I found myself in the attic of the house we used to live in. I was curled up on the floor, my head felt like it was going to explode. I sat up and looked around dazed, how did I get here? It felt like I could hear a crowd of people all talking at once. I looked around but no one was here. What was the last thing I remember?

I remember stopping at the hotel to talk to mom. Brad! Brad was there and pissed again about something. He hit me again and I was falling over the railing. There was a flash, a lightening strike on the railing and then pain! I felt my body and everything felt okay, except my head. I had a serious headache and those voices but how did I get here?

I wish I had some aspirin, I remembered the bottle in the medicine cabinet. Suddenly they were just there, dropping into my lap. I stared at them in surprise. What the hell? Then it struck me, the voices of people not here and the bottle of aspirin just appearing here. Either I am in a comma and dreaming all this or that lightening did something to me.

I thought of all the voices and concentrated on one, suddenly it was like I was listening to her complaining to herself about her husband. I pulled back and thought of an invisible shield around me to stop the voices and they were gone. I removed it and they were back, interesting. I put my shield up and looked at the aspirin.

I remembered the glass of water beside my bed and held my hand out palm up and kind of pulled at the image. The glass appeared on my palm and I smiled and took a couple of aspirin. Time to put it to the test, I stood up and thought of the kitchen at home and kind of pushed myself. Suddenly I was standing in the kitchen.

I set the glass down by the sink, I really hope this is real and not a dream. I went into the living room and sat on the couch to think. The remote for the TV was across the room by the easy chair. I held my hand out and pulled but this time it just flew across the room. I sat there for a second, what did I do differently? It was line of sight so I hadn’t pictured the remote.

Dream or not, I am going with this. I thought of all the books I had read that described ESP and how they used it. Brad and mom were in for a surprise. She was always complaining that I had ruined her life, fine she can take off with that loser Brad. This house was okay, they can go somewhere else to live.

I lowered my shield and thought of my mother. Suddenly I was listening to her bitching in her head. I started searching through her mind, looking at and removing every memory of me and this house, whispering foreclosure. I thought of all her clothes in the closet and her jewelry and sent it to her car.

When I was done I did the same thing to Brad. Next I sat and thought, “how am going to live?”

I thought, “Steal from stores?”

I shook my head, I’m not a thief at least not of honest people. The idea came to me, drug dealers were bad guys and had lots of money. My shield was still up and I opened it a crack and I searched around me. I found someone that used pot and searched their mind. I found a memory and went to the seller.

I did this several times until I hit the jack pot. His mind even pictured exactly where the money was and then it was sitting on the coffee table in front of me. I sat up and looked at the money, thirty thousand for a few minutes work, not bad. I sighed and got up, time to clean this pig pen up. I took a step and froze, why was I going to do it the hard way?

I smiled and glanced around, papers and dust flew, the trash can zoomed in from the kitchen. A minute later and the living room was clean. I walked into the kitchen, the trash can floating in behind me and went back into the cabinet. I stepped back to the doorway, the dust and debris flew into the trash can in the cabinet.

The water came on and the dishes started washing themselves as the mop came out and went to work. Cleaning the house only took fifteen minutes. I would have to do the lawn the hard way unless I wanted people asking questions. An hour later I put the mower away and went in for a glass of water.

At least it was late in the year and I didn’t have to mow that often. What next? Clothes! I looked at the clock, not even four yet. I counted out a couple of thousand dollars and put it in my wallet, the rest went into my dresser. I reached out and found someone in the mall. They were just leaving and I saw a nice spot in some bushes.

I pushed myself and suddenly I was standing there. I smiled, I think I am really going to like my new powers. I bought everything, shirts, pants, shoes. I had an early dinner and then went home. I put my new clothes away and made a glass of ice tea. On the front porch I sat down to watch the world go by.

Across the street I saw Catherine sitting on her porch reading. She liked it when people called her Cat. She mostly ignored anyone not in her circle of friends and I was not in that circle. She was sixteen, a beautiful blonde with hair down to the middle of her back. Her breasts looked full and seemed to say caress me.

I was getting hard just looking at her. I blinked, why do I only have to look at her? I reached out and started looking through her mind. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Cat was one horny little bitch, she was reading an erotic novel. I smiled and made some changes to make her want to talk to me.

She shivered and looked up and around until she saw me. She hesitated and then stood up and went to her front door. I heard her yell something into the house and then she was walking towards me. She stopped at the steps, “hey Jerrod.”

I smiled, “Hi.”

She licked her lips, “Can I ask you something?”

I nodded, “Sure.”

“You’ve lived here for two years and you never talk to me. Is there something wrong with me?”

I knew that wasn’t what she really wanted to say, “you never seem to want to talk to anyone but jocks or the other people you hang out with.”

She blushed, “maybe your right. I’m sorry.”

She looked down, “I’ve never seen you with a girl. Do you have a girlfriend?”

It was my turned to blush, “No. I never know what to say.”

She wiggled her hips and her hand absently brushed her covered pussy. She looked at me as she continued blushing, “Have you ever… you know, been with a girl?”

I shook my head as my face went even redder. She smiled and her blush faded, “Never? Not even to feel them?”

My cock was hard as a rock as I shook my head again. She stepped up onto the porch, “Would you like to? With me?”

I groaned, “God Catherine, don’t tease me.”

She smiled gently, “I’m not teasing. Is your mom home?”

I shook my head and stood up, “She left me. Her and that shithead boyfriend.”

Her eyes widened and then she took my hand gently, “Come on than.”

She led me inside and stopped, (it’s a good thing I cleaned up) “where is your bedroom?”

I flinched and then shrugged. I led her down the hall and into my room. I stopped, not really sure what to do. She stepped close and looked into my eyes, “nervous?”

I nodded, “Catherine, I don’t really know what… what to do.”

She smiled and caressed my face, “don’t worry I’ll teach you.”

She embraced me and kissed me, her tongue pushing into my mouth. When she stopped it was to take my shirt off and toss it on my dresser. Next she knelt and took my shoes off and undid my belt. Opening my pants she pulled them down.

They joined my shirt and Cat gently rubbed my cock through my new silk boxers, “if I had known you had one this nice I would have been over sooner.”

I groaned as she pushed me back to the bed. She pulled the boxers off and I could have sworn she purred. She sat me on the bed as she started caressing my cock. I closed my eyes, “this is so much better than when I do it myself.”

She smiled up at me, “It gets better lover.”

I blushed, “Catherine, is it true that the first time a guy… you know, that he… he cums too fast?”

She moved up and sat beside me. She kissed me and took my hand, “the first time. Just remember to try and go slow. I’ll help and I understand. Now watch me undress.”

She stood up and slowly removed her blouse. She smiled and reached behind her to unhook the bra. When she let it fall I was stunned. Her breasts were beautiful, her nipples were pink and stuck out. I looked up and saw her smiling, “you like them?”

I grinned, “their beautiful.”

She grinned and undid her pants and let them fall. She wasn’t wearing panties! I was so captivated looking at her trimmed pussy that I didn’t really notice her stepping out of her sandals and pants. She stepped in front of me and knelt, “let me take the edge off for you before we start.”

She reached out and I felt her hand gently surround my stiff drooling cock. She bent it forward and smiled up at me, “my, you are really hard.”

She looked back at my cock and the next thing I knew she was licking the pre cum off the head and grinning, “you taste really good too.”

Before I could say anything she had my cock in her mouth and was licking and sucking it. My hands went to her head as I groaned, “oh that feels so good.”

I had read and even heard guys laughing about holding the girl’s head and forcing them to swallow, they laughed and said girls hate that. I forced my hands away from her head, “I’m sorry I grabbed you like that Catherine.”

She lifted her mouth off me and looked up, “call me Cat and I understand. It’s your first time.”

She looked into my eyes for a moment and went back to sucking my cock. When she started fucking her mouth up and down I almost grabbed her again. I grabbed the bed instead and squeezed as I felt and heard her laugh around my dick. I looked down into her face and couldn’t hold it much longer, “Catherine…Cat. I’m going to cum.”

The hand that was holding my cock squeezed a tiny bit and started stroking. I groaned, “I’m cumming!”

She pulled her mouth back so that the head was just inside her mouth, her hand continuing to stroke me. The first long thick stream of cum shot into her mouth, striking the back of her throat and five or six more followed it. Cat was looking up at me and I watched as she swallowed every bit of cum.

When I was done I shivered, “that was… I can’t even describe how good.”

She gave my cock one last lick and stood up, “wait until we… we fuck.”

I looked up from her pussy, “Cat? Can I do that to you?”

Cat blinked and then grinned, “you want to lick my pussy?”

I nodded and she laughed, “oh Jerrod, I am going to love you for this.”

She climbed onto my bed and spread her legs, “want me to tell you where to lick?”

I turned a little red, “please.”

She smiled at me, “get between my legs.”

I got between her legs and moved up until my face was inches from her pussy. Her pussy was trimmed short so that there was only a small triangle of short hair above it. All the rest of her hair was shaved off smooth.

She reached down and parted her slit, “see the little button at the top? That’s my clit and it’s very sensitive. You can lick it and suck on it, even gently nibble. You can lick the lips and nibble, lick down my slit to my hole. I get really wet so you will be able to taste me, sometimes when I cum I even squirt a little.”

I grinned up at her, “I’ll get to swallow and return the favor.”

She laughed and ran her fingers through my hair, “you’re the first boy to do this for me.”

I leaned closer and put my mouth around her clit, sucking gently. I tickled her clit with my tongue and listened to her gasp, “oh, damn!”

I smiled to myself as my mind reached into her body for the sensations I felt. I licked down her slit and stuck my tongue up inside her, tasting her flowing juices. My mind was mapping out the pleasure centers in her body, caressing each one. I sucked one of her pussy lips in and tickled the inside before going back to her clit.

Cat’s hips bucked, “god Jerrod, what are you… what are you doing to me! My whole body is tingling.”

I smiled to myself as I continued licking and sucking. I moved back to her grasping hole and licked up the tiny stream of juice she was leaking. I nibbled on her lips and went back to licking and sucking her clit. I found the nerves around her g spot and caressed them with my mind.

Cat almost screamed, “ooohhhh fuck!”

Her body started getting tense and she started shuddering, “I’m going to cum!”

I pushed my tongue hard against her clit and rubbed her g spot harder with my mind. She jerked, “oh shit!”

I put my mouth over her pussy and rubbed her clit with my finger. She started squirting her girl cum right into my mouth as she shook violently, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

She finally dropped back down onto the bed, her body going slack. I stopped rubbing her and looked up at her, “was it good?”

Cat laughed through her panting, “you just made it to the top of my list. I don’t even care if I don’t cum later, that was worth it.”

I bent and kissed her clit and then moved up over her body. I stopped before my cock reached her pussy, “how do we… how do you want…”

My face was red as she giggled, “lover this is your first time. Is this how you want me?”

I nodded and she reached between us to grab my stiff cock. She smiled, “hard again?”

I blushed more, “it takes a lot for it to go soft.”

Cat grinned, “oh this just keeps getting better.”

She pulled me up until I was right over her and then she started rubbing my cock through her pussy. She put the head of my cock at the entrance and gave a slight pull and it slid right in. She released me and looked into my face, “you’re kind of big and thick so go slow.”

I nodded and slowly pushed into her. I wanted to just shove into her so bad. I gritted my teeth as she closed her eyes and shuddered, “so good.”

I started to fuck her slowly before I was halfway in. She was so warm and tight and wet, every time I pushed back into her she moaned and I would go deeper. When I finally pushed my pelvis tight against hers she grabbed me tight, “fuck!”

She bucked and shook as she had another orgasm and I hadn’t even started using my mind yet. I felt her squirt and smiled as she finally opened her eyes, “oh god, what have you done to me! It has never been this good.”

I kissed her, “ready for more?”

She groaned, “I’m not sure, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop.”

I grinned as I started fucking again and opened my mind to feel her pleasure. I was going a little faster than before. Cat started moaning a minute later and even spread her legs more. After about three or four minutes she came, not as hard as before so I just continued to pump into her. After that it was about every two minutes.

After about twenty minutes I knew I was getting close and started fucking her hard. I reached into her with my mind and rubbed her pleasure centers. She was groaning with every shove into her and quietly muttering, “fuck meee…”

I looked into her glazed eyes, “I’m going to cum.”

Her eyes almost focused as she planted her feet flat on the bed and started slamming her cunt up onto my cock, “Yes! Do it!”

I shoved against her g spot with my mind and slammed into her as deep as I could. She grunted and her body arched and she started shaking and squirting as cum shot deep into her pussy. She jerked, “fuck yes! Cum in me!”

She wasn’t the only one shaking. I had never cum so hard before, my cum had to be slamming into her womb. I shuddered one last time and we both dropped back to the bed breathing hard. I looked into her face, “that was….”

I just slumped down onto her, careful not to let all my weight rest on her. I whispered into her ear, “thank you Cat.”

She squeezed me and sighed, a minute later I started to fuck her slowly. Cat laughed, “already?”

I rose up, “can I?”

She kissed me, “I’m yours now. You fuck me as long as you want.”

I looked into her eyes, reaching with more than hands ever could, something had changed! It took me a moment but I found what I was looking for. She wasn’t kidding when she said she was mine, if I told her to never go home she wouldn’t. I kept fucking her, thinking hard, the controls on her mind were hers but also mine.

When she started moaning again I slowed and stopped, “Cat? Can I try it from behind you?”

She grinned, “I love it like that.”

I moved off her and then held her still as I looked between our legs. I looked up at her face with a grin, “I think we made a mess.”

She looked down between her leg, “Damn, that is so…”

She pushed me back and got on her hands and knees while looking between her spread knees at the large stain of our cum, “fuck me Jerrod.”

I got behind her and pushed back into her leaking pussy. I sighed almost in relief and Cat groaned, “Oh fuck yes! Now fuck your bitch.”

I laughed as I started fucking her, “you’re not a bitch anymore. If you like you can be my slut.”

She turned her head and looked at me for only a moment. She nodded almost to herself before smiling, “I accept Jerrod.”

I caressed her hips, “I will treat you gently Cat.”

I fucked her with long strokes and laughed as she came again a couple of minutes later. All of her pleasure centers were tied together now so every time she came she would bite the pillow as she screamed in pleasure. It was almost a half hour later and I don’t know how many orgasms Cat had.

I decided to try something new. With my mind I relaxed the muscles in her asshole and scooped a hand full of her cum from her legs. I opened her ass and pushed the cum in. She looked back at me, “are you going to… fuck my ass? I tried it before but it hurt real bad…”

I caressed her, “It won’t hurt this time.”

I pulled out of her pussy and slowly pushed into her ass, blocking her pain centers as I did. She groaned really loud, “oh fuck that feels… so… so different but good.”

I started fucking her slowly and she grunted with each stroke. Her ass was so tight I knew it wouldn’t take me long. I stroked her pleasure center with my mind and she threw her head back screaming, “oooohhhhh fuck!”

Her body went tight and her cum squirted out against my legs as I slammed into her one last time and started pumping sperm up her ass, “I’m cumming!”

She jerked with each spurt of cum and dropped her head to the bed, “fuck that feels so good.”

When I finished I pulled out of her and lay beside her. I cupped her breast and sighed, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Her laugh was a little shaky, “no. I think I’m all fucked out though.”

I smiled and rubbed my still hard cock against her hip, “that’s too bad.”

She looked down and groaned, “I won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

I laughed as I slid off the bed and helped her up. I caressed her body and then kissed her, “when you are ready to move in let me know.”

She looked into my eyes, “what did you do to me Jerrod?”

I kissed her and sat her on the bed, “I am not like other people. I can do things with my mind. When we were… that first time, when we made love I opened my mind a little. I don’t know how you did it but you bound yourself to me. If I told you to do something, you would do it.”

I looked away, “you won’t be able to stay away from me, not for any length of time. I’m responsible, I put it into your head to come talk to me. I didn’t expect you to… that we would…”

I sighed as I looked at her, “you were just so beautiful. I wanted to talk to you. I’ll find a way to fix it Cat, I promise.”

She was looking at me strangely, “you didn’t put it in my head to… to make me have sex?”

I shook my head blushing, “I just wanted to talk to you. I probably would have… you know masturbated, later.”

She smiled, “I… I don’t want you to fix it. All the boys I have been with… you can read my thoughts?”

I nodded, “Yes and before you ask, after we made love I looked inside you. I knew something wasn’t right. I saw them all Cat. I know everything you have done.”

She blushed and turned her head away, “than you know I really am a slut.”

I turned her face back to me, “I will fix it.”

She took a deep breath, “No, I think I really want it this way. You have given me more pleasure than all of the boys I have been with. You are my master and I am your slut.”

She stood up and kissed me timidly, “I don’t know how long it will be before I can get my parents to let me… move in with you.”

I kissed her back, “now that I have seen the controls you pulled into yourself, I can…”

She smiled, “convince them to let me stay with you?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

She hugged me and went to her clothes, “let me think about it.”

I walked up behind her as she bent to put her pants on, she froze and looked back at me. I smiled as I held her hips, “I’ll miss you tonight.”

She smiled as she slowly pulled her pants up and turned around, “If you can read my mind than we are still together. Can you… talk to me?”

I frowned and thought, “I don’t know, can I?”

She jumped and then smiled, “when we were… having sex did you touch me with your mind?”

I nodded, “that was the first thing I did with my mind. Move things, that is.”

Cat hugged me, “then tonight, you can… love me in my bed.”

I laughed, “now look who hasn’t had enough.”

She grinned as she picked up her bra and shirt. When she was dressed she came into my arms and kissed me, “do you have any orders… Master?”

I looked at her, thinking of her accidentally saying something, “Yes. You will tell no one about my powers, not in writing or using any other form of communication. You will not even write it in a diary to yourself.”

She started to say something and I touched her lips, “this way you wouldn’t even by accident.”

She nodded and I kissed her, “I am sorry but I don’t want to end up as some government experiment.”

She grinned, “you’re my experiment.”

As she started walking down the hall I had a thought that struck me, “Cat?”

She stopped and looked back. I was turning red again, “we didn’t use a condom.”

She blinked and smiled, “it was your first time. I’ll take the chance.”

I thought about it and shook my head, “call your doctor and make an appointment to go on the pill.”

She seemed to be struggling with herself as I walked down the hall to her, “I didn’t say you had to take them. I said make an appointment with the doctor. We, you and I will talk about this. I will not order you to take them but I want you to have that choice.”

She nodded, “I don’t really want to.”

I kissed her, “talk to the doctor first, make sure you tell him or her about having sex unprotected. I don’t know how early they would be able to know… we’ll talk after you see the doctor.”

She hesitated, “mom will have a fit over having to pay for this.”

I smiled, “wait a minute.”

I went back into my room and took out a thousand dollars. When I gave it to Cat, she blushed, “you’re giving me money after sex.”

I laughed, “bring back the change.”

She grinned and kissed me, “love you later.”
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