I went from users to their dealer to their suppler to his. I sorted through his mind, (he thought he was a big time gangster). I put commands in place to make him go confess to the police before taking the large stash of cash he was hiding. I opened my eyes to see the girls talking and sitting around me.

There was a huge pile of bundled stacks of cash covering the whole coffee table and spilling onto the floor. Cat grinned, “done?”

I smiled as I stood, “want to go back to Disney World?”

Michelle laughed, “Sea World and then a jewelry store.”

They grinned as I picked up a thick packet of twenties (probably about five grand) and tossed it, “that’s your budget.”

Her eyes widened and I gestured as I lifted a bundle for each of them and floated it to them, “Fun first before you drag me around into boring shops.”

They grinned and Tara slipped her arm around Cat’s waist, “we can come home at lunch so Cat can finish getting a belly of cum.”

Cat grinned and kissed Tara as the girls giggled and Marie bumped her hip, “you too, your pussy is aching for him.”

Tara blushed before nodding as she looked at me, “I wouldn’t mind fucking him.”

I reached out to caress her face before grabbing a packet of money. I split it and started tucking it into pockets and then waited for the girls to finish putting theirs away. I reached out and listened and looked until I had a spot and pushed all of us. We were inside the gates under some trees and I grabbed Cat’s hand and started walking.

I let the girls pull me around to exhibits and shows they wanted to see. I even bought a few things that I sent home. I checked and Hope and her mother were still okay and so was Honey and her mom. We returned home around one and the girls rushed to the bathroom as I went to put all their treasure on the table.

I could hear them giggling and mind talking as I headed towards the bedroom. I knew Cat was listening to me and would find me. I undressed before I moved onto the bed and lay back. She walked in stripping and smiled, “I want it hard Jerrod. I’m really horny and my pussy aches.”

I lifted her and pulled the rest of her clothes off as she floated to the bed. I pulled her down and rolled as I kissed her and ended between her legs. She wrapped them around my waist after fitting my cock and then she pulled to work my cock into her. I pushed the rest of the way into her and kissed her as I felt within and caressed her g spot and clit.

She jerked and spasmed and I began to fuck her with long thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was bucking as I kept fucking her with deep thrusts. She wailed and twisted and squirmed as her pussy contracted around my cock. I continued to feel and caress her pleasure centers as I kissed and fucked her.

I could feel the other girls shuddering and jerking as they reacted to what Cat was feeling. Cat was incoherent and clutching me long before I needed to cum. She had spread her legs and brought them up beside her body as I fucked harder against her cervix. I buried my cock finally and kissed her passionately as I began to cum.

Warm sperm erupted and gushed through and into her womb. She lifted her hips and screamed as her pussy clamped tight around my cock, “JERROD!”

She continued to shake as I pumped and spewed and spurted cum into her and her eyes rolled up. When I stopped cumming she shuddered and dropped her legs to the bed as she panted. I kissed her and pulled out and laid beside her and caressed her pelvis while I waited. I smiled as the girls in Tara’s bed continued to shudder and moan.

Cat finally opened her eyes and turned her head as she grinned, “it felt like you really needed it too.”

I leaned over to suck on a nipple before kissing her. She shuddered and grinned, “Tara needs you now.”

I pulled and Tara was floating above us naked, “I need her too.”

Cat kissed me and rolled out of bed, “let me get in bed with the girls before you start.”

Tara laughed as I brought her to me, “sorry.”

I caressed her hips as Cat giggled and walked out. I looked into Tara’s eyes before I kissed her. She smiled and kissed me back as she spread her legs and straddled me, “slow and easily?”

I caressed her inside and out and she groaned. I lifted her and pushed up and my cock entered her. She was almost hot as she pushed down and her pussy tightened. I hugged her as she wiggled and tried to get my cock deeper. I continued to caress her and she began to shudder and jerk as she started rocking.

I kept kissing her as my cock moved through her slick pussy and it continued to squeeze and grasp. It was several minutes before she twisted and pulled me with her as she rolled, “fuck me!”

I buried my cock and began to press, grind, hump and jab. Tara hugged me and shuddered as my caresses rubbed deeper inside her, “oooohhhh!”

I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts and she met each one. Her pussy was slipperier and kept grasping my cock as she spasmed. I was constantly kissing her and she started moaning. She howled and convulsed as I fucked her and it was a long time before I pushed into her and kissed her passionately.

She lifted her hips before I began to pump strong gushes of cum, “JERROD!”

She clung to me as I continued to spurt and spew in her. When I stopped cumming we both shuddered and groaned. The other girls were still shaking and Tara grinned. I pulled out and laid beside her to caress her tummy, “better?”

She nodded and turned to kiss me, “yeah.”

She rolled the other way, “time to wash and get dressed so we can go shopping.”

I grinned as she echoed that to the others. I lifted her and moved off the bed as she rotated to glare at me. I walked towards the door and turned after I went by her to wiggle a finger. I reached out into the other bedroom as I walked out with Tara floating after me. I started the shower before I got to the bathroom and opened the shower door and turned.

Tara laughed as she floated in and I waited until Cat floated in. I closed the door as they giggled and sank to the floor. I leaned against the counter as they started washing each other and Marie, Michelle and Sarah chatted with them. I slipped deep into Tara’s mind, “talk before you stop taking your birth control. Don’t try to sneak things like that past me.”

She turned to look at me as the other stopped talking, not that they heard. She looked at Cat who looked at me, “what did you do?”

I smiled as I straightened, “I had a private word.”

I looked into Tara’s eyes and she blushed, “he knew I was thinking of not taking my birth control.”

I looked at Cat and she sighed, “I haven’t decided either.”

I pulled and the other three appeared in the bathroom. I reached out to tilt Marie’s face and raised an eyebrow. She looked at the other girls before shrugging, “me too.”

I looked at Michelle and she nodded and so did Sarah. I smiled and reached out to all of them to caress them, they shuddered and moans escaped. I waited and spoke aloud, “one of the things you have in common isn’t just that you are thinking about getting pregnant.”

I looked at each of them, “how and why did you pull the link into you?”

Sarah looked at the others before grinning, “I knew you were going to cum and wanted it...”

She looked surprised and the girls looked at each other. Cat grinned as she opened the shower door, “we pulled your cum into us...”

She laughed as she looked back at Tara, “some of us pulled a lot more than the rest.”

Tara blushed and then laughed as she got out, “god I wanted it so much.”

I nodded and gestured to dry Cat and Tara, “before you decide to get pregnant make sure it is because it is what you want consciously and not because it is a need or urge you feel.”

I pulled Cat to me and looked into her eyes, “I don’t want you regretting a child. When I know you have decided I will get you pregnant.”

She nodded and then turned to look at the others girls, “I’ll explain while we shop.”

I shook my head before letting them go and stepping into the shower. I washed and got out to dry and walked into the bedroom to get dressed. The girls were back to giggling and mind talking as I went to the kitchen. I smiled at Hope’s call and pulled her to me. I brought milk and two small glasses as she giggled.

I sent her glass to her and leaned against the counter, “lonely isn’t the same as being afraid. Your mother would love for you to help her and be with her. You can’t hide every time you get lonely.”

I glanced at Cat and Tara as they walked in, “you know you don’t need to see me to talk. I am always with you just call me and talk.”

Cat caressed her cheek as she went by, “hello little angel.”

Hope grinned and Tara touched her lips, “we are going to make dinner together later. Ask your mom if she has a good recipe for cookies.”

I touched Hope’s mind, “drink the milk.”

She drank and then giggled as I sent the glass to the sink as Marie, Sarah and Michael walked in. Sarah stopped to kiss Hope’s forehead, “hi angel.”

I shook my head and reached out as Joline looked into Hope’s room. She appeared beside her daughter and looked at her floating before looking at me and sighing, “seriously?”

I grinned and Hope giggled as she put her arms around her mother’s waist. I stood, “she thought you didn’t want her with you.”

I looked at the girls before bringing another packet of money floating to Joline and one to Hope, “time to go shopping.”

I looked and pushed and we appeared in a quiet corner at the mall, “have fun.”

Cat and Tara grabbed a protesting Joline’s hand and pulled her after them as Marie swept Hope up in her arms. It was a crazy tour through a lot of shops that made my head spin. It seemed like hours before they were finished. I talked to Joline a few times and the police had found the killer in her house and the blood where she had lain.

He was in a hospital now being sedated because he wouldn’t stop screaming. I spent most of my time while they were in stores reaching out and finding drug dealers. I also found a few thieves and a killer. The last I used a pay phone to call in the details and name to the police. When the girls were done shopping I jumped us home.

I grinned at a tired Hope and lifted her to float behind me as I went to start dinner. Her mother disappeared with the girls and then they were back and pushing me to a stool at the kitchen counter. I grinned as Hope leaned on my shoulder to watch as they talked and gossiped while they made dinner.

I reached out at a tentative touch and smiled, “Honey?”

She was in her room and looked around, “you’re here?”

I ignored Joline and the girls and answered, “I’m watching and listening.”

Honey smiled, “dad was buried today.”

I waited and she took a breath, “can we spend the night?”

I looked at Cat as she came to hug me and Hope, “did you ask your mother?”

Honey nodded and took a breath, “please?”

Michelle stopped to kiss my cheek and whisper, “we have to go home after dinner so they can use Cat and Tara’s room.”

I knew she meant her, Marie and Sarah and nodded, “have you eaten?”

Honey smiled, “mom is trying to do paperwork so not yet.”

I gestured and Tara turned to keep working on dinner as I pulled and Honey appeared. She looked around and smiled nervously, “you have company.”

Cat smiled as Hope turned to look at Honey, “welcome.”

I looked into the other room and sent the money up into the attic before nodding to Hope and then her mother, “this is Hope and that is her mother Joline.”

Honey smiled and nodded, “hi.”

I reached out to her mother, “enough work.”

She looked around before smiling, “Jerrod?”

I pulled and she appeared beside her daughter, “time to relax, tomorrow you can worry.”

She put her arm around her daughter, “you twisted my arm.”

The girls laughed and went back to making dinner. Joline pulled Hope onto her lap as she sat and smiled at Mrs Santee. As they started talking I went into the living room and sat on the couch. I reached out to one of the drug dealers I had found earlier. I searched his mind before taking his money and putting a command in place for him to take all his drugs to the police.

Honey sat beside me quietly as I sent the pile of cash I had just taken up into the attic. I reached out to the drug dealer’s supplier and searched his mind before taking his huge stash of money and sending him to the police. I glanced at Cat when she walked in grinning and sent the cash away, “dinner?”

She nodded, “go wash, we decided you get to help Hope.”

I grinned and pulled Honey up as I stood, “that’s okay, I cheat.”

She grinned and turned to walk towards the table. After dinner I cleaned up as Marie, Michelle and Sarah went to collect their things. They each came to kiss me before leaving and whispered together using mind talk. After they left Tara and Cat pulled Honey back to help change the sheets on their bed while I put Hope’s favorite show on the TV.

Joline and Mrs Santee tried to help clean up but I grinned and held up my hands as the dishes washed and dried themselves while the floor was being mopped. They laughed as I went back to leaning on the counter to watch what I was doing. I finished before Cat, Tara and Honey and sat with the ladies and Hope.

She sat in my lap as soon as I sat down. I held her and leaned back as I continued to reach out for the next drug supplier. Any money I brought back I sent to the attic. Joline finally stood and I glanced at her as she held out her arms. I looked at Hope to see her asleep and smiled as I lifted her and sent her floating to her mother.

Mrs Santee stood, “we should go to bed to, Honey has school.”

Cat pulled me up and after her as we went to get ready for bed. I shut all the lights off before crawling into bed. Tara pushed Cat towards me and she giggled as she straddled me, “wait for Marie, Michelle and Sarah to get into bed.”

I smiled and cupped her breasts, “you do know I can hear when you talk to and whisper back and forth right?”

Tara laughed and rubbed my chest, “we know.”

I heard Marie as she climbed into her bed, “its more fun this way.”

Michelle laughed as she lay down, “and tempting.”

Sarah sighed as she closed her eyes, “and satisfying.”

Cat lifted and guided my cock to her pussy before pushing down. I softly caressed the outside of her body and then her pleasure centers. She shuddered and they all moaned as her pussy squeezed. I smiled as I cupped and felt her breasts as she thrust back and forth. I rubbed her g spot and she jerked with the others before spasming as I caressed their pleasure centers.

They were all spasming and jerking as Cat thrashed around and rubbed her pussy on me. She laid down to kiss me as she wailed in my mouth. Tara pressed hers against my shoulder as she howled and screamed. I pulled Cat back and forth as her pussy grasped and tried to milk my cock. I continued to caress inside all the girls as they thrashed and kicked and moaned.

I finally shuddered and held Cat as I began to pump a geyser of cum up into her. She jerked and shook as each fountain of warm cum erupted against her cervix and kissed me hard. When I was done Tara, Marie, Michelle and Sarah sighed as Cat groaned and shuddered. I smiled, “want to go again?”

They all giggled as Cat kissed me and lifted off my cock, “bring Sarah over in the morning so she gets nice and spermy.”

Sarah laughed, “thanks.”

Cat snuggled against me and reached back to pull Tara against her.
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