At first I was more concerned for my Twilight Blue beauty than I was for the naked girl behind it.
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Are You Going To Fuck Me Too

I was in my kitchen fixing a cup of hot tea when I saw two boys sneak out of my garage, throw something in my trashcan, and high tail it over my back fence.

I turned off the teakettle and headed in the direction of my garage. I had restored a 1956 Chevy Bel Air two door hard top. It was a dark Twilight Blue with ghost flames. It was a classic and I sure as hell didn’t want anything to happen to her. She was worth well over forty thousand dollars.

I went in and snapped on the lights.

A girl’s soft voice asked, “Are you going to fuck me too?”

I looked around and on the other side of the car was a naked teenage girl sitting Indian style on an old blanket. She was naked but she sure wasn’t trying to cover anything up. Her breasts were red and swollen. Her pussy was also red and swollen.

I looked at her and asked, “Are you Betty Lou Henderson?”

She nodded and asked again, “Are you going to fuck me too?”

Her voice was not one of concern but one of genuine interest. She did not act like a girl that had just been raped by two boys and then left naked for someone else to find in his garage.

Betty Lou then said, “I’m supposed to wait here. They are sending more boys over to fuck me.”

Then just like any very excited young girl, she just couldn’t stop talking.

Betty Lou said, “Timmy took my virginity. It hurt a little at first but then after Donny, Timmy took another turn and that time it felt really good. Donny did it again too and that was when I finally came. It was fabulous.”

She continued, “I never knew sex could feel so good. I wanted more, so they said for me to stay right here and that they would send more boys over to fuck me.”

I was having trouble trying to figure out if she was acting normal, hyperventilating, or in some kind of posttraumatic shock. So I started asking her questions.

I asked, “How old are you?”

She replied, “Thirteen.”

I asked, “Why are your breasts so red?”

She replied, “ “The boys had to give me a bunch of tittie twisters to get my juices flowing. It hurt at first but then they got awfully sensitive. They told me that girls needed to be tortured to get their juices flowing so a cock could slide in better. It had a bunch of letters, like BDSM or something like that.”

I asked, “How do you feel?”

She replied, “ “Oh, I feel great. I did so good that they let me suck their cocks afterwards.”

She gave me her mother’s cell phone number and I called her. I told her that I had found her daughter in my garage and asked her to come over.

It took her about ten minutes to get there, so Betty Lou and I talked some more and she let me continue to stare at her cute little naked body.

When Betty Lou’s mother arrived I was absolutely floored. She was more beautiful than I remembered. Her hair and makeup were immaculate. Her fingernails and toenails were painted bright red. She had on a white blouse with a red bra on under it and a tight black leather miniskirt. The red high heels just enhanced her outfit. I was speechless.

She asked, “What have you done with my daughter?”

As I said I was speechless so Betty Lou said, “He didn’t do nothing Mommy. I let Timmy and Donny fuck me and I thought that he was next.”

She asked, “Where are your clothes?”

Betty Lou said, “I don’t know. Timmy took them with him so that I wouldn’t get dressed and go home before the rest of the boys got here.”

That rang a bell and I said, “I think I know where your clothes are. I saw then throw something in my trashcan when they left.”

I went outside and opened the trashcan. I pulled out her clothes and spotted her cute little panties. I decided to let them drop back into my can for safekeeping. Then I took the rest of her clothes into the garage.

Betty Lou’s mother was on her knees between her daughter’s legs sucking through a piece of gas line tubing. She had up inside of her daughter’s pussy just sucking away and swallowing continuously.

She was on her knees with her ass high in the air. Her black miniskirt was up her ass about halfway. I could see a red strip of cloth tucked neatly into her crack and a tiny patch trying to cover the back of her pussy lips.

I just couldn’t help it I silently clicked off a few pictures with my cell phone.

Betty Lou saw me do it and just smiled at me. Then she said, “Mommy doesn’t want me getting pregnant. Usually it is me sucking stuff out her pussy after a date.”

I asked, “Are you on birth control?”

Betty Lou answered, “No! Mommy says that we are girls and that if we want sex…we just have to take our chances. That the Lord’s way.”

Betty Lou’s mother said, “Oh this is making me so hot.”

She turned her pretty face toward me and said, “Wow! That looks pretty hard. Could you please put it in me.”

I watched as she reached back and slipped the tiny wisp of panty floss down to her knees.”

Betty Lou smiled and said, “Do it! Go ahead and do it. Mommy hasn’t been fucked in months.”

I stood behind her looking at her daughter’s red swollen breasts and slowly lowered my pants and removed them. I lowered my underwear and removed them too. Then Betty Lou’s eyes got really big. Apparently men and boys aren’t created equal. I smiled back at her as I lowered myself to the blanket.

Betty Lou’s mother was sloppy wet as I entered her.

She moaned, “Oh God!”

I slipped more into her and she said, “Oh Jesus!”

When I was fully inserted into her slick pussy, I grabbed onto her hips, and started plunging into her over and over again.

Betty Lou’s mother said, “You feel so good in me. I don’t want you to ever take it out. I want you to fuck me forever and ever.”

She pulled the gas line tubing out of Betty Lou’s pussy and then started licking the outside of it to clean her daughter up some more. All the time she was wiggling her ass back into me and it felt great.

After I had come and pulled out, Betty Lou stuck the tubing into her mother’s pussy and started sucking.

I said, “I’m so sorry. I should have pulled out. I forgot that you were not on birth control.”

Betty Lou’s mother smiled up at me and said, “We are girls and if we want to have sex…then we just have to take our chances. That the Lord’s way.”

She said, “And I really wanted sex. After all my little girl has finally started having sex. It really excited me and I’ve missed having a nice hard cock in me.”

Then Betty Lou’s mother asked, “Do you want to do it again?”

Betty Lou asked, “Are you going to fuck me too?”


Of course I couldn’t let a woman that nice get away. So I married her and we had sex every single day of our lives after that…three kids worth, two boys and another girl.

Betty Lou made it a regular thing on Saturday mornings to hang out naked in the garage and service the neighborhood boys as they arrived.

Betty Lou was the perfect little princess at school and outside of the garage. However, she was the perfect little slut inside of the garage…but only on Saturday and only if she was naked.

Luckily Betty Lou was eighteen when she first got pregnant.

Our granddaughter’s birth certificate lists ‘unknown’ for the father. Hell, it could have been any one of twenty or thirty different boys and men…including me!

The End
Are You Going To Fuck Me Too
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