She wouldn’t let us both fuck her down there at the same time again.
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Not Both Of You At The Same Time

My brother Hank and I slipped into Lucy’s bedroom. We were both naked and we wanted sex.

I nudged her and said, “Hey Loose, wake up, we’re horny.”

Lucy opened her eyes and just looked up at us. She said, “Be quick about it, I’m tired and I’ve got a big test tomorrow.”

We both climbed in her bed with her.

Lucy said, “Not both of you at the same time again.”

We looked at one another and then we looked at her.

Lucy said, “The last time that I let you both fuck me down there at the same time, I was sore for three days. I’ve got a big test in English tomorrow and I can’t afford to fail. I can’t get a good grade if my ass and cunt are too sore to sit on.”

I let my younger brother go first. He was always quick and his pecker was thinner than mine was. He wouldn’t stretch her out but he would grease her up for me. I really liked sloppy seconds in Loose.

Hank pulled out and went to bed. Loose smiled up at me and said, “Come to think about it, don’t be in too big a hurry. Hank only tickled my pussy and started the fire. I need you to put it out the flames for me.”

So I slipped my sixteen-year-old cock into my thirteen-year-old sister and started thrusting gently into her tight little pussy.


It was only a month or so before that, that my best friend Billy had told me that he had fucked my kid sister and that Lucy had told him that she would let him fuck her again.

Well, when I confronted Lucy about it, she said that it was her body and that she could let anybody fuck her that she wanted too.

She told me that our mother had taken her to the doctor and that she was on birth control pills. She said that she and Mom take them every morning together. That way they can both fuck around and not get “caught.” Wow! I guess that I had never thought about my mother fucking around, much less giving Lucy permission to do so also.

So I asked, “Did Mom really tell you that you could fuck around?”

She replied, “Well, not exactly in those words. I just assumed that if we were both taking the pills and that she lets guys fuck her, that I could too.”

I liked her attitude about sex and told her so. Then I asked her if I could fuck her too.

She thought about it for a short while and then said, “Sure! Why not! You can’t be any worse at it than Billy is.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. To hear Billy talk about it, he was the best lover in the whole world, and that she kept begging him for more.

The fucking liar!

So anyway Lucy stripped naked for me, laid out flat on her back, and spread her legs wide open. I had never seen a naked girl before and so I really enjoyed the view. I tried to stick it in her but she stopped me. First I had to watch her masturbate, right there in front of me. It was amazing, simply amazing to watch my little sister tickle her clit like that. She had a glow about her as she finger fucked herself and rubbed her clit. Near the end, she lifted her ass up off the bed and moaned in delight.

I had heard that same sound coming from Mom’s bedroom at night. Now I knew what it was.

I also knew the instant that the head of my cock entered her pussy that I truly loved my little sister. I loved her pussy, I loved her tiny tits, and above all I loved her. I especially loved her.

She loved the feel of my cock inside of her as much as I loved the feel of her pussy stretched around it. I came more than I had ever cum before. It was incredible. Even Lucy said that she enjoyed it and that I could fuck her anytime that I wanted too.


Hank and I have to share a bedroom because we are both boys and Lucy was a girl and she needed her own room. Mom said so and of course she was right.

So anyway one night I slipped out of our bedroom and into Lucy’s bedroom. I though that Hank was asleep. I was wrong.

I was in Lucy. Her legs were wrapped around my neck. Hank crept in and watched in silence until I came and pulled out.

Then out of nowhere Hank said, “I’m next!”

Lucy started to panic but then smiled and said, “Okay, but you can’t tell anyone.”

It was over almost before it began.


A few weeks later all three of us were a lot better at fucking.

Lucy had given Billy the old heave-ho.

That was the first time that Lucy let us double penetrate her in both of her lower holes.

She had given one of us a blowjob while the other fucked her but never like that before.

She squatted down on Hank’s cock and leaned forward while I shoved my cock up her ass. She squirmed a little, asked me to go slow, and accepted the fact that she had lost her anal virginity to me. I only wish that Billy hadn’t gotten her pussy virginity. The guy was a jerk and didn’t deserve a nice girl like my sister.

After I had cum in her ass, she asked me to let my cock shrink and slip out on its own.

However, the next time that we wanted to double team her she said, “Not both of you together. One at a time is fine in either hole but you guys together were more than I could take. Those holes were both sore for three days afterwards.”

I asked, “Why didn’t you tell us?”

Lucy replied, “Because it was my problem, not yours, and I like it when you guys fuck me. Hank is getting better at it. He even made cum last night.


We had a grand old time for several weeks.

Then one day Mom cornered me and said, “I know that you and your brother are fucking your sister.”

I hemmed and hawed for a minute then started to cover my ass with a lie.

Mom laughed and said, “Don’t panic! I just want in on some of the action. It sucks that my daughter is getting ten times the sex that I am getting.”

I looked at my mother in a new way and asked, “You want me to fuck you?”

Mom said, “Sure! If I can let perfect strangers pick me up in a bar, take me to a motel room, and fuck me till I’m sore and tired…then I can let my own son fuck me.”

I asked, “What about Hank?”

Mom took in a deep breath and said, “I think letting my sixteen-year-old son fuck me is okay but letting my fourteen-year-old son fuck me is not okay.”

I had to smile knowing that I didn’t have to share Mom with my little brother.

I asked, “How do you want to do it?”

Mom said, “After your brother goes to sleep, come visit me.”

I laughed and said, “I tried that with Lucy but he caught on after a couple of weeks.”

Mom said, “In that case maybe I should tell him and Lucy what we are up too.”

I said, “I’ve always wanted to get away from Hank and have a room of my own but I wouldn’t mind sharing a room and a bed with you, Mom.”

Mom smiled and said, “Okay! You can move into my room and my bed and into my body. You can visit your sister but you have to sleep with me.”

I said, “Okay!”


At dinner Mom told Lucy and Hank that she knew about the sex that had been going on between us and that she wanted in on the action. She told them that I was going to move into her bed but that I could still fuck Lucy whenever I wanted too.

Hank was excited to get his own bedroom.

Lucy was happy that Mom would be getting some sex too.

I could hardly wait until bedtime that night.

The End
Not Both Of You At The Same Time
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