Me, Joseph, Lucas and William had been friends since we learned to walk... and then there was Vanessa the tag along. We are sixteen now and she is fourteen and just developing. We work together doing graphic designs and making characters for games. Our club was my garage, it used to be an old carport a decade ago but we had remodeled it and added walls.

It had one very large room with a large bathroom we had added. It was the start of summer and things changed when I needed to go to the bathroom and walked in. Vanessa was sitting on the toilet with her eyes closed while rubbing her pussy. I hesitated before walking to her and reaching down to slip a finger into her.

She shuddered and her pussy tightened around my finger, “ooohhh!”

She closed her legs and blushed as she looked at me and I smiled, “very nice pussy Tag.”

She looked down as she opened her legs to look at it, “I try to shave all the hair off.”

I knelt to look and reached out to feel, “still a lovely pussy we would love to use.”

She grinned and hit my shoulder, “you wouldn’t.”

My cock was hard but I needed to pee. I pulled her up, “don’t move.”

It took a minute before I could pee and then she giggled as I just kept peeing. I used a sheet of paper to wipe the head of my cock before pushing my pants down and off. I took her hand and pulled her out and to one of the couches and she hesitated. I pushed her down and ignored the other guys as they turned to watch.

I bent over her and pulled her skirt down and off with her panties. I looked at her fuzzy pussy before kneeling and moving her legs wider. I bent and started licking through her pussy and wiggling my tongue on her clit. We had talked about girls and pussy while she was around. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and humping as she shuddered.

I had looked and felt and she didn’t have her hymen so I wasn’t worried about hurting her. A few more minutes and I straightened and moved closer as she looked between her legs. I rubbed the head of my cock through her pussy before pushing it into her. She groaned as my cock spread and stretched her very tight pussy.

I kept pushing until I was all the way in her with my cock pushing her cervix open. I rubbed her mound and reached out to unbutton her blouse as her pussy squeezed my cock. She humped and shuddered as I pulled her blouse off. Joseph leaned over the couch and started taking her bra off.

She looked up at him as I pulled back and began to fuck her, “god you have a nice pussy.”

Vanessa humped up and wiggled, “really?”

I rubbed her pelvis, “yes. We would love to use it.”

She looked around at the other guys, “all of you?”

They laughed and she smiled and wiggled, “okay.”

I continued to fuck her and began to finger and gently rub her clit. She shuddered and jerked before humping while her pussy tightened, “oooohhhh!”

Joseph was leaning over feeling her breasts and Lucas came to sit beside her to kiss her and tug on her nipples. It wasn’t long before William was on her other side and she was twisting and spasming. Her tight pussy was constantly squeezing my cock. After awhile I pushed all the way into her and looked into her eyes.

I began to pump a stream of cum through and into her womb. She jerked and gasped when she felt it and then shuddered and smiled as her pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

When I was done I rubbed her pelvis, “you on birth control Vanessa?”

That was the first time in a long time I had used her name instead of Tag. She nodded as she sighed and I pulled out. Joseph was already moving around and took my place between her legs. She grinned as he pushed into her leaking pussy and began to fuck her. I moved around and bent to kiss her before heading to my desk while taking my shirt off.

I went back to work but kept glancing back as Vanessa moaned and wailed and howled. After Joseph it was Lucas and then William but they went back to work after they finished. When William pulled out and stood I turned, “come here Vanessa.”

She was shuddering but stood and walked to me while feeling and wiping her leaking cunt. I pulled her onto my lap and hugged her before going back to work. None of us had ever done this either but she didn’t say anything as she leaned against me. It was almost two hours before I stood and pulled her to the bathroom.

After we went she grinned and led me back to the couch. The other guys turned as she laid on the couch and put one leg over the back and hung the other off the front. I moved over her and gave her a kiss before pushing my cock into her slimy pussy. I glanced at the other guys before I began to fuck Vanessa slowly with long thrusts.

She sighed and started to hump and wiggle as her pussy grasped and tightened. A few minutes and she was wiggling and jerking as she moaned and clutched me. I smiled as I kept fucking her and began using long, hard and deep strokes. She wailed and bucked as her pussy spasmed around my cock, “DEVIN!”

I continued to fuck her firmly with deep thrusts and she kept thrashing around as she wrapped her legs around me. When I finally buried my cock and pushed her cervix open she gasped and tilted her hips. I gushed and spewed cum into her as she jerked while her pussy kept squeezing.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and grinned and I kissed her before pulling out. Lucas didn’t wait to take my place between her legs and push into her slimy cunt. I went back to work but listened to the guys fucking Vanessa. When they were done she came to me and hesitated before I pulled her onto my lap.

She leaned against me and put her head on my shoulder, “thanks Devin.”

I gave her a hug before going back to work. We each fucked her a half dozen times before we had to go home. After we were dressed I walked Vanessa home and gave her a kiss, “you were perfect.”

She grinned, “my pussy is still leaking and tingling for more.”

I looked around before reaching into her skirt to feel her pussy. She groaned and humped and I grinned, “tomorrow I’m going fuck your ass and you can learn how to give a blowjob.”

She laughed and pushed me, “see you tomorrow.”

All I could think of was Vanessa as I tried to sleep that night. I was up early and exercising with mom and she kept looking at me. After we finished I showered and dressed before going to the store. I brought everything back to the club and found Vanessa already there. I grinned as I closed the door and pulled her into the bathroom, “I got you a few things.”

She gave me a shy kiss, “what?”

I was tempted but turned to the bags, “most I bought but a couple of things I had someone buy for me.”

I pulled out a douche, “this is so you can clean up after each time so one of us can lick your pussy.”

She grinned and nodded as I pulled out the enema, “this is an enema to clean out your ass.”

I set it aside and pulled out a small vibrating anal plug, “this is to begin stretching your ass so you get used to it and anal sex won’t hurt.”

I set it down and pulled another toy out, “this is to wear between the times we fuck you.”

She laughed and hugged my arm, “can I still sit on your lap?”

I turned her and began undressing her, “yes.”

I had her sit and gave her a douche and then several enemas. I washed her when I was done and bent her over the sink to use lube and the anal plug. I gently fucked her asshole and she started to shudder and then push back. Several moments later the plug slipped into her and I turned it on.

Vanessa shuddered and wiggled as I fingered her pussy. I stood her and pulled her after me and out into the other room. This time I pulled out the sleeper bed in one of the couches and laid her back on the edge. She shivered and humped as I stripped and then knelt between her legs.

I licked through her pussy and nibbled on her inner lips as she humped and shuddered, “ooohhh!”

I slipped two fingered into her tight pussy and began to fuck them up behind her pelvic bone while I sucked on her clit. Vanessa jerked and then began to thrash around, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She started bucking as she lifted and spread her legs wide, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to lick her and tease her clit and a minute later she screamed and squirted, “DEVIN!”

I kept licking her as she thrashed and struggled and squirted several more times. I pulled my fingers out and grinned as I moved over her, “ready to be fucked?”

She put her arms around me and I pushed into her slippery pussy. She groaned as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts and pushed against her cervix. Her pussy tightened as she shuddered hard and thrust up, “mmmm!”

I smiled as I gave her a kiss and continued to fuck her. She met each thrust and began to shake and later spasm. Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and became a lot slipperier. She wailed and started thrashing around as I fucked her a little harder and buried my cock. I held her as she yelled and began to pump a stream of sperm through her cervix.

She jerked as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock while I continued to spurt cum into her. When I was done she sighed and relaxed and I gave her a kiss before pulling out. I glanced at William grinning from the side and rubbed one of her nipples, “Will wants a turn.”

Vanessa turned to look and then smiled as she held out a hand. I moved off the bed before going to my desk. Lucas and Joseph came in and went straight to the bed. I glanced back, “no goofing around today. Six time each and only during breaks.”

I went to work as Vanessa wailed while William fucked her and then Joseph and Lucas. She went to wash and douche after they finished before staying naked and coming to sit on my lap. I cupped a breast and gave her a kiss before returning to my work. She sighed and wiggled as the toys in her vibrated. I smiled as I continued to work until it was time for a break.

I saved and moved back before turning, “Will?”

He turned and I grinned, “I licked her this morning before I fucked her. She douched again so you have to lick her before you can fuck her.”

Vanessa grinned as she stood and spread her legs to remove both toys, “I’m wet and horny too.”

We laughed as William stood and took his pants off on the way to the bed. Vanessa was laid back rubbing her pussy as he laid between her legs to look before he started to lick. She humped and moaned and shuddered as we sat on the edge of the bed to wait for our turn. When she wailed and pushed his face away William moved up and pushed into her.

We fucked her six times each and after the last time we sat together to watch a movie before she washed and got dressed. I walked her home and stopped her before she went in, “you still okay doing this?”

She grinned, “yeah. I might just be your club bitch but I like it.”

She bit her lip, “and I really like being with you between.”

I smiled, “maybe I will take you home and tie you to my bed for the weekend.”

She laughed and kissed me, “okay.”

I let her go and watched until the door closed before going home. I glanced at my parents who barely seemed to notice me. I started to go make a small dinner when there was a knock. I opened the door to see Vanessa with a small bag. She grinned, “did you want me to bring the rope too?”

I grinned and let her in before leading her to the kitchen. I knew she hadn’t eaten and started making dinner. After we finished and cleaned up I took her hand and led her to my bedroom before closing the door. I watched Vanessa undress by the bed before stripping and walking to her. I pulled her into my bathroom and let her go before we got ready for bed.

It was early but I wanted her and she seemed to want me. I shut the lights out before slipping into the bed beside her and caressing her hips. She giggled, “we forgot the ropes.”

I bent to suck on a nipple before moving over her, “maybe tomorrow night.”

I pushed into her and buried my cock. She sighed as she rubbed my back and I began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. Each time I buried my cock I pushed and pressed and humped and jabbed. Vanessa started to breath heavy as she continued to meet my thrusts and her slippery pussy constantly grasped and squeezed.

Each time she came she arched her back and kissed me. Her pussy became wetter and clenched around my cock. She hugged me tight as I fucked her firmly and finally a long time later I pushed all the way into her before spurting and pumping cum. She jerked and spasmed as we kissed while I kept spewing.

When I was done I pulled out and laid beside her and softly felt and caressed her. We fucked three times during the night but mostly we just laid together and I held her. I woke to hear mom and dad in the kitchen and looked at the girl in my arms. It is strange how in just a couple of days I had come to see her as more than a girl that followed me around.

I had never minded having her with us or having to find the extra money to bring her to the movies or wherever we went. I gently caressed her bare shoulder and she sighed before opening her eyes to look at me. I grinned, “bathroom, showers and then the movies?”

She smiled and nodded and I moved off the bed. Showering with her made me want to fuck her but I didn’t. She douched and used an enema before putting the plug in and then dressing. We stopped on the way to the theater for breakfast and then got a large soda to share. We watched two movies before leaving and walking home.

I led her into my house and the bathroom before I closed the door to my bedroom as she began to undress. She pulled the plug out and grinned as she laid back on the bed, “want to fuck my ass?”

I grinned as I finished undressing and moved over her and between her legs. I kissed her and lifted as I positioned my cock and began to hump. I was surprised when my cock slipped right into her ass and slowly pushed deeper as I settled on her. Her eyes were big as she wiggled and her ass tightened. I began kissing her and humping and slowly fucking her ass.

She groaned and started lifting her hips each time I pushed into her. It wasn’t long before I was burying my cock and she was hugging me while spasming. She kissed me before wailing as her ass squeezed, “yyyeeesss!”

I grinned as I continued to fuck her with long deep thrusts and she reached between us to finger her clit. She humped and wiggled as I continued to fuck her ass slowly. It was a few minutes before she clutched me and spasmed, “aaaahhh!”

Her ass tightened as she kept shuddering while I kept my cock buried. I kissed her as she jerked and kept shaking and finally I pulled back to started fucking her again. This time I continued when she began to wail and spasm. It was several minutes until I buried my cock and kissed her as I pumped gushing spurts into her.

She hugged me while her ass kept squeezing, “DEVIN!”

When I stopped cumming I gave her another kiss and slowly pulled out. I moved off her and helped her up as she tried to catch her breath. I pulled her after me and into the bathroom and then the shower. She grinned as I spread her legs and began to wash her ass, “all the rest are going into your pussy.”

When we got out I dried her and wrapped one of my robes around her. I pulled on a pair of pants before leading her out to the kitchen. We made dinner and mom smiled and set the table. After dinner I cleaned up as mom went into the other room with dad. I pulled Vanessa back to my room and the bed.

I laid her back and moved on and over her before slowly burying my cock. She put her arms around me as I kissed her and began to rub and press and grind. She shivered and humped while her tight pussy grasped, “mmmm.”

I smiled and kept kissing her as I continued to fuck her with short grinding jabs. A few minutes and she was jerking and writhing around while clutching me. I pulled back and began to fuck her hard and deep for a minute. She thrashed and bucked while wailing and clinging to me, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her steadily and enjoyed the way her pussy massaged my cock. She humped and kept thrusting up while her pussy grasped and clenched. She wiggled and thrashed around as I kissed her and kept fucking her with firm strokes. It was several minutes before I buried my cock against her open cervix and began to spew cum.

Her pussy grasped my cock and she spasmed and jerked while clinging to me, “yyyeeessss!”

When I was finished pumping cum into her I gave her a kiss and pulled out and she grinned as she rolled over and lifted her hips. I fucked her several times during the night and the next day since the other guys had family stuff they couldn’t get out of. Vanessa’s parents didn’t seem to mind or care what she did or where she stayed.

Monday morning we showered and washed together. I helped her with the douche and enemas before we got dressed and went out to the club. As soon as the door closed she undressed and grinned as she pulled out her toys and put them in. I grinned and undressed before looking at Joseph, Lucas and William as they came in.

We fucked Vanessa together five to six days each week over the summer. Before summer was over she was living with me like she was my wife. Two years later I made it legal and married her. She was the one to find three other girls that were more than willing to spread their legs for all of us.

We still work together but now we have a larger place, a converted warehouse in fact. Beside our large work area we have a large common area with a nursery beside it for the children.
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