Cat and Tara were in my old bedroom, Cat had already made love to her and now Tara was going down on her. I slipped into the room and set the bag with spermicide on her dresser. I opened the jewelry cases and ease up on the bed next to Cat as she was moaning. Tara was between her legs and didn’t realize I was there until I kissed Cat and she started.

Tara looked up and froze and I smiled at her, “relax Tara, I knew you were here and what you were doing and I don’t mind.”

Cat’s face was red because she was ashamed. I caressed her with my mind, “close your eyes.”

She immediately closed her eyes. Tara softly licked her clit and watched as I put the necklace on and then the earrings. I moved down her body until my face was next to Tara’s, “When you are done, talk to her. She is confused about you and her having sex even though she enjoys it as much as when she has sex with a… boy. Just love her Tara and try to help her understand.”

I slipped off the bed, “you can open your eyes Cat. I’ll be in the kitchen.”

I walked out of the room and towards the kitchen reaching back to Cat, “that made me very horny. Do you like your reward?”

She was almost in tears, “why did you have to see me!”

I caressed her, “because you need to know that I have and I still love you regardless. Relax and let Tara love you.”

In the kitchen, I made some tea and sat at the table. I sorted all the money I had sent back and started thinking. I drifted off and Cat woke me about an hour later. She kissed my cheek, “Thank you for the gift. I… I am going home for a bit. I need to think. Would you… could you give me privacy?”

I sighed, “I can’t, the link between us is an open one. I will try to ignore you, that is the best I can do until I understand it better.”

I stood and held her against me, “sex isn’t about who or what you are. It should be about sharing something special, about showing someone you care. Is Tara going to stay or go home?”

She put her head on my chest, “she is going to spend the night. I’ll be back in a little while.”

I watched as she left and careful pulled my mind back from her. I went to the store and back quickly. When I started dinner Tara walked into the kitchen behind me. She wore a long tee shirt and panties but nothing else. Her face was a little red as she started helping me with dinner, “are you going to tell anyone about…”

I looked at her, “is it any of their business?”

She blinked and then seemed to get more of a spring about her. It was only a couple of minutes later when I felt Cat’s distress. Her parents had walked into her room demanding to speak to her. Her father looked at her as she stood looking out the window, “we need to talk to you Catherine. Both last night and tonight you came home reeking of sex. Who were you with?”

She turned to face her parents, “If you must know, I was with a friend. Who that friend is, is none of your business.”

Her mom and dad looked at each other and then her dad looked back at her, “how long have you been having sex? And watch your tone.”

Cat looked at him, I could feel how stressed she was, “Cat? Do you want me to help?”


She shook her head, “how long have I been having sex? Since I was twelve. Do you want to know how many boys? Forty seven. How often? At least five times a week. It is my body and I will share it with whoever I want.”

Her dad’s face went red, “you’ll behave how we say while you live in this house young lady.”

Cat looked at both of them and I felt her come to a decision as the stress seemed to melt away, “fine daddy, I’ll pack my suitcase and leave.”

Her dad started to step forward but her mom stopped him by putting her arm in front of him, “Honey, we are trying to help. You don’t have to leave.”

Cat sighed as she pulled a small suitcase out from under her bed, “yes I do momma. Its time, I met someone, this just makes it easer. I know I am taking some of my frustrations out on you and I am sorry if I let you down. I’ll just be across the street so we can still talk.”

Her dad scowled, “across the street? Has that Brad guy been molesting you?”

Cat smiled at her dad as she started packing her things, “no silly, he isn’t my type. I’m moving in with Jerrod. I don’t think about other guys anymore. ‘Do girls count?’ I think for right now he is what I need.”

Her mom and dad looked at each other again and finally her mom nodded to her father, “let her go. If she is only across the street we can live with it.”

Cat finished packing and closed the suitcase. She walked to her parents and kissed both on the cheek, “I’m sorry I disappointed you.”

She walked out past them and then out the door. I shook myself with Tara standing beside me, “are you okay?”

I smiled, “Yes. Why don’t you go open the door for Cat? She just left her parents to move in.”

Tara looked at me strangely and went to the door. When Cat came in, she was quietly crying. I turned everything off with only a thought and went to her as Tara held her. I touched her and she just fell into my arms. When she quieted I pushed her back, “I need to hear why. I think Tara does too.”

She was quiet for a minute and then she looked up at me, “I know you can read why but I’ll say it. I need to live on my own. I… love you and want to be with you.”

She took a breath and looked at her friend, “Tara… I am still confused about us. I want to be with you too. I like loving you and when you love me. (She looked down) I know what this sounds like but I think I love you too.”

Tara took a breath but I stopped her from talking. I squeezed Cat, “take your things to your room and put them away. I’ll send everything from your old room so you can put it away as well and I’ll call you for dinner. I need to talk to Tara.”

I watched as she walked back to her room. Reaching to her parent’s house I transferred all her things. I looked at Tara as I restarted dinner with only a thought. I gestured to one of the new bar stools by the kitchen counter, “I am going to tell you some things and when I am done I will ask a couple of questions. Most I will need answers too. But one you will have to think about.”

I looked at her as I moved around the kitchen, “first, I should tell you I am not like other people. I can hear thoughts, teleport myself or something else. I can move things with my mind.”

I knew what she was thinking and only smiled as I opened the refrigerator with my mind and got two sodas. One came to me and the other floated to her. It opened by itself as it landed on the counter beside her. I looked at her and continued, “this is the result of an accident that happened yesterday. Now comes the hard part for me to talk about.”

I took a breath, “I was outside and saw her reading. Like Cat, you don’t even look at someone unless he is someone. Well, I reached out to her mind. She was reading an erotic novel and I put it in her head to come talk to me. It worked and she came across the street to talk. Then something I didn’t expect happened, she wanted to have sex.”

I blushed, “while we were… were making love I opened my mind to share her pleasure.”

I looked at Tara who was watching me intently, “when we were done and had started a second time she said something that made me think, it wasn’t something she would normally say. That was when I found that she had somehow pulled part of me into her mind and created a link or control.”

I shrugged, “I am still trying to find out how she did it so that it can be reversed. With this… control in her she will do whatever I tell her.”

I glanced at the dinner I was cooking and opened cabinets and sent plates and silverware into the dining room before looking at Tara, “with two, well three exceptions I have let her do whatever she wants. Those three exceptions are not to tell anyone about my… abilities. The second was to ask you here and if you were willing, to have sex.”

I smiled, “she really does enjoy sex with you and she does love you. She is just having trouble accepting that it is okay for her to feel that way. The last was when I came home, I made her close her eyes so I could give her a surprise.”

I called Cat to come to dinner and moved everything out to the table. When we were done eating I looked at Tara, “Now I will ask some questions and yes I can read your mind. I am not right now though, I have given you privacy. The first question is simple, how do you really feel about Cat? Could you live under the same conditions as her, as her lover?”

Tara stirred and looked from Cat to me, “I… (She finally sighed) I love her. Would I be expected to have sex with you?”

I nodded, “when the controls are in, you will have to spend some time with me every once in a while. I will try not to take advantage of your need. I can promise it will be more enjoyable than the boys you have put up with for appearance sake.”

She looked at Cat and nodded, “I would accept it if she really wants me.”

Cat looked up from eating, “are you sure Tara? I… I do want you.”

Tara smiled and looked at me, “then yes, I would accept it and you.”

I smiled back at her, “the next question I’ll ask even though I saw it already at the top of your mind. Can you move in with Cat?”

She grinned, “since it will get me away from my groping dad, yes. Can you make it so he doesn’t object?”

I nodded, “as a matter of fact I can. I am not going to run your life or Cat’s though.”

I looked at Cat and then back to Tara, “why don’t the two of you go to… your room and talk. Tara, you and I will talk about placing the controls later.”

I gathered the dishes and sent them into the kitchen as Cat and Tara returned to their room. I could feel them as they timidly undressed and moved onto the bed and held each other. Finally after a few moments they started talking and I smiled and started washing dishes. I was just finishing when I glanced at the clock and realized Sarah would be here any minute.

I directed my thoughts to Cat and Tara, “Girls? Sarah should be here in a minute. I’ll take her into my room so if you need anything or want to join us…”

Cat laughed while Tara started from my touch. I could feel Cat shift closer to Tara, “let us know when she is really… enjoying it and we’ll come join you.”

I grinned to myself as I moved towards the door. Sarah had parked her car and was heading for the door. I opened it right after she knocked and stepped back, “you look gorgeous Sarah. Come in.”

I could feel how nervous she was and smiled to myself, “nervous?”

She grinned and then nodded, “Yes.”

She looked around, “where’s Cat?”

I pointed down the hall, “she’s a little sore and just had a fight with her parents. They were trying to tell her how to live so she moved out. I gave her one of the back bedrooms. Tara said she was having problems too and asked to move in with her so they are taking about it.”

Sarah blinked, “Tara is going to move in with Cat?”

I shrugged, “from what Tara said, her dad is trying to… you know. So she wants to get away from him.”

She nodded, “yeah, she told me something about that. I just didn’t think it was that bad.”

I took her hand and started leading her towards my bedroom, “sometimes we really don’t want to let people know when something like that happens.”

She was distracted and followed peacefully, “you mean your mother…?”

I shook my head as I pushed the door almost closed and led her to the bed, “no, my mother would have never even considered that. She despised and hated me because she says I ruined her life.”

I sat down beside her on the bed as she looked at me, “you don’t look too neglected.”

I smiled, “I learned when I was very young that the only one that would take care of me was myself.”

I leaned over and gently kissed her, letting my thoughts lightly trace her pleasure centers and softly caress them and she moaned, “I don’t know how you do that but I love it.”

I continued to kiss her while I started undressing her. By the time I got to her skirt she shivered, “mmmmm... fuck!”

She stood and quickly slipped out of her skirt and panties while I stood and undressed. She pushed me back on the bed and I moved to the center as she followed me. When she started to go down on my cock I stopped her, “I have only been with Cat. She let me… she let me lick her pussy. Would you… if you are going down on me, would you… can I lick you at the same time?”

She grinned and moved around before throwing her leg over my head. I could still hear Cat in my mind but I ignored her as I looked up at Sarah’s pussy. I reached up to her hips and pulled her down onto my mouth as I started licking her. I felt her mouth slid over my cock as she put it in her mouth.

I groaned into her pussy and caressed her pleasure centers again as I sucked her clit into my mouth. I used my tongue to play with her clit and closed my eyes as she fucked her mouth on my cock. I licked up to her fuck hole and nibbled gently on her inner pussy lips before going back to her clit and teasing it with my tongue.

She shivered, “oh god that feels good!”

I licked up her slit again as she pulled her mouth back to lick the head of my cock. When I pushed my tongue inside her, I caressed her pleasure centers and she jerked. I choked a little as a small stream of her cum hit the back of my throat. Her body was tense as she screamed, “oh god!”

When she finally relaxed she went back to sucking my cock, this time fucking it into her throat. I shuddered as I felt my balls tighten, “Sarah, I’m going to cum soon.”

She didn’t stop though, if anything she was more into it. I stroked her pleasure centers and teased her clit with my tongue. As she shuddered I licked her slit several times and tensed as I felt my cum start to rise. I shoved my tongue back into her, stroking her hard, “I’m cumming!”

Sarah pulled back so that just the head of my cock was in her mouth and I heard her scream, “Me too!”

I groaned as ropes of cum shot into her mouth and she started swallowing. Her body had gone hard as she pushed it down against my face and squirted again in a small stream of cum that went into my mouth. As the last bit of cum left me, I shivered and slowly licked her pussy while she came down from her orgasm.

As she shuddered one last time she moved her pussy away from me. She swung around until she was laying half on top of me and gave me a quick kiss, “oh, that felt good.”

Through my link I heard Cat laughing with Tara saying I was too occupied to listen to her. I sent her an image of me sticking my tongue out at her and rolled Sarah over into the center of the bed and slid between her legs. I moved up until I felt my cock touch her wetness and looked into her eyes, “can I?”

Sarah laughed as she hugged me, “oh yeah.”

I reached between our bodies and moved my cock to the entrance of her pussy and slowly pushed in. She groaned and shivered as I softly caressed her g spot. I brought my arms up under her shoulders and slowly continued pushing into her. By the time I was tight against her she was arching her back.

Her pussy was squeezing me as she came again, squirting cum on me, “Oh god! Oh god!”

I held her until she relaxed and then I started fucking her as I lightly caressed her with my mind. After about four long slow strokes she arched her back again and came, “fuck! Oh god, Oh god!”

I decided not to touch her with my mind anymore and waited for her to relax before starting again. I got another four strokes in before she arched her back again and came, “Oh god! Oh my god, Fuck!”

I chuckled and when she relaxed I started again. That was the way it went for the next twenty minutes, every three or four strokes she would cum and scream. I was nowhere close to cumming, it was fun just watching Sarah enjoy my ride. Cat slipped along side of us as once again Sarah arched her back and screamed, “Not again! Oh god! oh god, oh my god!”

Cat kissed me and leaned close to look down into Sarah’s eyes. I felt the bed move and Tara slid up on my other side. Sarah finally relaxed and I waited for her to open her eyes. They flickered and slowly opened to see Cat and she grinned, “Hi.”

I slowly started fucking her and she groaned, “Cat?”

By the third stroke she was shuddering and arching her back, “oh god, Not again!”

I held her tight and smiled gently as I watched her. Cat looked at me, “Are you using…”

I shook my head, “Not since the second time. She just keeps cumming.”

Cat and Tara both laughed as Sarah slowly relaxed and groaned, “Please Jerrod, don’t stop. Just fuck the hell out of me and cum already.”

I leaned down and kissed her, “okay Sarah, if that is what you want.”

I started fucking her and when she arched her back again I didn’t stop. Her mouth opened to scream again but nothing came out as I fucked her harder. When I felt the tingle in my balls I looked at her. She was shaking her head still trying to scream but there was still nothing coming out.

With a shudder I slammed into her and held her tight as I started pumping cum deep inside her. Her arched body started jerking with each jet of cum as it entered her body and finally her voice returned, “OH GOD! YES!”

When I finished, I relaxed and held her as she continued to shudder. When she finally relaxed I pulled out of her and moved to the other side of Tara. Sarah was breathing hard and finally opened her eyes to see Cat and Tara leaning against her. Cat smiled at her, “well?”

Sarah looked from her to Tara, “well what?”

Tara and Cat both laughed and shook her, “how was it?”

Sarah grinned and lifted her head to see me lying on the other side of Tara, “I think he ruined me for any other guys.”

Cat and Tara laughed again but I felt a strong pull in the back of my mind. Mrs Santee and Honey were in trouble. I slipped out of bed, thinking to Cat, “something is happening. I’ll be back.”
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