I had been hurting for a couple of days, my balls were swollen and it hurt to touch them. What was just as bad was my hard cock that wouldn’t go soft. I’m fourteen and had barely managed to finish the school year because I hurt so bad. Mom was with Ashley, the next door neighbor and her thirteen year old daughter Dare in the kitchen.

I was curled up from pain and didn’t even realized my mother had come back when she heard me yell. I had shifted and bumped my hugely swollen balls. She sat on the edge of the bed, “Jesse?”

I groaned and turned my head and ignored the tears, “I really hurt.”

Before my father had made his money and then died, mom had been a nurse. She turned me onto my back, “let me see.”

I straightened and she worked my sleeping pants down. She moved my hands and shook her head, “that looks very painful.”

She was gentle but I still winched as she felt my balls and held my hard cock. She pulled the sheet over me, “I’ll be back.”

I thought she was going to call an ambulance but heard her in the hall talking to Ashley and Dare. It was a minute before she returned with them behind her. I was embarrassed when she lifted the sheet to show Ashley and Dare, “see. The only way to help will be if he gets release.”

Ashley looked at her daughter, “want to help?”

She bent and reached out to wrap her hand around my cock, “will it fit?”

Mom and her mother both laughed as she blushed. Mom pulled the sheet off and moved down to spread my legs, “it will be safer this way.”

She walked out, “I’ll be right back.”

Ashley smiled at me as she started undressing Dare, “this may take awhile.”

I groaned at that thought but she only finished with Dare, “okay straddle him.”

Mom walked in as Dare climbed onto the bed and swung her leg over me. If I wasn’t hurting the sight of Dare would have been wonderful. Mom bent and poured cold lube on my cock and held it up. Dare smiled at me before slowly pushing down and forcing my cock up into her. She wiggled and held still, “his cock is really stretching my pussy.”

Mom and Ashley chuckled as they undressed. I hesitated before reaching for her breasts. Dare grinned as she pushed her breasts out and I began kneading them. She started to rock and rub her pussy slowly before adding a twist a minute later. She shuddered and I groaned as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock.

Mom sat and reached out to tug on a nipple, “long strokes to stimulate him into cumming.”

Dare nodded and lifted almost off me before pushing back and down. I jerked and shuddered as her tight pussy slid down my cock and she wiggled. She kept doing that but a few minutes later she became erratic and started to jerk and spasm while wailing. She wet me and jerked her pussy back and forth on me.

My swollen cock was buried and pushing against the back of her pussy. I grunted and jerked as I tried to thrust up and grabbed her waist. The next moment Dawn was screaming as my cock erupted and warm cum was pumped up into her in a thick gushing geyser. I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done and she fell onto me, “that felt awesome.”

Mom and Ashley laughed and Ashley pulled her daughter off me and onto her back beside me. Mom straddled me and rubbed my chest, “it will feel better later.”

She lifted and slowly pushed down on my cock until it was buried. I humped up and reached for her wonderful breasts as she began to fuck me. She rocked and thrust back and forth with a rolling twist. Her wonderful pussy constantly grasped and tightened as it tried to milk my cock. I began to thrust up as mom shuddered and her pussy tightened.

It wasn’t long before she was erratic and twisting while her pussy became slicker and kept squeezing my cock. A few minutes and she began to wail and spasm as she wet me and her pussy rippled and contracted, “aaaahhhh!”

Ashley laughed as Dare giggled and mom jerked back and forth. I grabbed her waist a few moments later and pulled her down as I thrust up to gush cum up into her. She howled when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her and against her cervix, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I grunted as I kept spewing and spurting until I was done and then I dropped to the bed. Mom laid on me and gave me a kiss before lifting her hips and moving off me. She turned to feel my balls before looking at Ashley who grinned as she straddled me. She sat on my slimy cock with a sigh and wiggled before grinning at mom, “I wouldn’t mind helping him everyday.”

Dare bent to look into my eyes, “me too.”

I caught her and pulled her down for a kiss. She grinned when she sat back and her mother began to twist and roll her hips. She didn’t rock, each time she began to roll her hips her pussy would grasp my cock. I groaned at the feel and she grinned, “like that?”

Mom laid beside me and rubbed my chest, “you had blue balls baby. It happens when you become aroused but don’t get relief.”

I nodded and reached for Ashley’s breasts, “will it go away now?”

She moved to kiss me, “we will drain you and it will go away.”

I felt and kneaded her breasts as she kept fucking me and her pussy milked my cock. She moaned and shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed, “mmmm!”

Mom grinned as Dare giggled and I humped up. Ashley spasmed and jerked as she rubbed her pussy on me. She twisted and rolled her hips desperately a moment later as she wet me and her pussy clenched, “aaahhh!”

I continued to feel her firm breasts and rub her nipples as I thrust up slowly. She became erratic and was dragging her pussy on me as she shook. Mom shook her head and pulled her down, “roll over Jesse and fuck her.”

I closed my legs and hugged Ashley before I rolled until I was on top. I humped and thrust and then I pulled back before I started to fuck her with long thrusts. She spread her legs wide and humped up while her pussy clenched and she hugged me, “ooohhhh!”

I kept fucking her as she writhed around and then began to thrash and buck. She started to convulse as I fucked her and she screamed a minute later, “FUCK!”

She twisted and jerked as she squirted and clutched me. I continued to fuck her for a couple more minutes before shoving into her as she shuddered hard. I pressed and pushed as I began to pump thick spurts of cum. I grunted and shuddered while I kept putting more warm sperm into her until I was done.

I kissed her softly, “thanks Ashley.”

She hugged me as she panted and her pussy rippled the length of my cock, “my pleasure.”

I pulled out and mom rolled me onto my back to feel my balls before grinning, “fuck Dare again.”

I turned to look at Dare and she laid back and spread her legs, “goody.”

I grinned as I turned and moved over her before I pushed into her tight but cummy pussy. She sighed and wiggled as I pushed deeper before giving her a kiss. I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly with long strokes. I fucked each of them twice before mom pulled us into her large shower to wash.

After the shower we got dressed and mom and Ashley took us shopping for swim suits. We went around to a lot of shops in the mall. We had lunch there before heading home. I was feeling much better and did a few chores. I came in to help with dinner and then helped clean up. Mom pulled me back to her bedroom and turned her TV on.

Dare and Ashley undressed me and each other. I fucked the three of them twice more but slowly. I woke up very early in the morning with mom holding me and glanced at Ashley holding Dare. I turned to mom and she rubbed my chest before pulling on me, “you need to get it out.”

I moved over her and between her legs as she guided my cock. I pushed into her almost hot slimy pussy and buried my cock. I kissed her as I held still to feel and enjoy her pussy while it kept squeezing. She shook me and humped and I shuddered before I pulled back and started to fuck her.

When my balls hit her ass I jerked as pain lanced through me, “shit!”

Mom clutched me, “baby?”

I groaned at the throbbing pain in my balls and she shifted and rolled us over, “let me do it.”

She rocked and began rolling her hips as slowly the pain faded. She began to breath harder and then twist and turn. She sat up to rub her pussy on me as I felt the head of my cock rubbing on the back of her pussy. A moment later she gasped and jerked when I felt something give and my cock went deeper.

She thrashed around and wailed as her pussy constantly squeezed, “fffuuuccckkk!”

I tried to hold her hips and thrust up into her and realized she was incoherent. I pulled her down and rolled before I started to fuck her firmly. She spread and lifted her legs as her wails changed to howls and then she stiffened. She clutched me and screamed as I shoved into her and pushed to get deeper as I gushed a stream of cum.

Mom jerked as her pussy tightened and kept squeezing to milk my cock. I grunted and kept pushing into her as I pumped every spurt I could. When I was done I shuddered and slowly relaxed. Ashley rubbed my back and gently pulled me off mom. She had closed her eyes as she continued to pant and I looked from her to Ashley.

She straddled me and laid down, “feeling a little better?”

I nodded, “my balls hurt when I bumped them.”

She put her head on my shoulder, “they will be tender for awhile.”

I woke to sunlight in the window as Ashley sank my cock into her warm pussy. She wiggled and started to rock as she spread her knees wider. Mom rolled out of bed and walked into her bathroom as Dare sat up. She looked at us before following mom and I was almost tempted to pull Ashley down and roll.

I still remembered the pain from before and reached up to begin kneading her breasts. She grinned as she rubbed and ground her pussy on me while it grasped and squeezed. I humped up and she shuddered as her pussy clenched. She laughed and wiggled and started rocking and twisting.

Her pussy was continuously squeezing and grasping my cock. It didn’t take her long to become incoherent and begin to spasm. She wailed and jerked back and forth as she squirted while her pussy gripped my cock. I pulled her down and reluctantly rolled until she was under me. I pushed into her and began to hump and grind and jab.

Ashley lift her legs and spread them as she clutched me and her pussy worked on milking my cock. She thrashed and bucked while howling and I finally pulled back to fuck her with long deep thrusts. I kept it up and used firm strokes each time I buried my cock. It took several minutes before I shoved into her and grunted as I kissed her hard.

My cock erupted in a torrent of cum and Ashley jerked and screamed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I held her as we both shook and I continued to pour warm cum into her. When I stopped she was still breathing hard and smiled as she pulled my face down and kissed me. I pulled out and moved over and she shivered before grinning and moving out of bed, “come help me wash.”

That was a lot of fun and she even washed my still swollen looking balls. We got dressed and found mom and Dare in the kitchen. While we had breakfast they went to shower and the next thing I knew we were going to the beach. Of course I didn’t know it was a nudist beach until we got there.

Dare blushed a lot after we undressed and clung to my hand as we walked. I was nervous at first but after awhile we relaxed. We walked in the surf and collected shells in a net bag mom had brought and ate from a beach vendor. It was late afternoon before we climbed back in the car naked. As mom started the car Dare straddled me backwards in the back seat.

She slowly impaled her pussy and leaned back as she pulled my hands around to cup her breasts. I grinned as she thrust back and forth slowly and began to feel her breasts and play with her nipples. She rolled her hips and her tight pussy began to grip and pull on my cock. She shuddered and moaned as she became slipperier.

A few minutes later she spasmed as she wet me and jerked back and forth. I kneaded her breasts as my cock throbbed inside her and she started to wail. Mom and Ashley laughed as they looked back and watched. Dare twisted and turned as she began to bounce and roll her hips. I dropped my hands to her hips as she fucked my cock harder and howled.

I looked at mom in the mirror a few minutes later as my balls churned. I yanked Dare down and fully impaled her before I gushed cum. She screamed and spasmed and jerked as I pumped thick spurts into her. When I was done her pussy was slimy and she was panting. She leaned back against me and turned her head so I could kiss her.

She didn’t lift off my cock until we got home and then she ran for the bathroom as cum leaked out. After dinner I cleaned up and mom pulled me to bed and then Ashley and then Dare. I woke to Mom moving out of bed and she looked back and smiled, “fuck Ashley.”

I looked at Ashley snuggled against my side and reached over to rubbed her nipple, “can I fuck you?”

She shifted and stretched as she opened her eyes. She smiled as she rolled onto her back, “I love morning fucks.”

Dare giggled as she moved out of bed, “I think we all love getting fucked no matter when.”

I watched her walk out before turning to move over Ashley and push into her cummy pussy. I slowly buried my cock as she tilted her hips and sighed. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts and kept rubbing and pressing all the way into her. It wasn’t long before I was kissing her as I fucked her nice and deep.

She was shuddering and thrusting up while her pussy constantly tightened. She wailed and thrashed around a couple of minutes later. I continued to fuck her as she lifted her legs and spread them wide, “ffffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I fucked her hard and deep as I tried to cum and she howled and began bucking. Her pussy clenched and kept squeezing and a minute later I shoved into her and buried my cock. I kissed her passionately as my cock pumped cum through her cervix and she spasmed while her pussy gripped my cock.

She jerked and hugged me tight as I spurted and spewed sperm into her. When I was done I relaxed and rolled until she was on me. She sighed and put her head on my shoulder as her pussy continued to grasp and milk my cock. She finally lifted her hips and rolled off me and out of bed. She headed for the bathroom as I followed and waited for my turn to go.

After I was done I joined mom, Ashley and Dare in the shower. After we were done we put robes on and went to eat breakfast. As soon as it was over mom grinned and pushed Dare towards me, “let him fuck you again and then we can go back to the beach.”

She grinned as she dropped her robe and caught my hand to pull me after her and back to my bed. She turned to kiss me before she sat and then laid back. She spread and lifted her legs while holding out her arms, “slow and deep Jesse.”

I let my robe fall as I moved between her legs and rubbed her pussy. She wiggled and I pushed into her, I began to fuck her slowly like she wanted and buried my cock with every stroke. Her pussy was slick and kept grasping my cock as she started to wiggle and moan. A few minutes and I held her waist as I fucked her hard with deep grinding strokes.

She thrashed around and howled as I kept fucking her and she began to kick in the air. She bucked while her pussy clenched and gripped my cock. I laid forward on her as I began to fuck her with long, jabbing thrusts. She clutched me and yelled as she continued to spasm. I fucked her firmly for a few more minutes before I pushed all the way into her and kissed her.

She hugged me tight as I gushed and pumped cum into her cervix. She wiggled while her pussy kept squeezing cum out of my cock and when I was done she sighed and relaxed, “yummy.”

Mom and Ashley laughed from the door and I grinned as I gave her another kiss and pulled out. I helped her up and went looking for my suit to wear to the beach while Dare put her bikini on like mom and her mother. It was like the day before, we stripped and walked the beach naked or laid out.

We had lunch and dinner from a beach vendor before finally returning to the car. This time Mom grinned and gave the keys to Ashley and pushed Dare towards the other front seat. She laid across the seat as I climbed in and moved over her. I kissed her and pushed into her at the same time and Ashley started the car and pulled out.

I began to fuck mom slowly with deep strokes and she wiggled and sighed as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I continued to fuck her with long thrusts as she humped and her pussy massaged my cock. She moaned and began breathing harder as I kept kissing her. Ashley and Dare were laughing but I ignored them and began to fuck mom harder.

Each time I planted my cock I would grind and press and rub. Several minutes later she was clutching me as she howled and bucked, “fffuuuccckkk... mmmeeee!”

I kissed her passionately and buried my cock and began to hump and jab. Mom twisted and thrashed while her slick pussy kept clenching. I kept fucking her as she spasmed and clung to me and I finally shoved into her and pressed as my cock began to pump and gush cum. She yelled and tilted her hips as she shook and I kept spurting and spewing into her cervix.

When I stopped I continued to kiss her while her slimy pussy kept squeezing and milking my cock. Ashley shut the car off and looked back as she laughed, “we are home.”

I grinned and pulled out before turning to open the door. Dare grinned as she pulled me out and towards the front door while we were still naked. My blue balls did go away but the three of them ended up pregnant. Ashley and Dare moved in permanently and still take turns with mom to give me daily blue ball therapy.

Even after a decade I am glad I got blue balls because it gave me three gorgeous women to share my life with.
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