I have been a thief most of my life and I am extremely good at it. I have never been caught and the police don’t even know who I am. I have a few casual friends but even they don’t know who or what I am. My name is Dark Alexander Trelhim but people just call me Dark since that is the only name they know.

I left three friends when they started talking about hitting a drug supplier. I was sitting in my hidden apartment planning a job. I glanced at the phone or comm as people were beginning to cal them. I picked it up to see an... associate and answered, “Dark.”

“You need to run. Get out of the city and stay gone.”

I frowned, “why?”

“They have a Death Warrant for you.”

I sat up, “but I’m...”

“Just run Dark.”

He hung up and I cursed as I looked around. A death warrant was signed by a judge but only if the suspect was a killer and only if they had proof. The warrants were given to one of five special police squads called death squads. I pulled up the police wanted channel on the vid and stared at my name and then looked at the contact name.

Devlin Devrou was the contact and he had over fifty terminations on his record. A little checking and I had his address and everything I needed. I used a skin mask and gloves when I left and collected what I needed. It took a little to get into his apartment and then I set the trap. It was very late when he came in and I watch the tiny hidden cameras as he started checking his home.

I breathed through the nasal filters and waited. I touched a button when he entered the kitchen and the colorless and odorless gas began seeping out. He yawned and turned before swaying and then suddenly yanking open a cabinet to pull out a mask. Five seconds later I left the tiny closet and entered the kitchen.

I knew to remove the mask that had been drugged. I injected another drug into a vein before pulling him up and using his restraints. I cut his clothes off and waited until I was sure the second drug would be working, it was to enhance pain. I woke him and smiled, “hello Devlin.”

He struggled and cursed and I pulled out a slim stick like wand, “I am going to be asking you questions and you will give me answers.”

He started to spit and I pushed a small ball gag into his mouth, “this is really going to hurt.”

I touched his chest with the wand and ran it down to his stomach. He was screamed into the gag as the neural stimulator seemed to rip his nerves apart. They didn’t but to him it felt as if a red hot knife was ripping into him. I drew the wand along his legs and across his stomach again before touching his balls. I finally stopped and waited for him to stop screaming.

When I pulled the gag out he was ready and started talking. He told me which judge had signed the warrant. He told me who ordered it and who else knew. He gave me names and when he was done I looked him in the eye, “if you are still looking for me tomorrow yours will be the death warrant that gets terminated.”

I collected everything and walked out as I thought about the names. It was ordered by Markus Martinez one of the largest crime bosses. He had given the order to judge Henry Addison and made sure police commissioner Edward Daws knew to have the best squad enforce it. Apparently my friends had carried out their job and it was Martinez’s supplier.

According to Devlin they were dead but Martinez thought I had been in on it because I had been seen with them before the job. I was planning as I went and used an unregistered comm and computer pad or comp as they were called now. I grinned at what I saw, Markus Martinez had a club in one of the super sky buildings.

The top six floors were his and one floor was for all his... business. I found his vault easily and checked the building plans with normal building plans. Martinez had several flaws, one was he like to flaunt any win over an opponent like the teenage girl he was currently using as what he call his cum dump.

Jia was the daughter of a now dead Tong gang leader. His other flaw was he always had to have ways to escape. I bypassed the one way lock and opened the panel silently. I stepped into the brightly lit counting room and looked around. Along one wall were the stacks and bundles of credit notes from yesterday’s business.

The back wall was blocked by armored glass with a key pad. Inside were large bundles of stacks, each note was a ten thousand credit voucher note. Each stack held a hundred and each bundle held a hundred stacks. Filling the area behind the armored glass was poison gas. I grinned and crossed to his counting table and the special note to comp transfer machines.

I removed my comp and accessed my account before plugging it into the machine net. There were four machines and I started loading the note feeders with the credit notes on the shelves before starting the machines. Notes fed into the machines and transferred the amount to my account before the note dropped out and was incinerated.

While the machines went to work I did to. I disarmed the gas and it was being pumped out as I used a small devise to decrypt the entry pad and unlock the armored glass door. I checked and filled the note feeders again before opening the vault and moving the large bundles to the counting table. It took awhile to transfer all the notes.

When I was done I took the memory cards from the machines and tucked the comp away. I moved back to the escape panel and slipped in before closing it. I climbed the ladder several more floors before bypassing the one way lock and opening the panel. I looked at the girl on the bed with Martinez before moving closer to the bed.

I used a med injector to make sure she stayed asleep. I moved around to Martinez and put him out before moving him off the bed and secured him to a chair. The next hour was spent questioning him about his business and who he paid off. When I finished I pushed the injector against his throat, “terminate this.”

He jerked but it was to late and a moment later he was spasming as he died. I looked at the girl and sighed, I couldn’t leave her, she would be killed. I wrapped the blanket around her and lifted her to my shoulder. It was a little harder climbing out but I managed. Once I was clear of Martinez’s levels I slid down a lot faster and finally walked away.

Once I was in my apartment I carried the girl to my bed and unwrapped her. I looked at her body and shook myself before waking her. She looked around when she woke, “Master?”

I reached between her legs to finger her bald cummy slit, “dead and gone.”

She shuddered and humped, “am I your cum dump now?”

I smiled and sat as I continued to finger her, “did you want to be?”

She groaned and spread her legs, “yes.”

I stood and stripped before moving onto the bed and between her legs. I kissed her and lifted to push my cock into her slimy hole. She tilted her hips as my cock stretched her tight pussy and sank all the way into her and pressed against the back. She lifted and spread her legs as she held my hips, “ooohhh!”

She was very slick and full of cum as I pulled back and started to fuck her. It wasn’t long before she was humping and bucking as she writhed around and moaned. Her tight pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing my cock as I began to fuck her a little harder. A few minutes and I was shoving into her and pushing before I began gushing huge spurts of cum.

Jia jerked as her pussy clenched and she hugged me tight, “mmmm!”

It was several moments before I was done and she sighed and smiled, “again?”

I shook my head and pulled out before turning her over and pushing back into her from behind. That girl loved the feel of cock and cum. I set a few wards before taking a nap while she laid in bed and fingered her slimy pussy or licked cum from her fingers. It was the programing Martinez gave her I think.

I was up later and pulled her into the bathroom to wash. I put one of my dress shirts on her and pulled her out to the kitchen. While we ate I did some checking and shook my head, Devlin Devrou hadn’t taken my warning and was hunting me with a vengeance. Martinez’s organization was in ashes with competitors tearing huge chunks out of his businesses.

I spent the day planning and put Jia to sleep and into bed before leaving with another skin mask on. The huge estate had remotes guarding it with vid cameras everywhere. The black grav shroud dropped me onto the upper balcony. It was the only one not covered by cameras, the reason? Well the good judge had a habit and this room was his play pen.

I rolled and folded the shroud up before packing it away. I listened at the door and slipped the simple lock before stepping into the room. The judge was fucking a girl on some kind of table that held her legs up and spread. I walked up behind him and touched a stunner to the back of his head.

He jerked before collapsing and the girl shuddered as some of the stun passed to her. I looked at the cum leaking out of her before moving to the side and using a med injector to keep her asleep. I grabbed the judge and shoved the ball gag into his mouth before pushing him out and through the house.

Downstairs in his office I restrained him in his desk chair and pulled out the slim neural stimulator. I set it on the desk before using another med injector, this one to administer the drug that would heighten the pain. I turned and used his desk comp to pull up information. I started working and smiled at him when I finished.

I undid one restraint, “touch the screen.”

He shook his head and I sighed and let his hand go before using the neural stimulator on his cock and balls. I kept it up for several minutes before pulling back and waiting. I gestured, “touch the screen and confirm.”

He reached out quickly to do as I told him. I fastened the restraint again and removed the gag before I began questioning him. When I finished I replaced the gag, “you are terminated.”

I touched his throat with the med injector before collecting the few things I needed and left while he spasmed and died. I found the vid surveillance comp and removed the drive and the memory. I went to get the girl, her name was Tamara and she had been a gift from Martinez who trained her after killing her family.

I found a blanket and wrapped her before carrying her out after disarming the remotes. I knew the city was in for a huge shock because one of the things I had done was issue death warrants for everyone on a death squad. When I laid Tamara beside Jia she opened her eyes and smiled, “fuck me?”

She was an angel and I glanced at Jia who shifted. I smiled and reached out to rub her pussy mound, “awake Jia?”

She turned her head and opened her eyes before nodding. She looked at Tamara who looked back at her and then at me, “please?”

Jia smiled, “fuck her and then me.”

I looked at the girl and sighed before standing and undressing. I moved onto the bed and between her legs as she fingered her bald pussy. I pushed into her slimy hole and sank deeper as she wiggled and tilted her hips. I bent to give her a kiss, “I like it slow okay?”

She grinned and nodded as Jia giggled and I pulled back to start fucking her. I used long thrusts and with all the sperm in her she was more than slippery. She grunted as I pressed against the back of her pussy but only spread her legs and humped up. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed.

She got a surprised look before thrashing around, “oooohhhh!”

I continued to fuck her with nice deep thrusts and she was constantly writhing around and spasming. It took several minutes before I buried my cock and held her. She was just so tight and hot that I couldn’t hold it and began pumping and gushing cum. She jerked and held up her hips, “mmmm!”

When I was done cumming I was a little embarrassed but Jia pulled on me, “do me.”

I pulled out of Tamara and turned to Jia as she laid back and spread her legs. I moved over her and gave her a kiss, “feeling horny?”

She nodded and I pushed into her and waited until she shuddered and humped while her tight pussy squeezed. I looked at Tamara and pulled back and began to fuck Jia with deep thrusts. She thrust up each time and her pussy kept grasping my cock. I was shoving into her and grinding and it was a few minutes before she wailed and began to buck, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I buried my cock in her and kissed her as I humped and jabbed and pressed. She jerked and spasmed as she writhed around and clutched me. Her pussy was constantly squeezing my cock as I continued to hump into her before finally pulling back to fuck her with long strokes. She howled and thrashed as she squirted, “oooohhhh!”

It was a quarter hour before I pushed all the way into her and started spewing and pumping spurts of cum. I held her as she tilted her hips while her pussy worked to squeeze and milk the sperm out of my cock and into her. When I stopped she sighed and relaxed and I pulled out, “bath and food.”

I pulled them out of bed and after me as I went into the bathroom and washed them both. After we ate I sat with Tamara impaled on my cock to watch the news vid. She wiggled and rocked and rubbed her tight pussy on me as Jia grinned and waited her turn for the new ride. So far three quarters of the men on the death squads were dead, the rest were hiding or had escaped.

Devlin Devrou was one of the first to have been killed and the death warrant on me had been removed. After I pumped more cum in both girls I took them to bed and did it again before they let me sleep. I woke to early afternoon and the two girls licking each other. I smiled and slipped out of bed before going to the bathroom and heading to the kitchen.

Jia walked in and pushed me toward Tamara before starting to cook. I sat and pulled the girl onto my lap, “did you girls sleep or lick each other all day?”

Jia grinned as Tamara giggled, “a little of each.”

I had one more man to see and turned to use a comp. I found what I wanted fast enough and began making checks and plans. I ate absently when Jia set it in front of me and kept working. I finished and glanced at the two girls whispering together before pulling them to bed, I knew this would be the last time I went out.

I went to put on another skin mask before slipping out. This time I went across town to a sky building that overlooked the ocean. I used the maintenance lift up to a few floors before the penthouse level. I moved to a vacant apartment and bypassed the lock before walking through and out onto the balcony.

Climbing a few floors was simple and I slipped over the balcony rail at the police commissioner’s penthouse. I bypassed the alarm on his door and slipped in to look around. I walked through the penthouse and followed the screams and pleading. I walked out a door and saw a teenage girl maybe fourteen on a standing cross.

She had whip marks on her body and cum leaking down her legs. I looked at the naked man laughing as he whipped her and walked up behind him to touch the stunner to the back of his head. I held it as he jerked and spasmed before letting him fall. I turning him onto his back and kept using the neural stimulator on his balls.

When he finally passed out I restrained him and made sure he wouldn’t wake for a long time. I stood and looked at the girl before using the med injector to put her to sleep. I removed her from the whipping cross and went to find a robe. I searched the place and found lots of pictures. The girl was the commissioner’s daughter Jasmine and his victim.

He and a few other men used her and tortured her for fun after he had Martinez train her. I went to the entry and began waiting. When the commissioner walked in he was alone and I stunned him. I stripped him and put him in a chair before restraining him. I got the answers I needed and used the med injector against his throat, “you’re terminated.”

I left the list of corrupt police officials and judges before making a call. A minute later the building went dark as it lost power. I turned and lifted the girl to my shoulder before carrying her out. I used the stairs and started down using the emergency lighting. Ten minutes later the power was back on and I was almost twenty floors below the penthouse.

I slipped out of the stairs and went to a maintenance room to wait. Once all the power was back I used the lift down and walked out a small side door where all the vid cameras had been stolen. It took me a little while to return to the apartment. I sealed the door and carried Jasmine to the bedroom and laid her on the bed before taking her robe off.

I stripped and moved around and laid beside Jia before closing my eyes. I woke to hands stroking my cock and turned my head to see Jia grinning at me, “hi.”

I smiled, “did you want something or are you just playing?”

Tamara giggled and Jasmine shifted. Jia glanced back at her, “I washed the new girl if you want to fuck her.”

I looked at Jasmine and she looked down, “has she cum twice?”

Jia grinned and shook her head, “no.”

I nodded, “you and Tamara need to help her cum twice.”

She nodded and turned to kiss Jasmine before sliding down. Tamara kissed her too and then moved down to join Jia as she began to lick Jasmine’s pussy. She spread her legs and looked down her body and shuddered a minute later. She looked at me in fear and I moved closer and began sucking on her nipples and kneading her other breast.

She moaned and shuddered harder as her hips lifted. I moved up and kissed her softly, “no more pain. You are our lover now.”

She looked at me as she continued to shake and I moved back to her nipples. A couple of minutes and she was spasming and jerking as she tried to muffle a wail. I moved up again and held her and kissed her as she shook and jerked. I looked down between her legs, “that’s enough Jia.”

She looked up and grinned, “she tastes nice.”

Tamara nodded and I smiled as I looked at Jasmine before pulling on her until she was straddling me. I felt Jia and Tamara positioning my cock before Jasmine wiggled and pushed back to get it into her. I helped her sit up and she frowned before I held her waist and pulled her back and forth, “rub your pussy and roll your hips.”

Jia giggled as she straddled me behind her and put her arms around her, “like this.”

She began moving and a moment later Jasmine copied her and her pussy squeezed as she shuddered. She looked at me before smiling shyly as she kept doing it and began to turn and twist. Several minutes later she shuddered while her pussy tightened and squeezed. She looked at me quickly and I smiled as I reached up to play with her nipples.

She went back to rubbing her clit on me and rolling her hips. She began to pant and shuddered almost constantly. She twisted and rocked to fuck my cock with long strokes. It was awhile before she spasmed while her pussy clenched and Jia held her up. She wailed and kept jerking as she wet me and continued to shudder.

I caressed her hips as she thrust back and forth desperately. Jia was reaching around her and held her breasts and she kept jerking erratically. It was awhile before I groaned and lifted my hips while gushing cum. Jasmine jerked and her pussy tightened on my cock as she looked at me. I pumped and spurted and she smiled and wiggled as cum began to leak around my cock.

When I stopped and relaxed on the bed Jia giggled and hugged her. She moved and Jasmine looked at her and then at Tamara before I pulled her down and hugged her, “thank you.”

She looked into my eyes before smiling and nodding. Tamara pulled on her, “my turn.”

Jasmine looked at her and lifted her hips so my cock came out. She rolled off me and Tamara grinned as she straddled me and rubbed my chest, “morning.”

I smiled and reached up to rub her breasts and give both nipples a tug, “need it?”

She bit her lip and nodded and I reached down between her legs, “lift up.”

She did and I rubbed the head of my cock through her slit. She shuddered and pushed down before wiggling as she slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She started rubbing her pussy on me and wiggling. Jia giggled and moved until she was hugging Jasmine who looked at her before smiling.

I continued to caress Tamara’s hips before I began to knead her breasts again and slowly thrust up. A few minutes and she was jerking and erratic as she began to wail. Her slick pussy kept squeezing and grasping my cock as she jerked and began to rock and bounce. She twisted and shuddered hard as I held her up while she wet me and howled.

Jia and Jasmine were grinning as Tamara shook and began to jerk. I sighed and pulled her down as her eyes rolled up, “silly witch.”

I rolled and fucked her slowly but with deep thrusts. She spasmed and jerked as she clutched me, “yyyeeessss!”

It was a couple of minutes before I buried my cock and kissed her while pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and her tight pussy rippled and kept squeezing as warm sperm was gushed into her cervix, “mmmm!”

When I was done I pulled out and laid beside her while she shivered and panted. I caressed her hip and she turned her head to look at me, “thanks Dark.”

I smiled and gave her a kiss and looked at Jia. She kissed Jasmine and rolled over before lifting her butt as she went to her knees. I laughed and moved over Tamara and kissed Jasmine as I moved over her and behind Jia. I felt her almost hot pussy before pushing my slimy cock into her.

She pushed back and moaned, “slow and deep?”

I buried my cock and rubbed her hips, “Just the way I like it.”

She pushed back again and I pulled back before I began to fuck her slowly. I used long thrusts and her tight pussy began to grasp my cock each time I pushed into her. A couple of minutes and she was a lot slipperier and began to shudder. I continued to fuck her slowly with deep strokes as she began to push back harder and moan louder.

I buried my cock and held her, “need it harder now?”

She groaned and wiggled as her pussy rippled and tightened, “yeah.”

I grinned and pulled back and began to fuck her firmly. She shook and tried to keep pushing back as I kept fucking her. She wiggled and twisted as she began to yell and her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

She jerked on and off my cock before I held her and started fucking her hard and deep. I went with her as she collapsed to the bed and continued to fuck down into her. She began thrashing around and kicking the bed as she kept howling. After several minutes I shoved all the way into her and held it as my cock began to spew and pump cum.

She jerked and her pussy clenched once more, “YES!”

I pushed against and into her as I kept spurting until I was done. I waited as she panted and shuddered and she finally sagged to the bed. I pulled out and moved off her before reaching out to rub her butt, “how was that?”

She giggled and turned to look at me, “perfect.”

I laughed and rolled out of bed, “come wash and then we need to pack.”

That was when I retired and we moved to a colony. The three girls have been very happy over the years. I gave them a choice to leave but they have stayed. I might have been a perfect thief but I like farming and raising a family more. As for our former world, the laws have been changed and there are no more death warrants.
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