The girls watched as I slipped my pajamas on, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

As soon as I closed the door, I disappeared and reappeared in Mrs Santee’s living room. There were four men there and she was on the floor as if she had been hit. I reached out to the three that were obvious muscle types and slammed them into the wall and then bounced their heads on the ceiling a few times while reaching to the last man and shutting off his sight.

I walked forward into the sudden quiet and stopped next to the blind man, “you touched something that doesn’t belong to you. I will give you a choice.”

My thoughts pulled a knife from the kitchen and I held it against his throat, “death or prison?”

He just stood still and then his face slowly turned to me, “You have no…”

I pulled the knife closer against his throat, “I know who and what you are. You have three seconds and then I am cutting your throat.”

He stirred and when I said one he flinched and at two he blurted, “Prison!”

I reached into his mind and put commands in place and pulled the location of all his money. I sent the money home and walked him to the door, after I closed the door I restored his sight. I know he thought he could get around going to prison but the commands I placed in him were going to surprise him.

I walked to the three men, lifting them and waking them at the same time. I sent the knife back to the kitchen, I didn’t need it. I stood in front of them as they struggled, “you are bullies and I am going to teach you a lesson.”

I reached into each one and did a little tampering. When I was done they were crying and pleading. I had removed their aggressive nature and basically they were terrified over everything. I moved them to the door and they left. I removed any memory of being here or me from them as I turned to Mrs Santee who was sitting against the far wall.

I crossed to her and knelt, “do you remember me?”

She nodded and I held out my hand, “it may not be safe here. You and your daughter can stay with me.”

When she took my hand it trembled as I gently pulled her to her feet. I looked into her face as she suddenly smiled. I looked down where she was looking and grinned. She thought it was funny that I was here in pajamas, “do you have some pajamas? I’m afraid I don’t have extra.”

She giggled and laughed as she nodded and started walking towards her bedroom. I stopped at Honey’s room and knocked before opening her door. She was across the room as far from the door as she could get and I looked at her terrified face, “Honey?”

She shivered, “are they still here?”

I shook my head, “no and they will never bother you again.”

She slowly slipped down the wall to the floor and I crossed the room to her. As she started crying I held her, “it’s over.”

Her mother came in a minute later and I looked up to see her watching me. I waved her close, “can you help her change into something to sleep in?”

She nodded and took her daughter from my arms. I stood and crossed to the door, “I’ll wait out here.”

A couple of minutes later the door opened and I smiled to see Honey in pajamas just like mine. I held out my hands, “by now you both know I am not what I seem. Close your eyes.”

When they closed their eyes I brought us home. We appeared in the front room, “follow me and I’ll show you the spare bedroom.”

I walked down the hall reaching out to Cat, “we have guests. I am putting them in the spare room.”

She was startled, “what’s happening Jerrod?”

“I’ll tell you when I get them settled.”

I opened the door into the spare room and walked to the queen size bed. I folded the covers back and turned to Mrs Santee and her daughter, “you’ll be safe here. I’m sorry I only have one bed.”

She smiled as she held Honey against her, “we will be fine, thank you.”

I nodded and crossed to the door and looked back, “the bathroom is just down the hall. Call if you need anything.”

I closed the door behind me and walked quietly to my room. When I opened the door I saw Sarah getting dressed and stepped in and smiled at her, “what no seconds?”

She grinned at me, “I don’t think I would survive seconds.”

Cat and Tara laughed as she stood and crossed to me. She embraced me, giving me a passionate kiss. I softly caressed her senses and smiled as she shuddered, “god!”

She blinked and then laughed with Cat and Tara, “I better go before I let him seduce me again.”

I walked her to the door and quietly closed it behind her. When I came back into the room Cat and Tara were waiting. I stripped out of the pajamas and crossed to the other side of the bed and got in beside Tara under the covers. I sighed as I snuggled up close to her, “you feel nice and soft Tara.”

She smiled as Cat hugged her. I could feel Cat’s inpatients and sighed, “okay Cat. After I was zapped by the lightening I had to find a way to live without my mother. There was no way I could be around her with the way she felt about me. Besides the other things I can do, I found that I am a bit of an empath. So… I started stealing from drug dealers.”

They looked at each other and then Cat looked back at me, “are you crazy?”

I smiled at her, “it’s not like I ever got close enough to let them see me. Anyway, today while you were at the doctor. I… visited the owner of the store that… donated the furniture for the house. He was bad, really bad. He has had people killed. He rapes and beats his wife and for the last year he has been raping his own daughter.”

They both stared at me with wide eyed and I shook my head, “I… put it in his head to do a drug buy from his supplier. I took his drug money, even what he was going to use for the buy. I left a gun from his desk in the case and called the cops. I told them where, when and who. They showed up late and he was killed by his suppler.”

Cat and Tara looked at each other and back at me, “that was on the news.”

I nodded, “I was responsible for his death. I went to his house and… helped his wife with information and directions. I removed the memory of the rapes from Honey, his daughter. I left… tags in them so that if they needed help I would know. Tonight some of his… associates came to her house. I… persuaded them to leave and not come back.”

They looked at each other again and Tara got this silly grin, “persuaded?”

I shrugged, “Well his associate should be talking to the police right about now and his three bully boys seemed to have lost their courage. A five year old would scare them now.”

They laughed and Tara shifted as Cat moved against her. Cat was grinning, “where did you put all the money?”

I smiled at her thoughts, “I was just dumping it in my closet. But it got too full so I started leaving it in the attic.”

They looked at each other again and grinned at me, “we could count it for you.”

I laughed as I started gently caressing Tara’s breast, “you just want to roll around in it.”

Cat laughed but Tara groaned as I bent and sucked on her nipple. I looked up at Cat, “anyway, I brought Mrs Santee and her daughter home with me so they would feel safe.”

Cat grinned and Tara groaned again as my fingers lightly caressed her clit, “is any girl safe with you?”

I gently nibbled on Tara’s nipple as Cat caressed her other one, “you know I feel what you do. I told you I’m an empath. I can’t take anyone against their will.”

She licked Tara’s other breast and looked at me, “and if you change their will? Like Sarah.”

I looked at her, “you think I changed Sarah? She was jealous of you, that was why she did what she did.”

I stopped what I was doing and looked at her, “it would take something major for me to even think of doing something like that. Yes, I can make it so any girl will want to have sex. I can even make it so that I am their entire world. More of a slave than you could even imagine. Do you really think I would do something like that? Take someone’s will away.”

They looked at me and I think they really felt how hurt I was that she had said that. Cat reached across Tara and touched my face, “I’m sorry Jerrod. I should have known better.”

I sighed and laid back, “I may be a horny boy but I am not evil.”

Cat slipped over Tara and onto me, “I know Jerrod and I am sorry.”

I looked at her and rolled her over Tara again, “No, but you will be.”

I reached inside her caressing and then I stroked her hard and just held it. Her eyes went wide as she came hard. Her back arched as she squirted cum onto the bed, “OH FUCK!”

Tara looked at me quickly and then at Cat and started laughing, “oh yeah, make her cum hard!”

I held her senses as she started shaking her head and her eyes rolled up and she slumped to the bed. I released her and we watched as her unconscious body jerked and twitched. I looked at Tara, “maybe I held it too long?”

She laughed and kissed me, “you can hold me like that anytime.”

We went back to watching Cat and I started lightly caressing Tara’s clit and reached inside her. I did like I had the first time with Cat and softly mapped her pleasure centers. She shuddered slightly and glanced at me, “you’re inside me now aren’t you?”

I smiled and kissed her, “I’m mapping your pleasure centers.”

She shivered and smiled back, “mapping? Like, finding where I enjoy the most pleasure?”

I nodded, “exactly.”

She sighed and seemed to relax, “well in that case, map away.”

I laughed and leaned over to suck on one of her nipples as Cat stirred. I looked into Tara’s face, “you have a choice. I can put the link in place or you can try to pull it into yourself like Cat did.”

Tara sighed again as I gently bit her nipple, “oh that feels good.”

She looked down at me and shivered again, “I’ll try the Cat method and if that doesn’t work you can put the link in.”

I looked at Cat’s face as she opened her eyes slowly. Tara leaned over her and gave her a kiss as she groaned, “am I in heaven?”

Tara laughed softly and gave her another quick kiss, “sorry love, you’re still stuck here with us.”

She lay back and Cat slowly went to her elbow and looked over Tara at me, “that was a dirty trick.”

Tara and I laughed as I lightly caressed Cat with my mind, “it was either that or…”

Cat smiled, “or?”

I laughed, “or I would have slid you down a little and we could have continued from yesterday.”

She laughed and shook her head, “oh no don’t, tomorrow I’ll do you again.”

Cat leaned over Tara and sucked in her other nipple. She arched her back slightly and looked at me, “maybe a small one?”

I grinned and gently reached inside her. She gasped and came on my fingers, she was still shivering and shuddering as her body was racked with light spasms. When she recovered she grinned at me and Cat smiled at her, “you look relaxed.”

Tara smiled as she looked at me, “not for long I hope.”

I looked at Cat, “would you like to give your love a lick to get her started?”

She blushed but nodded and turned to start kissing her way down Tara’s body. I leaned over and licked her breast and sucked in her nipple. I softy brushing her with my mind and she shivered violently for a second and then glared at me, “no fair I wasn’t ready.”

I heard Cat’s laugh from under the covers, “you weren’t the only one.”

Tara grinned and looked back at me. I lay beside her and lightly caressing her breasts, Cat’s head poked out of the covers on Tara’s tummy, “that was fun.”

Tara laughed and pulled me on top of her, “time for you to go to work.”

I could feel beneath her words and knew she was not ready. I kissed her and caressed her body with my mind as if with a feather or a soft breeze. She was squirming under me trying to get me inside her. I laughed and kissed her, “did you have an itch?”

She grinned, “your damn right now put it inside me and scratch it.”

Cat laughed and I slowly pushed up and against Tara’s wet pussy and she groaned, “oh god!”

Cat started laughing and mimicking Sarah, “oh god, oh god, oh god!”

Tara and I both started laughing and I slipped halfway into her before I knew it and she groaned again, “oh GOD!”

Cat and I laughed harder until I finally got it under control. I glared at Cat and asked sweetly, “would you like another nap?”

She grinned, “maybe later.”

I shook my head and pushed the rest of the way into Tara as she put her arms around me whispering, “now Jerrod, do it hard.”

I kissed her and stroked her hard with my mind and then hung on for the ride as she screamed, “YES!”

The next thing I knew, she was bucking and jerking, her back arched up as she squirted cum on me. I started fucking her slowly, opening my mind to her pleasure. Her back stayed arched as she started mewing like a lost kitten and I grunted when I felt my balls tighten. I was drawn out of the intense feelings and totally distracted when I heard Cat moan loudly, “oh god!”

I looked over at her and grinned as I saw her rocking back and forth rubbing her pussy while she came. I slowed down, making long, really slow strokes as my mind held Tara’s pleasure centers as if cupped. She was just over the edge of another orgasm where it was intense pleasure and not quit a release.

I smiled and kissed her before sharing her pleasure with Cat through our link. She tensed and when she did she made an abrupt movement that sent her over the edge with a whimper of, “oh yes!”

I carefully pushed my pleasure into her mind. What I got from her was another whimper of, “oh god yes!”

It made me smile as I continued to fuck Tara slowly. She was only holding me tight against her, making small mewing sounds and little grunts. The only reason she wasn’t thrusting hard against me was her tense body. After fifteen minutes, I felt the tightening again and this time I relaxed and let go.

I pushed my pleasure into her mind so that she felt me getting ready to cum inside her. That is when it happened, I covered her mouth in a kiss and it felt as if her mind was trying to pull the pleasure of my orgasm into her. The link snapped into place but it was different, it went to me like Cat’s but it also went through me to Cat.

I pulled on my link with Cat and push it to Tara. It felt like Tara was pulling cum inside her body. I came so hard that it wasn’t in spurts or ropes of cum, it felt like I was peeing inside Tara only it was my cum that was peeing into her. She and I both screamed with Cat’s, “OH FUCK!”

I was cumming so hard I was shaking and shuddering. Finally it ended for me and I was completely drained. I was breathing hard as I pulled back to look at Tara who had finally passed out. My glance to Cat showed she had followed Tara into sleep. With a groan I moved to Tara’s other side and with my mind I pulled the covers up and shut off the bedside lamp.

That was my last thought as I passed out.
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