My daughter is learning to use her womanly whiles on me, to get what she wants.
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My Daughter Is Learning

I was lying in the bathtub enjoying the warmth of the water. I just love to lie there for an hour if possible. I don’t lock the bathroom door because my wife almost always has to pee while I’m in there. Besides, it is our own master bath.

So anyway when the door opened I didn’t even open my eyes.

That is until my daughter’s voice said, “We need to talk.”

Even then I only opened my eyes but other than that I didn’t move. My knees were up and spread. My cock was trying to float on the surface of the water but the water was too deep so instead it just stood up and bobbed around.

Bethany said, “We need to talk.”

I asked, “About what?”

She said, “I need new clothes for school.”

I said, “We already had this conversation and I said not this week.”

She said, “I know what you said and I know that you want to buy something for that car that you are restoring…but my needs should come first.”

I shook my head, no.

Then I watched as my daughter pushed her chest out and said, “All of my shirts are too small. My boobs grew.”

I smiled and said, “I kind of like your shirts tight.”

She came closed and turned around. She bent over forcing her fine ass into my face as she said, “My pants are all too tight. When I bend over they cut into my stomach.”

I smiled and said, “I love you ass in those tight pants.”

She pulled her shirt off and said, “My bras are all too small. The other girls will call me overflow. Did I mention that my boobs grew?”

I said, “Go braless like your mother does.”

I knew where this was going so I added, “I like it when your nipples are hard and they poke out.”

She blushed and said, “Oh, Dad! You wish!”

Next she shimmied out of her way too tight jeans. She was right, they were too small…but I loved they way she looked in them.

Standing before me in just her bra and panties she said, “Look! They are so small that they creep into my slit and up my ass crack.”

I smiled and said, “Camel toes are a boys best dream and if you got new panties, they would be thong and you would still have something up the crack of your ass.”

Bethany said, “Mom gives you extra special sex to get what she wants.”

I smiled and said, “Yes, she does!”

Bethany said, “What if I gave you something extra special too?”

I choked and said, “Sex!”

She was startled and taken completely off guard. She practically shouted, “No fucking way!”

Then she clamped both hands over her mouth…embarrassed as hell for swearing in front of me.

When she settled down she said, “No! Not sex! But what if I let you see me naked instead?”

I whispered, “Completely naked.”

Bethany whispered, “Completely naked…in my birthday suit…without a stitch on…just like the way I sleep at night…even if I have a sleepover.”

I looked at her and said, “Sleepovers too.”

She smiled and said, “Yes! None of the girls that sleep in my bed ever wear anything.”

She smiled and said, “Mom told me that if your cock got really hard I was doing something right.”

I looked down and a couple of inches were poking up out of the water. She was right, that was how her mother judged if she was winning or not. However, with her mother that “extra special” got more special the harder that I got.

I asked, “So what exactly did you have in mind?”

She smiled and said, “Two hundred dollars.”

I said, “I wanted to know exactly what you were willing to do for that two hundred dollars.”

She blushed again and said, “Well Mom suggested that I get naked after dinner and stay that way until I have to get dressed for school in the morning, and that I do it for a whole week, seven days. And, that I let you take a hundred pictures of me every day too.”

I would have to thank my wife for setting this up. Thank her, hell! She would be getting some of the best sex of her life because of this.

I said, “Okay! Shell we start right now?”

She shrugged her shoulders and slipped out of her bra and panties. Surprisingly she lifted the toilet lid and sat back down. I heard her pee splashing in the water in the bowl.


She pulled off an exorbitant amount of toilet paper, spread her legs, and wiped her pussy. Her mother was wasteful like that too. I don’t use that much toilet paper when I shit.

She was about to leave when she stopped to pick up her clothes. She said, “Mom said that I should leave my used panties on your pillow.”

I smiled and said, “That would be nice. Thank you.”

At the doorway she asked, “What do I have to do to get four hundred dollars for school clothes?”

I thought it over for a brief moment and said. Well today is Thursday…so if we make this nudity and pictures thing last for two weeks…it will give us two Fridays and two Saturdays for you to have sleepovers. Could you invite a couple of girls that might understand why you are running around all night naked” Speaking of that…how about we set a time for your nudity…six o’clock at night until seven o’clock in the morning.”

Bethany giggled and said, “Make it five hundred dollars and I’ll get the girls to be naked with me all night and have them in the hundred pictures with me.”

I replied, “Five it is! Which two girls do you have in mind?”

She asked, “Do you remember Stacey Smith?”

I certainly did remember Stacey. She fell out of her top at the Water Park last summer. I was lucky enough to get it on camera too. She looked very good.

I replied, “Yes, I remember her.”

Bethany said, “Well her tits are double the size now.”

I repeated, “Double!”

She giggled again and said, “Yeah! She wears a 34-D bra now. She has the biggest tits of any fifteen-year-old in my school.”

I asked, “What about the second girl?”

Bethany put her clothes down and sat back on the toilet to give that a little thought.

After a while she said, “I’m thinking about Jane and Betty Lou Brown.”

I knew them. Their parents were very strict and very religious.

I asked, “Really?”

Bethany rolled her eyes at me as her way of saying, “Duh!”

She started to whisper, “They are suck lesbians. They are always trying to get into my panties. I know that they will do anything to sleep in my bed for two nights. Jane is fourteen but she has sucked her father’s cock. Betty Lou is sixteen and he fucks her.”

I said, “But I thought they were super religious.”

She giggled and whispered, “Yeah! That! It is all a put-on. They just do that for appearance. Their parents are really heavy into wife swapping. They have fucked half of the congregation. Sometimes they hold their wife swapping gatherings right in the Fellowship Hall.”

I said, “You’re kidding! Right?”

She said, “Not at all. Her father takes Betty Lou to some father and daughter swapping meetings and she gets fucked by lots of men. I think that is why she is a dyke and wants to fuck me.”

I asked, “Isn’t this getting out of hand!” She looked at me. “You are willing to let two lesbians molest you for two nights just to get clothes for school?”

Bethany giggled and said, “Don’t be silly! I’m doing it because I want too. I like being naked in here with you. I like the way you look at Stacey’s boobs whenever she comes over. I especially like the thought of Jane and Betty Lou fucking my brains out. One girl that I know spent just one night in bed with them and said that she lost count of how many orgasms that they gave her. She absolutely loved it. I have wanted to try them out but I was a little afraid to…until now.”

I said, “I just wish I could watch the three of you girls together.”

Bethany said, “You can! Install a camera.”

I had always wanted to put a camera in her bedroom but I was afraid of the consequences if I got caught. Now I had her permission. Great!

I just put on a pair of underwear to go down the stairs to my girls. I had a hard-on but I figured that they would understand.

There was my wife and my daughter nude sitting on the couch watching television.

My wife asked, “Where is your camera? She owes you a hundred nudes for today.”

Bethany added, “A hundred of just me…then a hundred of us together.”

My wife just nodded and smiled.

I got my camera and took Bethany’s picture all over the inside of the house. Ten or twelve in every room captured everything in the background.

Then my wife stood beside her with their breasts touching. After that it was simply amazing what those two girls did to one another. Bethany ate her mother’s pussy and my wife ate her daughter’s pussy. They kissed, they hugged, and they grabbed one another’s butts. Then they started to finger fuck one another and ended up on the floor in front of the open refrigerator trying to stuff fruits and veggies into one another. Bethany ate a banana out of her mother’s pussy. My wife ate a large pickle out of Bethany’s pussy. It was better than any porn movie I had ever seen. Damn! I should have videotaped it.


That first Friday Stacey Smith was already there when I came home from work. It was almost five-thirty and dinner was on the table. I knew that in thirty minutes Bethany would be naked. I did not know how Stacey would react though.

My wife gave me a nice kiss and a wink before telling me to have a seat.

Dinner was good but it seemed that we were all watching the big clock up on the wall. Then the Westminster Chimes in the living room started to go off.

By the time that the chimes ended with the sixth stroke all three of the girls were naked. Stacey’s breasts were amazing. She placed them on the top of the table when she ate her desert. Ice cream! When a drip would land on her right breast Bethany would lick it off. When one landed on her left breast my wife would lick it off.

When dinner and desert were complete Stacey said, “So I hear that you like my boobs!”

I replied, “Stacey, I love your boobs.”

She giggled and said, “My father does too. Maybe I should bargain nudity for school clothes with him. I’m sure he would appreciate it…but…I’m not too sure that my mother would. She is kind of a prude…or rather…a closet exhibitionist. I’m not exactly sure which.”

I asked, “Just what is a closet exhibitionist?”

Stacey told me several stories of her mother ‘accidentally’ dropping her towel in front of guests right after a shower. Of her ‘forgetting’ her panties then squatting down to pet some man’s dog. Of her wearing her bikini but not tying the top very tight. Of her wearing plunging necklines with out a bra and bending over to let men look down her top.

I looked at my wife and said, “We should hang out with Stacey’s parents more often.”

She made a sour face and said, “I like Nancy but Gerald is a fat smelly pig.” She looked at Stacey and said, “No offence.”

Stacey said, “None taken. Somehow I wonder how Mom can stand to sleep with him.”

I smiled and said, “Maybe that is why she is a closet exhibitionist.”

Stacey said, “She really likes attention from other guys.”

My wife asked, “Does she have a boyfriend?”

Stacey said, “I don’t think so…she fingers herself a lot…even more than I do.”

I got my camera and took pictures of my daughter, of the two girls together, and of the three girls together. When I was done Stacey asked me to just take some of her alone. Nice! She liked to open her pussy up wide for me and I liked that myself.

Saturday was great. The girls had decided to not even bother to get dressed at all…giving me an all day show.

I had watched some of it but recorded a good eight hours of them making love. The cameras that I had installed worked perfectly, even the zoom and directional features. I owed Bethany more for that suggestion.

At lunch Bethany told me some of what the two of them had done in her bed the night before. It was more than enough to get me hard. My wife took me to our bedroom to relieve my problem. Then two hours and four hours later the same.

Those girls were the best thing that had happened to my sex life in a long time.


The next Friday was nothing the same. Those two sisters were naked and going at it on the living room floor when I walked in the door. My daughter was naked and just watching them. my wife was dressed but she sure looked sexy to me.

Dinner was over with quickly, then Betty Lou said, “I’m sixteen if you want to fuck me.”

Before I could inform her that the legal age of consent in this state was seventeen…she said, “My Daddy does…all of the time.”

I asked, “What about your mother?”

She replied, “Oh he fucks her too but mostly he lets his friends fuck her. Once in a while he will let them fuck me but he has to be pretty drunk to let them.”

I asked, “So how many men have fucked you?”

Her younger sister Jane said, “Thirty-two different men and that is just in her pussy. Thirteen have cum in her mouth and seven in her ass. That doesn’t include the guys that have fucked her more than once. Daddy has done it to her over two hundred times.”

I just had to ask, “When did he start fucking you?”

Jane said he started fucking her when she was twelve because he caught her with a cock inside of her cunt. He said right there that if his brother could her then he could too. Me…he waited until I was thirteen before he took my cherry.”

So I asked, “How many men have fucked you?”

She smiled, “Only six. I’m special and Daddy doesn’t want to stretch my pussy out like he has hers. They pay Daddy good to fuck me.”

Bethany said, “You’re a prostitute and your own father is your pimp!”

She just smiled ad said, “They pay to fuck Betty Lou too…just not as much.”

Bethany asked, “So how much are we talking here?”

Jane said, “Five hundred dollars to fuck me in my pussy and only fifty to fuck her anywhere.”

My wife asked, “So how much of that money do you get?”

Jane looked down at the floor and mumbled, “Nothing! Daddy keeps it all.”

Well that weekend was simply outrageous. If those two girls weren’t after Bethany then they were after one another.

When they finally went after my wife she just looked at me and said, “Get the video camera. This should be fun.”

Fun did not even come close to describing what happed for the next two hours. Bethany got involved, so it was a foursome with lots of Daisy Chains taking place. Every girl ate and got eaten by everyone else. Whenever I would fill my wife’s pussy the other girls would fight to see who got the first lick.

I had to smile when my daughter said, “Daddy, some day soon I want to taste it right from the source.”

My wife said, “I’ll let you lick me after sex from now on.”

Bethany just smiled and went back to finger fucking Jane.

By the time that the girls left to go home I had fucked them both…Jane twice. Jane was really tight and I very much enjoyed fucking her while I thought about someday fucking my own daughter. Betty Lou on the other hand practically raped me. That girl could fuck but for some strange reason preferred a pussy over a nice stiff cock.

She wanted to be on top and then stick her nipples in my mouth as she squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles. Just before I could cum she spun around into a reverse cowgirl and asked me to stick two fingers up her ass. That was just enough to set us both off. She was worth more than fifty dollars and Jane was definitely not worth the five hundred. She was certainly worth two hundred for the twenty minutes that I was in her.


After that two-week period, things DID NOT go back to normal.

My girls were always naked when I walked through the door. I continued to take nude pictures but that certainly slowed down to about a hundred a week.

Surprisingly several girls would spend a weekend at our house totally nude. Many wished they could have that kind of freedom in their own homes. Of course they all slept in my daughter’s bed and I recorded it for later use.

Stacey’s mother Nancy came out of the closet, so to speak. At least she did at our house when her daughter was here. Nancy would be nude like her daughter and my wife and daughter. She would pose for pictures too. When we were alone she would pose for some really raunchy pictures. She managed to get the fat end of a baseball bat into her pussy and fucked it for about ten minutes.

Then one day my wife said, “Nancy should be your sex slave. She needs to be told what to do by a man.

The next time that Nancy came over I said, “I want you to be my sex slave. You will do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it, and to whom I tell you to do it to.”

Nancy said, “Yes, Master!”

That was way too easy, so to test her I took her into my daughter’s bedroom and looked through her closet. I picked out a tiny skirt and a top that would just barely cover her tits.

I said, “Put them on.”

She didn’t hesitate.

I took her downtown and dropped her off at one end of Main Street and told her to walk slowly to the other end where I would be parked. It was a distance of five blocks of the busiest stores, banks, and office buildings in the city.

I told her to stop at ever intersection and to cross the street each time. Then I drove away. I parked at the other end and practically ran back to watch her strut her stuff. She had only gotten a block and a half so I watched her from the opposite side of the street. Boy, did she ever turn heads. The men drooled and the women looked down on her. The outfit that she was wearing rode very low on her hips to the point where if she had pubic hair that it would have shown. The lower end was so short that from behind almost half of her bare ass was exposed. From the front if you were sitting you could see her bald pussy. Up higher, lots of flesh was showing above and below her top. The lower swell of her breasts was magnificent. I was trying to videotape her journey.

She never looked around to see if I was there, she just walked slowly. I did not cross at the second intersection I just hung back and let her get ahead of me.

There were several hoots and hollers. I even heard a few women call her a slut. I had to smile when two police officers smiled and turned their heads to keep watching her as she walked away.

When she got to my car she looked around for the first time and saw me standing there, holding my video camera.

She asked, “Did you get what you wanted? I can walk back to the other end again if you want me too.”

I said, “Get in my car and remove that skirt and top.”

She did as I had asked without any hesitation.

Right then I knew for sure that I had a sex slave.

The End
My Daughter Is Learning
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