I woke to darkness and glanced at the small clock beside the bed. That’s when I realized what had awakened me. I lifted my head as the bedroom door quietly opened and Mrs Santee looked in. I slipped out of bed and walked to my pajamas and put them on as she watched. I walked to the door and she stepped back.

I closed the door behind me, I don’t know why but I put my arm around her waist and walked to the kitchen. Surprisingly she allowed it and in the kitchen I steered her to one of the stools while I went to the coffee pot. After the coffee started brewing I turned to her and sat in another stool. We were quiet as we waited for the coffee.

When I saw that it was done I crossed to pour two cups. I fixed a cup for her the way she liked it and brought them back and smiled, “what happened last night shouldn’t happen again but if it does I am only a thought away.”

She nodded, “I’m just worried about Honey.”

I glanced to the back of the house reaching out. I looked back at her, “Honey is fine. The two of you need to move on with your life, I will be watching just in case.”

Mrs Santee kissed my cheek as a sleepy Honey walked into the room. I held out my hand and took Mrs Santee’s with my other one. I reached out to check their house and as Honey’s hand slipped into mine I ported us back to their home. I looked at her mother, “If you want, call me and you can sleep safe at my place again.”

I gave both of their hands a squeeze and jumped back to my house. I looked towards the bedroom as I felt Cat stir. I headed towards the bedroom and walked to the bed. I gently caressed her and her eyes flicked open and finally focused on me. She grinned, “You made both of us pass out at once?”

I leaned over the bed and caressed Tara’s exposed breast, she was moaning but not waking up. I chuckled and sat down as Cat grinned. My hand slipped between Tara’s legs and she moaned, “no more, please.”

Cat choked on her laugh and Tara opened sleepy eyes. She looked at Cat and then slowly turned her head to me as I caressed her hip. She smiled, “I think Sarah was right, you are a god.”

Cat laughed out loud and I smiled as I stood and started walking to the door, “come have breakfast and then we have to get ready for school.”

In the kitchen I started pouring cereal into bowls on the counter and set the milk beside them. I could hear Cat laughing harder and shook my head as my mind reached out to cabinets and the refrigerator for glasses and juice. When the girls came in a minute later I filled two cups of coffee for Cat and Tara and then poured glasses of orange juice for each of them.

The cups and glasses floated to the counter next to their stools. Tara glanced at me and whispered, “There was cum all over the bed.”

I laughed, “If you’re with a boy that happens.”

She blushed, “I know that but I was lying in a puddle.”

Cat snickered and I laughing harder. When I stopped laughing I went to Tara and kissed her and hugged her. We ate breakfast and I sent them off for showers while I cleaned up. By the time I was finished I heard Cat and Tara laughing in the shower. I stripped out of my pajamas and sent them into the laundry as I walked into the bathroom.

I stepped into the shower behind Tara and she jumped and squeaked, “Jerrod!”

I laughed and mocked her, “Tara!”

She smiled and glanced down to see me starting to get hard. She licked her lips and looked into my face, “do you want me to…”

I shook my head, “you pulled the link in. I know how you really feel about doing that. Besides, I think you pulled every drop of cum out of me last night.”

Cat laughed as Tara grinned and hugged me, “and for once I enjoyed every long agonizing minute.”

I laughed as I turned her around and started washing her back, “it didn’t look like you were in that much agony to me.”

She laughed and purred as Cat started washing her front. I caressed her hips and started washing her back. She pushed back against me and grinned over her shoulder before pulling Cat around between us. Cat stroked my cock before turning and bending over while holding Tara, “fuck me.”

I grinned and rubbed her pussy, “we might be late for school.”

She wiggled her butt, “hard and deep Jerrod.”

I couldn’t resist and positioned my cock, “witch.”

She laughed as Tara grinned and I slowly pushed into her warm pussy. I held her hips and started to fuck her slowly at first. When she shuddered a minute later I began to fuck her long, hard and deep. A couple of minutes and Cat was jerking as her pussy spasmed around my cock. It took another couple of minutes before I thrust into her.

As both she and Tara shuddered together from their link my cock erupted and I gushed a stream of cum deep inside her. She pushed back as her pussy tightened, yyyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was finally done and slowly pulled out. I stood her up and turned her to give her a soft kiss, “thanks Cat.”

She caressed my cheek, “your welcome.”

Tara laughed and hugged her, “yeah, thanks Cat.”

Cat laughed and looked back at her, “your welcome too.”

We finished and I dried them and gave them both a pat on the butt, “get dressed before we are late.”

We walked together and they met the other girls at the corner. Sarah must have already told the other girls because they grinned at me and Marie linked arms with me, “hey stud, did you fuck Cat and Tara too?”

I smiled and looked at Cat as she laughed with Sarah and Michelle. She shook me, “Sarah told us so you can tell us.”

I rubbed her butt, “you will have to get Cat and Tara to confess.”

Tara laughed as she slipped up on Marie’s other side, “he fucked me so good I passed out and slept all night in a puddle of cum.”

Marie laughed and looked at me and I could feel her tempting thoughts. I sent Cat and Tara a mental caress when we reached school and headed towards my first class. I kept a mental eye on the two during their classes and smiled as they gossiped back and forth. I only had to touch them once when they weren’t paying attention to the teacher.

I sat in my normal spot for lunch and glanced around before reaching out with my mind. I was looking for more large drug suppliers and found something else. I almost cringed away but knew I had to do something. The man I was reading was a pedophile and a serial killer. He had already killed and buried over twenty kids and was planning to kidnap another today.

I jerked when I realized some of my fear and distaste was passing through the links to Cat and Tara. I let the foul mind go and took a deep breath as Cat hissed and thought, “what happened?”

I gave them both a mental caress, “I’m sorry, I stumbled into something very bad.”

I sat thinking before standing and heading to the bathroom. I appeared by the phone booth I had used before and called the police. I told them about the killer and the kidnaping. I told them where and how he would do it as well as when before hanging up. I returned to school and went back to sit and try to clear some of the foulness from my mind.

I glanced at Cat and Tara as they walked into the quad with Marie, Michelle and Sarah who was blushing. They headed straight across towards me with Marie leading the way. She grinned as she slipped onto my lap, “hey stud.”

I smiled and cupped a breast through her blouse as I reached into her and caressed her pleasure centers, “tease.”

She shuddered and squirmed as Sarah and Michelle snickered. Cat and Tara were grinning since they had felt what I had done. I caressed down her tummy to her pelvis as I caressed inside her pleasure centers in her clit.

Marie jerked and shuddered harder and then grinned, “since it is Friday and Cat and Tara are staying with you we were wondering if we could sleep over.”

I glanced at Cat and Tara, “did you ask Cat and Tara?”

I knew they wanted me to decide but let Marie look at them, “they said it is your house.”

I smiled and let her stand before reaching for Cat and pulling her onto my lap, “they are living with me and not guests.”

Cat grinned and wiggled before kissing me and looking at Marie, “you can sleep over.”

I cupped one of her breasts and caressed inside her. She shuddered like Tara but the other girls were only looking at Cat. I kissed her passionately and caressed and stroked her pleasure centers. She jerked and spasmed as she came and clung to me as I kept kissing her. When I stopped she groaned and looked at Tara who shuddered and shifted to close her legs.

I grinned as Marie, Michelle and Sarah laughed, “I think we are going to have seafood for dinner.”

Cat groaned and the others laughed as I let her stand, “bring sexy night gowns girls.”

The warning bell rang and they left as I headed to class. Cat and Tara whispered and conspired back and forth in their minds, mostly to tease and tempt me. I walked home with one on each arm as they continued to plot the seduction of Michelle and Marie. I left them after we got home and took some money to go shopping.

I bought everything for dinner including lobster, large tiger shrimp and large scallops. I brought them home before leaving with Tara and Cat. This time it was a lingerie store in the mall where I let the two shop for negligees and sexy panties and bras. We left with large bags filled and I brought more money before leading them into a jewelry store.

We left with another bag of treasure as the girls called it. I let the girls head towards their room when we appeared at home and went to check the grill on the back porch. The thought of the killer returned and I don’t know why but I reached out. I straightened at what I had found, not only had the police failed to do anything, the monster had kidnaped the girl!

I used his mind to get a fix and pushed myself. I appeared in a pink bedroom for a girl and looked at the monster pawing at the girl on the bed. I gestured and he flew to the side and slammed into the wall. I glared as his head continued to slam and bounce against the wall before I let him fall unconscious to the floor.

I moved to the girl and knelt, “are you okay?”

I spoke in her mind and she trembled, “I want my mommy.”

I smiled, “I know sweetie.”

I stood and held out my hand, “lets go call her.”

She looked at me uncertainly and then at the crumpled form of the other man. She slipped off the bed and held out her small hand and I took it and walked out with her beside me. In the front room I stopped by a phone and lifted it and dialed 911, “there has been a kidnaping and murder. The bodies are buried in the backyard.”

I hung up and looked at the little girl as I knelt, “what is your name?”

She looked at me with her lip quivering, “Hope.”

I smiled and looked through her mind to find a picture of her mother before reaching out. Her mother was almost frantic as I read her and dialed her cell phone. She answered on the first ring, “hello?”

I smiled at Hope, “Ms Johnson I caught the man that took your daughter. The police should be on the way but you should come too.”

I glanced at the front door as I heard the squeal of tires. I reached out to open the front door and looked at Hope as I gave the address to her mother. I bent to whisper into Hope’s ear, “if you need me just think of me and call.”

I gave the phone to her and stood before vanishing as a police officer came through the front door. I appeared on the back porch and walked in the house to see Cat, Tara, Sarah, Marie and Michelle wearing sheer negligees and grinned, “now this looks promising.”

They grinned as I headed towards the bedroom to change. Cat followed and closed the door behind us. I knew what she was thinking since she and Tara had been plotting together mentally. I smiled as I stripped, “let me change and then I’ll help with your plot.”

She grinned and came to pull my clothes off. She watched as I pulled on a pair of shorts before letting her pull me out. A movie was on in the front room as I went to start the grill. I turned as Marie came out with Cat watching through the screen. I grinned as she walked to me and rubbed my chest.

I pulled her around before lifting her to the patio table beside the grill. She grinned and reached for my shorts but I caught her hand, “I get to taste you first so lay back.”

She laughed and did as I told her, I knelt and reached into her as I leaned in. I licked through her pussy as I caressed her pleasure centers. As I began to nibble on her labia and tease her clit she jerked and spasmed and squirted and screamed. I rubbed the pleasure centers a little harder and she started wiggling and twisting as I kept licking and tongue fucking her.

Each time she jerked and spasmed she would squirt and wail, scream or howl. It was fifteen minutes before I stood and opened my shorts. I pushed them down and moved between her legs as she panted and shuddered. I slowly pushed into her as she lifted her legs and spread them, “yyyeeeeessssss!”

I hit her cervix and then pulled back and started to fuck her. All the girls were at the door watching as Marie wailed and convulsed. Her wet, slippery pussy was spasming and grasping my cock as I fucked her slowly with long strokes. She twisted and thrashed, howled and screamed. Her pussy was constantly squirting as I fucked in and out.

I was careful not to let her feel my mind as I finally planted my cock and gushed cum. Marie jerked and lifted her hips as I let the surging warmth of my sperm caress her pleasure centers. She stiffened as her pussy clenched, “yyyyyeeeeeessssssss!”

She spasmed wildly as she squirted and her pussy milked my cock. When I stopped cumming I began to fuck her again and the other girls watching laughed. Tara slipped out and hugged me, “torture someone else.”

I grinned and pulled out before turning to hold her, “you volunteering?”

She was tempted but laughed, “dinner first.”

I kissed her before turning to help Marie off the table. I went to bring out what I was going to cook as the girls giggled together and went back to dancing in the front room. We were eating when I felt Hope and quietly slipped away. I went to my room and sat as I thought, “Hope?”

“I’m afraid.”

I smiled, “I’m only a thought away.”

“Momma wants to know who you are.”

I reached out to mentally caress her face, “I am your guardian angel.”

She smiled, “like in heaven?”

I sighed, “no my little angel. I am really like you but now I will always be with you.”

I looked through her eyes, “still afraid?”

She shifted, “a little.”

I caressed her again, “the bad man can never touch you again.”

Hope turned and I felt her mother at the door to her room, “sleep with your mother, she will keep you safe too.”

I let her go and stood to go back to dinner since both Cat and Tara kept asking what I was doing. After dinner they put a scary movie on as I began to clean up. I was careful and made sure they didn’t see the dishes cleaning themselves. Cat pulled me out and sat on my lap as she thought, “where did you go?”

I saw Tara watching and cupped a breast as I thought to them, “I found a pedophile. He had killed little girls and I stopped him from hurting another. Her name is Hope and she is six. She thinks I am her guardian angel.”

Cat kissed me and caressed my face, “you are an angel.”

The other girls shrieked and I glanced at them. Cat laughed as she wiggled, “Michelle?”

Her girlfriend turned to look at her and she grinned, “want a turn?”

Michelle grinned, “on the table?”

I shook my head and caressed Cat’s pleasure centers as I stood. I let her go as she shuddered and laughed as I turned to hold out my hand. Michelle took it as she jumped up and I led her to the dinning room table. I pulled her panties down and off before lifting her and sitting her on the end of the table.

I undressed before moving a chair and sitting between her legs. I pushed them open and leaned closer as I felt inside her and licked through her pussy while I softly caressed the pleasure centers inside her pussy. Michelle shuddered and thrust her hips up as I kept licking her cherry flavored pussy and covered her clit.

I teased it with the tip of my tongue and started sucking as she arched her back and squirted. I continued to caress and rub her pleasure centers as she wiggled and jerked. I caressed the centers up her body and in her breasts as I nibbled on her clit with my lips. She arched her back and yelled as she shuddered hard.

It was several minutes before I stood and slowly pushed into her. I sent my mind into her and along all the pleasure centers and tied them together. She howled and stiffened as she squirted and started bucking and thrashing around, “gggggooooodddddd!”

I began fucking her slowly with long strokes and she kept shuddering violently as she squirted and her pussy spasmed and milked my cock. Cat and Tara were both shuddering as they felt what I was doing. Marie and Sarah were standing behind me laughing as Michelle jerked erratically. I buried my cock in her and started to hump, press and grind.

She screamed and squirted a couple more times as she bucked, twisted and squirmed. I pulled back to fuck her with hard, deep thrusts and she lifted her legs into the air, “HOLY FUCK!”

She thrashed and convulsed as I kept fucking her and planting my cock. It was awhile before my balls were churning and my cock throbbing. I pushed into her and shuddered as she lifted her hips. I closed my mind before I began to gush and spewed large spurts of cum.

She screamed again as warm sperm erupted through her cervix and into her womb, “OH... MY... GOD!”

She spread her legs wide as I pumped spurts into her and when I stopped she groaned. I pulled out and bent over her to give her a soft kiss, “have fun?”

She laughed and shook me before I helped her up. I glanced at Tara and Cat as they held each other with cum running down their legs. I smiled, “bed time?”
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