I handed out money while we were in the front room and had them hold hands. I reached out with my mind and we vanished and appeared in a bathroom in Disney World. I had never been someplace like this and had never been with five girls. I was pulled everywhere, into shops, on rides, to shows. I was exhausted as we held hands and watched the fireworks that night.

I pulled the girls after me as I moved a camera watching a bathroom and led them in. We appeared in the front room at home and the girls laughed as they pushed each other and tried to be first to use the bathroom. We had already eaten but I went to pour drinks. I could feel Mrs Santee and Honey as well as Hope and her mother and knew they were doing fine.

Cat and Tara were loudly telling each other what they wanted me to do to the other girls, (mentally). I smiled and ignored them as I drank thirstily and then headed towards the bedroom where Sarah was already waiting. I closed the door and let my clothes slip off me as she waited for me in the middle of the bed nervously.

I laid down and reached out to caress her bare hip, “like your first time?”

She blinked and blushed before grinning, “okay.”

I turned and moved over her and between her legs to kiss her. I moved down her body and sucked on a nipple while feeling inside her and mapping her pleasure centers. Sarah shuddered and lifted her hips as she moaned. I leaned in and began to lick her pussy and tease her clit. I reached inside her to caress and gently rub her g spot.

She arched her back and howled as her body shook and she squirted a little, “OH GOD!”

I continued to licked her and tease her clit as my mind gently caressed her pleasure centers. It was only a couple of minutes before she was shuddering violently and squirting as she repeatedly wailed and screamed. I moved up and settled between her legs as my mind continued to caress her. She was shaking as she fumbled between her legs to position my cock.

I pushed into her and let her feel what I was feeling as I started to fuck her. I could feel Cat and Tara and the other two girls as they snuggled against them on the couch. Sarah wrapped her legs around me as my mind slipped into hers and I kept fucking her and pushing against her cervix.

A minute after I started she stiffened and then began to buck and thrash around as she howled, “ooohhh... gggoooddd!”

I fucked her with deep firm strokes as I tried to cum. I knew she could feel my need as her tight pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. It was five minutes before I was ready and Sarah seemed incoherent as I buried my cock and pushed against her. I held her as I began to gush cum through and into her belly.

Sarah lifted and tilted her hips when she felt the first warm stream as I erupted inside her. I felt her mind reach out to pull and I pushed the link into her as I pumped and spewed cum. I pulled and pushed other links until Sarah, Cat and Tara were linked. I groaned and pulled on her as I stopped cumming and rolled over.

I held her on me as she panted and shuddered before finally lifting her head to look into my eyes and smile. I reached to her hips and lifted as I pulled out, “If you stay there I will fuck you again.”

I heard Cat and Tara laugh as they repeated what I had just said. Sarah grinned as she heard them too and kissed me before rolling away, “Michelle’s turn if you can do it again.”

I heard Cat and Tara chime in, “and again and again.”

I smiled and reached out and pulled. Michelle gasped as she appeared above the bed and floated down slowly. Sarah waved as she ignored her clothes and walked towards the door. I turned to face Michelle and reached out to strip her and move her clothes to my dresser as she grinned. I caressed her hips and pelvis before cupping a breast and bending to suck in a nipple.

I reached into her to map her pleasure centers while sucking and she groaned and shuddered. I moved over her and between her legs to kiss her before sliding down her body. I softly caressed all her pleasure centers as I opened her pussy and licked. She gasped and her back arched and she moaned, “ooohhh!”

I rubbed her g spot when I pushed my tongue into her and then captured her clit. She spasmed and jerked as her hands grabbed my head, “aaaahhhh!”

I started sucking and licking and nibbling while rubbing and caressing her pleasure centers as I tied them together. Michelle screamed and thrashed around as she squirted and thrust up, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I moved up her body to kiss her as she panted and slowly pushed into her. I opened my mind as I kept kissing her and started to fuck her slowly. Her slippery pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock as I fucked all the way into her and started grinding. She shuddered and clutched me as I stroked her pleasure centers and fucked her with long, deep thrusts for a minute.

Her pussy spasmed and tightened as she stiffened and then began bucking and shaking, “ffffuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!”

I buried my cock to grind and press as I kissed her before pulling back as she screamed and started to thrash around, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I fucked her hard and deep and kept it up as she jerked and spasmed. It was awhile before I was ready to cum and knew she felt it. I thrust into her and kissed her as my cock swelled and throbbed. The eruption gushed against and through into her womb and Michelle wailed as she lifted her legs and spread them.

Her mind pulled at mine and I shuddered as I pushed the link into her and then from Cat, Tara and Sarah. She was shaking as her pussy tightened and she slowly relaxed. I kissed her and slowly pulled out as Cat, Tara and Sarah whispered in our minds, “that was hot! Marie’s turn.”

Michelle giggled, “you fuck really good Jerrod.”

I pulled on Marie as Michelle slipped out of bed and walked towards the door and Marie appeared. I removed her clothes as she grinned and floated above me, “already?”

I smiled and brought her down beside me and turned to caress her body, “you have questions.”

She nodded, “can...”

I caressed her pelvis as I finished for her, “can I remove the link. Yes, but being in the link is addictive.”

I touched her temple and let her hear the other girls. Cat reached out, “we are here and you will never be alone.”

Tara’s touch was soft and almost physical, “there isn’t anything to be afraid of, I won’t hurt you.”

Sarah was new at this and a little loud, “we are friends and sisters now.”

Michelle’s voice was soft like Tara’s, “besides, feeling Jerrod when you make love is so... awesome.”

Marie smiled and caressed my chest, “that was strange but nice.”

I moved over her and kissed her, “it doesn’t hurt.”

I moved down her body as she tensed and then laughed softly with the other girls. I reached into her and began mapping her pleasure centers. She shuddered and moaned, “what are you...”

I licked through her pussy and nibbled on her labia as she lifted her hips. She shuddered and shook as I kept caressing her pleasure centers as I tied them together. She jerked and thrust up as she squirted, “HOLY FUCK!”

I kept licking her clit and teasing it before sucking as I rubbed her g spot constantly. Marie arched her back and screamed as she squirted in my mouth, “yyyyeeeessss!”

She twisted and turned as I continued to lick her pussy and squirted me twice more before pushing my face away. The other girls were giggling and I felt them kissing and feeling each other as I read Marie and rolled her over before lifting her hips. I moved up behind her as she spread her legs and pushed into her tight pussy as I stroked her with my mind.

She thrust back hard as her pussy squeezed my cock and she spasmed, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

I let her feel my mind as I began to fuck her and she was still shaking. I used long thrusts and kept pushing against her cervix. She became incoherent a moment later as her pussy rippled and milked my cock. She was jerking and pushing back as I fucked her harder. She was breathing hard and convulsing when I buried my cock to jab into her as my balls began to churn.

She knew I was getting ready to cum and her pussy tightened as she thrust back and screamed, “BREED ME!”

Her mind wanted exactly that and reached for my mind. I shifted her reaching mind and pushed the link into place before reaching for the other girls and pushing and pulling the new link into place. I held her hips as I spurted and pumped and spewed until she sighed and slowly dropped to the bed and pulled my cock out.

I rubbed through her slimy, leaking pussy before rolling her over, “that was nice.”

She shuddered as her pussy opened and closed and the other girls laughed as they walked in. I moved over and reached for Cat as I laid back. The girls laughed as she squeaked and floated towards me naked. I pulled her down onto me and caressed her hips and butt, “now you are sisters.”

I heard the echo and smiled as they giggled and Tara and Sarah attacked Marie. Sarah sucking on one of her nipples and Tara slipping between her legs to lick her leaking pussy. Cat and Michelle laughed as Marie shrieked and lifted her hips. Cat sat up and lifted to position my cock before pushing down to get it into her.

She sighed and began to slowly thrust back and forth. The other girls sighed in pleasure as it was echoed from Cat. She grinned and leaned over to pull Michelle close. She kissed her as she began to rock and roll her hips. My cock was hitting her cervix as I rubbed her pelvis. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and her pussy squeezed.

The scream in my mind made me jerk as I reached for Hope. I twisted and pushed Cat off as I pulled and Hope appeared. I pushed and appeared standing beside the bed and reached for pajamas. The girls were wide eyed as I let Cat pull Hope down and I vanished. I was pissed and appeared in the kitchen at Hope’s, her mother was on the floor.

She was bleeding and her face was discolored. I looked around and pulled and the killer appeared floating in front of me, “I gave you a warning.”

I slammed him into the wall and then brought him towards me, “How did you get out of...”

I could read his mind and growled as I saw the judge giving him bail. I reached into his mind and began to make changes. The thoughts and memories I saw hurt but I continued until I was done and let him go to drop to the floor. I lifted the phone and dialed 911 and turned to Ms Johnson and bent to lift her in my arms.

I vanished and appeared outside an emergency room, “Cat?”

“We’re here Jerrod.”

That was from Tara, I used my mind to help lift and carry Hope’s mother. I went through the emergency doors, “I need help!”

Two interns ran towards me as I thought, “someone stay with Hope. Her mother has been hurt.”

“We saw and Cat and Marie are with her.”

Cat’s calm voice slipped in, “she thinks we are angels.”

I stayed with Hope’s mom as the interns rushed her into the other room. The girls were talking to each other as a doctor finally woke her. Her eyes looked around in fear and she saw me and I smiled, “Hope is fine.”

She sighed and lay back, it was a couple of hours before they would release her. I reached into my dresser to bring a packet of money to pay the bill before walking her out. She looked at me, “an angel in pajamas?”

I grinned and kept walking with her until we were off the security camera. I reached for her hand and we disappeared and appeared in my front room. I smiled at Sarah, Michelle and Cat and Hope ran to her mother, “MOMMA!”

I smiled, “you are a handful little angel. I had to... tamper and punish the bad man instead of letting the police do it.”

She looked at me, “thank you Jerrod.”

I nodded and looked at Cat, “the guest bedroom?”

Marie smiled as she walked in, “cleaned and the sheet and blanket turned back.”

Tara followed her in, “I even found my old night light.”

I nodded and reached out to lift Hope and bring her floating to me. I caressed her face, “I promised to protect you little angel. Take your mother back to my guest bedroom and let her hold you.”

I looked at Joline as I floated Hope to her, “you will be safe here. The man that broke in won’t ever hurt you or anyone again.”

She smiled as she caught Hope, “thank you.”

I nodded and Tara turned to lead her towards the hall. I watched them leave and sighed before moving to sit on the couch. I leaned back and closed my eyes and rubbed my temples, “that scared me.”

Cat slipped onto my lap, “we all felt you. You wanted to kill him.”

I pulled her against me, “he knocked Hope’s mother out and went after her to kill her.”

I opened my eyes, “I was tempted but killing is to good for him.”

Marie snorted, “not from what we saw.”

Michelle and Sarah nodded and I smiled as I reached out to caress them. I looked at Cat, “I tried to block what I did.”

She nodded, “we didn’t see but felt you.”

I looked away, “I locked every death away in his mind so he would always feel what he did as if it was happening to him.”

Sarah shifted closer and leaned against me to kiss my cheek, “I hope the bastard dies.”

Cat felt my distaste and so did the others as Tara came back. I shook my head, “I hope he doesn’t. He will suffer every moment he lives.”

Cat stood and pulled me up, “bed for you, you are almost ready to cry in frustration.”

I held her, “I really wanted to kill him.”

The girls pulled me after them and to the bed before pushing me in. I ignored their whispering together as Cat and Tara snuggled half on me and the other girls snuggled against them. I reached out to Hope and her mother and put them to sleep. It was awhile before I slept and woke to a tickle against my mind.

I lifted my head to see Hope in the doorway peeking in. I smiled as I saw her mother still sleeping and reached out to lift her and bring her over the bed and to me, “hungry?”

She was grinning and nodded as she looked at the girls laying on me and each other. I carefully shifted to lay Cat and Tara on the bed before pushing myself and appearing beside it. I gestured and Hope giggled as she floated after me. I felt Sarah and Marie lift their heads and look as we went through the door.

In the kitchen I opened cabinets and refrigerator. I poured cereal and milk into a bowl floating beside her before putting both away. I was making coffee as I walked her back to the dinning table and lowered her and sat her up while putting the bowl in front of her with a spoon whizzing in from the kitchen.

She giggled and leaned closer to start eating. I felt the girls giggling together as Sarah told them about Hope floating after me. They came out a couple of minutes later as I was sipping coffee and Hope stopped eating to smile, “you sleep funny.”

Tara grinned at the image I sent, “Jerrod is a good bed warmer.”

I pulled and pushed to seat them as I brought milk and bowls and cereal. Michelle leaned over to look under Hope before grinning and murmuring in her mind to the others who laughed. A few minutes later Hope’s mom appeared looking for her daughter. She stopped to look at the girls before walking around the table to sit in the chair beside Hope.

She stopped when she saw Hope sitting on air and looked at me, “seriously?”

I grinned and pulled and pushed until she was sitting, “you need to eat and then I will take you home. There are police waiting that you will need to speak with.”

She bit her lip and turned to the bowl that floated in front of her and filled with cereal and milk. I finished my coffee and stood, “I will bring you back tonight to sleep safe.”

Joline looked at me and followed my look to her daughter before smiling, “thank you.”

Since Hope was finished I floated her onto her mother’s lap as I headed towards the bathroom and a shower. Cat’s mind whisper to Marie had her running after me and I smiled as she undressed with me and climbed into the shower. I caressed her body, “sorry things got distracting last night.”

She laughed, “my pussy is still tingling.”

I caressed her pleasure centers and she sagged and moaned. I held her until she looked at me and grinned. I started washing her and caressing her body and she was doing me. I ignored her talking to the others as she stroked my cock. I cupped a breast since I knew she was teasing and stroked her.

I caught her as she almost dropped and the other girls snickered, “I can hear you too and if you play that game I will play one too.”

I pulled her out and dried her and sat her until she was sane and went to get dressed. When I came out Tara had Joline in an outfit. I smiled, “nice school girl look.”

She smiled and I lifted Hope and held out my hand, “ready to return?”

She nodded and I squeezed her hand when she slipped it into mine. I pushed and we appeared down the street from her house. I could see the police car in front of her house and walked with her until we got to the drive. I turned to touch Hope’s cheek, “I will be watching.”

She smiled and nodded and I looked at Joline, “tell the police you were taken to the hospital by a stranger and stayed with a friend.”

She smiled, “I was and I did.”

I nodded and pushed as I went home. I appeared in the front room and heard the girls in the bathroom and bedroom getting dressed. I reached out to check Mrs Santee and Honey before sitting on the couch. I leaned back and closed my eyes as I opened my mind and reached out before I began to sort through those that were thinking about drugs.
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