The girls grinned and looked at Cat as she walked to me, “they can stay up but it is my turn.”

I swept her into my arms and turned to walk towards the hall, “I’m doing you so deep.”

She laughed and hugged me as the other girls giggled. I pushed the door closed as Tara and Cat plotted with each other and moved to toss her on the bed. I reached out to check Mrs Santee and Honey before laying beside Cat and cupping a breast. I sighed at the pull from little Hope and Cat looked at me.

I laid back and let her and Tara piggy back as I reached out. Hope was in her mother’s bed hiding under the covers and I caressed her cheek, “Hope?”

She stirred and stopped crying, “Jerrod?”

I smiled, “you remembered my name.”

She nodded, “will you stay with me?”

She sounded pitiful and I touched her to remove her tears, “what makes you think I am not with you?”

She shifted and looked around before pulling the covers down, “I don’t see you.”

Cat stirred and I touched Hope’s mind to send my image, “see me now?”


I could feel her mother walking back to the bedroom to sleep with her daughter, “I will watch for you. Your mom will be there soon, let her hold you.”

I pulled back and watched through her eyes as her mother walked in and sat on the bed beside her daughter. I sighed and Cat turned to straddle me, “softy.”

I caressed her hips and rubbed her butt, “remember what I said last night Cat. I can feel you and others.”

She rubbed her pussy on me, “than you know I am horny.”

I smiled as I heard Tara, “again.”

Cat grinned and lifted to position her pussy before pushing and wiggling to slid it in. I cupped her wonderful breasts as I let how it felt move through me and to both of them. Cat groaned and Tara staggered in a moment later. I smiled and closed the door and striped her as I brought her to the bed beside us.

Cat started thrusting back and forth and her tight pussy rippled and kept grasping my cock. I caressed her pleasure centers and she stiffened and arched her back as she squirted and screamed, “JERROD!”

Tara jerked and spasmed wildly before pulling Cat down and off me. I turned as they clutched each other and moved behind Cat. I shifted and pushed into her slick pussy from behind and her pussy clenched around my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She shoved back and started convulsing as I reached around her to cup her breast and tug on the nipple. Tara kissed her and pressed against her as I kept fucking her. I glanced at the bedroom door as the other girls opened it and Cat squirted and screamed again, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

The girls laughed as I pulled out of Cat and reached for Tara. I pushed her onto her back before pulling Cat to straddle her. I moved down and behind Cat and pushed into her before I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She groaned and shuddered hard as she clung to Tara and kissed her.

Her pussy rippled and spasmed as shocks of pleasure raced through both their pussies. They screamed together as I fucked Cat with deep thrusts for a minute and pulled out and pushed into Tara. I fucked her slowly as she clutched Cat and started convulsing. I buried my cock and humped before slowly pulling out as she twisted and shuddered hard, “JERROD!”

I pushed into Cat and started fucking her as she began to hump down against Tara. It was a several minutes before I buried my cock hastily as it throbbed. I groaned and held Cat as I began to gush a torrent of cum. She tilted her hips and wailed at the feel of the warm sperm and our shared orgasm.

Tara jerked and bucked as she spasmed and shuddered under her. When I stopped coming they were panting and kissing each other as I pulled out, “so take that.”

They laughed and the other girls joined them which made Cat and Tara jerk and look. Marie, Sarah and Michelle walked to the bed and crawled on as I read their surface thoughts and let Cat and Tara see. I laid back as Cat moved off Tara and against me, “enjoy the show?”

They grinned and Sarah reached out to finger Tara, “yeah.”

Marie crawled over Tara and paused to suck on a nipple before doing the same thing to Cat. She straddled me and slowly worked my cock into her. Michelle giggled as she did the same thing to Tara and laid between Cat’s legs as she spread them. Marie rocked back and forth as my cock pushed against her cervix, “we know all about it Tara.”

Tara frowned but since she could read what they were thinking from my mind she kept quiet. I reached up to cup Marie’s breasts, “that she is Bi?”

She shuddered as her pussy rippled and squeezed. Sarah cleared her throat, “well, we thought she was gay.”

I smiled, “really?”

I lifted my head to look over Cat, “you don’t like my loving?”

She grinned and pushed Sarah and pulled until she was between her legs, “I just needed the right guy and you seem to hit the right spot, I love fucking you.”

The girls smiled and Marie shuddered as she rolled her hips and thrust back and forth, “but there is something else, we felt it. No guy has ever made us feel like you.”

I pulled her down before twisting until she was under me and began to fuck her with deep thrusts, “if you want those answers it will cost you your freedom.”

She bucked and spasmed as her pussy contracted and she clung to me. She groaned as I kept fucking her and reached inside all of the girls and caressed their pleasure centers and tied them together. I continued to fuck her and push against her cervix as she lifted and spread her legs. They all screamed together before jerking and convulsing.

I buried my cock and began to hump, press and jab. Cat and Tara were groaning as they felt my balls churning and I shoved into Marie. I held her as I spewed a gushing spurt of cum and let the others feel the warm surging rush of warm sperm flooding them. Marie, Sarah and Michelle’s eyes rolled up as their pleasure centers were flooded with the warm feel.

When I stopped coming and pulled out. Marie was panting and shivering as she slept. I moved over and moved Michelle and Sarah around to snuggle with Marie. I shifted and pulled Cat and Tara together and held Cat and cupped a breast, “now that they are asleep...”

Tara laughed, “you almost put us asleep again.”

I smiled and reached out to caress her face, “you felt what they were thinking and wanting.”

Cat put her head on my shoulder as she reached back to pull Tara against her, “yeah.”

Tara giggled, “Sarah wanted to lick my pussy.”

I smiled, “it is your choice.”

Cat glanced back, “well?”

Tara rubbed her hip, “I heard what you are thinking and I know you hear me.”

I smiled, “so tomorrow when they wake up I will give them a choice.”

They nodded and I lay back and relaxed. I snapped awake and reached out by instinct to pull. Hope appeared floating above the bed as I sat up, “Hope?”

She sniffled and I tried to relax as Cat and Tara stirred and then Marie, Sarah and Michelle. I shifted around and over Cat and Tara as they sat up and brought my pajama’s to me as I let my mind hug Hope. I slipped my pajama’s on before turning to take Hope’s hand. I glanced at the bed with all of them looking and vanished.

I appeared in a pink bedroom with a tousled haired woman looking around. I caressed Hope’s cheek as she floated beside the bed and the woman grasp and leaped out of bed, “HOPE!”

I smiled and nodded before looking at Hope as her mother clutched and hugged her, “it was a dream Hope. I told you I would be there. Now tell your mother about the dream. If you need me call.”

The woman opened her mouth but I vanished. I appeared beside my bed to see the girls all sitting up. I smiled and sat beside Tara and caressed her bare hip, “ready for a talk?”

Marie, Sarah and Michelle looked at each other and Marie cleared her throat, “we saw you disappear.”

I smiled and leaned over to kiss Tara before standing. I turned to the door as I reached into the bed and lifted all of them. I started towards the door and they gasped as they floated after me. Cat and Tara could feel me and knew what I was doing and stayed quiet. I walked into the kitchen as the girls floated after me and drifted down onto chairs at the dinning room table.

I made cereal and sent the bowls floating out followed by glasses of juice. I walked out and sat across from Cat and took a breath, “I was like you before I was struck by lightning. I probably should have died but I didn’t. My mind was changed however, I can teleport or move things with my mind.”

I smiled at Sarah, “Yes I can read your minds but not like you think. Mostly it is just the surface thoughts and even then they are scattered so what I get is a lot of emotions. If I want something deeper it is much harder.”

I smiled at Cat, “Cat changed my life in many ways. She was the first woman I made love to and I didn’t know to keep my mind closed. She somehow felt it and... well, she pulled a link from my mind to hers.”

I looked at the girls and smiled at Tara, “Tara was different in many ways. Cat and she are attracted to each other. I explained how Cat made our link and when we made love she was very...”

I blushed and Cat laughed, “she drained him of all his sperm when she made her link.”

Marie, Sarah and Michelle grinned and then giggled. I grinned, “we have felt the three of you and like Tara you seem to know and want more.”

I sighed and looked at each of the girls, “I can give it to you but like Cat and Tara there is a price.”

They looked at each other and Marie leaned forward, “what?”

I smiled, “the link will need attention and renewing occasionally.”

They looked at each other and Cat laughed, “he means you have to keep fucking him.”

They grinned and Sarah reached out absently to take Tara’s hand, “that means you have to keep fucking us.”

I smiled, “I told you I could read your surface thoughts.”

I looked at the table, “what I do isn’t just with Cat and Tara. I take drug dealers money and try to help the police arrest them. The girl you saw was kidnaped by a serial killer. I saved her and like others I watch over them. I help people.”

I looked at the girls that stayed quiet, “besides moving things or reading what people think I have what is called empathy to a degree. Now you have the choice of what to do. I will tell you that regardless of your decision I will be placing certain commands to keep you from telling others beside us. I can’t risk becoming an experiment for some scientist.”

Michelle grinned, “I can understand that.”

I nodded and stood, “have breakfast and talk. Cat and Tara can answer your questions.”

I smiled at Cat, “I need to shower and change. Hope’s mother was awake and saw me. She may need a moment of my time.”

I tried not to listen as they talked. I showered and dressed and sighed at Hope’s frustration with her mother. I walked into the front room and vanished before appearing in a small dinning room. Hope was sitting in a chair as her mother looked at her in frustration. I smiled and walked to the chair on her other side, “okay little angel?”

Hope smiled and nodded, “I tried to tell momma that you were my guardian angel but she doesn’t believe me.”

I touched her hand, “I know, I heard.”

I looked at her frowning mother, “my name is Jerrod, I was the one to call you. Hope is under my protection now. I will always be watching her and if she ever truly needs help I will come. The man frightened her badly and I’m afraid her nightmare was only the first of many. I brought her to me to calm her before returning her.”

Hope giggled, “he was sleeping with a lot of pretty angels.”

I smiled and looked at her mother, “I won’t let harm come to her.”

She bit her lip and blurted, “but what are you?”

I stood and winked at Hope, “her guardian angel.”

I vanished and appeared in the front room at home. Girls shrieked as I reached out to rub Michelle’s bare butt, “get dressed nymphs.”

I headed towards my room and Cat. Tara winked at me as I went past her and walked to the bedroom. They had both seen and heard as I talked to Hope’s mom. Cat turned when I walked in and smiled, “you know what they decided.”

I pulled her to me, “but you are nervous.”

She sighed, “yes.”

I held her pressed against me, “what do I feel?”

She looked into my eyes before smiling, “besides lust?”

I waited and she put her head against my shoulder, “sorry. You almost seem to ache for me.”

I hugged her, “our bond is not the same, I have always wanted you. What you gave me was my dream.”

Cat smiled and pushed back, “you had a crush on me.”

She laughed and then giggled as she reached for my pants. I grinned and stepped back, “later. Since they made their choice it is time to show some of the benefits.”

She followed what I was thinking and grinned as Tara clapped in the other room. I turned and gestured to the door, “go dress before I change my mind.”

Cat laughed as she strutted out and I sighed and reached for a packet of money.
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