At the age of twelve my grandfather had given me a thirty foot boot he had gotten. We used it to fish for tuna or shark or other game fish. It had twin electric motors and a single diesel engine that ran two generators that supplied all the power. My mother could have cared less what I did and my dad was always busy so it was just my grandfather and I.

The summer I turned sixteen my father decided I needed a job. He got me an intern position at his company in sales. I had to wear a suit and tie and wasn’t comfortable. From the moment I walked into his office I forgot all about that. He had a new secretary and she was stunning and seemed friendly.

I was to use the office connected to my father’s and settled in. I had to learn what they bought and or made and what and where they sold it. I got a one percent commission on anything I sold so if I wanted to make money I had to find a buyer. I sat back and looked at what I already knew before starting.

I had a list of people we sold to and did a little research before making a few calls. I glanced at my father when he stopped in the doorway, “how do I get authorization to purchase something?”

He blinked, “buying before you have...”

I shook my head, “I have a client and a buyer.”

I explained what I wanted to buy and for how much and who I was selling to and for how much. My dad blinked and held up a finger before using my phone. A minute later the company president stepped in and I had to explain all over again. He grinned and picked up my phone and the next thing I knew I was spending money and thirty minutes later I was selling it.

It was a large racing yacht and the company made over five million and I got one percent of that and it was only lunch time. My father had gone out a minute before but I went into his office. I glanced at the door and Rachael was talking on the phone while looking back at me. I started to go back into mine when she hung up and stood.

Her legs were straight and spread slightly as she bent forward. Her tiny skirt pulled up and I was suddenly looking at her bare butt and her pussy. I hesitated before walking to the door and she seemed to wiggle her butt at me. I looked around before I walked up behind her and reached down to feel her hot and wet pussy.

She pushed back and I looked around again as I opened my pants and pulled out my hard cock. I rubbed it through her slit and she pushed back once more. I slowly pushed into her and her tight slick pussy squeezed after I buried it. I began to fuck her slowly with long deep thrusts that sank my cock all the way into her each time I pushed into her.

She shuddered and her pussy clenched as we fucked. Not once did she turn her head or look back. I continued to fuck her with long strokes as I looked around. A few minutes and she spasmed and shook while her pussy gripped my cock. I began to fuck her a little harder and she met each thrust and pushed back to meet them.

She was panting and shuddering constantly while her slick pussy kept squeezing. Every other minute she would jerk and shake while her pussy clenched. It was awhile before I shoved into her and buried my cock. I grunted as I gushed cum into her and she pushed back, “mmmm!”

When I was finished I reluctantly pulled out and caressed her smooth ass. I looked around before turning to walk back into my father’s office and then into mine. I thought I was done with the deal I had made but right after lunch I had to go out and sign papers and then go somewhere else to meet the buyer and sign more.

I liked the man and grinned after the other men began leaving, “have you ever fished for shark?”

He was older and looked at me before smiling and shaking his head, “no.”

I ignored the accountant from my company, “I have a boat. Since I have to work I only get to go out on the weekends.”

He kept smiling, “I have a yacht now.”

I grinned, “a racing yacht. I have a thirty boot fishing boat.”

He laughed, “Okay where do I meet you?”

We talked and made an arrangement to meet early Saturday morning before I headed back to the office. My father was out but Rachael smiled at me when I headed into my office. I thought about her and walked through my father’s office to look at her desk. She was typing and glanced towards the door and a moment later stood and stretched.

Like before she turned to face her desk and spread her legs as she bent at the waist. I smiled as I looked at her slit. I looked around when she seemed to wiggled her ass before moving up behind her. I opened my pants and pulled out my cock and pushed into her slowly. I held her waist as she leaned on the desk and pulled back as I began to fuck her with long strokes.

Her cummy pussy squeezed and kept grasping my cock as I fucked her slowly. She pushed back each time my cock slid into her. It wasn’t long before I was using long deep thrusts and she was shuddering while her slippery pussy constantly grasped my cock. She wiggled and moaned softly each time her pussy clenched as my cock pushed and pressed against her cervix.

Several minutes later I was fucking her a little harder and planting my cock. She spasmed and I had to hold her up while I continued to fuck her. It wasn’t much longer before I shoved into her and held her hips back as my cock gushed strong spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered hard and I heard her sigh as I kept pumping warm sperm into her.

When I was done I hesitated and reluctantly pulled out. I turned and walked back into my father’s office while putting my cock away. I finished the paperwork on the sale and made a few inquires before glancing into my father’s office. He was busy so I turned to head for the door into the reception area.

I looked out and smiled when I saw Rachael filing folders. She smiled and glanced into my father’s office before walking around her desk. She bent over it from the waist and picked up the phone. I looked between her legs as she spread them more and wiggled her butt. I grinned and glanced around once more as I moved towards her while opening my pants.

I pulled my cock out and pushed into her before holding her waist. She was shuddering but continued to talk to whoever was on the phone. I started to fuck her with long strokes and she kept thrusting back while her pussy tightened. She was slimy so my cock slipped in and out easily.

She shivered and her pussy clenched and I grinned as I reached under my cock to finger her clit. She jerked and shoved back hard as she shuddered and her pussy tightened. She had stopped speaking and a few moments later continued. I kept fucking her firmly and burying my cock.

I finally shoved into her and held her as I spurted and pumped more cum. Rachael sighed as she pushed back and shook. When I was done I reluctantly pulled out and turned to go back into my office. I checked on my father as he talked on the phone and waited. He finally glanced at me and covered the mouth piece, “need something?”

I nodded, “I might have something but it is very expensive.”

He nodded and told the person on the phone he would call him back. When I showed him on the computer he looked at me like I was crazy before calling the company president. When he heard and saw he blinked and I could almost see the dollar signs. I grinned, “we could just put them together for a five percent finder fee.”

They looked at me and I shrugged, “I think it would take longer to do the paper work for the money and we would still make a lot.”

The president grinned, “see if the buyer would go for it.”

I nodded, “and maybe a little from the seller.”

Do you know how much a cargo ship sells for? After two hours of talking I had an agreement between the two. I looked at the time and stood as my father looked in my door, “done?”

I smiled as I headed for the door, “I will meet the buyer in the morning and we will go look the ship over.”

I smiled at Rachael when I walked by, “want to go fishing this weekend?”

She grinned, “alone?”

I sighed, “unfortunately I invited the man that bought the yacht.”

She laughed, “I’ll go and play hostess.”

I grinned, “wear something warm just in case.”

I went home and changed out of the monkey suit and ate dinner before I laid back and relaxed. I dreamed of Rachael and woke to my alarm. I showered and dressed before leaving, there were six men waiting for me on the dock. I recognized the one I had been speaking to and held out my hand, “Mr Jenkins?”

He nodded and took my hand, “you look even younger in person.”

I gestured and started walking with him, “I get that a lot. My dad wanted me to work this summer. Not that fishing for tuna or sharks isn’t hard work.”

He looked at me and smiled, “I did that when I was around your age.”

I grinned, “I still plan to take my boat out on the weekends. My grandfather replaced the old engines with twin electric ones. I use a single diesel to power two generators.”

He nodded, “saves on fuel.”

I nodded and we turned in at the side of the cargo ship. I wasn’t surprised to see several businessmen waiting. I introduced the two men I had made the deal with and went with them as they went aboard the ship to inspect it. I returned to the office a few hours later and sighed as I put the signed agreements together, “Rachael?”

She walked into my office and I grinned, “who do I give these to?”

She crossed to my desk and held out her hand, “it goes to legal and then comes back to be filed.”

She turned and started for the door before looking back, “your father is out until this afternoon.”

I grinned as I watched her hips when she walked out. I checked my desk before standing and walking into my father’s office and then crossing to the other door. I wasn’t surprised to see Rachael bent over her desk with her legs apart and her skirt lifted so I could see her bare pussy. I walked up behind her while she continued to talk on the phone.

I opened my pants and pulled out my cock before slowly pushing into her. She pushed back as her warm pussy gripped my cock. I sighed and held her waist as I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She wiggled but didn’t look back as she kept talking and I continued to fuck her.

It didn’t take her pussy long to become slippery as it kept squeezing. After a few minutes I began to fuck her firmly and plant my cock as deep as I could. She hung up and was grunting quietly as she continued to push back and meet my thrusts. I could hear a couple of secretaries talking as I fucked Rachael hard while trying to cum.

She was covering her mouth and spasming when I buried my cock and held her. My cock was throbbing and jerking as my balls churned before I suddenly gushed a strong, thick stream of sperm into her. She jerked as her pussy constantly tried to squeeze more cum out. I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done and slowly relaxed.

I glanced at the outer door before reluctantly pulling out. I turned to go back into the office and then across and into mine. It took me a couple of minutes to start working again. This time I was thinking of a plane but picked up the phone when it rang. It was one of the men that had been involved in the sale of the cargo ship.

He wanted to see if I could find something he wanted. An hour later I was making a deal for a rare old car and arranging to meet the other man. I walked out to see Rachael talking to another woman. She smiled when she saw me and said something that made the woman grin and leave. She went to her desk and bent over to write something on a pad.

I grinned and opened my pants as I walked up behind her and lifted the back of her skirt. I slowly pushed into her pussy as she spread her legs. I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes that sank my cock into her deep each time. Her cummy pussy kept grasping my cock and she began to shiver.

I heard a moan escape and she pushed back harder. I began to fuck her firmly and plant my cock and she started shaking and shuddering. Every couple of minutes I heard her gasp and her pussy would tighten and grip my cock. It was awhile before I shoved into her and held her hips as my cock erupted and I began pumping spurts of cum.

She jerked and her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I held her while she wiggled and shuddered and when I finished I pulled out, “we need to go out.”

She stood and turned, “out?”

I smiled, “you are coming to take notes according to the president.”

She smiled, “let me get my purse and laptop.”

I closed my pants and went to get my notes and papers on my desk before returning. We stopped on the way out and I picked up a very large check. Rachael walked with me and smiled when she saw the old corvette. I grinned as I unlocked the doors and held hers.

When I started the car Rachael looked at me, “the engine powers five small generators. The car actually runs on two electric motors that turn the rear tires.”

I headed across the city and went to a large estate. A flat bed truck was waiting and Rachael went to the door with me. I talked with an older woman and checked the paperwork for the car before giving her the check. We both signed a bill of sale and then I watched the truck load the old car.

Rachael was grinning as I drove across the city to a large office building. The man that came out after I called had a couple of friends and was grinning as the old car was unloaded. He walked around the car several times and even started it before giving me a certified check. I paid the truck driver and we signed another bill of sale before leaving.

I stopped at a nice restaurant on the way back to the office and we had a late lunch which Rachael said she would put on my expense account. We had talked with each other the entire time we were together and I liked Rachael more than ever. When we returned to the office I stopped to give the check to accounting before going to my office.

I was making progress with an old vintage plane and a buyer. I had stopped several times and managed to fuck Rachael once while she bent over her desk. I dreamed of her that night and came to the office hard and horny. We received the check for the cargo ship which had the company president very happy.

When Rachael came in I was already working on purchasing the plane. I had a standing offer from the buyer and had a second lined up if he changed his mind. A couple of hours later I leaned into my father’s office, “I need to borrow Rachael.”

He looked up and then at the other door before looking at me, “what do you have?”

I grinned, “a vintage airplane and a collector.”

He grinned and waved, “let me know how it comes out.”

Rachael must have been listening because she had her purse and was waiting by the door. She grinned the whole way across to the small airport. I looked over the airplane and paid the owner and we signed it over. We had an hour before the buyer would arrive. Rachael grinned as she walked to my car and bent over the door and into the car.

She wiggled her butt and I grinned as I looked around and walked up behind her. I lifted her skirt and she wasn’t wearing panties. I opened my pants and pushed them down a little before slowly pushing into her. I held her hips as I began to fuck her. Her warm pussy tightened and she shuddered and pushed back as she moaned.

I kept looking around as I fucked her with long strokes and shoved against her cervix. She wiggled and shook while her pussy constantly squeezed and became slipperier. I began to fuck her firmly and she started jerking and shoving back as she covered her mouth and howled. It was several minutes before I buried my cock and began pumping cum.

She shuddered and her pussy began massaging the sperm out of my cock. When I was done I relaxed and reached under my cock to finger and rub her clit and she shoved back, “oohhh!”

She spread her legs wider as I began to fuck her slimy pussy again. Before the summer was over I had made a lot of money. I moved in with Rachael and she became my secretary. I only worked after school and we still use my fishing boat on the weekends. Strangely that was what made me more money since we almost always had a few men that I took out.

I married Rachael a year later, I even fucked her before and after the wedding. She was bent over while wearing her wedding dress.
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