When she was gone I sighed and got dressed. My thoughts went back to the embarrassment I had felt when Cat first asked where the bedroom was. Time for another change, I took everything I wanted to keep out of the room and thought of the local donation center. I teleported everything out of the room and into it.

I went through the minds of several furniture store owners before finding the one I wanted. They all raise their prices five or six hundred percent but this guy was bad, a drug dealer, a wife beater and he had even raped his own daughter. I pictured a complete bedroom set and brought it in, it was a tight fit with the queen size bed but everything was in.

I did the same thing for the other bedroom. I found some surprises in mom’s bedroom, sex toys and porn DVD’s. The bed I put in her room was a king size so Cat and I would have plenty of room. I had thought about it and knew she wouldn’t be my only girl.

Speaking of Cat, she has been calling me nonstop, “I was doing something that required me to concentrate and it is hard to do that when you are yelling.”

I felt her thoughts quiet down and then softly, “sorry.”

I smiled as I sat down at the kitchen table, “just think normally and I will hear you. The link or control you placed means I will hear you even if I put up my shield. You can hear me because I want you to. Now what do you want?”

“I missed you and I wanted to tell you I called the doctor. It was after hours so I was going to leave a message but someone was working late and answered. I can go in right after school tomorrow.”

“That’s good Cat, I’ll miss you though.”

I could hear her giggle, “I think mom smelled us when I came home.”

I laughed as I looked at the living room, “after this afternoon you might ask the doctor what you should take to replenish yourself. You know minerals, vitamins and stuff.”

Cat laughed and I felt her covering her mouth, “mom’s looking at me strangely. What were you concentrating on?”

I smiled, “redecorating the bedrooms.”

I felt her smile and then frown, “Jerrod? Did you make your mother leave?”

I sighed, “in a way. I didn’t think about controls. I erased all her memories of me and this house.”

I could almost hear her gasp, “Jerrod! You didn’t.”

I almost nodded, “Yes I did. It isn’t like you think. I looked at every memory and not one showed love or even affection. She hated me.”

I could feel her sorrow and pity, “I’m sorry Jerrod.”

I sighed, “that is why I want you on birth control. At least until we decide to have a child. I want it to be loved, not resented. Besides, think what it would do to you, with your friends.”

Cat snorted, “I don’t care about that.”

I smiled, “remember who you are talking to... well thinking to? You do care and so do I. Now, I have some more work to do. Call me when you go to bed and I will love you to sleep.”

I heard her sputter, “sorry momma.”

“Love me to sleep! I just spit water all over the place.”

I laughed as I walked into the living room and looked for anything I wanted to keep. After the living room, I did the dinning room and then the appliances in the kitchen. The last room was the laundry room. I took a shower and thought of everything that had happened. God, please don’t let this be a dream.

As I slipped between the silk sheets I could tell Cat was just puttering around nervous about getting in bed. I reached out and caressed her, “come to bed.”

She sighed and turned her light off and got in bed, “I’m nervous.”

I caressed her with a thought, “I know. Want to spend the night here?”

She shifted, “mom or dad might check on me.”

I shifted my thoughts to her parents and put some light commands to keep them from checking on her. I thought of Cat and pulled, she started as she realized she wasn’t in her bed and looked at me, “Jerrod! My parents!”

I reached over and caressed her, “I put light commands in them to leave you alone tonight. Come under the covers.”

She pulled the covers back and climbed in, “I don’t know if this is a good idea, I’m a little sore.”

I laughed, “than I will just hold you and love you to sleep.”

She moved next to me and kissed me, “I like the new bed. How are you going to love me to sleep without…”

I kissed her and turned her on her side away from me. I pulled her back against me, snuggling close. I kissed the back of her neck, “like this.”

I gently put her to sleep with my mind and just lay there holding her against me until I finally drifted off myself. I woke to the beeping of my alarm clock and turned it off. I rolled back to Cat and caressed her breast as I kissed her neck, “wake up lover.”

She shifted and grumbled and turned her head to look at me, “it wasn’t a dream?”

I kissed her, “No.”

She sighed as she leaned against me, “you need to send me home.”

I rolled her onto her back and kissed her, “are you regretting what happened?”

She looked up at me and smiled, “yes and no. Yes, because it should have happened before I had sex with so many boys. Yes, because I should have looked further than the people I hung out with. I feel like I wasted so much time and acted badly, I was a bitch.”

I kissed her, “your eyes are open now. Ready to go home? Sorry I don’t have any ruby slippers for you.”

She grinned, “OZ? There’s no place like home.”

I laughed, “see you in school.”

I heard her gasp as she appeared in her own bed, “this bed is cold!”

I rolled out of bed laughing and headed for a shower, “you are supposed to get out of bed and get ready for school.”

I was just getting out of the shower when she groaned, “I’m still sore Jerrod.”

I smiled as I started getting dressed, “you could always invite Tara over to sooth it away and help me.”

Cat was quiet and I felt her unease, “I was hoping you didn’t pay attention to that.”

I finished dressing, “why, it looked like you enjoyed it.”

I could feel her discomfort and frowned. I pulled her and she appeared in front of me, “what’s wrong?”

She blushed as she looked down, “it’s just that I…you know, had sex with another…”

I smiled, “did you enjoy it? Did it hurt you? Did you hurt her? I think it is good that you were able to love another person like you did with Tara. Don’t be embarrassed about it, that hurts you and Tara. Since you are having trouble with this I think you really should ask her over this afternoon after you see the doctor.”

I caressed her face, “talk about it with her and if you feel comfortable than use my old bedroom, your new bedroom to make love to her. I think I am going to be busy this afternoon anyway.”

She embraced me and put her head on my chest, “is that an order?”

I hugged her and pushed her back, “I think so, yes. You need to get it out of your system.”

I sent her home and finished dressing. She was just coming out the door as I started down the steps. She started to cross the street and I stopped her, “your girlfriends are waiting for you at the corner.”

She stopped, “I don’t want to be that bitch now.”

“They are still your friends.”

She looked down, “I want to be with you.”

I laughed, “you are only a thought away.”

She smiled as she started walking down the street, “Yes Master.”

I walked along on the other side of the street. School was the same, except I found out something unusual. If I read the teacher, I learned everything they were teaching. Second period, Cat wasn’t paying attention to class. She just couldn’t concentrate so I pinched her and heard her squeak, “sorry.”


“Pay attention and I’ll make you a deal. You pay attention in class and I will give you a reward.”

I could feel her curiosity, “what reward?”

I laughed as she sat up and for the next two classes, she did pay attention. When the lunch bell rang, I told her to go into the bathroom and get in a stall. I had her pull her panties down and sit on the toilet. I caressed her face and kissed her in my mind and then I gently stroked all her pleasure centers at once.

Cat gasped as her body went rigid and she started moving towards a climax, “Jerrod!”

She started shaking and shuddering as she came, it didn’t last for seconds, it lasted for five minutes and then I released her pleasure centers and caressed her body slowly. It took another three minutes for her to come down until she finally sighed, “oh, that felt good.”

She wiped her wet pussy and pulled her panties back up, “thank you Jerrod.”

I sent her a kiss and picked up the apple that was my lunch. I set my new leather coat beside me and opened a book. It was nice to hear her talking to me every once in a while. A little later she and her friends came into the open court where I sat. Marie seemed to be the leader or at least the one everyone listened to.

She asked Cat where she was last night since she hadn’t answered her phone, “Jerrod? What do I say?”

“You can tell her what you did, just not about my abilities.”

Cat blushed, “I ah, visited a guy that lived across the street.”

The girls all laughed and Marie kept on, “visited?”

Her blush darkened and then she laughed, “alright, I was horny but he sure surprised me.”

They laughed but one of the other girls (Sarah) butted in, “oh? More than you could swallow?”

They laughed but Cat only smiled, “No. He went down on me and god was he good.”

All the girls looked at her surprised and Tara broke in, “that’s all you got out of him?”

Cat grinned, “No, after he went down on me he fucked me for about an hour. I can’t even remember how many times I came.”

While they laughed another girl (Michelle) frowned, “wait a minute, I remember that boy. Isn’t he like thirteen?”

I felt Cat’s unease, “I’m fourteen Cat.”

All the girls were looking at her as she blushed again, “he’s fourteen and after what he did I really don’t care how old he is.”

The girls were looking at her and Michelle shrugged, “what about Jonathan? I thought you were going to start dating him?”

Cat looked at her, “you mean ten second Tom?”

They all laughed as she shook her head, “I don’t think so. At least with Jerrod I know I will get to enjoy the sex instead of getting slammed a few times and getting told… That was good babe, see yeah later.”

They laughed again and Marie grinned, “why do you think I dropped him? Where is this Jerrod now?”

Cat looked around and I drew her attention to me and she pointed to where I was sitting. The girls exchanged looks and Marie smiled at her, “maybe we should go say hi.”

They started walking towards me and Cat stayed to the rear. I could feel her unease, “relax Cat.”

I was dressed nice for a change so when they stopped, I looked up. I looked at all the girls, “Hi.”

Marie grinned and I could tell she was going to tease me, “we heard you made it with Cat.”

I just looked at her and knew I was blushing slightly, “I’m sorry I don’t talk about who I have been with.”

The girls looked at each other and Marie continued, “we will have to give you a test run to see how the ride is.”

I stood up and stepped close and embraced her and gave her a kiss before she knew what I was doing. I reached inside her and caressed her pleasure centers. I laughed to myself as she sagged against me and moaned into my mouth. I pulled back a minute later and had to hold her for another minute until she was steady.

All the girls were quiet as I stepped back, “that is as much of a test as I can give you.”

She blinked at me and slowly smiled, “I’ll have to ask Cat to borrow you for a nice long ride.”

The girls all looked at Cat as she grinned, “well since I couldn’t finish him yesterday, I would be willing to share. As long as he agrees and you don’t try to steal him away.”

They laughed as I held my arm out to Cat. She stepped into my arms and I kissed her, gently caressing her and whispering, “you always come first.”

She squeezed me and stepped back. She looked at the other girls, her face blushing, “anyone else want a test ride of my new lover?”

Sarah stepped forward, (I don’t know why she was critical of Cat) “he can kiss me.”

I pulled her to me slowly and kissed her. Unlike Marie, I didn’t caress her pleasure centers, I stroked them hard. I even sent a pulse into her g spot. She almost screamed into my mouth as she convulsed and squirted cum through her panties. I pulled back and held her as she shuddered weakly through the rest of her orgasm.

When I released her, all of the other girls looked down at the cum running down her legs. She turned bright red but before she could run off, I stopped her and gently set her down on the bench. I pulled a kerchief out of my coat and knelt beside her and wiped the cum up from her legs. When I was done with her legs I folded it and pulled the crotch of her panties aside.

I placed it over her shaved pussy and replaced the crotch and stood her up. I kissed her softly, not touching her with my mind. She still shivered as another orgasm struck her, this one was a gentle one though. She looked into my face and for the first time I got the impression her smile was real.

I had been letting Cat piggy back a little so when Sarah turned to her, she smiled back, “the next time you can’t help him finish, call me. I’ll share any time you want.”

I sent to Cat, “tonight! You are sore and I want you to make love to Tara.”

Cat looked at me, “come over tonight, 8’oclock, the house straight across from mine.”

The other girls looked surprised but Sarah didn’t even blink, “I’ll be there.”

The warning bell for the next class rang and the girls left. Cat and I talked to each other for the rest of the school day. She even managed to pay attention to the teachers in the last two classes but got nervous in her last class.

Tara had the class with her and I caressed her, “Just ask her, tell her you want to talk. If she asks about Sarah tell her you are going to let me have her for the night if she will spend it with you.”

I held her with my mind as she finally got up the nerve to ask Tara. She seemed almost surprised when Tara smiled shyly and told her she would be glad to spend the night with her. I sent her a kiss and went back to what I was planning. After the last bell I told Cat to go into a bathroom and she grinned, “I’ll be late for the doctor.”

I sent her a caress as she did what I asked and then I sent her to just outside the doctor office, “let me know when you are done so I can give you a ride home.”

I disappeared and appeared across town outside the furniture store. I slipped into the owner’s mind sorting, his name was Edward Santee. Some of the money from his drug dealing I sent home. I wrote the information down about all the rest because I couldn’t see it. I had planted a command to have him do a big drug buy this afternoon.

I sat down in some grass and waited, listening in on Cat’s appointment. When she was done I sent her home, (my home) “there is a spare key on the kitchen counter. I’ll pick up the spermicide when I come home. Call Tara and let her know you are home…well, my home.”

I kept a light touch on Mr Santee and popped into a drugstore and then the mall where I bought Cat a gold and emerald necklace with matching earrings. When I felt the him getting ready to go to his meeting I removed the money from his briefcase and replaced it with the gun he kept in his desk.

I went to a phone booth nearby and called a phone number I had gotten from a police officer’s mind. I didn’t touch the phone so I left no prints. I gave the detective the location and description of everyone involved in the drug buy and hung up. Things seemed to go wrong from there, the police were late getting to the drug deal.

During the buy, Mr Santee open the case to find the gun instead of money. He was alone but the drug dealer had two of his men with him. He barely paused before pulling the gun. He stopped with it out and the other men didn’t hesitate in shooting him as the police arrived on the scene. I took the location of the other dealer’s money and sent it home.

I thought about what had happened and decided it was probably for the best. I left, appearing outside his home. I reached in and read his wife and daughter. I sighed, they were both nice. I appeared in the kitchen behind his wife. I put a couple of commands in her mind, “excuse me Mrs Santee.”

She jumped a little and spun around and I could see the bruises on her face and arms. I gestured to a stool by the counter, “I have something to tell you, please sit down.”

The commands worked and she moved to the stool and sat. I pulled a pad of paper to me and started writing names, “your husband is dead. When I am done go to the store and fire these men.”

I handed the top sheet to her and started writing again, “promote these others and close the store for the night. Have an audit done by your new manager.”

I handed the next sheet to her, “this last list must be done as soon as you can. It is the location of some of your husband’s drug money, the money he had laundered. Put it in your household account. I will be in touch.”

I walked out of the kitchen and found Honey in her room. I held her with my mind as I approached. She was a nice girl, five feet tall with budding breast. Her father had been raping her for over a year now. I saw a little fear as she fought to move.

I smiled, “I will not hurt you. Your father is dead.”

I felt her surge of hope, “I am going to offer you this instead of doing it without telling you. If you agree, I will remove every memory of what your father did to you. You will only remember that he did rape you and not the rapes. Do you want that?”

She calmed and looked at me for a minute and I could feel her curiosity. Finally she nodded and spoke softly, “make me forget.”

She thought I was going to hypnotize her. I reached in and started sifting through her memories, removing every memory of the actual rapes and left her with only the thought that it had happened. I was going to erase her memory of me or at least put a control in but changed my mind, “I think we will meet again. Do not tell anyone about me.”

She nodded and I put a tag into her and her mother so I would know if they needed help and then I left. As soon as I was out of the house I went home.
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