New and powerful creatures are being drawn to Forks. What will happen when the local famalies resist?
Hunters and the Hunted Part One
New Town’s and New Problem’s

Disclaimer: I did not create these characters nor the core essence of the twilight saga I am simple using the characters and adding a few of my own. Also the setting of this story will be after the books.

Readers: These will have a lot of buildup and story to them but I promise the sex parts will be just as good if not better if you show patients. AS always constructive comments welcome thank you.

The moment I had gotten off the bus at Port Angeles station I was regretting my decision to come here. The rain alone would make you want to leave immediately and I still had to find a way to Forks, a town still a few miles away with no way of getting there. All I had in my possession was a pack with a few days’ worth of cloths, the two thousand dollars I had managed to leave with, and a combat knife my crazed father had given to me before he had been committed. My father was committed five years ago when I was fifteen leaving me with no other living or sane relatives left, so I had to fend for myself. After about three months on my own I was hurting for money and was going to lose the small apartment I could afford with the job I had gotten. A friend of mine at the time had fallen in with a group of older guys in town working for a man named Dante, a man who had turned out to be one of the best thief’s in the world. Being peaked at 5’8’’ at fifteen I was done growing but this worked out because Dante always needed a smaller man for a job. There was always a small access point or short duct to sneak into so I started working for him, making big and fast money.

Everything went smoothly for a long time until two months ago me and Dante’s son Gerald were working a job together when everything that could go wrong did, causing me Gerald to die and me to get blamed for it. I didn’t realize Dante had blamed me for his son’s death until he had sent four of the guys to try and kill me in my apartment. I had fought them off long enough to grab a go bag I always had ready in case of emergencies and ran out as quickly as possible. I had made it clear across the continent and decided to stop for a while in forks seeing on a map how it was secluded and surrounded by forest, I needed to find a place to stay and make some cash in case I needed to leave quickly again.

Being fully soaked to the bone I ran into the bus station to find a number for a cab, I was drench from head to toe my brown hair dripping and my blue eyes red from the wind whipping rain my face. My hoodie, shirt, jeans, shoes, and ever socks were soaked and I made a squishing noise as I walked over to the lady at the desk. The older lade at the small bus station desk couldn’t help but giggle at my appearance when I came up to her and I couldn’t blame her. She told me that there weren’t many taxi drivers that would make the trip in this bad weather and that I would have better luck trying to hitch a ride with someone heading there from the bus station. To me it wasn’t any worse than a normal thunderstorm outside but apparently the high winds weren’t a normal thing around here.

Feeling defeated I simply decided to get a soda and bag of chips out of the machines and sit down to collect my thoughts. Any normal person in this day and age isn’t going to trust somebody enough they just met to give them a ride along, and with no taxis headed that way it was looking like I would be walking for a long time. I had simply sat there for a long time seeing if the storm would let up but it didn’t, and it took me a while still longer to realize I was being watched. A small woman across from where I was sitting had been staring at me since I got there and I was getting paranoid. She was very small only being around 4’10’’, 4’11’’ with a pixy like figure with stunning soft golden eyes. When I looked back at her I was mesmerized but then she spoke and I was completely taken back with this woman.

“Well it’s about time you noticed I was here.” She said with a smile. I was speechless for a moment before I caught my bearings able to reply.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know I was supposed to be paying attention but hi my names Joseph Gallic.”
I lent out my hand to shake hers and when her skin touched mine I was slightly shocked. Her skin was colder than normal but not unbearable, the shocking part was when I touched her hand my forearm felt like it was on fire. When I winced she looked down at my arm noticing the brand that was on it.

“That’s an interesting tattoo, where did you happen to get that done?” She seemed truly interested in it for some reason which made me uneasy for I normally tried to hide my forearm. The symbol burnt into my arm was a simple double edge spear with intricate locking diamonds in the center, the story on how it got there was the part I hated. I normally didn’t tell people the truth but to be honest I felt that if I lied to this woman she would know.

“Yeah you could say interesting and I received this mark when I turned fifteen. My father and uncle had held me down one night when I was fifteen and burnt the symbol on my arm calming it would protect me. All it did is caused my dad to be committed and my uncle to be shot in his own house when my mom saw it and called the cops” It had been a long time since I thought about this stuff and what came after was even worse. “About two weeks after that I had come home from school to find my mom lying in the living room dead, the cops said an animal had gotten in somehow and mauled her but I never believed that since nothing was broken. “I was short of breath after telling the story also wondering how she had managed to get that out of me, all the while the pixy woman was staring and calculating something, I could see it in her eyes.

“Well in any case the weather lightened up and since you’re holding a pamphlet for Forks I assume your needing a ride there, which works out for you since I happen to live there. “ The woman brightened up instantly and I could feel here energy giving me a small boost, it was a strange day today.

“I would definitely love a ride Mrs. I never did get your name now to think of it.” I thought It was odd we had gone a whole conversation without me knowing her name, I am normally very observant.

“Oh I’m Alice Cullen and I’ll be right back, don’t come out till I honk, your just now getting dry and I don’t want you getting the leather wet.”

Before I could answer she had zoomed out the door and in less than a minute there was a honk outside the station. I ran outside and wasn’t surprised to see a saucy woman like her driving a Yellow Porsche; I could only hope she knew how to drive it properly. The interior was nice but what really caught my eye was Alice. I hadn’t noticed just how stunning she was and the fact she was wearing a short black dress that nearly showed her panties when she was shifting gears. I took my eyes of Alice and put them on the road and realized she could definitely drive, there was hardly any traffic and good thing for we were going at least ninety miles an hour.

“I’m surprised that you’re handling my driving so well, most people freak out and tell me to slow down but you’re not even worried.” I could hear the curiosity in her voice and had to smile.

“In my old line of work as a transport guy I became use to being in vehicles going fast.” It was true I thought to myself, whenever we stole something we had to get away very quickly. I was in my head thinking of the old days when we arrived in front a small hotel in town. It was the only place that rented out by the week in town and it was across from the gas station so I wasn’t complaining. I got out of the car thanking Alice for the ride and before she left she told me the local camping store was hiring if I was intending to stay here for a while.

I walked into the small hotel and inquired about a room, the owner only had one left and it happened to be the most expensive one since it had a small stove in it. I was able to work out a deal where I only paid three hundred a month for the room since I was staying a while and offered to mow the grass while I was there. I quickly settled in only having a few cloths and not much else, I grabbed a few things from the gas station that would be ok if I fried it and put those away before I started for the store down the road. It was only a few miles down the road and easy to find, there was a large help wanted sign in the window and walking in I was glad to see they had a nice selection of outdoors items. They had everything from high endurance camping gear, fishing gear, small selection of guns, and a large choice of bows and accessories. My dad and I use to Bow hunt together as another “Family” tradition like my scar only bow hunting is something I enjoyed and was good at. I was caught up looking at the selection when a young woman approached me wearing a green t shirt with the stores name on it and a pair of very tight jeans.

“Hey there I’m Jessica Stanley, is there anything I can help you find today.” Jessica had Bouncing curly dark brown hair, blue eyes, a smile that went ear to ear and a personality to match. She was quiet beautiful and had and outgoing personality and was very knowledgeable on the bows as it turned out.

“Yes I saw your hiring sign and was wondering what kind of help you were looking for?” I wouldn’t mind working in this shop with all the bows, knifes and gear it could come in hand in the future and I would get to check out Jessica all day.

“Actually we are hiring someone for the night shift, to be honest there have been a lot of animal attacks lately at night and our normal night guy happened to be one of them, we had been closing early since then. I was about to close when you came in but if you want the job we can stay open the rest of the five hours and get you fully trained by the end of the night.” Jessica had a huge smile and who could resist that, she gave me a work shirt and just to show off a bit I change my shirt in front of her revealing a hard six pack.

Jessica and I worked on training me on their cash system and one or two guest came in so I got some actual practice with it. It was going to be a while before I became really familiar with the store especially when Jessica would show me a unique item they have it’s always off the bottom shelf where she has to bend over to get it. Jessica has a firm ass I’m guessing from sports and a tiny part of a hot pink thong was peeking out of her skin tight jeans. After she showed me how to arm the security system and lock up I walked her home seeing as apparently her house was behind the gas station I lived across now and these animal attacks worried her.

“Do you not normally get these many animal attacks?” I figured I better know what’s going on since I was staying here for now.

“We normally would get one or two every three months, but now there about once every two weeks and lately they have been more vicious now ending in deaths. I just hope the sheriffs can figure something out.” We had come up to Jessica’s house and it was nice and large on the outside, she had a nice car and was obviously doing well for herself.

“Where else do you work besides the camp shop your obviously doing well for yourself?” I needed to make some cash quick hopefully she had a line on another job that paid cash. Jessica gave a big smile before she answered.

“No second job, I graduated Business College last year when I turned twenty three I happen to just be really good at it. I bought the camping shop from its previous owners and it’s been doing well since then.” Jessica was fiddling with her keys while I admired her ambition.

“Well then my next question is what time do I need to be in to work tomorrow boss.” I respected Jessica for her accomplishments and figured she couldn’t be too bad a boss to work for.

“You need to be in at five pm tomorrow but first I need to show you how to do the ending paperwork for the night and that’s all inside so follow me.” She was swaying her ass slightly as we walked into her house and I didn’t note anything of importance in the house because of it. I sat down and Jessica left to get the paperwork. When she returned she was in a new outfit and having on short gym shorts, with a tight tank top that hugged her large breast wasn’t going to help me concentrate.

“I hope you don’t mind the cloths I just needed to get into something more comfortable.” She sat down next to me and we started going thru the inventory sheets, by the end of the hour we were done and I was going to leave soon.

“Alright now that we are done with that there is one more thing you need to do before I decide to officially hire you.” Jessica was looking sexy in her little outfit and when she leaned back on her couch taking off her shorts and thong revealing a smooth bald pussy I was completely lost in thought. “If you want the job you’re going to have to eat me out, we get slow at the shop sometimes and since I’m your boss you will have to do that plus some a lot when were slow.” Jessica winked and had been rubbing her clit this whole time to get her tight little pussy wet.

I couldn’t deny her what she wanted so I slowly started to slide two fingers in and out of her tight snatch to get her even wetter before leaning down and engulfing her clit into my mouth. I quickly started to flick her clit with my tongue while sucking on it softly, I continued to finger Jessica’s moist hole picking up rhythm as she began to buck her body against my mouth, and all the while I was swirling ton tongue against her clit as she started to moan loudly. I held her down by her hips so I could attack her clit with my tongue causing her push my head down further and wrap her legs around my head. I had learned to like eating pussy over the years since my old boss’s daughter Haley use to make me do it or she would lie to her father about me, it was honestly a game she played because she knew I was good at it. I pulled Jessica close to my mouth by her hips and massaging her large breast wile my tongue ravished her swollen clit. I continued to eat out Jessica’s sweet snatch until she started shaking her body uncontrollable and screaming loudly coming to a long and hard orgasm. Her juices kept flowing on my tongue and I didn’t stop flicking her clit or pumping her pussy with my fingers until she stopped shaking on them. Jessica brought me up to her and started kissing me intensely while she struggled with my belt. I was about to help her out when it sounded like there was glass shattering in the distance outside, after we stopped she realized it was two in the morning and that she had to be up early. I didn’t mind leaving since I knew I left her with something to think on and started back down the road.

Walking back at night everything seemed completely different. It was pitch black but I could still see pretty well, my senses always worked better than others for some reason. I was only about a hundred yards from the hotel when I heard some rustling in the trees behind me. I turned around and scanned the area but didn’t see anything at all however when I turned toward the hotel again I was taken by surprise. I had been thrown a few feet into the gas station pumping area and slammed on the ground, before I could even think about getting up something was on me in the darkness. My quick reflexes saved me and I was able to grab my knife and plunged it into what was on top of me, and whatever attacked me was immensely strong for it felt like my arms were about to shatter. I pushed the thing off me and once I was up in the better light I could tell it wasn’t an animal but a man, it was a pale bald man who I had stabbed after he attacked me. I looked at the body and didn’t see any blood on the ground nor on the blade I used, I was thinking that was strange but what happened next was stranger. The guy got up again and I could see the slit in his side where the blade went in, it was glowing orange but wasn’t bleeding. The crazed man looked utterly terrified and confused about his wound and this sent him into a rage. He lunged at me again and when I was knocked over I used his momentum to flip his body, everything seemed like it was moving in slow motion but at the same time it all seemed clearer to.

I was bringing down my blade on this guy but before I struck I noted his eyes were bright cherry red, I had to of been hallucinating or something and what followed proved it. When my knife entered this man’s chest I could feel a deep fire sensation running through me and as I felt it burning hotter, the knife began to lightly glow and the man under me began to crack and disintegrate. Shorty I was kneeling over a pile of what looked like ground diamonds in the middle of the road, I was clearing losing my mind and was beginning to understand how deeply insane my family was until I heard a small familiar voice talking to one I didn’t recognize in the distance. I looked up and saw tiny Alice the girl I met earlier in the day standing next to a giant of a man close to 6’7’’, he was built, had short cropped hair, with only a pair of shorts on and was clearly Native American.

“Well Jacob do you see what I mean? He’s clearly human but he just took down a vampire whom your pack has been hunting for weeks and you know how killing my kind is damn near impossible.” Alice was staring with pure curiosity while this Jacob person was trying to figure something out. I was still thinking I was losing my mind since Alice was talking about vampires.

“ So you and the Cullen’s have no idea what he is, and I doubt he does either and him not knowing what he can do doesn’t help anybody.” Jacob was deep in thought over something.

“So I was right you and your tribe know what he is?” She seemed annoyed like someone who was use to knowing everything then someone decided to keep a secret from her.

“Well if the story is true he is what out tribes call Hunter’s, humans that are given heightened senses like reflexes, hearing, and sight. The short of it is at some point someone did something to balance the scales and created a small race of humans among humans that could hunt and kill vampires.” When Jacob was done speaking Alice’s look changed slightly, it was like she was offended by what I was but she shrugged it off and started to walk towards me.

“Well Jacob guess we better go see if things will work out the way they are supposed to I guess.” Alice said this with an air of uncertainty as they started to approach. I was still kneeling over a now smaller pile of diamond dust trying to decide if I was still losing my mind. When I looked up to see if they were real I decided I better at least hear what they have to say, especial since they said better hearing was a talent I had and I now noticed they were two hundred yards away still when I heard them talking.

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