I got to oversee the nude swim.
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Nude Girl’s Swim

My parents own and run an exercise studio with lots of equipment along with a swimming pool and a big hot tub.

I get to clean up, in order to earn my allowance each week.

Dad booked a nude swim for a bunch of teenage girls. Mom said that I couldn’t be there for it.

Damn it!

Then there was an accident. It wasn’t too serious but both of my parents were taken to the hospital in the next town and were being kept overnight for observations.

Mom said that I was in charge of the nude swim.


I got there early, made sure that everything was clean, and that all of the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers were full. Then I turned on the video recorders…for security reasons only… yeah right!

The head lady arrived to check things out and to make sure that everything was ready for the girls. There would be twelve girls ranging in age from fourteen to sixteen.

I was fifteen. It was perfect.

Miss Amour asked where my parents were. When I explained, she told me that I was not to mention who the girls were around my school.

They were all from my school, including Miss Amour the swim coach.

As they entered they all looked at me and smiled and said “Hi” to me as they headed toward the changing room.

I knew every single girl that arrived. They were all from my school and they were not on the swim team. I wondered why they were here.

I locked the front door and put up the closed sign even though everybody knew that we were closed on Sundays.

I headed to the office to keep an eye on the security cameras.

One by one the girls came out of the changing room into the swimming pool area. Miss Amour was the last one out but she was certainly well worth the wait. She was a real woman with a great figure. I noticed that none of the girls had any hair on their pussies.

After a few minutes all of the girls were in the water doing laps and Miss Amour was coming toward the office. I turned off the monitors but kept recording.

Miss Amour knocked on the door and entered. She was completely nude and asked; “Do you have any tampons?”

I just looked at her nude body. I was totally hard and probably dripping per-cum into my underwear.

Miss Amour said, “One of the girls and I are having our periods.”

I snapped out of my trance and said, “Yes! I’ll get some.”

Then I added, “I have to walk past the girls to get to the supply closet.”

She said, “Okay! Would you mind being naked when you walk past the girls?”

I just stared at her.

She said, “It might help to relieve the tension. After all, they are all naked.”

Shyly I said, “I’m hard.”

She giggled and said, “I’m sorry but I have that affect on any man that sees me naked. In fact I have that affect on almost any man that sees me dressed too.”

I said, “But it is embarrassing.”

She said, “Okay! I can take care of it but my pussy is out of commission, it is closed down for repairs.” She giggled and added, “However, I’m told that I can suck cock with the best of them.”

I undressed and she knelt on the floor in front of my chair and started sucking on my cock. I reached over and turned on the office security camera.

She was good and I was really horny so I came pretty quickly. However, before I even got out of the office she had to suck me off again. It was great both times.

I followed her to the swimming area and then she followed me to the supply closet. I handed her a full box of tampons and she thanked me.

She gestured to Cindy and she got out of the water and walked toward me.

Cindy was very shy when she said, “Thank you” and took the box from Miss Amour.

Miss Amour said, “Tuck the string up inside so that it doesn’t show.”

She slipped away into the lady’s bathroom.

Miss Amour asked, “Do you want to stay out here with us or go back in the office and look at your surveillance cameras?”

She giggled and said, “I saw you turn on the office camera.”

She smiled and said, “I don’t mind, but don’t show them to your friends.”

I replied, “I wouldn’t do that.”

She whispered, “Yes, you would. But if you don’t I’ll ask your mother if you can be our babysitter every week.”

I repeated, “Every week?”

She grinned and said, “You are hard again. Go walk over to the pool and let the girls look at it.”

I did as she had asked. I stood there and the girls stopped swimming to look at my hard cock. Cindy came up behind me and pushed me into the water.

For the next hour we did different swim strokes as per Miss Amour’s instructions. The girls were pretty good. I enjoyed the backstroke the best. They seemed to like that one too.

Then to develop strength we were paired up. The twelve girls were paired up and I got Miss Amour.

One would turn onto her back and we would trap her ankles under our armpits while she tried to swim away from us.

I got to look right into Miss Amour’s pussy. I could see the white cotton plug and the blue string tucked in there.

When it was my turn to lie on my back, the girls just giggled.

Miss Amour said, “He must have been looking at my pussy.”

Cindy said, “He can look at my pussy.”

Another girl said, “During your period? Yuck!”

Cindy said, “Then let him look at your pussy.”

They were sisters. Cindy was fourteen and a grade behind me while her sister Mary was sixteen and a year ahead of me in school.

Mary came right over, bent backwards, and forced her feet under my arms. As she swam backwards I held on tight and looked at her pussy. It opened up nicely, just like Miss Amour’s pussy had. However, now I could see right into her open pussy. I saw the hole, her clit, and her pink inner lips. I was certainly hard after that.

Miss Amour said, “Mary you caused that, maybe you should be the one to fix it. After all your pussy isn’t closed for repairs. Is it?”

Cindy laughed and said, “Her pussy hasn’t been closed since she let Danny fuck her when she was thirteen.”

I knew Danny. He was their brother. Holy shit!

Mary got out of the water, motioned me to follow her, and then she took me into the boy’s bathroom. She leaned against the door so that the other girls couldn’t come in.

Mary said, “Stick it in me and get it over with.”

Did I really want to loose my virginity so badly that I would stick my cock into her pussy? Hell yes I would.

I stood behind her, aimed it at her pussy, and pressed it into her. All she did was wiggle her ass to help me get it in further.

Thanks to the two blowjobs from Miss Amour, I was able to really enjoy that fuck.

Surprisingly Mary said, “That really feels good.”

I thrust into her repeatedly until I came. Once I had emptied my balls into her, I pulled out.

Mary turned, sucked my cock clean, and then she went into a stall to pee.

When she came out she took my hand and we walked to the hot tub and got in together.

Mary’s boobs floated on the surface.

Cindy came and sat next to me. Then she said, “I can take care of your problem next week. My period will be over by then.”

Since my parent’s were not around I let them stay in the pool for three hours. Some of the girls called their parents and I let but Cindy, Mary, and Miss Amour stayed right to the end.

Miss Amour was the last one to leave and helped me clean up, mop, and make sure that I took the surveillance DVDs out of the machines.

I was looking forward to the next Sunday nude swim.

The End
Nude Girl’s Swim
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