I woke to the alarm and reached out to shut it off before shaking Cat. I moved out of bed as she grumbled and turned to Tara. I smiled as I slipped on pajama bottoms and reached out to our guests. I went to the bathroom and ignored the girls talking together. In the kitchen I got out cereal and started coffee.

I smiled as Honey walked in yawning and sent a bowl of cereal to the table, “morning sleepy head.”

She smiled as she sat, “morning.”

Joline and Hope were next with Mrs Santee right behind them. I goosed Cat and Tara to get them moving and they yelped as Marie, Michelle and Sarah snickered. I sent Honey and her mother home after they had eaten and then Joline and Hope. I walked to school with Cat and Tara and we met the other girls on the corner.

Michelle slipped an arm into mine, “can we come over after school?”

Marie and Sarah laughed as Cat and Tara grinned. I caressed her with my mind, “of course.”

She shuddered and I had to hold her up as she stumbled and the others laughed again. She grinned and kissed my cheek before turning to Tara. I don’t think the girls realized how different they were. I had to remind them about whatever class they were in but it was like they helped and boosted each other in learning whatever was taught.

I was stretching between classes and reached out. I wasn’t really seeking anything or anyone, I was just reaching. The sharp fear drew me and I was suddenly looking through the mind of a bank teller. Three men were in the bank with automatic weapons and wearing body armor.

I reached out and pulled the weapons away and dropped them before slamming the men together and banging their heads until they dropped to the floor unconscious. I looked outside the bank and found the driver and put him to sleep before opening his door so the police would notice.

I shook my head and looked around but no one was looking at me. I heading towards my next class and smiled as the girls kept asking what had happened. They found me during lunch as I was eating an apple and almost absently stealing a major drug suppliers money. Cat bumped my shoulder and I glanced at her before reaching for the fruit basket at home and bringing it to me.

I held it out and the girls grinned as they took one. I sent the basket back and glanced at Marie, “you are nosey.”

She grinned, “all girls are and you have five so get used to it.”

They laughed and I smiled, “I found a bank robbery in progress.”

Michelle pulled out her phone and checked something before showing the others. They grinned and Cat kissed my cheek, “You have been stealing money again.”

I glanced at her as the girls laughed and smiled. She leaned against me, “you aren’t going near them so your ability is getting stronger.”

I thought about it before shaking my head, “I think it is just that I am getting used to it and how to use it.”

Tara cleared her throat, “what are you doing with all the money?”

I shrugged, “the attic is getting full.”

Marie laughed, “we could rent a storage locker.”

Sarah put her arm around her waist, “or spend it.”

They laughed as she blushed and I grinned, “I just stole money from a suppler’s account and sent it to mine using a his computer. He is on his way to confess to the police but I was thinking of a separate account.”

Tara giggled, “a numbered account in Switzerland?”

They grinned as I caressed Sarah’s hip and Cat laughed, “take her home and fuck her.”

Sarah grinned and bumped me, “yeah.”

The others smiled and Marie reached out to pull me up, “sperm her nice and deep like she wants.”

They looked around as they moved in front of us and I pulled Sarah with me. I appeared beside the bed and she grinned as she began to undress. I stripped and followed her onto the bed and kissed her as I caressed inside her. I knew she wasn’t the only one to feel it as I started to move down. She laughed and pulled me up, “just fuck me.”

I kissed her and lifted up before pushing into her warm pussy. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck into her deeper. Her warm pussy squeezed as she lifted her hips to meet my thrusts. It wasn’t long before I was thrusting into her completely and grinding. Sarah wailed as she spread and lifted her legs, “gggooooddddd!”

I could hear the other girls snickering as Sarah began to spasm and jerk. I pulled back and started fucking her hard and deep. Her slippery pussy constantly grasped my cock as she kept convulsing while yelling. It was several minutes before I thrust into her and kissed her as my cock erupted and I began pumped a torrent of cum into her.

She was kicking the bed and spasming as her pussy milked the cum out of my cock, “oh... my... god!”

When I stopped cumming she was still panting but started to relax. I pulled out and kissed her before cupping a breast, “I’m tempted to fuck you a few more times.”

She grinned as the other girls laughed in our minds. I moved off the bed and pulled her with me as I reached out for her clothes. She grinned as she floated just above the floor while her clothes slipped onto her. I dressed and reached for her hand as I looked out of Cat’s eyes. I pulled and we appeared behind the girls as they stood blocking everyones view.

It was a couple of minutes before the class bell rang and we split up. The girls keep up a talk about shopping with vague hints about trying to spend money faster than I could steal it. The mental shouts that had drawn me to the bank were like an echo. In my last class others like them screamed in my mind.

I glanced around as I reached out all the way to anther city and saw a guard on the floor of a bank. There was a puddle of blood and people on the floor as two men waved guns around. I reached for the men and knocked them out before looking outside the bank. I couldn’t see or feel a driver and pulled back to see the class with everyone working.

I rubbed my temples and glanced around before using the ink in my pen to put the answers to the test on the paper. I met the girls out front and caught Cat when she ran into my arms and kissed me passionately. I held her and grinned at her feel of pleasure, “need something?”

She grinned and humped into me, “yeah.”

The others snickered as I closed my eyes and groaned. She grabbed my hand, “after we get home and you pump a gallon of cum in me we want to go buy a car.”

I glanced at the others as Tara slipped her arm through my empty one, “we want a big SUV so we can all ride together.”

Michelle was in the middle behind us with Marie and Sarah holding each hand, “we want to go to a beach next weekend too.”

I grinned as I looked at Cat’s thoughts, “a nudist beach.”

They all laughed and Cat grinned, “yeah.”

I squeezed her hand, “I think we can do that.”

They flirted all the way home and as soon as I closed the door Cat was pulling me towards the bedroom. I grinned and used my mind to strip her naked and toss her onto the bed. I stripped as she giggled and stalked after her. She reached to pull me up her body and kissed me as I settled between her legs. I could feel her need and pushed into her as we kept kissing.

She didn’t need me to use my mind and I didn’t. I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts, stopping to hump and press into her as her tight pussy grasped and squeezed. She wrapped her legs around me and continued to hump and thrust up as I kept fucking her. I grinned as I kissed her before I began to fuck her hard and deep.

She spasmed and her pussy tightened before she howled as she squirted, “yyyeeesss!”

I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes before shoving into her and burying my cock. She was jerking and thrashing around as I began to jab and hump while grinding. She clutched me and shuddered hard as she kept shoving her pussy up, “fuck me!”

I fucked her hard as I tried to cum and knew she and the others could feel my need. She lifted her hips and wailed as I thrust into her and held her, “cum in me!”

I grunted as I started to gush and pump huge spurts of cum. Cat spasmed as her pussy grasped and started milking the cum deeper, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I shuddered as I kept spewing until I was done and took a deep breath. I waited until Cat relaxed and kissed her before pulling out. I lay beside her and rubbed her pelvis and she grinned, “you want more.”

I rubbed a nipple as the other girls snickered, “I’ll wait to fuck Michelle and Marie.”

She grinned before turning to kiss me and then rolled out of bed, “I better douche before we go shopping, you find the money.”

I smiled as I watched her walk out and slipped off the bed. I went to wash and then dress before bringing down packets of cash that I put in a school book bag. I walked into the living room where the girls were listening to music. I gestured to Marie and Michelle and they laughed as they turned and floated to me.

I caressed Marie’s hip and one of Michelle’s breasts, “wait until we come home.”

They laughed and Marie pressed against me, “today is a no help day so you have to fuck us without using your mind.”

I smiled and caressed her hips as I felt the others listening, “if I make you scream you fuck me every lunch for the rest of the week.”

She grinned and kissed me before pulling back, “deal.”

I let them go as I tossed the book bag to Tara, “you get to make the deal.”

She grinned and peeked in the bag, “do I get to keep what is left over?”

I nodded my head, “sure. After we get home I am taking everyone to dinner.”

Marie headed for the door as Cat walked out and I pulled her back, “silly girl.”

I reached out and searched before linking hands and pulling the girls with me as I vanished and appeared outside a car lot. I let the girls go and followed as they started looking, it was amusing to watch when the salesman appeared and each of the girls asked him questions. It seemed to take forever, even after they had chosen one.

I let Tara and the other girls see what the salesman thought which made them argue and deal better until Tara finally signed and paid. We climbed into the car and Tara started driving back home. I sat in the back with Marie and rubbed her inner thigh. By the time Tara parked under the carport beside the house we could all feel how horny Marie was.

I had already reached out to Mrs Santee and Honey so I knew they would be sleeping in their home. Joline and Hope were a different story, Joline had spent the day with her daughter but as it grew later Hope became afraid. I pulled Marie after me and through the house towards the bedroom as I reached out and pulled on Joline and Hope.

I smiled as Cat and the others headed towards the kitchen whispering in their minds that Marie was going to get so fucked. I lifted Marie and stripped her before sending her floating towards the bed as she grinned. I undressed as I closed the door and stalked after her and crawled between her legs.

I kissed her softly before moving down and stopping to lick and nibble on her nipples. I finally moved down her body and licked her pussy as she spread her legs and lifted her hips. I kept it up as she shivered and finally covered her clit to tease and suck. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and thrust her hips up harder.

I slipped two fingers into her and fucked them up behind her pubic bone. Marie grunted and held her hips up as I continued to lick, suck and tease her clit while fucking my fingers against the soft spongy spot I had found. It was a couple of minutes before she began to jerk and wail while squirting as her tight pussy squeezed my fingers hard.

She spasmed and twisted while jerking her hips up and squirting a second time and screaming, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I pulled my fingers out and moved up her twitching body. I kissed her as I pushed into her slippery hole and she clutched me and howled, “ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

I started fucking her with deep thrusts and her slick pussy clenched, grasped and squeezed as it tried to milk my cock. I could feel the other girls shivering and shuddering with her as I planted my cock to hump into her. I continued to fuck her as I kept kissing her and she spread her legs and planted her feet to thrust her hips up.

It was a few minuted before she screamed and squirted again as she thrashed and bucked, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

It was a wild ride as her pussy spasmed around my cock while I fucked her hard and deep. I kept it up and a few minutes later thrust into her and pushed hard. Marie shoved her pussy up as she clutched me and I began to pump thick gushing spurts of cum. Her pussy tightened and she howled as the warm sperm geyser erupted against and through her cervix, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I felt the others shuddering as I continued to fill Marie and finally stopped and pulled out, “anymore questions lunch time lover?”

The other girls laughed as Marie panted and grinned. I moved off the bed and turned to help her before starting to dress. Hope and Joline were with the other girls when we came out and Hope ran to me, “Jerrod!”

I gestured and lifted her to float to me, “little angel.”

She giggled and I kissed her cheek, “how about Italian for dinner?”

It was a quiet restaurant I pulled us to and then brought us home. I let the girls pull Joline away as they talked to her about children and having a baby. I sat in the front room with Hope and watched a Disney movie. She was yawning when I lifted her and walked back to the guest bedroom with her floating after me.

I set her down in the bed and turned as Joline appeared, “I brought her pajamas.”

I smiled and bent to kiss Hope’s cheek, “sweet dreams.”

I found the girls in bed waiting for me as I closed the door. I smiled as I began to undress, “don’t you three have to go home?”

Sarah grinned, “I told mom I was staying with Tara. She asked if there would be a boy and told me to have fun.”

Michelle grinned, “my dad and mom have been expecting me to get pregnant so they won’t expect me home.”

I looked Marie and she smiled, “I told mom my boyfriend wanted me to sleep over and she said for you to keep me.”

Tara was holding Cat and grinned, “do Michelle.”

I climbed onto the bed as I moved Marie towards Sarah, “you two are cummy and need licking.”

They laughed as Tara reached for Sarah, “Cat can do Marie and I’ll lick Sarah.”

I ignored them as I caress all of them before kissing Michelle and moving down. She shivered and spread her legs wider as I licked through her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her and began to nibble on her inner lips while rubbing her clit with a thumb. I didn’t use my mind as I felt them pulling and craving it so much they were shuddering.

I sucked Michelle’s clit in and used my tongue as her hips lifted off the bed and she wailed. I continued to lick her and tease her clit as she spasmed and bucked. The other girls were moaning and shaking as I moved up and pushed into her. She groaned as her tight pussy squeezed and I began to fuck her.

I started slow to let her get used to me and then fucked her hard and deep. She lifted her legs and started to howl and I kissed her to keep her quiet. She clung to me as her pussy grasped and squeezed while I humped and pressed and jabbed. She started bucking and thrashing around as I went back to fucking her and the other girls were convulsing.

Michelle clutched me and kissed me as she screamed and squirted. She kept shaking and jerking as I fucked her. It was another ten or fifteen minutes before I needed to cum. They were holding each other when I thrust into her and began to spew cum.

She stiffened and shuddered hard as she tilted her hips. I pumped and spurted while her tight pussy milked the cum into her. When I stopped cumming they all sighed and started to relax. I pulled out and moved over to hold Cat as they caught their breath.

I could tell you about the killers or thieves I caught but what mattered to me was how the girls made me feel. They did get pregnant together when they graduated. So far we have been around the world twice. I think what really surprised me was my mother and her new boyfriend. She got pregnant and as far as I can tell she loves my sister very much.

I still watch over Honey and Hope. Although Hope isn’t frightened now she does tend to talk to me a lot and has grown into a beautiful girl. Honey is engaged to a nice man now who seems to have a permanent smile. I think it comes from her talks with my girls about sex.
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