This is a repost of a completely fictional 3 part series, told through the eyes of a likable but lowlife father who pimps his young daughters out to men on a sex offenders list. These stories touch on the subject of men who desire preteen girls. There is no violence in these stories, but there is a lot of kinky taboo sexual situations between adult men and young girls. I did a little reworking on the first two stories, and I edited part 3; which was never posted with the first two parts. So if you like the stories original 2 parts, I think you’ll love the ending of part 3. And once again just like I did with Sam, Lyla And The Society I’m not allowing comments. I’m doing this because I dislike this new fad of kik me advertisements being placed in the comment section of this site.
Chapter One: How I Began The Family Business

I'm a widowed father of two beautiful daughters, Brianna, she's eleven, and Megan she's nine. They've both inherited their mothers beauty, they have her auburn brown hair and ocean blue eyes. We live in the suburbs of San Francisco, for the most part I'm a normal everyday guy. Even before my wife’s death, I started my sexual relationship with my girls, I knew it wrong, especially doing what I did behind Sara’s back. But I just couldn’t help myself.

It started when I was alone with Brianna, I think she was about three. I was bathing her, and out of curiosity I began masturbating her little pussy. I'll never forget the pleasured look on her face as I stroked the tips of my fingers into her tight little cunny. She didn't cry, as a matter of fact she smiled and told me.
"Me like how it tickles Daddy" Her breathing intensified her body shook, she pushed her crotch against my invading fingers. At three years old Brianna experienced her first orgasm, it was a beautiful thing to watch. But anyway at this time my wife was pregnant with Megan, I was horny. "That's always our excuse isn't it."

You might thinks its strange, but I love my wife, and my daughters. But being sexual with Brianna and Megan became an obsession. It was three years after Megan was born when my wife Sara died in a car accident, leaving us alone. My wife and I own a thriving real estate business, but after the housing crunch and my wife's death the business started floundering. I remember how the idea to turn my daughters out as preteen prostitutes came to me. I began looking over the state registered sex offender website. My plan was to let men with a desire for young girls pay cash money to spend time with my daughters.

The idea being these men will release their sexual tensions with my experienced daughters and leave the innocent girls alone. Of course they would surly have to pay for my daughters services. My real estate business isn't as profitable as it used to be, I needed to make money. Being a single parent I have bills to pay; as we all do. I remember my daughters reaction to my plan, it was just two years ago.

I home school Brianna and Megan, we were at recess, which for us is way different then any school recess you've ever heard of. Brianna she was ten, Megan she was barely eight at the time. I remember the day as if it were just yesterday when it happened. I had Brianna kneeling on the bed, I was fucking her tight cunt from behind as I watched her eat Megan's pussy.

"Lick it sweetie, make her cum Brianna." I exclaimed, ramming almost all of my seven inch cock up my elder daughters tight little snatch. Megan smiled sweetly at me, gyrating her wet crotch back and forth under her older sisters mouth and tongue. She was enjoying the way Brianna fingered her tight little hole while licking and sucking her to the second orgasm of the day. Megan begged me.

"Daddy do me next, Brianna has me nice and wet for you!" she said breathlessly.

Now how could any man say no to a sweet young girls request to fuck her. Megan is my youngest, she's slightly smaller in stature then her older sister. I pulled out of Brianna, her body reacted to the stimulation of my mushroom shaped cock head as I pulled out it rubbed against her sensitive clit.

"Ooooh daddy that feels sooo good!" she exclaimed breathlessly as she rolled away from us onto her back. Looking down at her, I love the way Brianna's eyelids flutter when she orgasms. Megan giggled as she rolled over positioning her small body with her sweet little white ass turned up towards me. When I do my girls from behind, I have to grasp them by their slender hips and lift them up. This leaves their knees dangling over the mattress. I quickly inserted my stiff prick into her small extremely wet preteen pussy.

"Daddy it feels so hot, I love the way it feels inside me. But please don't go to deep in me okay?"

Not wanting to hurt my sweet little girl I eased my cock in slowly. God she was so tight. "I promise baby, I won't go to deep." I assured her, although she was young and there was always a little pain with her pleasure when I fuck her. Its the same with Brianna, since the first time I deflowered both of them they've learned to accept pain. After months of continually having sex with them, almost on a daily basis; pain became pleasure for them. As I fuck Megan, trying not to cum to soon. I watch Brianna slide her beautiful preteen body under her little sisters face. "Eat me Meg, its only fair being as you made dad take his cock out of me!"

"Oh stop complaining and spread your legs," said Megan, sounding breathless as she spoke. I continued thrusting into her, watching Megan eat Brianna's cunny. It was all so hot, you all should've been there, you'd know what I mean if you could only see the beauty of these two sweet little vixens as they let their daddy have his way with them. We were all moaning and grunting, Brianna giggled and moaned with pleasure, thrusting her hips upward pressing her sex harder into Megan's mouth tongue and fingers. Brianna came, I followed after her.

"Oh yes. Fuck yeaaaah." I came hard spraying hot semen deep inside my little girls tight pussy. I felt Megan cum on my cock, the walls of her pussy pulsated, I could feel it on my cock. Damn there's nothing better for a man to feel then the way a girls cunt feels as she cums on his cock. I pulled out of her, as my cockhead departed her tight entrance it made a popping sound, like a cork being pulled from a Champaign bottle. As I lay cuddling with my girls, I decided it was time to tell them of my plan. "Girls I have plan to start a new business."

Brianna asked. "What kind of business daddy," as she played with my half erect cock. Megan chimed in "Are you going to buy an ice cream truck daddy.” She was laying her head on my shoulder, I laughed at what she said while stroking her soft auburn hair. "No sweetheart, the business idea I have, is to let men have sex with you and Brianna for money."

Both girls went silent as I blurted out my intentions for the business. Brianna sat upon her knees, not seeming to like my idea. "Dad, you want us to be whores!" she said in astonishment. "What's a whore?" said Megan, she pulled away from me kneeling like her sister. I didn't expect Brianna's reaction, but I wasn't backing down, after all I am their father. I stood my ground as I explained.

"Girls there are hundreds of registered sex offenders in our state, and they have cravings for young girls." I took a breath looking at them, admiring their beautiful nude bodies. "You girls are experienced, I've taught you both to be sexually open minded. But there are other little girls, they don't know what you know. Some times these men cant control their urges and they take advantage of these innocent little girls. You girls will be sex therapist, you'll take care of their sexual needs, so they won't hurt little girls." I stopped my speech and looked into their bright blue eyes, trying to see if they understood me. "Well what do you think girls. Do you wanna make some money, and help our local perverts stay out of trouble?"

Brianna smiled slyly looking at Megan. "What do you think about daddies weird idea Meg?"

Megan shrugged her bare shoulders. "I guess it'll be ok, but doing sex with strangers is kind of scary."

I noticed a look of apprehension in her eyes, Megan is shy compared to Brianna. But I know how she is, once she gets to know someone, she always warms up to them. I sat up and hugged them both.

"I know you're both leery of my idea. But look at it this way, you'll be helping these guys with their sexual hang-ups. And I know we can make a profit, I'll make sure you girls receive a fair share of the money we make....I mean after all you'll be doing most of the work in this endeavor!"

Chapter Two: Meeting mr. Jones.

It’s a year later and the family business is booming. Today I'm on my way to interview a new client. I've learned its necessary to check our clients out thoroughly. I like to make sure my girls don't meet up with any violent sex offenders. This man I know only as Mr. Jones, he's a friend of one of our oldest clients. I keep a little black book; so to speak. My clients all have nick names, a client nick named Smitty referred Mr. Jones to me. I called Mr. Jones yesterday, he asked me to meet him at a beachside play ground located somewhere near the coast.

As I exit my car a warm summer breeze blew my thinning brown hair back. The suns warmth makes me feel alive and well, and thankful to live in the great state of California. I look out over the park, its full of screaming laughing happy children, and their parents. Mr. Jones told me he'd be sitting on a bench overlooking the swing sets and slides. He gave his description, I'm looking for a man in his mid sixties with white hair, he's supposed to be wearing a red forty-niners ball cap with a matching football jersey. Right away I spot the man, I stop to observe him for a short time. As I come closer lyrics to an old Jethro Tull song play out in my head.

"Sitting on a park bench, eyeing little girls with bad intent!"

The old song definitely described what Mr. Jones was doing. He wasn't just leaning back enjoying this beautiful day and the California sun. No the old guy was intensely leering at every sweet little girl he could see as they slid down the slides and swung on the swings. As I approached, I found myself doing the same. There was one special little girl swinging by herself, she was maybe nine or ten. She had long blond hair and bright blue eyes, and she seemed so happy as she swung gracefully back and forth without a care in the world.

Every time she swung forward, the sun reflected on her golden hair as it streamed behind her. She wore a short floral print summer dress, every time she swung towards me the dress hiked up exposing her crotch, covered only by a thin pair of white cotton panties. I was close enough to see the outline of her pussy lips as the cotton fabric pressed against the folds of her sex.

"What a beautiful sight to see." I thought to myself. I sat down by the man, he didn't notice me. I cleared my throat to get his attention, he looked at me with disgust as if I were disturbing his tranquility. I reached out to shake his hand, he glanced nervously at my extended hand then into my brown eyes.

"It's a beautiful day for the park, isn't it Mr. Jones."

He smiled once he realized I was the man he spoke with yesterday on the phone.
"Oh yes...A beautiful day indeed Jack," he said. I looked back at my little blond haired heart throb, nodding my head in her direction. "Isn't that little blond adorable." I said.

"Ha..ha, I see you have the same craving I do Jack." he said, patting me on the back. "I've had my eyes on that one since I arrived here an hour ago." he said. He looked behind us, then he looked all around the play ground. "Your not a cop are you." I laughed and shook my head no.

"No sir, I'm no cop. But I'm a guy that has exactly what you want." I said. He reached out and shook my hand. "Can I see the pictures Jack. You told me you had pictures to prove your working girls are truly as young as you say they are."

"Oh yeah sure." I handed him an eight by ten vanilla envelope, he opened it cautiously. I hold back my laughter, he seems way to cautious. But I realize, he's right to be cautious. In this backward close minded society, a man truly needs to be cautious. Especially when it applies to possibly meeting two preteen prostitutes.

"Oh my god, she's so damned hot." He pulled out the first picture, it was Megan dressed in a skimpy black see-through teddy. In this particular photo, she's sitting on our living room couch, with her legs spread wide open, exposing her hairless pussy.

"What's her name Jack, my god she’s fucking gorgeous."

I proudly reply. "That's Megan, she's my youngest. She turned nine last month."

He pulled out the next photo, its of Brianna dressed in her favorite royal blue Victoria secret nightie complete with black lace around the bottom hem, she's on her hands and knees, looking back at the camera smiling seductively as she reaches back spreading her ass cheeks to expose her ass and cunt.

"Wow she's gorgeous," he exclaimed. "I take it she's the older sister; right?"

I smile proudly. "Yep, that's Brianna, she's eleven."

"Mr. Jones, Smitty told me you met him at a group sex offenders meeting." He looked at the ground, then back at me, I noticed shame in his eyes. "May I ask what you did to get yourself in trouble."

I inquired this because if he turned out to be a violent offender, I wouldn't let him meet my girls.

"I got caught down loading kiddy porn on my home computer last year," he smirked. "Hell I was at home minding my own fuck'n business when all the sudden the FBI and the local cops busted my door down. Shit next thing I know, their arresting me for illegally down loading child porn."

He reached into his shirt pocket for a pack of cigarettes, he offered me one, I took it. He lit mine and his then told me the rest of his story."Luckily I have money, I found the best lawyer in town. He plea-bargained with the judge, I spent two years in jail. The judge ordered me to attend these damned sex offender counseling sessions, for the next six months while I'm on parole," he took a drag of his smoke then smiled.

"My wife divorced me. Hell that was a godsend, she was a boring bitch anyway. But I'm not allowed to see my granddaughter anymore. It seems my daughter in-law doesn't trust me anymore. She's talked my only son into hating me as well. He thinks I'll molest Trisha."

"Well would you do something like that?" I asked noticing his eyes were looking back at the little blond girl.

A devilish grin appeared on lips. "Yes. As a mater of fact my son and daughter in-law don't know this, but I've been messing with my granddaughter Trisha for quite some time. Hell it was mostly me masturbating her. I ate her sweet little cunt a few time...God her pussies so sweet!" he frowned as he tossed his cigarette butt away.

"Jack I've been contemplating on taking that little girl over there. Now that I have no way to release my sexual needs, with the exception of beating my meat whenever I can. Hell I miss Trisha, she really liked what I was doing with her. If it wasn't for that damned computer porn, she and I would be messing around right now."

I smirked. "You don't need to mess with innocent little girls. My girls are ready willing and able to give you what you want. But their services do come with a price!"

"How much is it for a date with your sweet little angels Jack?"

"Well it all depends," I say. "If you want a quickie with one girl, its $200. If you wanna party with both girls, it'll cost you $500. If you wanna spend the night with one girl I charge $1000. And of course, if you want Brianna and Megan for an overnight date, that'll cost you $2000."

He didn't answer right away, at first I thought he was going to decline my offer, even though I knew he had the money."What kind of kinky things will your little whores do?" he asked.I smile knowing he's taking the bate.

"They both do oral. You'll think you've died and gone to heaven when either girl sucks your cock. They both do anal, but remember you can go deeper up Brianna's ass then you can with Megan, and they don't like it rough, if you screw their bums be gentle. For intercourse Brianna likes you to start slow then build up speed, Megan's smaller and tighter then her sister; be gentle with her."

"Has anyone ever tied them up...You know just light bondage stuff!!" he asked.

"Brianna likes to be tied up, but Megan freaks out if you tie her up. I'm working with her on the bondage thing!"

I notice a smile on his face, to seal the deal I reach out to shake his hand."I want both of them, for the night," he says shaking my hand. "Ok sir, when do you wanna meet them." I asked.

"How' about this Saturday, I have a counseling session to attend earlier in the day, but we can get together in the evening."

"OK, we're on for Saturday night into Sunday morning. I'll make sure both girls bring an overnight bag. Oh and one more thing. I always come with them, don't worry just act like I'm not there. But please understand they're my little girls, it just wouldn't be right for me to leave them alone with a stranger; would it?"

He agreed we shook hands. "Jack there's a sports bar down the road. I could use a drink how' about you?"

"Sure lets have a drink and get to know each other." I said with a smile.

Chapter Three: A Night To Remember

I look at my watch seeing its almost six o'clock, as we arrive at his house located in a coastal community somewhere outside of town. My oldest daughter Brianna breaks the silence as I pull to a stop in the driveway of the large Spanish style beachfront home.

"Daddy, are you going to let me and Megan go shopping with some of the money we make tonight?"

I place my hand on her bare leg gently sliding my hand up her inner thigh, pushing the hem of her short black velvet mini skirt up, pressing my hand against her crotch, she opens her legs knowing I love foundling both her and Megan anytime I please.

"Why yes honey we'll go shopping at the mall tomorrow. But first you and Megan need to give Mr. Jones the sexual experience of a life time." I feel her wetness as I gently rub the edge of my pinkly finger against the folds of her panty covered hairless cunt, she smiles trembling from the pleasure I'm giving her.

"Ok daddy...I'll do my best!" she says breathlessly, her blue eyes close slightly, a sly smile appears on her face as I caress her sensitive clit. I pull my hand away from her crotch and look back at Megan. I love the way she looks with her auburn hair cut pageboy style, she added small pink bows on each side to hold her hair back exposing her angelic face. Megan leaned up from the back seat, her blue eyes remind me so much of her deceased mother. "Dad I'm nervous, is this man nice?" said Meagan. I smile reassuringly.

"Why yes honey, you know I always pick nice men. He likes sweet young girls like you and Brianna."

I reach back and caress her cheek. "Don't worry baby I'll be nearby, just like all the other times we've done this. Now come on girls lets go party with Mr. Jones." As I ring the doorbell I take a deep breath to relax my nerves. I hope the girls don't see my anxiety. The door opens suddenly and the girls meet their newest john for the first time. Mr. Jones is wearing a silk paisley print robe, as I would suspect he's most likely completely nude underneath. He looks nervously behind us, checking to see if any of his neighbors might be watching. I look back seeing no one. "Is every thing all right Mr. Jones?"

"Oh yes I'm just....You know, a little nervous." he said.I smile reassuringly. "Don't worry everything's cool. Now let us in, my girls wanna party." He laughs looking at my little girls, I can tell he likes what he sees.

"Why hello girls. My your both so pretty," he stepped aside. "Come inside girls, I've been looking forward to meeting you."

He closed the door and directed us to his living room. As Megan passed by he placed his hand on her shoulder. "I love your school girl outfit, you look so sweet and sexy in it," he caresses her hair. "Your Megan right?" "Yes that's me," she said in a sweet voice.

I'm glad Megan warmed up to the older man, she seemed a little nervous when we arrived and I don't want to deal with an unwilling child tonight.

"Can I kiss you Megan?" he asked. Megan smiled shrugging her shoulders. "Yes, I guess so. Yeah why not." she said. She’s tall for her age but still much shorter then the older man. He knelt down to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, surprising both him and me when she allowed him an open mouth kiss. Although this is the way I've taught her and Brianna to kiss, but only behind the closed doors of our home, and in the case of our clients. My cock gets hard as I watch the old man run his hand down Megan's back all the way down to her tight little preteen ass. As they kiss he lifts her scotch-plaid skirt, caressing his hand over her pink cotton panty covered ass. "So nice and firm," he says.

He pulls away, looking over at Brianna, he smiles and winks at her. "Can I get a kiss from you Brianna?" He reached out with his arms open wide. Brianna looked at me as if she needed my approval. I smile at her reassuringly pointing my eyes to the older white haired man. "Why sure, I'll give you a kiss handsome!"

"Wow Brianna I love the way that little black dress shows your legs," he said.

She embraced him kissing him passionately, her obedience pleases me. As I watch Mr. Jones take his liberties with Brianna, my cock twitches in my pants. Watching my little girls with other men is such an exciting turn on for me .

"Ooooh Mr. Jones, I like it when guys play with my butt." She says thrusting her slender hips back and fourth sensually as the man has his way with her.

"Hey why don't we move to your living room," I say. "Or if you'd like you can take them both to your bedroom. But keep the door open."

Keeping bedroom doors open is one of my rules, and I always make it clear. Its my way to ensure my daughters safety. And what can I say; I like to watch as well!
Jones took his hand from her ass and stood up.

"Why sure I'll keep the door open. I understand Jack, you wanna make sure I don't hurt these sweet little girls. But first I want them to strip for me in my living room. You know, just like I requested yesterday before we left the bar."

"Sure, yeah I remember. And your in luck my girls love to dance." I said, thinking of the way I taught them to entertain me, and our other clients.

"Can we pick the music," said Megan.

"Yeah, we'll pick something really hot." Brianna added, smoothing her skirt back down.

"Girls I have a large collection of CD's, I'm sure you can find something to dance to." he said. My girls went to his CD collection.

"You want something to drink Jack. Or maybe you'd like to smoke some grass."

"I'll smoke with you, and yes I can use a drink." he let me pour two finger of expensive scotch whisky for both us at his bar, as he rolled a joint over his coffee table in front of the white leather couch he sat upon. I found some soda pop in a small refrigerator and poured each of my girls a drink also. The girls found the music they wanted, and began dancing to a song called California girls. Jones watches intently as Brianna and Megan dance sensually to their favorite song.

Brianna untied a yellow ribbon from her shoulder length hair. She's wearing a snug fitting blue tank top, she dances close to Mr. Jones, slowly lifting her top over her small developing breast. He tries to copping a feel, but she's only teasing him, she pushes her top down, giggling as she spins away.

Megan giggles spinning ballet style in front of him, she has her white school girl blouse unbuttoned. She pulls the blouse wide open, instead of teasing the poor man she lets him touch her small cone shaped titties. "How cute, I love little girl titties," he exclaims. She giggles as he gently pinches her elongated pink nipples between his fingers. "Do you let them smoke Jack?" he asked.

"Sure I do, they're on summer vacation. And besides, they lose their inhibitions when they get high. Go ahead Megan, have some It'll help you relax. You too Brianna, I know you want some."

It turns me on to watch them party with the clients. And like I said, I only let them smoke during time off from school. Yes I do home school them, I don't need any so called well intended conservative teacher telling them about the evils of incest, or the ever famous "Good touch bad touch" Some might not agree but, my girls are quite happy with their unusual upbringing. I love them and they love me, that's the beauty of our father daughter relationship.

Mr. Jones gave the joint to Megan, she took a drag then handed it to her sister. Brianna took a long toke then gave it back to the client. A song called poker face started playing, she took Megan's hand pulling her out to their make shift dance floor. "Come on Meg, we haven't finished stripping for Mr. Jones and daddy!"

"Yeah lets get naked, dad always says our boyfriends like us to party naked." said Megan, she flung her white blouse off, and began dancing topless playing with her nipples as she danced. Brianna took her tank top off, caressing her hands over her breast. Her breast are just big enough to jiggle, as she dances she shakes them vigorously pinching her erect nipples between her fingers.

"Hey girls why don't you give us a lezzy show." I said stepping passed them, holding two strait scotch whiskies, one for me and one for Mr. Jones. As I sit down on the long white leather couch, Brianna pulls Megan close they embrace, French kissing each other as they dance to a slow paced romantic song.

Jones raised his glass. "I propose a toast to Brianna and Megan, the prettiest girls in California!"

I tapped my glass to his. "Here, here!" I say before taking a sip. Mr. Jones appears to be in a trance as he watches my girls undress each other. Megan pulled down her sisters black mini skirt, and Brianna unsnapped Megan's scotch plaid dress. Now both preteens are dancing in their panties, Megan in pink cotton, Brianna in blue cotton. "Wow girls you are sooo fucking hot," says Jones. I notice his cock grew hard it popped up from under his paisley print robe like a jack in the box toy, he strokes his erection as he watches my girls cuddle and kiss each other.

"Brianna go give your dad a lap dance, Megan will you please give me one!" he said. They stopped dancing, Megan seemed a little hesitant to do as the man asked. Brianna came to me with her ever so sexy sly smile. I pull her to me sliding my fingers down to the waist band of her panties, pushing them down caressing the soft flesh of her hips as I remove the last bit of clothing she has on. I reach between Brianna's legs, she opens them wider so I can touch her moist little maidenhood. I see Megan still standing nervously across the room.

"Megan, the man asked you to give him a lap dance, now go to him honey, he's waiting!" I must've sounded angry to her. She bowed her head as she came to him. He gently placed his hand under her chin, lifting her face up. He lowered his lips to hers and kissed her.

"Come on sweetie don't be a party pooper." Megan smiled reluctantly. "I'm sorry, but I've never given someone a lap dance before." she said.

"Oh that's ok honey, all you need to do is climb on my lap facing me. Then you just wiggle your cute little ass around on my lap."

Brianna spoke up, telling her little sister what to do. "Meg, its just like when you sit on a guys lap to fuck. You know, just like daddy taught us.”

It was so cute to watch my youngest realize lap dancing is pretty much the same as fucking. She surprised us both by taking her panties off. Jones took them from her, folded them inside out, then pressed the fabric of the crotch piece to his nose inhaling her fresh musky scent. "Mmm you smell so nice," he exclaimed. Megan climbed on the her new boyfriends lap totally nude, smiling as he helped her up.
I say boyfriend, that's what my girls call our clients. As Megan took her place on his lap, she reached down and began stroking his cock.

"Your not so shy after all, are you honey...ahhh your hand is so feels so good." Jones thrust his hips up wards, he surly liked the way her soft fingers feel on the skin of his hard cock.

Brianna whispers to me. "Take your pants off dad. I know your hard as a rock inside there, you might as well be comfortable."

She slid from my lap, kneeling on the floor so she can undo my belt and zipper. I look over to see Jones reach between Megan's legs. Her legs are wide open as she straddles his lap, Jones cant resist his urge to touch the beautiful pink folds of her hairless cunt.

"Mmmm...That feels good," her voice quivered. Megan rocked her bare pussy against his finger tips, at the same time she continues stroking his six-inch cock. His cock looks huge in her nine year old hand as she slowly masturbates the older man. Brianna finished helping remove my pants and underwear, she wrapped her young lips around my cock. "Baby know what daddy likes don't you." I say, thrusting my hips in approval of her oral attention. Megan noticed what her big sister was doing.

"Can I suck you Mr. Jones," she said with a smile. "I'm young, but all my boyfriends say I give good head for a nine year old." Megan slipped from his lap, and knelt beside him on the couch. She quickly lowered her sweet face to his rock hard cock, once again she wrapped her small hand around his shaft then placed her left hand on his nut sack. Without hesitation she opened wide and sucked his musky smelling cock into her young but experienced mouth.

"Well...Well Megan honey, you're just full of surprises aren't you baby!!" he said.

Jones placed his hand on her head, Megan's mouth and tongue made slurping sounds as she gave the man head like a pro, bobbing up and down gently twisted her small hand back and forth on his cock shaft, while using her free hand to play with his testicles. " god. I wish you could teach my granddaughter how to do this...Oh god yesssss."

Jones was surly enjoying Megan's hot young mouth and tongue. I would've liked Brianna to continue orally pleasing me, but Mr. Jones was paying good money to experience both of my sweet daughters, I tapped her on the shoulder. Brianna was so into sucking my cock she seemed to be ignoring me. I tapped a little harder, she released my cock from her hot mouth.

"What daddy. Am I doing something wrong?" she says.

"Nothings wrong baby, your doing fantastic, but Mr. Jones is paying for both you girls. You should go help Megan."

I caressed her long hair. "You can do me later on baby, we'll be spending the night here anyway. Now go help Megan," I whisper to her as she turns to go. "Lick and suck his nuts, he'll love that!!"

I watch intently as Brianna kneels between his legs, she moves Megan's hand away, then lowers her mouth to the old mans testicles. Jones had his head tilted against the back rest of his couch, once he feels Brianna's warm tongue lapping at his nut sack he raised his head up, looking surprised to see my eleven year old licking kissing and sucking his balls. "Brianna baby, its so nice of you to join us," he said in trembling voice.

He looked over at me smiling as he thrust his hips slowly forward enjoying the feeling of one preteens mouth on his cock and another's mouth tongue and lips on his nuts. "You've taught them well Jack."

"Why thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying their company." I finished my drink."Can I make you another drink buddy." I say.

"Oh...yes...ahhhh....please do kind sir," he stuttered. I made his drink. It took me a long time to do so because, like I said before; I love to watch my little girls work.

I finished making his drink, I looked up to see Megan guiding his cock into Brianna's beautiful mouth. He wrapped his fingers into Megan's short auburn hair, raising her face to his they kissed once more, it was a sloppy wet passionate kiss. His own precum was on her lips, he licked it off as if it were sweet honey.

"Your enjoying this aren't you Dale." I said his first name by mistake. He looked at me smiling.

"Well of course Jack, I might be a pedophile, but I'm no fag!!" He thrust his hips upward as I handed him a fresh Scotch on the rocks. "Thanks Jack....Ohhh ahhhh, this'll hit the spot.... Jack your girls are angels." He raised his glass. "Here's a toast to angels." "To angels." I exclaim as I touch my glass to his.

Dale looked down at Brianna, she was giving him the blow job of a life time. He stroked her long auburn hair. "I want to fuck your little girl pussy Brianna. Don't make me cum, lets go to my bedroom!!"

He pulled Megan to him, hugging her affectionately. "Can I fuck your little asshole baby?"

Megan smiled nervously. "Yeah sure...If that's what you want Mr. Jones." He finished his drink then pulled Megan back to him, the alcohol must've effected him, he was rough as he hugged her tightly.

"Dammit little girl, I hate all this formal bullshit. My names Dale. Dammit call me Dale, not Mr. fucking Jones!!" Megan smiled nervously. "Ok I'll call you Dale, if that's what you want Mr. Jones."

He realized he was scaring her. "I'm sorry honey...I didn't mean to sound so mean."

Megan smiled sweetly. "That's ok Dale, I know you didn't mean it," she slid from the couch and took his hand. "Come on Dale lets go to your bedroom. I'll let you do me in the butt, if that's what you want!!"

Brianna lifted her face from his cock and balls. "Yeah lets go fuck, the taste of your dick makes me horny!"

I knew Brianna was working her seductive side. She as all whores have learned to do over the years, was trying to get the job over as soon as possible. I should've pulled her to the side to scold her, but I let it slide for now.

Chapter Four: So Young And Tight, Hot Sweet And Sticky!!!

I leaned against the door frame of Dale's bedroom, watching Mr. Jones, or Dale as we've learned he likes to be called. Dale ordered Megan to kneel doggy style with her bare ass tilted towards him. "Brianna, you do the same," he said, enjoying the sight of both girls climbing completely nude onto his king size brass bed in the position he ordered them into. Once each girl stopped moving Dale knelt behind Megan first, he lowered his mouth to her preteen ass and pussy.
Then began licking sucking and fingering her snug little ass and pussy.

I noticed Megan's ass cheeks quivering, I know she likes me to do this with her. I remember the first time I did this to her, she was maybe five or six. Oh what good times I've had with my preteen lovers over the years, I think to myself as I watch this hot scene unfold before my own eyes. Dale switched his attention to Brianna, she giggles nervously as he spreads her ass cheeks wide apart. As he touches his wet tongue to her anus Brianna moans with pleasure. "Mmmm...I love having my ass licked," she says with her young voice trembling.

Dale mumbled. "Your ass tastes delicious." He looked at me smiling. "Your girls take such good care of themselves, you've taught them well Jack."

"Why thank you Dale, I've always taught them "Cleanliness is next to godliness."

I stand slowly stroking my hard cock. Dale continued licking sucking and fingering Brianna. Once he knew she was good and lubricated for proper penetration he stood behind the eleven year old beauty.

"Brianna baby, reach back and spread your sweet little butt cheeks for me. I'm going to fuck you now. Are you ready baby."

Without hesitation he pushed his circumcised cock inside my beautiful daughters tight love hole.

"Oh....Yes fuck me Mr. Jones." He heard her say this, he pushed deeper inside her. "Oh my god Jack...She's so nice and tight," he exclaimed.

I noticed Megan was still kneeling on the bed waiting her turn to be fucked, I decided to kneel behind her for a taste of her sweet fruits. Also I wanted to keep her asshole well lubricated. Megan was only four-foot six at the time, her small stature made her anus so very tight, but I've fucked her ass so many times before, I know she can take every inch of any adult cock. And I'm not the only man who's ever plowed her Hershey highway, so many men after me have experienced Megan's tight young behind as well.

"Daddy that feels sooo gooood," Megan said as I sucked and licked her pinkish brown anus, savoring her sweet flavor with each lick I gave her.

I reached between her legs caressing her wet cunny and clit. Meanwhile Dale sped his pace up as he fucked Brianna. As I ate Megan's hot little hole, I heard Dale's hips spanking against Brianna's firm white as cheeks. After about five or ten minutes of fucking Brianna, Dale decided it was time to change partners. I heard Brianna complain, as he pulled out of her. "Hey why are you stopping!!!"

"Because your little sisters asshole needs my attention." Dale looked down at me.
"Lets trade places Jack. I wanna watch you fuck your daughter while I enjoy young Megan's ass."

How could I deny a request such as this, of course I gladly excepted his offer. Like cowboys at a barn dance we swapped our young partners.

"Hi daddy...I was hoping you'd fuck me tonight," said Brianna as she pushed her wet cunt back trying to quicken my entry.

"Yeah baby...push that pussy back here," I said.

As I shoved my cockmeat into Brianna, I looked over at Dale and Megan. He's entering Meg's tight ass for the first time, noticing he's having a bit of trouble. I spoke to Megan. "Relax your anus Megan."

"Ok Daddy...ugh uh ugh," she grunted as he finally pushed through.

"Oh Jack, sheeeee's so fucking tight," he said slowly pushing deeper. I watch the expression on Megan's face, it's a look of pain mixed with pleasure, a tear flowed from her eye. But she didn't complain, over the passed few year both girls have learned not to complain. It took her anus a short time to except the intruding cock. She looked at me as I fucked Brianna, smiling as Dale Jones slowly screwed her from behind.

"Megan honey...Your ass feels so good on my cock," said Dale as he began thrusting harder and deeper inside her.

Dale began feeling the urge to cum he thrust his cock harder into Megan, she could feel his cock getting hotter as he fucked her, over the years she's became familiar to the feeling of a mans cock before he comes.

"Cum in meee...Mr. Jones...ugh ahhh," she grunted.

He replies grunting. "I cant hold back Megan..oh fuck yes."Dale unloaded inside my little girl, his knees shook, he almost fell but he caught his balance and pushed deeper. Megan came too. I noticed she was smiling, it wasn't an angelic smile, it was more like a satisfied devilish grin. I heard Brianna moaning as I rammed harder into her hot wet tight pussy, the inner walls of her cunt began to flex milking my sensitive cock. I couldn't hold back any longer.

"I'm cumming Brianna. Tell me to cum inside you baby. You know that turns me on." I say loudly as I ram myself harder and deeper. "Cum inside me daddy....ugh ughhh. Please cum in me daddy."

What she said did the trick it always does, I love making my girls beg. "Here it cums baby!!!" I shot my hot semen deep inside of her, my cock made wet slurping sounds as I continued my assault on her young fuck hole. I couldn't stand any longer I fell forward, Brianna's knees gave out she fell forward on the bed sideways my cock slipped out of her. Dale and Megan have done the same, they’re laying on their side. Dale has his arm over Megan's flat chest, stroking her hard little nipples with his fingertips.

"Well Jack, you were right. Your girls are truly ready willing and able!!!!" he said out of breath.He reached over and shook my hand.

I smile proudly telling him. "The nights not over yet sir, what would you like to do next!!!"

The End of part 1


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