I was in charge of the ice skating rink for the Mormon ladies. It turned out pretty nice.
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NOTE: This is just a story. I am not an expert on the Mormon way of life so I just fractured a few rules for the sake of a dirty little sex tale. Please forgive me.

Ice Skating Rink

My parents own and run an ice skating rink. I was practically born on skates. So at fifteen I was one of the best skaters in the state and I taught skating to mostly girls

The Mormon Church or Church of the Ladder Day Saints, decided to rent the whole facility on Thursdays at nine o’clock at night. It was ladies only, mother daughter, or whatever the combination was.

The interesting thing as I quickly found out was that their religion insisted that all women and girls wear skirts or dresses but no pants. It is not easy to fall gracefully in a skirt. So by the end of the night I knew what color panties all of the prettier girls were wearing.

There was a group of three girls that really drew my attention. They seemed to be sisters but then again they all called everyone sister this or sister that all of the time. So anyway they were fifteen, fourteen, and thirteen years old. They were Anna, Beth, and Cheryl respectively. They were wearing white blouses with white bras on underneath with black short skirts. They were not wearing the same color panties though. Anna had on orange panties, Beth had on pink panties, and Cheryl had on blue panties with red stripes. After a few falls Anna’s panties had a wet spot growing in her crotch and Cheryl’s panties had slipped up into her slit.

Near the end of the one-hour session Anna asked, “Do you like my panties? I’ve seen you looking at them several times.”

I nodded, yes.

She said, “I’ll put them in your hand when I come out of the bathroom. Be sure to get them out of sight immediately. Then maybe I’ll fall down one last time for you.”

I said, “I would like that very much.”

I watched as she entered the bathroom and moved closer to it. When she came out she had one hand behind her back and stepped in front of me to pass off her orange panties to me. I put them in the center desk drawer in the office and came back out.

Anna made a trip around the rink and just happened to fall right in front of me. She laid on her back for several seconds with her feet aimed right at me and open far enough for me to see her hairy pussy.

My first pussy!

I loved it.

She smiled as I came to her, offered her my hands, and then helped her up on her skates.

She whispered, “I’ll be thinking about you when I masturbate in bed tonight.”

I whispered back, “And I’ll be thinking about you too. I’ll be smelling of your panties while I masturbate and I’ll be doing that just seconds after I lock the door behind you.”

She smiled and joined her group taking off her skates.

I was sorry to see them go but I was also excited to get to those panties.

One lady motioned me over to her and said that she was having trouble getting one of her skates untied. I knelt before her. The chairs were of normal height but the skates raised her knees up about three inches higher than normal. That allowed me a rather unobstructed view down her thigh.

She spread her knees and whispered, “I’m not wearing any panties.”

I looked and saw a lot of pubic hair growing in there.

I took my time untying her skate and taking it off. She enjoyed letting me look.

As they left Anna ran over to that lady and called her Mom.

After they had left and I had locked the door, I rushed into the office and held those orange damp panties up to my nose. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out…just as my mother asked, “I see you made a new friend.”

I smiled and put my cock away.

Mom said, “Finish what you started. I’ll just check things out before we leave.”

Then she added, “If you don’t mess up those panties, you can probably enjoy them for a couple of weeks. Unless she gives you a new pair next week.”

So anyway I masturbated while holding those wonderfully fragrant panties up to my nose. My eyes were closed, I was sitting on the edge of the chair, and I was really going at it.

When I was all done I had cum on my pants.

Mom said, “You can really shoot that stuff out pretty far. Here let me help you.”

She had a cleaning cloth in her hand and approached me. I probably should have been embarrassed to let my mother see me like that and offer to clean me up, but I wasn’t.

Mom came toward me, grabbed my hand and started to suck up the cum that had dribbled onto it.

I watched in amazement as Mom licked up all that she could.

Then I was even more amazed as Mom bent over to suck on my cock.


Mom made me hard and then she made me cum a second time. There was no mess that time as Mom swallowed it all.

I said, “Thank you.”

Mom asked, “Can I smell those panties?”

I held them up to her nose. Mom inhaled and asked, “Who was she?”

I replied, “Her name was Anna and she took them off in the bathroom and handed them to me.”

Mom asked, “Then what happened?”

I said, “Well Anna made sure to fall in front of me and let me look at her hairy pussy.”

Mom said, “I guess Mormons don’t shave down there.”

I said, “Maybe not. Her mother had a hairy pussy too.”

Mom asked, “Did you get her panties too?”

I said, “No! But she let me see her pussy on purpose. She asked me to help untie her skate and spread for me.”

Mom said, “You really got lucky tonight.”

I said, “I saw both of her sister’s panties and three other girl’s panties too.”

Mom patted my softened penis and said, “Put this away and bring those panties with you.”


That week things were different at home. Mom would give me her panties after she changed for bed. She told me to cum in them and to leave them under my pillow in the morning.

On Tuesday she came in to kiss me goodnight but instead she sucked my cum straight out of my cock again. She also removed her panties and handed them to me. When she bent over to kiss me goodnight I reached up between her legs and held onto her pussy for a whole minute. Mom had some hair down there but no where near as much as the Mormon girls had.

I was in charge that Thursday again and it was all mine again when the Mormon ladies arrived.

Anna smiled at me as she entered. Her mother smiled at me when she entered too. Well, in fact they all smiled at me but not in quite the same way that Anna and her mother had.

It was their second time at our rink so everyone knew where to get their ice skates and get started. I started out in the office making myself look busy.

Anna and her mother entered and closed the door behind them. I was amazed when Anna’s mother lifted up her skirt and held it under her chin as she lowered her panties and placed them on my desk. Then Anna lifted up her skirt and removed her panties. Neither one lowered her skirt.

Not knowing what to say, I said, “Thank you!”

Anna said, “I have chosen you!”

Again I said, “Thank you!”

Her mother said, “She has chosen you to give her virginity too.”

Astounded I said, “What?”

Anna said, “I will be sixteen years old next month and if I have not given my virginity to someone by then…then I have to draw a name from the goldfish bowl.”

I must have looked really confused because her mother said, “She likes you. She gave you her panties and I removed my panties for you too, but I put mine in my purse last week.”

If you refuse her gift then she will have to take her chances with the goldfish bowl. All of the males over the age of ten are placed in the bowl. The names of the Elders are placed in the bowl ten times each. The name of the Bishop is in there fifty times. The odds are in the Bishops favor that he will get her virginity.”

Anna said, “He is older than Moses and he smells.”

I asked, “Where do we do this?”

Anna jumped for joy and said, “Momma, he’ll do it.”

Her mother asked, “Are you a virgin? It doesn’t really matter, I’m just curious.”

I replied, “Yes, I am a virgin.”

Her mother said, “In our group, the taking of a girl’s virginity usually happens in the boy’s bed with both of their mothers and all of their sisters watching.”

I said, “My bedroom won’t hold twenty or thirty people.”

She laughed and said, “Only me and my other two daughter would be there plus your mother and your sisters.”

I said, “I don’t have any sisters…but don’t you call everyone sister?”

She said, “Yes, we do but only the immediate family is invited to the taking of one’s virginity.”

I let out a sigh of relief.

Anna said, “We need to do it when our congregation can be praying for us. Fifteen minutes after eleven on Sunday.”

I said, “Okay, I’ll tell my mother.”

They then lowered their skirts, smoothed them out, and left my office.

I could feel all of the women and girls stare at me and snicker. I felt like a germ under a microscope.

Soon though I realized that the girls and the women were taking turns falling on the ice near me and spreading so that I could look at their pussies. The girls were all wearing panties except for Anna and the women were all hairy and pantyless. I enjoyed looking at the women and they knew it, so they gave me longer looks.

That night just before I closed the rink up Mom came in. Anna’s mother had a nice long chat with her.

After we had cleaned up, Mom sucked my cock and we went home.


That Sunday morning Mom sent Dad out of the house and a few minutes later Anna arrived with her mother and her two sisters.

The two of us had to get naked…but Anna somehow twisted that around to mean that everyone in the room had to get naked. So our mothers and her two sisters stripped.

Anna was the very first completely naked girl that I had ever seen. My mother stood between Anna’s mother and me so that she was my first naked woman. She knew it and she stood facing me with her feet slightly apart and her fully shaved pussy on display. The other four pussies were hidden behind a fur coat.

At eleven o’clock Anna and I were sitting on the bed just kissing and waiting. At ten after we were lying down and I was sucking on her nipples and fingering her pussy. At exactly quarter after her knees were up and I was in position between them.

The four others counted down from ten seconds to zero and I pressed my cock into her pussy. I felt it pop inside of her, I felt her hymen break, and then I felt the head of my cock hit bottom.

Anna cringed slightly when the head of my cock popped just inside of her pussy, she cringed a lot more when I broke her virgin barrier, and she cried out when I hit her uterus.

Her mother said, “Pant like I taught you and keep your legs spread or I’ll have your sisters spread them for you.”

She started panting and she was no longer squeezing me with her legs. That allowed me to stroke into her easier.

My mother asked, “Is she some kind of a virgin sacrifice?”

Her mother replied, “Well as a matter of fact, she is!”

“She picked your son to give herself too.”

Mom asked, “So what does that mean exactly?”

Anna’s mother said, “With your permission she will share his bed for a period of one year as man and wife.”

Mom saw my head twist around like Linda Blair in the movie Exorcist.

She giggled and said, “I would be pleased to have your daughter in my home and in my son’s bed.”

I started to pump cum deep inside Anna’s pussy.

Anna whispered, “You can fuck me all of the time. Mormon girls cannot say no to their husband…especially to the one who takes their virginity.”

I managed to cum in Anna a total of three times before their two-hour religious service was over and her mother and sisters got dressed and left her in my bed naked.

When Dad returned Mom broke the news to him.

Then that evening after dinner Mom let Dad, Anna, and I watch the video of Anna and I from earlier.

I had no idea that Mom had placed a spy camera in my room but I was pleased that she had. I was amazed at the quality.

Anna kissed my mother and asked her to turn the camera back on. She said that she liked the thought of being watched when we made love.


Each Thursday was like a small family reunion. Everyone asked Anna how she was doing.

At the end of the year I kept Anna. After we graduated from high school we got married. We had been living together long enough to know that we were madly in love.

Anna didn’t mind it when my mother would give me a blowjob either. Of course Dad never knew about that.

When the time came for her two sisters to give up their virginity they chose me too. Anna sort of believed in multiple wives and sharing her man, so it never became a problem when they would join us in bed.

I always wanted to fuck my mother and her mother, but I never did. However, I sure fucked her and her sisters a lot…both before and after my marriage and before and after their marriages too.

The End
Ice Skating Rink
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