It wasn’t your normal summer camp. Oh no!
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Sex Camp For The Summer

It had been a very rough winter for my parents. Basically because of my sister and I. You see I had turned fourteen and my hormones were raging, my cock was constantly hard, and I was dry humping everything in sight. I was an embarrassment to my parents. My sister wasn’t much better. She turned thirteen, got her tits, and would stick anything up her pussy that would fit.

So it was off to summer camp the day after school let out for the summer. It was supposed to be the longest eleven weeks of our lives. At least that was what our parents thought.

What they didn’t know was that they had sent us off to the wrong camp for the summer. Instead of a sex camp to discourage us from having sex, it was one that would encourage sex between siblings.

That was right!

We off loaded from the busses and then the main gate was locked. No one came in, no one went out, and there were not to be any visitors. Not even parents! Especially not parents!

That first afternoon we were assigned to our barracks. Ten boys and ten girls were assigned to one of five cottages. Cindy and I were assigned to the same cottage. In fact we were assigned to the same bed and it was not a very big bed either. The other nine pairs of kids in our cottage were brothers and sisters too.

Our counselor told us to strip. Yup, we were told to strip naked and get over to the mess hall. I looked at Cindy and she looked at me. We hesitated so that we wouldn’t be the only ones to get undressed and certainly not the first ones. Cindy looked at the other girls. Half of them were naked soon after our cottage leader told them to.

Cindy pulled her T-shirt up and off, so did I. She dropped her shorts to the floor, so did I. Then she turned around and asked me to help her with her bra hooks. It was a new bra and she wasn’t used to wearing it. When she turned back around I was holding it in my hand. Her small beasts looked wonderful. I loved her tiny hard nipples. Together we lowered our underpants. She had the sweetest downy pubic hair I had ever seen. Who was I kidding, I had never seen a naked girl before in my life.

When we got to the mess hall there were one hundred naked kids there and six adults. Half were boys and half were girls. We were all teenagers ranging in age from thirteen to sixteen. Some of those naked girls were gorgeous, well build, and sexy as hell. The three adult cottage leaders were definitely Playboy model material. The men were all well hung.

The camp counselor was a tall thin woman with nice breasts and a hairy patch between her legs.

She said, “Welcome! If this is your first year with us…Welcome! If you are a virgin…Welcome! If you are a nymphomaniac, Welcome!”

Then she said, “Go back to your beds with your assigned partner and get started. See you at six o’clock for dinner.”

We walked back to our cottage in a group with our cottage leader. She was Jackie and she was short and petite. Physically she looked like Cindy.

We had to sit on our beds while she went from one couple to the next. She kissed the girl’s pussy, she kissed the boy’s cock, and then she helped him slide it into his sister. Remember our cottage was all brothers and sisters…except for Jackie.

When she finally got around to us, she spread Cindy’s legs out wide, and practically slipped her lips into Cindy’s pussy lips for her kiss. I watched the head of my cock go into her mouth for my kiss. Then she pushed Cindy onto her back, pushed me in between her legs, and pulled on my cock until it was right at my sister’s opening. I looked into Cindy’s eyes as I felt Jackie push on my ass, shoving my cock into my sister for the very first time.

What a way for us to loose our virginities.

That first time was fast and furious, as we both wanted it so badly. The second time was better but the third time was more like I had always imagined that it would be.

My hard cock slipped in and out of her moist tight pussy. We kissed and I sucked on her nipples. When I finally came, she was right with me. We were both breathing hard and panting as our climaxes came crashing down around us.

After a brief rest, Jackie had the girls get into a Daisy chain on the floor with her face in my sister’s crotch. She said that the girls had better learn to eat cum weather it was directly from a boy’s cock or out of another girl’s freshly fucked pussy.

By the time that the girls were done we boys were ready to go again. However, Jackie told us that it was her turn to get fucked and she had us all line up to fuck her. I was number ten and boy was she ever wet when I finally got to her. I couldn’t believe that a woman like Jackie was letting all ten of us boys fuck her.

Jackie said, “Okay girls, you have had sex with your own brothers, you have eaten another girl’s cum-filled pussy, and you have just witnessed a gang bang. Now all of you girls will take turns being the recipient of a gang bang. One of you will get bang banged each day, every day, as long as you are in camp.”

One girl raised her hand and said, “A girl told me that I had to change beds every night.”

Jackie said, “Yes, after breakfast you will belong to another boy for that day.”

The girl’s eyes got big and she said, “Belong!”

Jackie said, “Yes!” She glanced around the room at the girls and said, “You are here for the guys pleasure. You will spread your legs and you will let all of the boys fuck you.”

That same girl said, “All of the boys.”

Jackie said, “Yes! All of the boys! After these the boys have all fucked you, you will be sent to another cottage where ten more boys will get to fuck you for a day. Plus those ten boys will get to gang bang you too. After fifty days you will have belonged to every boy for a full day. At that time your names will be picked after breakfast by the boys at random. You will belong to that boy until the end of camp.”

Jackie looked directly at my sister and said, “Cindy, I showed you what a gang bang was like, but tonight it is your turn. During the evening campfire you and the other four girls will do it together.”

Cindy almost shouted, “Out in front of everybody!”

Jackie smiled and said, “Yup! Right out in front of everyone. Your brother gets to fuck you first and then he gets to fuck you last if he wants too.”

Cindy and I slowed down but we kept having sex as often as I could get it up and in her. Dinner was okay but we had to take vitamins to keep our strength up.

Later we walked to the bonfire. We listened to the camp director talk, we sang some stupid campfire songs, and then Cindy and four girls from the other cottages were called up and shown off to the rest of the camp.

Those five girls were lined up facing the fire and the rest of the girls. We boys were lined up behind them with me first. Cindy was told to bend over and place her hands on a railing. I was the first to stick my cock in her and pump away until I came.

One by one I watched the other nine boys in our cottage stick their cocks into my sister’s pussy and cum in her.

After they were all done fucking my sister it was my turn again. By my count she had been fucked a total of eighteen times that day by ten guys.

That night in bed Cindy said, “Oh God, I’m so sore down there that I don’t think I’ll last the week out.”

Jackie heard her talking and came over with a big jar of cream. She shoved quite a bit into my sister’s pussy. Then she went around and did the same to the other girls.

I gave her a break in the morning and didn’t fuck her. After breakfast I had Rita as my fuck buddy. She was the oldest and most developed girl. This was Rita’s third summer at that camp. She was sixteen, she had jet-black hair, and she had C-cup breasts. After I got my cock into her pussy she said, “You are number one hundred and twenty-three. I’ve kept track.”

I smiled and kissed he as I fucked her. I rested my chest on her big boobs and just kept fucking.

Rita said, “Hey, you’re pretty good. You feel good, no you feel amazing.”

I said, “Thank you” and I kept thrusting into her. I got up on my hands with my elbows locked and watched her big boobs shake as I rammed into her.

I looked around at the rest of the girls in my cottage, I thought about the gang bang girls at the campfire, and I thought about the other girls in the mess hall when I started to fill her pussy with my cum.

Rita was under me shaking violently.

I rested on top of her body knowing that I would have the best time of my entire life that summer.

I wondered if I could possibly talk my parents into letting me come back for the next two years…then maybe I could return as a cottage leader.

The End
Sex Camp For The Summer
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