it gives them normality in their abnormal young lives. Hell I don't want them growing up hating me, saying I made them have sex for money with known sex offender and ruined their lives. Shit I want their childhood to be as normal as possible. But we have a business to run, I'm their pimp, and their father. Its my job to crack the whip; so to speak.

I dialed Brianna's cell phone number then waited for an answer over my cars blue tooth hands free phone system. Brianna answered, sounding like she's been laughing about something. I heard Megan's cute giggle in the background. And their friend's laughter as well, I rub my crotch thinking about the cute preteen friends they have. "Hi daddy what's up," Brianna says happily.

"Hi baby, hey I'm almost home. You girls need to go home and get ready for work?" I heard Brianna sigh. "Dad we're at Britney and Melissa's house, they asked us if we can go to a movie with them tonight. Can we go with them?"

"No, sorry honey not tonight. I already sat this date up, I don't wanna let Larry and his friend down. Larry called me earlier today, asking if the date was still on. I told him, you and Megan will be there." I heard Brianna heave a displeased sigh. "Honey you and Megan have work to do, tell Britney and Melissa you cant go. You both need to go home now.” Hearing her sigh, I used my parental diplomacy skills. “I tell you what Brianna, I’ve already made arrangements for you and Megan to spend time with Dale and his granddaughter this Saturday, but being as your older, I’ll let you stay with your friend Britney this weekend….How’s that sound sweetheart.”

“Oh thank you so much daddy,” she says happily.

“You’re so welcome honey,” I said in a calm voice. “Now get on home, I want you both to get your showers. Then I want you both to dress the way Larry requested, the guy sent me a text today, requesting you girls dress a certain way. I’ll forward that to you once we disconnect. Okay now baby girl I’ll see you soon goodbye…I love you."

“Okay daddy, I’ll tell Megan. I love you too, see you at house goodbye for now.”

I drove home and found them both sitting in front our television, watching I Carly on the Disney channel. They're not dressed, they have the TV turned up so loud they don't hear me come in. I stand leaning against the door frame of the living room, watching them. I Carly is they're favorite Disney channel sitcom. They're both so transfixed by this show, I raised my voice getting their attention.

"Brianna, Megan. Why aren’t you dressed yet."

They both jumped up at attention with their arms to their side. For the most part, I'll have you all know, I rarely yell at my daughters. But like most parents, on occasion we do need to be strict with our children.

"Brianna you told me you’d relay my orders to Megan about showering and dressing in something sexy for Larry and his friend, but both of you aren’t ready. Now hurry up girls, we’ve got a little less than two hours to get ready, then drive across town.”

Brianna's voice trembled. "Sorry daddy...We lost track of time."

"That’s okay…Now go get ready, I called Larry on my way home. He and his friend, our newest client is waiting for us at a cheap hotel.”

They both took off running towards the stairs Brianna tugged her little white tank top off, then her white training bra off as well, dropping them to the floor as she ran. Megan took off her pink Hello Kitty t-shirt, she wore no bra as of yet, but her small breast did jiggle as she ran upstairs behind her big sister. I stood in my living room thinking of Trisha Jones, Dale’s sweet young granddaughter. Remembering the way she wiggled her tight little ass over my swelling cock, and suddenly this found memory makes my cock grow hard once more. I’ve just watched my two sweet daughters undressing as they ran in front of me.

Knowing they’ll take care of my needs, I quickly run upstairs to see them. Being as my daughters and I have a special loving incestrious relationship, they usually sleep in my bed with me, and they also keep their work cloths in my closet too. Their work clothing of course is an assortment of various sexy preteen and some grown women apparel. That of which either strippers highly paid whores or porn stars wear. Stepping inside my bedroom I see both girls have laid their work cloths on our bed, they’re both in my bathroom showering. I undress then join them inside our spacious standup shower. Brianna eyes my swelling member as I step inside, smiling flirtatiously she jokes.

“Well daddy, it looks like Mr. Wiggly is glad see us girls all naked in the shower.”

Megan giggles. “Daddy…Are you horney or something.” I hug Megan’s nude body to mine, my cock tingles feeling the softness of her wet skin. “You’ve got that right sweetheart,” I say, caressing my hands over her small developing breast. I wink at Brianna. “It looks like you girls are all nice and clean, now get me nice an clean too.”

With that said, both girls begin soaping me up. Knowing what I like when we shower together. Megan washes my hard cock, slowly stroking me with both of her dainty hands, while Brianna washes my ass crack. Using only her soft hands and fingers, she first washes my butt cheeks, then begins washing my crack. Being as I’m taller than they are, I wash my upper body. Once my upper bodies clean, I rinse off turn off the shower and tell my girls. “Lets take this to our bed.”

I call my bed our bed, because like I said before, its where we all normally sleep. And now that I think of it, the only time they don’t sleep with me is when their grandparents come to visit. But with my parents, and my deceased wife’s parents both living out of state, we most always sleep together. We dried each other off, I occasionally let my bare hands and fingers caress their young bodies, touching them in places where a fathers not supposed to touch his daughters.

But they don’t care, both Brianna and Megan have grown to love the way I touch them. And they touch me in ways daughters aren’t supposed to touch their daddies too. I have reason to believe, this kind of secret touching takes place behind closed doors of other family households, both in the states, and around the world. And in my opinion, it’s no ones business what fathers and their daughters do behind the closed doors of their own homes.

Fingering Brianna’s cunt I tell her and Megan. “Hurry over to our bed, we have time for a quickie before we leave.” With that said, both girls ran to our bed. “Lay on your backs, spread those pretty legs of yours for daddy, because daddies hungry, and he needs a pussy snack from both of you.” They both giggle sweetly complying to my request.

I wish you all could see this sight, but you cant so I’ll need to describe in detail. Brianna’s slightly taller then her little sister, her auburn hairs longer too. Her hairs wet it splays out beside her head, her breast are developing nicely. Her mothers breast were ample and nicely shaped, my Brianna’s breast are beginning to remind me of Sara’s. At the young age of eleven, my eldest is growing a thin patch of reddish brown pubic hair. Megan’s hair is shorter, it too splays out about her head. Her breast are so cute, just mere cone shaped mounds with long pretty pink nipples protruding from quarter size areolas.

I kneel on the floor first between Megan’s legs, lowering my face to her sweet pink hairless muffin. Like a predator needing to feed I bring my mouth in for feeding. She giggles when I begin eating her pretty pink cunt, I inhale her freshly showered scent. My little girl smells like fresh cut flowers, with just a hint of sweet little girl sweat. I spread her pussy lips open wide, then begin sucking her clit. It must be the fact Megan’s sexually active, because her clits much larger then one would expect a nine year olds to be. And its much more sensitive too. I lick and suck it, her body quickly responds. She moans and bucks her little bubble butt up and down.

I eat her quickly then move to Brianna, she’s been laying beside her little sister fingering herself. “Yes…Eat me now daddy,” she exclaims. And that’s exactly what I do, I bury my face between her legs. Feeling playful I motorboat her inner thighs, she bucks and giggles. “Daddy stop it…He..he..ha. It tickles.” I move to her sweet floral smelling cunt, and compare her scent to Megan’s. I find she’s slightly stronger than her sister, but her scents not overpowering. Her scent turns me on even more then before I eat her making sure to get her sex nice and wet.

I’ve decided being as I fucked Megan this morning, before going to play gulf, it’s only fair Brianna gets to fuck me now. I stop eating her, she complains. “Daddy…don’t stop now.” I lay on the bed length wise, holding my cock up I tell her. “Sit on this little girl, I know you want to.” Saying no more, Brianna quickly moves her five foot tall body into position over my stiff tool. Lowering down she tells me. “I was hoping you’d let me fuck you daddy, I didn’t get any this morning.” Megan pouts. “Will you fuck me too daddy?”

“No baby we don’t have time, but while Brianna fucks me. You get to sit on my face.” A broad smile appears on her pretty face, saying nothing she quickly took a seat over my waiting mouth. Brianna joked. “Oh boy, Daddies giving free mustache rides.”

Now I’m in heaven, not that I don’t like women my age mind you; because I do. But there’s just something special about a moment like this. I feel Brianna’s tight cunt stroking my seven inch cock. Megan moans rocking her small sweet pussy over my mouth and tongue. Once again I think of doing this very same thing with Trisha Jones. Brianna begins riding me faster, she sees our bedside clock showing her, it’s getting late.

I grasp Megan’s slender hips, and begin tongue fucking her tight little snatch, she moans. I feel cum churning deep within my groin, Brianna’s riding me faster. I hear her small sweet gasping moans, I feel her tight cunt walls grasping my cock. I lick and suck Megan’s sweet pussy, her juices flow down my throat. Tasting her cum, I suddenly lose control. Brianna moans feeling my hot sperm flooding her inner sex.

She falls forward, leaning her spent young body against her sexually exhausted younger sisters back. Megan must’ve forgotten where she’s sitting, because now all sixty-five pounds of her body weight is sitting on my face. I mumble. “Please get off me Meg, your suffocating me.” Hearing my plea, she moves away from my mouth. Brianna pulls her cunt from my deflating cock. I look at the clock and quickly come back to my senses. “Ok Brianna, go douche your pussy, then get dressed. Megan, go wash your pussy then get dressed. Hurry up girls, we don’t have much time left.”

Chapter Seven: The No Tell Motel

Although my real estate business is beginning to pick up in housing sales, my girls still have johns to take care of. Or as I like to call it child to adult sex therapy. Although in reality I'm a pimp my daughters Brianna and Megan are my whores. Its Friday night a client named Larry hired my girls for a double date party at a cheap hotel called The Sunset. Larry’s one of our usual customers, he was released from prison a year ago. He did ten years hard time for molesting his daughter.

He's not rich, he works construction. Every so often Larry saves up enough cash to spend time with my girls. I hadn't heard from the guy in a while, but he called me on my prepaid family business phone Monday afternoon. Larry told me a Spanish friend of his named José was being released from San Quinton prison Friday. I asked him what his friend was in prison for, he told me José did ten years for raping a twelve year old girl when he was eighteen. I was leery about the meeting at first, I don't want my girls meeting with any violent sex offenders.

Larry informed me, his friend was charged with rape, but it was really a case of statutory rape. He said the girl did consent, but by law, she was way to young to consent to having sex with an eighteen year old man. They were cell mates together, they often spoke with each other about their sexual cravings for preteen girls. Tonight I had Brianna wear her shoulder length auburn hair down, she placed silver hair clips in her hair holding her hair away from her preteen face. That's the beauty of my girls faces, there are no blemishes what so ever on either of their faces.

At eleven; almost twelve to be exact, Brianna has the most beautiful soft white perfect skin on her angelic face. All of our customers make comments about her baby soft skin. She added just enough gloss pink lipstick to highlight her naturally pouty lips. For clothing, she’s dressed in a Spanish style white peasant blouse over a knee length floral print cotton skirt; the kind we often see Latin woman wearing.

Megan, my youngest is Larry's favorite girl, he asked me to have her dress in a white midriff t-shirt, and in his words. "The sexiest pair of Daisy-Duke short shorts she can find." He also requested she wear no panties, and he requested she wear no makeup. And to complete her childish image, he wants her shoulder length pageboy hair done up in two pigtails

She’s sitting beside me as I drive. Glancing at her, I tell myself Old Larry dressed my sweet little girl up very nicely. I’m looking forward to watching him grab her pigtails and guide her beautiful mouth to his hard cock. Looking down at the extremely short Daisy Dukes she’s wearing, seeing the bare outline of her cunt I cant resist the urge to reach over and play with her as I drive the last mile to the Sunset Motel. She opens her legs letting me stroke her pussy.

"Daddy your gonna wreck us if you don't keep both hands on the wheel," she says playfully. Once I press the tip of my index finger into her moist slit, she giggles and opens wider. Liking how it feels she places her hand over mine, then thrust her crotch against my invading finger. She moans with pleasure, as I push deeper up to my second knuckle. Suddenly Brianna speaks up from the back seat, disturbing our fun. "There it Is dad, didn't you say the place is called The Sunset."

I pull my finger from Megan's crotch then place it in my mouth, tasting her sweet preteen flavor as I see the cheap looking white plastic neon sign with blue lettering and large orange sun over the logo. The Sunset is of course no honeymoon suit, it's a cheap thirty dollar a night flea bag motel. "I hope this place doesn't have bed bugs." Brianna says in disgust.

"Brianna, I'm sure the place is much nicer inside then outside. Now stop complaining and fix your hair and makeup."

I didn't want to sound like an asshole, but the motels a long way from home, and I don’t want to disappoint Larry and José. Larry is a good customer he always pays the price I ask, and he always treats my girls with respect. I know once the girls start partying they'll soon overlook the ratty looking nineteen seventies decor of the place. I pulled into a parking space near room 108 where Larry told me he rented a room for our little sex party. I reach under my leather jacket, making sure my fully loaded nine millimeter pistol in an under the arm shoulder holster is still properly concealed. Brianna noticed the gun as she finished checking her hair and make up.

"Dad you don't usually carry a gun to one of our dates. Tell me why your armed dad, is this friend of Larry's some kind of child raping freak or something?"

"Ok girls I'll admit, I didn't speak to this José character, I only spoke with Larry. Now you girls know Larry he's a good guy. José just left prison this morning, he was in for ten years."

I looked back at Brianna her face is close to mine, I notice fear and anxiety in her eyes. "He's going to be super crazy fucking horny dad. God ten years with no pussy....Dad what did you get us into?" she said in a very concerned voice.

"Don't worry Brianna, Larry told me he's a cool dude. Now come on we’re only here for a quickie anyway." I opened the car door glancing back at both of them. "Come on, lets go girls. Put your happy faces on." With that said we all climbed out to meet their newest, and possibly their horniest boyfriend. I knock on the door both girls stand behind me. Larry opened the door. "Alright Jack, you made it,” he says smiling.

"I'm sorry we're slightly late. You know how it is when it comes to women, they take forever to get dressed." We entered the room, I see two beds. Right away Larry a forty year old six-foot tall man with a muscular build and short rust colored hair and few prison tattoos, starts making a fuss over Megan.

"Megan baby, you dressed just as I ordered. Do a turn around for me." he said.

Megan smiled sweetly, her smile always makes any mans heart flutter with electric impulses of pure delight. She spun like a ballerina, saying. "Do you really like my outfit." Larry took her hand pulling her to him as he sat on the bed. Right away he begins fondling his girl. One of his large meaty hands lifts her midriff blouse up, his other hand slides down over her snug fitting Daisy Duke short shorts, then between her slender legs. She smiles at me, letting me know she's ok.

I take a seat in the only chair near the wall, the bathroom door opens. Out steps José, his heads shaved bald, he's at least twenty-eight years old, he's dressed only in a pair of grey sweatpants and no shoes apparently he just stepped out of the shower. What really sets the five-foot ten Mexican off, is the way his entire muscular chest is covered with prison tattoos. He see's my girls, a devilish sly smile appears over his face.

"Hey Larry who are these beautiful senoritas." his eyes stroll all over Brianna. Larry had me dress her like a Mexican senorita. Larry tells him. "José I bought you a little welcome home present. It just so happens their father," he pointed at me. "That good look'n gringo over there, likes to pimp his foxy daughters out to guys like me and you."

José seemed leery of the situation. "Larry are you trying to get my ass thrown back in the joint." He looked at me. "Are you a fuck'n cop or something."

That made me and Larry laugh. "No, I'm just a guy who knows what guy's like you and Larry like." I introduced my daughters, and explained the rules. I also showed him I’m armed. "Man you Ain’t gonna need that gun," said José.

"This may seem strange to you, but I love my girls. And I also know you've been locked up for a long time. I just wanna warn you now; be nice to my girls Ok?"

José sat on the bed to my right, eyeing Brianna with lustful desire.

"Come over here Lolita," he said. Brianna smiles, she’s an expert at flirting. In no time flat she began pressing her firm young body against José’s crotch. He’s sitting, she's wearing an off the shoulder Spanish style peasant blouse, she unties a small bow tie from above her breast letting the blouse fall away from her shoulders exposing her firm budding breast. "You can play with my tits...If you want to handsome," she says smiling flirtatiously.

José’s face went from a frown to a full out joyful schoolboy crush. "My god Brianna...You are so fucking hot,” he said to her. He did just what she asked, his hands shook slightly as he reached out cupping his fingers over her breast. Feeling comfortable he gently pinches and caresses her nipples. "I like it having my tities played with." she says. "But, I especially like it when guys play with my pussy," she flirts. "Do you wanna play with my pussy José. Wow I just love your name."

Brianna unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Underneath she's wearing nothing but her birthday suit. She climbed onto the bed beside her date, then onto his lap with her legs spread wide. José hesitated before touching her. He's been locked away from anything even resembling a woman or a girl for so long, he doesn't seem to know what to do. Brianna took his hand placing it firmly against her almost hairless cunny. "Come on handsome finger fuck me...I need it bad," her voice trembled as she spoke.

On Larry's bed, he already has Megan’s clothing off. Megan's kneeling on the floor helping Larry take his Levi’s off. She's giggling childishly pulling the forty year old mans pants and boxer briefs down to the floor. Larry steps out of his pants, then takes Megan by her pigtails guiding her face to his growing erection. Ugh oomph, is all I hear from Megan as she sucks and licks the mans cock like a starving child.

My cocks growing hard again, my quick fuck with Brianna didn't seem to do the trick. I find myself wanting to join in on the fun, but I know I cant. But in a short while I'll bring my beauties home, when I get them home I'll have my release. I hear sucking sounds coming from José’s bed. He’s laying on the bed, Brianna's busy sucking the man like a porn star. His cock’s at the least seven inches long, it looks huge in Brianna's mouth. I hear Larry moaning, Megan has him close to an orgasm. Suddenly he cant hold back, he shoots his load into Megan's hungry mouth. She takes her mouth away, showing him a mouth full of cum.

"Oh yeah little girl. Don't go spitting it out. Swallow it baby, it'll make your boobies grow!!" he says smiling from ear to ear.

Like a good girl Megan gulps his jizz down as if its her favorite flavor of ice cream.
God I'm so proud of my girls, I think to myself as I watch them work. Looking to my right I see Brianna straddling her beautiful pink cunt over José’s raging erection.

Larry jokes. "Alright Brianna, its been ten years since José got laid. Fucking this guy is gonna be like screwing a virgin.” Larry pulls Megan onto his lap and plays with her pussy as he watches José and Brianna.

Brianna flirts. "Oh my god José...You might just be to big to fit up my cunny,"

She’s joking of course. After almost three years of being the youngest hookers in San Francisco, they've both learned to relax the muscles in their cunts. We all watch intently as José’s cock slips 1 inch then 2, finally an incredible 6. Larry's a carpenter he knows how deep it is just by looking.

"Oh man José you've got six inches of cock up an eleven year old girls cunt. She's fucking tight isn't she old buddy,” he says enthusiastically.

"Oh Lolita, you are so fucking incredible," José exclaims placing his hands on Brianna's slender hips, using his hands to hold her he thrust upwards. She moans with pleasure as she takes all seven inches of the tattooed Mexicans cock. As I watch my cock gets so hard. I guess I can honestly say over the passed three years since I began pimping my girls I've became a true voyeur, I love watching my girls fuck our clients. I've become so transfixed watching Brianna and José, I almost missed the scene unfolding with Larry and Megan. Larry has her laying on her side, they’re both facing José and Brianna. I hear Megan's sweet little grunting panting noises, as her adult john rams his cock into her preteen cunt from behind.

"Looks like Larry’s getting his second wind Megan," I say, stroking my cock through my pants. I smell the intoxicating odor of sex in the room, their moaning and faint passionate grunting sound out louder and louder as they both enjoy my sweet daughters tight cunts. I know José’s about to cum his breathing intensifies as Brianna rides his hardness with more passion then before. "Oh my god Lolita, I'm cumming," he exclaims thrusting harder and faster into her hot little hole.

I hear Megan orgasm, she doesn't scream out she grunts almost silent little grunts. I see a look of pure pleasure on her face, as her john thrust as deep as he can go inside of her nine year old pussy. I hear Larry exclaiming. "Take my cum you little whore. Oooh aahh." His cum fills the condom he’s wearing. The smell of fresh cum fills the air as both men climax. With both men totally satisfied, its time to leave.

"Ok gentlemen,” I say looking at my watch. “It’s time to go, I hope my girls satisfied your needs?"

Of course Brianna and Megan always aim to please, my girls are pros. Both Larry and José agree, they've been completely satisfied. Larry hands me an envelope packed with five one-hundred dollar bills. He also gives each girl a fifty dollar tip. I quickly count the money in the envelope, seeing its all there I shake Larry's hand. As Brianna dresses José leans over kissing her on the cheek.

"Thank you Lolita, you were fantastic baby," said José. I can see he's totally infatuated with the beautiful auburn haired gringa. Brianna smiles tying her peasant blouse back in place, adjusting the blouse precisely on her bare shoulder. José ran his fingers through her long hair. "I think I'm in love. You remind me of the girl they say I raped, her name was Lolita. That's why I call you that name." Brianna asked out of curiosity. "Did you love her?"

He smiled. "Yes but I was way to old for Lolita. We were alone at my apartment, we were kissing, I became horny. I told her I wanted to have sex, she let me fuck her but it hurt her, she freaked out and told her momma. The next thing I know the policia arrested me. I was poor, I couldn't afford a good lawyer, so I spent the next ten years of my life in San Quinton being abused by guards and prisoners who don't like pedophiles," he sighed adding. "That's what the prison shrink labeled me, shit I thought I was a normal man, not some kind of child raping freak."

What he said must've touched Brianna's heart, she hugged him tight then kissed him on the lips, it wasn't a passionate kiss, but I could see José loved the way her soft young lips felt against his. Brianna pulled away.

"If you wanna see me again, just give my dad a call, he'll sit up a date for us."

José looked so happy. "I'll be calling you again baby. You can count on that Lolita."

"Sweetie My names Brianna not Lolita, you need to forget her. Lolita got you in trouble, I won't."

With that said Brianna pulled her skirt back on then stepped beside me and Megan. That night as we drove home Brianna and Megan talked to me.

"I feel sorry for José, he's really a nice guy dad." Megan spoke. "Yeah dad what did he mean, when he told us, he was abused by guards and Prisoners."

"When a man goes to prison for abusing a child, the guards and inmates single them out like bullies in a school yard. These prisoners and guards think its their duty to punish men like José and Larry. They beat'm up, sometimes even kill them. Although I will admit girls, some of these guys deserve what they get. But not everyone of them."

Brianna sighed. "José’s not a bad person dad, he shouldn't have gone to prison, just because that girl he called Lolita freaked out," she placed her hand on my crotch. "Dad I'm glad you let us meet these poor guy's. I don't think I've met anyone I don't like. At leased not yet anyway." I place my hand on hers, pushing her hand tighter against my cock.

"You girls are lucky, I always pick the nonviolent men for you. But there are dangerous men out there just as well." I look into Brianna's blue eyes, telling her. "I love sweetheart." Megan’s leaning up with her cute face next to my shoulder, I turned to her. "I love you too baby."

They both reply in unison. "We love you more daddy!!!"

Chapter Eight: Teaching Trisha.

Its Saturday just a little past six in the evening. I'm driving with Megan to Dale's home near the coast. I let Brianna stay with her friend Britney. It's a beautiful July day, the bright orange California sun appears over the western horizon, hovering over the blue waters of the pacific ocean. Megan exclaims childishly observing the sun as well. "Oooh look out there daddy, the sun looks like its sinking into the ocean.”

She's beside me as I drive, looking so cute in her short one piece aqua blue sundress, thin shoulder straps are the only thing holding the dress up over her developing breast. She’s not wearing her training bra, her nipples show through the thin blue material. The sun shines upon her auburn hair, making it appear a bit more red than auburn. Finally after a long drive we arrive. I park in front of Dale's large Spanish style home, then make sure Megan understands what she’s supposed to do this weekend.

"Now remember sweetheart, Dale hired you to help him teach Trisha about sex. We'll be here all weekend. And also, while we're here, I'll need you to help Trisha learn how important it is to keep secrets.” Wanting her to work hard on this job, I tell her. “If you do a good job for me this weekend, I'll give you my cut of the money Dale's paying us."

A wide smile crosses her lips. "Ok daddy it's a deal, now come on lets do this." She unbuckled her seatbelt then turned around facing me on her knees, she hugs me and kisses me on the lips. "I love you daddy," she says before opening the car door. I’m not sure if it’s my offer to give her my cut of the money, or if she’s just eager to meet Trisha. Come to think of it, she has enjoyed our prior visits with Dale. Tonight she beat me to the front door of his house, that's how eager the little devil is to do her job. I'm so delighted to see her act this way. She rang the doorbell, it opened just as I arrived at the doorstep. Dale looks a little awkward leaning around the backside of his door, peering out at us. I’m not sure why he’s hiding his lower body behind the door. He looks at Megan grinning like the cheshire cat, he doesn’t seem to notice me.

"Well hi there Megan. Come on in, I've been telling Trisha all about you, she's looking forward to meeting you sweetheart."

"What about me Dale, aren't you at least glad to see me too," I say acting hurt.

"Oh...sorry Jack, but you know how I get whenever there's a sweet young girl in my sights," he said grinning like a schoolboy. As we enter his home, I get a closer look at him. He's wearing his paisley print robe, its untied he's nude underneath, and his stiff cock is exposed.

"Damn Dale, did you get started without us." I say. He laughs tying his robe closed, but now even though its tied his cock still protrudes from underneath. He invited us into his living room, as we enter I see his television's on a porn movie's playing. It's a scene with an older man receiving a nasty blow job from a blond haired teenage girl. Trisha's sitting on the couch intently watching the pornographic scene play out. What grabs my attention to his sweet eight year old red-haired granddaughter is she's topless. Her little pink nipples are hard, as if maybe granddads been playing with them before we arrived. The only thing she's wearing is a pair of white lace panties, she’s sitting cross legged Indian style.

The crotch piece of her panties is stretched tight over her cunt, showing the outline of her labia. "Hi Trisha, are you enjoying the movie." I startle her, she looks up at me with shame in her green eyes. She knows watching pornography with her grandpa is wrong. To me its not wrong for children to watch porn, I’d rather have my girls watch porn then let them watch some violent bloody slasher movie. I guess you can say, I’m a bit of an anarchist. Its not that I don’t believe in government, its just that I don’t follow all of our societies rules. But anyway, back to the story. Trisha smiles nervously blushing a slight shade of red crossing her arms over her exposed almost non existent breast.

"I'm sorry sweetheart. I didn't mean to surprise you like that, but are you enjoying the movie," I said, giving her an approving smile.

"I like it....But I don't think my mom and dad want me to watch movies like this,"
Her green eyes looked into mine. "Please don't tell my daddy, he won't let me see grandpa anymore, if you tell on me."

She looked so cute with her face turning three shades of red. Megan sat beside her, placing an arm around the topless preteen pulling her body close, laying her hand on Trisha's shoulder in a friendly gesture. I’m proud of my youngest. Megan explained things in her own childish way.

"My dad lets me and my sister Brianna watch porn all the time. I think porn is so cool, don't you?" Megan extended her right hand offering a friendly handshake. "Hi I'm Megan, don't worry about my dad because he's good at keeping secrets. And in our family secrets are an important thing to keep!!" she looked at me. "Right daddy?"

"Oh yes by all means. Secrets are very important in our family," I smile reassuringly. "And its fun to keep secrets, isn't it Megan!!!"

"That's right dad, Its fun keeping secrets, because other adults don't know what we do when we're alone with you, and especially all of our boyfriends," she caressed Trisha's bare shoulder explaining. "My sister and me love our dad, and your grandpa is a friend of ours. We know if we say something about watching porno, or having sex with dad, and especially all the grown-up boyfriends he takes us to see, he'll get in trouble. The same goes for you Trisha, you don't want your grandpa to get in trouble Do you?"

Trisha gasps "You have sex with your daddy!" Megan giggled, then kissed her near the corner of her mouth and cheek. "Yes I do, but you cant tell anybody because it's a secret, right?." She kissed her again this time on the lips she pulls away saying. "Sex with grown-ups is fun, grown men know stuff about sex that young boys don't."

Trisha giggles. "You have boyfriends, and they do sex with you too," she looked at Dale, her green eyes sparkle charmingly. "I guess that means you're my boyfriend grandpa. Because you've been doing sex with me since dad left me here this morning Right?"

He replies with a smile. "Yes but you're my secret girlfriend, you should always remember. When we're around your dad or anyone else, we cant let them know our secret," he sat down beside Trisha hugging her. "I asked Megan and her daddy to spend the weekend with us. They're here to help teach you about sex."

Trisha seemed confused. "But now, they know our secret," she says worried.

I cut in. "Trisha baby, that's the beauty of having friends like us. We know your secret, if something's bothering you, or maybe you need advise about things you do with grandpa, my girls and I will be there for you. Isn't that cool sweetheart?"

Trisha thought about what I said and giggled. "Yeah...I think keeping a secret will be fun, but what are you going to teach me?”

Megan hugs her. "We're going to teach you everything about sex, and...I do mean everything!!" She gestures to the TV a new porn scene is beginning. "I'll teach you how to do that for your grandpa."

We all watch as two teenage girls get busy orally pleasuring an older man. A pretty blond sucks and licks the mans balls, while a dark haired girl with double D tits, sucks and licks his huge cock. Suddenly the man grabs the dark haired girl by the hair, he shoves his cock down her throat, the teen makes gagging sounds as the man fucks her throat. Trisha scrunches her nose up, showing distaste for the scene. "He's being mean to her. You won't do that with me Will you?"

Dale replies. "Oh no honey. I won’t do that with you, I'll be gentle. The mans not really being mean Trisha, the dark haired girl likes it when he does that, she's experienced. You don't understand what men like." Dale strokes her hair, and caresses the palm of his hand over her nipples, stopping to gently pinch one of her little pink nipples. "After the weekends over sweetheart, you'll know exactly what men like,” he says reassuringly. She smiles but remains silent letting him play with her nipples.

Megan stands up grabbing the hem of her sun-dress, she pulls the garment over her head without being asked, then she slips out of her teal-blue panties. Once totally nude she looks at me grinning mischievously.

"Get naked daddy. We cant have any fun with our cloths on now…Can We!!!"

"Your absolutely right my dear, lets all get naked," I look at Trisha, she’s almost nude, with the exception of her white lace panties. "Take those panties off Trisha, look at Megan, she's not being shy." I say with a smile.

Trisha took her panties off as I requested. My god what a beautiful sight she is, her skins perfectly fair. I look at her as I undress, noticing her labia isn't as pronounced as Megan's. This difference is most likely due to one fact. This lovely little girl with her soft curly rust colored hair, and the most enticing blue-green eyes is a true virgin. Megan raised her hand flexing her finger in a cute come-hither motion. "Sit next to Trisha dad, I'll suck your cock. She can watch me do you, and when she's ready she can suck uncle Dale."

Well how could any man in his right mind refuse an offer like this. I quickly took a seat on the couch completely nude. Just the thought of sitting next to Trisha while Megan gives me oral, excites me to a full erection. My cock bobbed around like a flag on independence day. I notice Trisha leering at the sight of my seven inch prick as I sit next to her. "Would you like to touch it Trisha…That is if its all right with you Dale."

"Sure but only if Trisha wants to," he says, still playing with her nipples.

"Ok, I'll touch it." says Trisha. Her hand feels so soft and warm, my heartbeat quickened when she wrapped her small hand around my shaft. I think of something as she gently strokes me. This girl is the only other female besides my daughters to touch me in years. Megan knelt on the floor before me. "Put it in my mouth Trisha," says Megan. Giggling childishly Trisha guides my member to my little girls mouth. Oh what a wonderful feeling this is, her warm breath and wet tongue is as always, the ultimate pleasurable feeling. I think to myself. If I die right now, they'll never remove this stupid grin from my face.

Dale pulls Trisha to his bare lap positioning her with her legs around his swollen member. He pushes his cock up against her beautiful hairless pink cunt, she giggles feeling the tips of his fingers and the heat from his erection on her cunny. I hear him whisper. "Watch and Learn sweetheart." But its not easy for her to concentrate on Megan's oral sex lesson, because he’s masturbating her with his finger tips.

Megan pays no attention to Dale and Trisha, my little girl is a pro. She’s not a deep throater; I hate being deep throated anyway. She strokes my shaft while bobbing her head up and down, mouth fucking my hard shaft. I thrust my hips upward, she knows I’m enjoying her attention. After a few moments she removes her lips from my cock and looked at Trisha, who at the time doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to her cock sucking lesson. "Trisha are you watching me,” she says sounding a little perturbed.

"Oh um yes, I'm watching." says Trisha in a weak breathless voice.

"Then do what I'm doing to your grandpa," says Megan in a firm voice. Trisha suddenly cant seem to speak, her bodies orgasming due to the vigorous fingering she’s getting from her loving granddad. Dale took his finger tips from her wet little pussy, begging. "Trisha please suck me. I know you'll be good at it, just do what Megan says to do." He notices the porn video playing on his television, a red haired teen is sucking cock. "Look honey, that girl looks like you. If she can do it, I'm sure you can."

What he said seemed to activate her curiosity. "Ok I'm going to suck your thingy now grandpa." She slid from his lap, I notice her pussy lips glistening with clear girl cum before she turned her crotch away from my view.

"Megan, go help her get started. Talk her through it, until she gets the hang of it," I say.

Megan did as I asked, Meeting Trisha on her knees between Dale's spread legs. I just know she’ll be a good teacher. For a nine year old, she has more experience then most grown women, over the years my sweet girl has sucked numerous cocks. But suddenly to our surprise Trisha just shoved granddads hard cock into her mouth, without any assistance from Megan.

My girl smiles from ear to ear. "That's it Trisha, just suck it right in," she says,
sounding like a coach at a girls basketball game. She began talking Trisha through each step of a proper BJ. Dale watches, and he’s truly impressed with Trisha's natural oral talent. "Well look at you little girl, you're doing so good. Oh yes ahh, don’t stop," he exclaims. He looks at me smiling. "She's a natural Jack," is all can say.

I lean over whispering in Megan’s ear. "Play with her pussy." She proceeded to do as I asked, the young virgin naturally began thrusting herself against Megan's fingertips. This only lasted a short time, she let loose of Dale's cock. "Hey what are you doing," she asked in surprise. Megan acts coy. "I was playing with your cunny, don’t you like it," she sucked her girl cum covered fingertips. "Mm, you taste good!!"

Trisha giggled. “It did feel pretty good,” she said. Saying no more she turned her attention back to Dale. He leans his head back thrusting his hips gently upward as she sucks and licks his cock like an cream cone. He moans an order to Trisha, thinking of me

"Let Megan suck my cock. I think uncle Jack wants some of your attention," Trisha looks at her granddad in surprise of what he said. "But he's not my boyfriend.”

Dale laughs. "Yes he is honey. I want you to have lots of boyfriends, just like Megan and Brianna have." Trisha sits on her haunches looking confused, Dale made himself clear. "Go suck him before I get angry." His angry voice frightened her.

I scold him. “Dale…Your scaring her, calm down, she’s new at this!!”

He apologizes. “Oh I’m sorry sweetheart. I should’ve realized that, please forgive me.”

I stroke my cock telling her “Trisha, every since I met you yesterday I've been fantasizing about having that pretty mouth of yours wrapped around my penis. Please come here and suck me!!" I wiggle my cock getting her attention.

Megan cuts in. "Go ahead Trisha, daddy really likes you. When we were driving out here today, he kept telling me how pretty you are." She hugs the frightened girl, and kisses her cheek. "Go to him, he won't hurt you." Trisha's fearful expression disappears.

"Ok I'll do it !!” Without hesitation she took me in her mouth. My cock looks gigantic between her soft pink lips. I feel her tongue licking around my cock shaft. At this rate, I’m not sure how long I'll last. She has her pretty green eyes closed, I like woman and my girls to look at me when they suck me. "Trisha open your eyes, you have beautiful green eyes baby. Men love it when a girl with pretty eyes looks up at him while she sucks him," she opened her eyes. "Oh yeah baby, that's how I like it...ahhh yes."

Its funny how we sometimes loose track of time and space when our lovers give us head. I started feeling hot semen churning in my testicles. Trisha is a fast learner, she’s licking and sucking my cock, running her soft wet tongue up and down my shaft. Oh man! it feels so fucking good. Between my occasional instructions plus Megan's, and a few instructions from her grandfather, she learned what I like, and what he likes. But one thing we didn't warn her about is that men ejaculate semen when they orgasm. Although her grandfather did show her the oral porn DVD. And she did see men shooting white sticky stuff over the pretty faces of those girls. She didn't expect me to cum in her mouth.

"Ahhh ugh aahh." I grunt thrusting my hips from the couch, fucking her mouth as she eagerly bobs her beautiful head up and down. She pulled away looked at me then spat my cum into the palm of her hand. I just had to tell the cute young oral virgin.

"Trisha baby, don't spit a mans sperm out. Its just not proper blow job etiquette.”

She frowns. "But I thought you peed in my mouth, that's why I spit it out." She looks worried, thinking I’m scolding her for what she did. "That's ok honey, come sit on my lap, watch what Megan does with your grandpa." She happily accepts my invitation, the soft flesh of her ass feels exquisite over my well sucked cock, as she sits upon my lap. She spread her legs wide, letting me caress the soft wet folds of her virgin cunt as we watch Megan finish Dale. Megan doesn’t stop she doesn’t know I came. Maybe she planned it this way, wanting her student to watch what she does with a mans cum.

Megan’s blue eyes peer up at Dale, he’s leaning his head back moaning louder and louder, gently thrusting his ass and hips upwards fucking my daughters mouth. She pushes his cock into her young throat gags a bit then quickly bobs her head up and down even faster then before. I masturbated Trisha, hearing her moaning soft moans of pleasure as I stroke her soaking wet cunt. "Cum with grandpa baby girl." I tell her.

Dale suddenly grunts. "Ahhhh..fuck yes ahhhhh." Megan keeps sucking him. I see her throat flexing, knowing she’s gulping down every drop. I whisper to Trisha. "See my girl loves to eat cum." Trisha thrust her cunt into my wet fingers, I made her cum. She gasped, her body shakes, finally she lays her head back on my shoulder. I see her bare chest heaving gasping for air, her white skin blushes a slight shade of red. I kiss her on the lips. "You like sex don't you baby…Did you see Megan, she didn't spit grandpa's cum out. She likes eating cum."

Trisha looks down at Megan, their eyes meet. "I do love cum Trisha," says Megan. Shaking her small breast she adds. "And look," she says. "It makes my boobies grow!!"


After Trisha's first lesson we took a short break, ordering Chinese takeout from a nearby restaurant. Trisha and Megan were both famished after working so hard to please us, they both ate more then their share of food. After dinner we retired back to the living room. Dale rolled a joint, and I poured us both a scotch on the rocks. Dale told the girls to remove their cloths once more. Trisha took her blue jeans and t-shirt off but left her white lace panties on.

Dale gently pulls her close, and begins tickling her, saying. "I told you to take all of your cloths off, now I'm going to tickle your panties off little girl.” He slides his fingers down her soft white hips, pushing her panties down. Trisha giggles enjoying grandpas attention. It’s a sweet moment of evening, as I watch Dale remove the last piece of clothing from the little redhead. Once he has them off, he folds them inside out and places the crotch to his nose sniffing her sweet little girl scent. Trisha scrunched her nose up showing disgust.

"Why are you sniffing my panties grandpa?" Dale laughs, pulling her close.

"Because I like how you smell between your legs," he says lovingly. She looks confused. "You think my cunnie smells good, I pee from there. You like how pee smells grandpa?" she’s puzzled to why he likes her sweet girl scent.

He chuckles. "Yes, I love how your little pussy smells. Trisha baby, I love everything about you." He hugs her he slipping his fingers between her legs, he notices Megan standing by me, she’s now completely nude. "Have you ever licked a girls pussy before Megan?” he asked.

Megan blushes slightly, not because of his question, but because she knows what he wants her to do next. Her answer surprises him. "Yes I've eaten Brianna's cunny before. Do you want me to lick Trisha's pussy?" she flirts. “I really wanna lick you Trisha.”

Dale chuckles. "Like I said before Megan baby. You're just full of surprises aren't you"

He kept fingering Trisha, her knees shook. Part of her shaking is an orgasm, the other I suppose is….She’ll soon experience lesbian sex, at the young age of eight.

"Trisha go lay on the far end of the couch with your legs spread wide. Megan's going to lick your sweet little pussy." She hesitated, he caressed her pussy some more. "Go on baby, you'll like it, I know you will." With that said she crawled onto the couch, and lay back upon a stack of throw pillows. "Ok Megan, go eat Trisha for dessert." he joked.

Of course Megan doesn’t hesitate. I'm not sure if it’s the extra money I offered her for helping Dale teach his granddaughter, or is it the fact I turned both Megan and Brianna into bisexuals sluts years ago. As I watch my sexy daughter strut slowly to Trisha's spread legs. I consider the fact, its most likely both the money, and I made her a slut.

"Hey Jack, are you gonna hold my drink all night, or what. Come on buddy, get over here with my drink. We'll watch this preteen lezzy show and smoke this joint,” said Dale.

I sat down next to him, he lit the joint. Before handing the joint to me he proposes a toast. "Here's to beautiful girls." he exclaims. I raise my glass. "Here's to freedom and good sex with sweet young girls like Trisha and Megan." We downed our drinks then sat back watching Megan eat Trisha's virgin pussy. Trisha moans softly, she bucks her slender hips sensually. Her little voice trembles. "This feels really good Megan, but please don't tell anyone I let you lick me like this."

Megan stroked her fingers across Trisha's puffy swollen cunt lips, then raised her mouth from her students wet crotch. "Don't worry I'm very good at eating pussy And keeping secrets." She buries her face back in Trisha's sweet cunny, vigorously stroking licking and sucking her new friend to a final climax. As I watch my nine year old perform cunnilingus, my cock grew hard, and apparently Dale became hard as well.

"You know what Dale," I say, being stoned and slightly drunk it takes me a while to say what’s on my mind. "Well what the hells on your dirty mind Jack?” says Dale. "Ever since I met Trisha, I've wanted to eat her pussy. I've always had a thing for redheads you know."

"Well then by all means Jack. Go right a ‘head. I know you want to. But its only fair I eat Megan's pussy, if your gonna eat my girls snatch."

We both moved quickly to the far end of Dale's white leather couch. Trisha’s laying against a pile of throw pillows, her legs spread wide enjoying Megan cunnilingus expertise. Leaning down to whisper in Megan's ear I smell the sweet scent of preteen girl cum. "Let me take over baby," I whisper in her ear.

Megan lifts her face from her preteen friends cunt, her mouth and chin glisten with Trisha's cum and her own saliva. She giggles, I place my finger to her wet sticky lips, telling her to be quiet. Dale placed his hands on Megan's shoulder guiding her to him. As I lower my face to Trisha's bald sopping wet pussy, I inhale the most beautiful scent known to every heterosexual male, it’s the sweet smell of pussy. As I lower my mouth to her sex, I thank god for sweet little girls, then bury my tongue into her virgin cunt.

Trisha opens her eyes, she was laying back enjoying the feeling of my sweet daughters tongue chin and fingers. feeling the light stubble of a mans chin, she woke from her sexual stupor. "Hey where'd Megan go," she says breathlessly. She looks down at me then over at her grandfather. He’s busy eating Megan's cunny.

"Oh there you are." she says, referring to her new best friend Megan.

Megan moans back. "Let daddy eat you, he's...very good at it." Megan stuttered slightly as Dale ran his tongue over her super sensitive preteen clit. I speak to Trisha fingering her wet slit. "Are you enjoying your play date with Me and Megan sweetheart,” she humps my chin and finger as I grind them into her virgin sex. replying breathlessly. "Yesssss...I," she says.

"That's good baby because we're not done yet." I bury my mouth and tongue into her soaking wet beaver, telling myself. Dale is right, Trisha is delicious. I don’t wanna push my fingers too deep, not wanting to take her cherry.
I feel her hymen is still intact, and slow down the fingering I’m giving her, just enough to tickle her young clitoris. Her hips suddenly buck like a bronco pony, she moans out. "That tickles....really nice uncle Jack," says the sweet girl. Of course I'm so pleased to make uncle status.

Knowing I made her cum I take a break, raising myself up I sit next to her. I’m completely nude. Trisha takes a seat on my lap, and once again my erection feels the soft warm flesh of her young ass. We watch her grandfather give Megan head like a man should always give any woman head.

He pokes his fingers deep inside viciously fingering her. Megan fucks his face, grinding her crotch into his mouth and tongue. She appears to be possessed by his tongue fingers and chin as he drives my daughter to one final climax. Knowing he made her cum he pulls away then finishes the rest of his scotch on the rocks. He looks at me grinning from ear to ear. "Lets take our girls to my bedroom buddy, its time."

He took Trisha by the hand. "Bring Megan with you, we'll finish our party in the bedroom,” I took Megan’s hand, she seems a little dazed. "Megan are you okay baby?" "Yes Daddy I'm ok, its just that uncle Dale made me cum too good."

We led our preteen lovers to Dale's bedroom. The big brass bed brought an old song to mind as I lay Megan crossways on the bed. Lay, lady, lay. Lay across my big brass bed. I don't know why, but Mr. Dylan just came to mind somehow at the time. Trisha giggled as her granddad lay over her kissing and caressing her. I hear him tell her. "I love you Trisha, and when a man loves a girl like you, he often needs to show her how much he loves her."

I know what he’s telling her, he wants to take her virginity. I should've pulled him from the room, for a man to man talk. I should've told him he's way too old. Or maybe something like “Dude you're her grandfather for Christ sake” But I didn't. Ok its more like I just wouldn't. After all I did offer my daughters to him just one month ago for cash money. Hell I'm the one who taught my girls to please men with their minds bodies and souls. So I say to myself, if the man wants to screw his granddaughter I'll stand beside him through the entire event. He hired me to assist him, knowing he's never deflowered a young virgin before.

I cut in. "Dale do you have any sex-lube in the house?"

"No Why, didn't I get Megan wet enough for you," he says. "No dummy it’s for Trisha. If you're going to fuck her, you'll need some," I padded him on the back. "Don't do anything until I get back. I have some in my luggage out in my car, don't do anything yet."

Not wanting to dress I found Dale's house coat laying on the floor of his living room. Once I placed that on I proceeded to my car. I'm so glad it's a little past nine at night, in the darkness no one can see me in his ugly paisley print robe. I opened my trunk, quickly grabbing mine and Megan's overnight bags. I made sure to grab Megan's favorite teddy bear. My little girl never leaves home without Max the bear, she says he protects her from all the evil in our world.

I came back inside and dug through my bag. When we go see any of our clients, I always bring along a tube of sex lube. This lube is made for anal sex, but through the early years of my exploits, I've learned you really cant fit a two-inch diameter cock into an eight year old cunt. Luckily someone invented anal lube. The brand I have also contains a pain killer. This is just what you need Dale, I say hurrying back to the room hoping he hasn’t jammed his thick cock inside her small cunt without proper lubrication. To my delight, when I come back, they’re all sitting on the bed talking to each other. I had Trisha Lay spread-eagle on her back. Dale smeared the gooey lubricant inside her pussy lips. I notice how full and pink her cute little labia is. Dale explained what he’s doing, she giggles childishly during the lubing process.

"Baby, I've wanted to fuck you since you were five years old. But back then, you were even smaller then you are now. Thanks to Jack's inventive mind, and all of this slippery goo I'm putting in you, its now possible for me to make you my official girlfriend."

I cut in. "Its better for her, if she gets on top." Dale liked that idea, once he lay down, Megan explained how fucking works in this position to Trisha, although Trisha doesn’t seem too sure if she wants to have sex with a grown man. I cut in. "Megan you fuck me first. Trisha watch closely now.”

Dale let Trisha sit on his lap, she watches Megan lower her snatch over my hard cock.
Trisha suddenly exclaims. "Wow Megan, it does fit! But doesn’t it hurt?"

Megan grunts her reply. "Nope, not anymore...Once a girl does it a few time her pussy stretches. And I've done this lots of times." She lowers her cunt deeper and deeper on my cock. Megan's still undeveloped inside so she never takes all seven-inches of my cock. But five-inches is just fine for her and me.

Megan smiles down at me. "Daddy it feels so good inside me!”

Dale pats Trisha on the ass getting her attention. "See there, she did it…Now its your turn." He guides Trisha to his cock. As Megan rides me, I glance over watching Dale's cock enter the redheaded cutie. The lube always works, but that useless damned hymen always gets in the way. "I cant do it grandpa," Trisha says grunting. Dale doesn’t like the word cant, he grabs her by the hips thrusting upwards while pushing Trisha downward.

"Ouch...It hurts. Grandpa." her voice trembles her eyes tear up. Megan slips from my cock and hugs her. It’s such a sweet gesture of true friendship.

"Just relax Trisha. Think about something else, like candy or something, but don't get off your grandpa's cock. He'll be sad if you do. You don't wanna make him sad do you."

Trisha looked into her granddads eyes, wiping her tears away. "Ok grandpa, it doesn't hurt so much anymore, but now what do I do?"

"Climb back on me Meg,” I say. “Show her how its done." Megan slowly slides my cock inside her tight hole, we start fucking. I’m so glade my baby girls doing me, but seeing Trisha imitating Megan I long for the old days. Back to my first time with the girls, before they became Sweet little whores.

Dale keeps his grasp on Trisha's slender hips, finally he lets go. As if she’s learning how to ride a bike for the first time, realizing he’s not holding her any longer she took off riding on her own. She makes sweet little grunting noises each time she lowers her cunt down over his thick cock shaft.

Megan does the same, I notice she’s keeping a watchful eye on Trisha. Like a big sister, she wants the newly deflowered virgin to learn the same way she did. She was barley eight herself when she watched Brianna ride me this way. I feel Megan's wet snatch, grasp my cock, the inner walls of her vagina begin to spasm. Her little orgasms start me on my way to a passionate climax.

Dale’s in heaven, keeping his eyes on Trisha, she looks into his. He decides to change positions, lifting her from his shaft. "Get on your hands and knees for me baby." Trisha quickly does what he wants. I notice some of her virgin blood running down her inner thigh but nothing to heavy.

"Grandpa....This is better." she exclaims as he shoves back in. "That's right baby. Plus grandpa loves looking at your sweet little ass,” I moved Megan doggy style as well. Its one of my favorite positions.

I shove cock inside her, she tells me gleefully "Daddyee, I love doing it like a doggy.”

I want to cum, I needed it bad. I feel like a junkie needing a fix. Only my drug is a beautiful blue eyed girl named Megan. Dale and I both begin thrusting harder and deeper, from my view I figure he's shoving about four out of six inside Trisha’s sweet pussy. Suddenly I hear Dale grunt his ass cheeks tighten.

"Ahhh ugh, oh Trisha baby, do you feel my cum inside you,” he asks. Her voice trembles. "I do grandpa...It feels warm...and sticky inside me."

"Good baby...Now you're my official secret girlfriend." He keeps ramming deeper, Trisha doesn’t seem to mind, after all. He is her secret boyfriend.

I feel my release churning deep within my groin. "Here it comes Megan...Tell daddy to cum." I smack her lightly ass. "Say it Megan!!" she moans. "Cum in meee Daddyee...Cum in meee." And oh do I ever cum, it drips from Megan's pussy like thick white water dripping all over Dale's expensive bedspread.

We all fall to our sides, I look into Trisha's beautiful eyes. "Did you learn anything." I ask.
She smiles. "Yes....I learned sex is fun, even though it hurts at first."

Megan replies breathlessly. "Keep doing it...It gets better the more you do it."

Dale cut in. "I learned, I wanna do it again. Hey Jack, you wanna swap girlfriends on the next round."

I chuckle out of breath. “Lets wait till tomorrow, I don't have any sperm left Megan drained me dry."

I am pooped, and Megan isn’t up for it either. As we lay together she fell asleep in my arms. Finding she’s sleeping, I lift my girl from the bed. Dale’s laying half asleep with Trisha wrapped safely in his arms, the sweet girls fast asleep too.

"Good night Dale, don't wake me in the morning." Dale strokes his fingers through Trisha's long rusty red hair whispering. "Good night my young friend.”

The End of, part 2.
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