Good food first, conversation about the Sisterhood second...followed by sex!
Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. The novella consists of adult men having sex with multiple women, including underage teenage girls. If the topic is not of interest or is offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

I should also mention that in my writing I strive to incorporate a strong (sometimes longwinded) storyline, complete with several developed characters and a detailed background. In addition, I sometimes make use of an extensive and broad vocabulary. If all you’re looking for is a quick, simple sex story, my ideas probably won’t interest you.

To those who proceed, I love getting feedback. So, enjoy and feel free to vote and comment!

- seltra

- - -

Rick moved towards the staircase, lost in thought about what the next few days held in store for his pleasure. He hardly noticed Jiz was walking straight towards him from the opposite bedroom. Jiz hailed him congenially, snapping Rick out of his daydream.

“What’s the matter with you, dude? All this teenage loving too much for even your sharp mind to process?” Jiz joked, waiting for Rick at the top of the spiral staircase. Rick watched as his friend choked back another pill to facilitate his sexual stamina.

Chuckling, Rick stared speechlessly at his friend for a moment. Both of them knew, without a doubt, they had hit the sexual jackpot this week. “Something like that,” he finally replied to the slightly older man. The duo laughed heartily. “And to think that we could be imprisoned for what we do with every single one of them,” Rick added as he reached the stairs.

“No,” disagreed Jiz, “not every one of them.”

Looking sideways at his friend, Rick gave Jiz an incredulous look.

“I’m serious, dude,” the twenty-eight-year-old insisted. “Legal age for our state is sixteen.” Rick narrowed his eyes at the explanation, not entirely believing what he was hearing. Jiz laughed at his friend’s bewildered expression. “Since our little conversation just over a week ago – and in light of this little fantasy-come-true – I decided to refresh myself with the laws,” he explained concisely. “Anyone sixteen or older is completely legal.”

“So, basically just Nancy and Nicole are technically available for us to screw,” summed up Rick. “Anyone else we could go to jail for.”

“Yeah, pretty much. But, Lexi turns sixteen in a few months, remember?” Jiz laughed heartily. Rick just shook his head in light-hearted dismay. “Makes it all seem not quite so bad, huh?”

Rolling his eyes, Rick sarcastically replied, “Oh, yes. I feel so innocent.”

The men laughed as Jiz reminded his friend, “Dude, remember: you’re the one with the fourteen-year-old girlfriend. Me? I’m pretty much SOL once this is over, so I need to make the most of it. You, not so much. You’ve got so much more to look forward to.”

“You’ve got a point,” agreed Rick as he and his friend descended the stairs and walked towards the cabin’s kitchen area.

There, they were met with a scene that most men could only ever barely conceive in their wildest dreams.

At the bottom, Rick and Jiz stared at their lovely ensemble of teenage hosts. Rick’s heart fluttered as he gazed at Adelle. The fourteen-year-old beauty rushed to and fro to set dishes and silverware on the table, wearing nothing but a pair of sandy-coloured panties and a black tank-top. Surprisingly, not only did Rick’s heart do a leap, but it was immediately followed by a subtle stirring in his boxers. He loved his young girlfriend so much and making endless love to her was a pastime he greatly desired. His body – and every pleasure that could be extracted from it – was hers for the taking.

Glancing at his friend, Rick noticed Jiz’s sights were fixed on Lindsey. The black-haired goddess busied herself with bringing trays of food to the table. On her sexy, fifteen-year-old body she wore a scanty, spaghetti-strap tank-top, with only boy-shorts to cover her loins. Both items of clothing accentuated the unique curves of her shapely teenage-gymnast body in a way that brought out an enticing look. Rick confessed to himself that her strong, toned figure was and always would be uniquely alluring.

A streak of red hair rushing past them caught Rick’s glance next. Lexi – his and Jiz’s sexy, young coworker – gave them a seductive, sideways glance as she gathered plates and brought them to the table. Her wild, blue eyes flashed with desires that they had only begun to discover. Her lovely, fifteen-year-old body was clothed in a simple white sports bra and panties to match, adding to the paleness of her smooth, flawless skin. The long, shapely legs she sported created a desire in Rick to reach out and grab her and touch her body from head to toe with both his hands and lips.

The twins that were with them, Nancy and Nicole, drew Rick’s attention. Both were hastily bringing out and opening the platters for others to take to the kitchen table. Their bodies were also scantily clad in causal sleepwear, further deepening Rick’s desire to mate with any female that would let him. Their tall, fit, sixteen-year-old bodies were complete masterpieces of feminine beauty as they were reaching the peak of adolescent puberty. Their tanned skin and brown hair would be overwhelming for any man to resist – particularly if an onlooker couldn’t indulge himself in their pleasure as Rick and Jiz were allowed to. Rick was content to acknowledge the fact that he could enjoy such pleasures with them this week whenever he felt like it.

In the kitchen corner, looking timid and shy, stood Sierra. Rick saw Jiz notice her at the same moment he did. The petite thirteen-year-old looked somewhat out of place, as though not quite sure how to act. Even still, she seemed intent to learn her responsibilities and how to fit in. Rick could tell she was searching for acceptance among this club of seductresses. In black pajama pants and a blue tank top, she stood looking on, watching the others work. Suddenly, she locked eyes with Rick, who acknowledged her with a slight nod of his head. She returned his gesture with a congenial smile before turning away bashfully.

Rick watched her a second longer and gave a silent chuckle before prodding his friend. “C’mon, man,” he encouraged. “Let’s give them a hand.”

The men set to work, helping out with whatever was left for the breakfast. When all was arranged, Nicole announced, “Alright! Time for breakfast!” Everyone descended hungrily on the table, grabbing disposable plates and cutlery.

“Remember,” Lindsey stated matter-of-factly, “the sooner we get this irritating meal over with, the sooner we can get back to the important stuff: sex and more sex!” Everyone in the group chuckled at her insistence, most of the girls particularly expressing their anxiousness for another round of intense orgasms at the hands (and lips, and tongues, and penises...) of the men in the group.

Rick admired the spread of food that the girls had brought. There was everything from muffins to doughnuts, cheese slices to processed meat cuts and a variety of fruit that he would never had expected. It was as though a bottomless cornucopia had exploded across the table.

“You girls afford this all from babysitting or what?” asked Rick breathlessly.

“Well, not all of us babysit,” Lexi explained matter-of-factly. “Babysitting is a good evening job for when you’re younger, I suppose, but we usually have part-time jobs and stuff like that, especially over the summer.” Rick looked at her, about to ask what sort of job she had. “I thought you guys would have been able to put that one together.” Rick had to chuckle at his ignorance. For a brief moment, he had somehow totally forgotten that he and Lexi were coworkers. “You’re looking at the product of the tips from all those tables I serve, Chef Rick,” she mocked.

“Yeah,” Rick dismissed with a wave. “Right, Lexi; I knew that. I somehow let it slip my mind that I see you practically every day.”

Taking a step towards him, Lexi reached out and gently brushed her hand across the front of his boxers. “It’s ok,” she forgave, her hand pausing to gently squeeze the half-erect organ within his clothing. “I know what’s on your mind instead.”

Smiling, Rick laughed softly and turned his face from hers without even trying to explain himself. An instant later, she rose up on her tip-toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek before walking away with her plate of food. Rick looked back quickly, admiring her blazing crimson hair and the feminine wave of her hips as she walked towards the couches surrounding the fireplace.

Turning his attention back to the array of food, he continued dishing up as Nancy furthered the conversation. “Well, however we get the money for these trips, it makes for a pretty good time up here, doesn’t it?”

Both Rick and Jiz couldn’t have agreed with her more.

Having filled his plate, Rick took a spot on the couches as well. Seeing as how the table was full of food, there was little opportunity to sit there. Besides, the majority of his hostesses had already sat down across the room on the couches surrounding the fireplace. Any others were making their way to join them. Rick figured he’d follow suit.

Choosing the open spot beside the couch’s arm near the fireplace, Rick discreetly took one of the pills he had brought from the bedroom. He glanced to see if anyone had noticed. The girls were too engaged in conversation to pay him much attention.

Feeling relived, Rick looked around and admired all the young women he was sharing this week with. At the far end of the couch he sat on was Lexi, already indulging in her food. Across the open space made by the sofas, Nicole and Lindsey shared a couch, each hungrily eating their meal. The third couch, which faced the fireplace, was shared by Sierra, Nancy and Jiz.

An instant after sitting, Adelle sat down right beside him, completing the group. Rick instinctively put his arm around her and pulled her close, kissing the crown of her head. She giggled, looked up and leaned in for a kiss of greater intensity. Rick was more than happy to indulge her.

“You guys are seriously so cute together!” Nicole commented, watching the two of them.

Adelle giggled. “You’ve said that twice now today.”

“Yeah,” admitted Nicole, still watching them dreamily. “It couldn’t be more true, though. Boyfriends aren’t usually encouraged here in the Sisterhood, but they’re not outlawed, either. Besides, I think Rick’s alright. How about everyone else?”

A general murmur of agreement, including some tales of some of the girls’ more intimate moments with Rick followed. As Rick ate, it brought a wide smile to his face, knowing that he’d deeply pleasured every one of the young women he’d been with so far. With the majority of them having had such broad experiences with sexual activity, Rick thought he’d be hard-pressed to match the satisfaction of their previous encounters.

The enthusiasm they exhibited in their stories over his body being used to pleasure theirs set his fears to rest.

“And what about that Jiz guy?” mumbled Jiz in a high-pitched voice out of the corner of his mouth. His pretense to be discreet about bringing himself into the conversation couldn’t have been more obvious. “His cock is pretty awesome inside our pussies, too, isn’t it?”

Rick and the girls chuckled at his unhidden agenda. As long as he’d known him, Rick had never found Jiz to be happy when not included in the conversation, or at least one of its topics. He was always seeking attention – and frequently almost overdid it, though it was usually deliberate.

Still, his tactic usually worked, and this time it had worked again. Conversation shifted from discussing the girls’ pleasure with Rick to the excitement they’d found with Jiz. Rick wasn’t jealous. In fact, he was happy to let his friend take the stage. This vacation wasn’t all about either of them. Each deserved their time to shine.

Words flowed freely between the members of the group for quite some time after that. There was only one exception. Sierra hardly said two words to anyone. Rick figured she was still feeling shy and timid about the whole thing, either not knowing what to anticipate this week or what was expected of her exactly – perhaps both.

Rick made it a point in his mind to help her feel comfortable in any way he could. Though I have no idea exactly what I can do to for her, he argued within himself.

During a lull in the conversation, once most everyone had eaten their fill, Rick voiced a suggestion for everyone’s consideration. “Hey, how about tomorrow Jiz and I cook up breakfast for everyone?”

The girls studied him dubiously. “That would require you to drive to town and get some stuff from the store, wouldn’t it?” Nancy asked.

“Yeah, why?” returned Rick. All the teenage vixens in the room seemed to be eyeing him with apprehension.

Nancy bit her bottom lip nervously. “Well, that’s why we buy all our food in advance and bring it with us. We want to keep as low a profile as possible.” Rick nodded, understanding her explanation, though he didn’t totally see eye-to-eye with it. “We don’t want anyone to find out we’re up here,” Nancy finalized.

“Well, people already know where you are,” countered Rick logically. “It’s not like it’s a secret that you’re having a party up here. All your parents know.”

“Yeah, but they don’t know you’re here!” Nancy shot back. The conversation ended abruptly for a moment.

Rick hadn’t considered that before. Still, who was vacationing there who would put two-and-two together? He highly doubted they’d run into anyone they knew. “It’s very unlikely anyone would notice,” he argued weakly after a long pause.

“It’s risky, though,” Lindsey warned. “If anyone saw you and knew we were up here, too, there could be hell to pay.”

Agreeing with her, Lexi added, “Or, something else to think about: all someone would have to do is look into your bank records and it shows that you’re up here. If someone was remotely suspicious, well, it could be bad!”

“Oh, come on,” fought Jiz level-headedly. “If someone were to notice, it would probably be from me and Rick taking off work at the same time you girls planned a vacation. You’re just being paranoid.”

“You guys booked that ages ago,” Lexi parried. “I remember you guys talking to my dad about it.” She thought for a moment before explaining, “Actually, I only remember because it happened to coincide with our initiation for Sierra here and I was wondering how to ask you guys if you wanted to come with us.”

“There, you see?” shrugged Jiz. “Two originally unrelated events that just happened to be at the same time. Nothing to worry about.”

Even Adelle was uncomfortable with the idea. “I don’t know, guys. It’s tempting fate.”

“We’ll be careful, Sweetie,” reassured Rick. “We’ll be down and back before you know it. Don’t worry.”

With that, the two men promised to avoid any suspicion as they ran to the town quickly the next morning and gathered what they needed before returning. Their teenage hostesses agreed uneasily, but decided to let them go in the end. The only one left seeming overly on edge was Sierra. Rick decided to see if he could smooth things over some more.

He decided to pry as unobtrusively as he could to find out what he could do to make Sierra feel more comfortable. “So, what’s this ‘Sisterhood’ all about?” he asked. Everyone, Jiz included, looked at him with disbelieving expressions on their faces. “Ok, well, I know what it’s ‘all about’,” he appeased them. “I’m wondering how it works exactly, more than anything.”

“Oh,” laughed Nicole. “I was like, Rick, if you haven’t figured out what the Sisterhood is all about by now...well...maybe you’re better off not knowing,” she mocked, raising her hands as if warding him off. Everyone chuckled.

“How does it work, though?” Lindsey reflected to Rick. “That’s a good question. It’s a kinda complicated answer, but good question.” Rick looked at her with anticipation. “Well, our Sisterhood – the Nymph Sisterhood, we call it – started years ago. That’s all we really know. Whoever started it is...” she paused for dramatic effect, “...a mystery!”

Rick smiled, raising an eyebrow at the black-haired beauty.

“No, seriously, we have no idea,” she confirmed quickly, laughing.

“There are a few rules, though,” Nancy chimed in. “I think we’ve mentioned the first one: only two girls to a guy. We want everyone to have a chance for some fun.” She tightly hugged Jiz and Sierra, who were on either side of her. “Sharing is caring!”

“Yeah, I think I’ve heard that one already,” Jiz pretended to strain as though in a choke hold.

Nancy laughed. “Also, you have to be at least thirteen to join and you can’t be a member once you turn eighteen. When that happens, you’re ‘too old’; you’re on your own. That way, it’s always about half a dozen underage girls – very risqué. That’s all part of the game.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Rick saw Jiz’s mouth shift, as though he was about to explain the legal age in their state to their young hosts, but he stayed himself. Besides, Rick thought against his friend, I would have told him to shut up about it, anyways. Let them think what they want.

“The only indicator,” Lexi kept going, “is when a girl ‘graduates’, I guess you could say, from the Sisterhood, she gets a small tattoo of a little, naked woman kneeling by a tree – a nymph – on the inside of her thigh, right up next to her pussy.”

Listening intently, Rick and Jiz both nodded. They looked at one another, evidently wondering the same thing: had either of them ever encountered a woman with such a mark? Jiz frowned and shrugged his shoulders. Obviously he couldn’t think of any at the present time. Rick concurred and shook his head and turned his attention back to Lexi.

“That way, she’s always reminded about her roots in sexual orgies,” the redhead concluded.

Nicole re-entered the conversation. “And,” she included, “no one still in the Sisterhood is allowed to talk about anyone who has moved on. And also, anyone who has moved on is not allowed to talk to anyone still in the Sisterhood about who the new girls are. That way, it’s always a secret – unless you happen to catch a glimpse of the nymph tattoo or a graduated member sees the younger girls hang out together. But, no one really knows ‘for sure’.”

Listening with greater and greater attention, Rick was trying to put all the pieces together, wondering if he’d missed something. “Well,” he started, not quite sure how to explain what he was thinking, “that doesn’t sound all that complicated.”

“That part, no,” admitted Adelle beside him. He looked at the lovely fourteen-year-old beside him, prepared to understand what he was missing. “It’s getting good enough to be able to seduce any guy you want that’s the tough part.”


“Yeah,” grinned the blonde-haired beauty. “It’s an art.” Adelle made herself comfortable, reclining across the couch and laying her head on Rick’s lap.

Immediately, he began wondering if even this simple technique was part of this ‘art’ she was talking about. Either way, it was working. Even just having his teenage girlfriend reclining on his legs was, surprisingly enough, adequate provocation to conjure a stirring in his boxers below. “So, what are the procedures and techniques?” he prompted her.

“Well, first, the newest girl has to find a friend of hers – preferably a younger friend – who is ready and willing to lose her virginity,” Adelle began, with a glance over at Sierra. Gesturing to the thirteen-year-old blonde, Adelle announced, “Me? I chose my cousin.”

Looking up, Rick caught Sierra’s eye quickly before the youngest member of the group lowered her head bashfully. Rick truly wondered whether Sierra was truly ready or willing, being as timid as the young maiden was. He considered the possibility that Adelle had simply just persuaded (or coerced) Sierra into coming.

“Yeah, I remember you and Lindsey talking about her being a virgin when I drove you to Lindsey’s place.” More pieces of the puzzle clicked into place in Rick’s mind. “That’s her initiation!?” he asked in surprise. “Losing her virginity to us?”

The thought had occoured to Rick, but he had dismissed immediately it as purely asinine. Now, in light of everything else he had learned, the facts were pointing to exactly what he had dared not suggest. Rick looked at Jiz in bewilderment – a look that was mirrored on his friend’s face. Neither of them could believe what they were hearing.

The mood in the room suddenly felt heavy for Rick. Beginning an intimate relationship with a fourteen-year-old who was already very sexually active was one thing. For Rick, actually taking a young, teenage girl and being the means to help transform her into a woman was another. He was suddenly not quite sure he wanted to be here. Jiz displayed the same apparent discomfort.

“She’s going to lose it one of you, yeah,” Lindsey spoke up suddenly. “You’ll have to flip a coin or whatever to be her first. A problem we’re going to resolve tonight, right Sierra?”

“Mm-hm...” hummed Sierra shyly, biting the inside of her lips and looking at Lindsey out of the corner of her eye.

“You guys look uncomfortable,” Adelle observed. Rick looked at her hesitantly. “You guys are alright with this, aren’t you?”

“Well, Sweetie,” began Rick, stumbling through his words, “I just don’t know. I never thought about taking a thirteen-year-old’s virginity before.”

Adelle raised herself up and sat on Rick’s lap, wrapping her arms around him affectionately. His hands instinctively found her smooth waistline. “I’ll bet you never thought about falling in a fourteen-year-old, either,” she surmised, leaning in close to his face. He smiled and kissed her tenderly.

“No,” admitted Rick. “No, I really didn’t. But...”

“But what?”

“It just seems kinda different,” Jiz piped in. The couple looked over at him. “All you girls we’ve had sex with are already screwing anything with a dick – not to mention each other – whenever and wherever you can!” the other man explained with a laugh.

His humour was contagious. Everyone else joined in with at least a small chuckle.

“But this...I dunno,” he hesitated, looking Sierra up and down. “I mean, hell, I’d love to get my cock into that tight, little teenage body of hers, but to actually pop her petite, little cherry? She doesn’t seem all that anxious, you know?”

“No, she is,” answered Adelle, speaking for her younger cousin as though she wasn’t even there. “I know she is. She’s usually shy around people she doesn’t know, but you wouldn’t believe the conversations we’ve had. She’s wanted to lose it for a couple years now – or, at least experiment. Isn’t that right, Sierra?”

Sierra smiled and nodded quietly without looking up. “Yeah,” she agreed timidly. “I really want to because people say it feels really good. I guess I’m just a little nervous that it’ll hurt a lot.”

“It can a bit, yeah,” concurred Jiz sympathetically. He reached over across Nancy sitting between them and stroked Sierra’s hair and cheek gently. “Whoever does it can try to make it hurt as little as possible. It’ll feel good a little later on, I promise. But it’ll probably sting initially, baby, yeah.”

Nodding understandingly, Sierra obliged, “I know – and I really want to have sex for the first time. I’m ready. Just hearing about Adelle’s first time when she was initiated kinda scared me, too, that’s all.”

“Sierra, I told you,” insisted Adelle. “Those guys were just absolute jerk-offs. Lindsey thought they’d be alright, but the one turned out to be such a horny bugger that he didn’t even wait for me to be ready. Besides,” she kissed Rick on the cheek, “I know Rick and Jiz are more considerate. They’ll make sure that you enjoy it.”

“Yeah,” Sierra smiled, looking up at each of the men in turn, “that’s why I agreed.” Rick smiled, realizing that was the most words he’d heard come from Sierra’s mouth the whole trip so far.

“You guys are ok with it, right?” confirmed Adelle, looking at Rick, a hopeful look on her face.

Bringing his hands up, Rick rubbed his face. “Yeah, Sweetie,” he agreed nervously though his hands. He lowered them and brought them around her slender hips again. “I just can’t believe this is actually going to happen, that’s all.”

“Make that two of us,” Jiz consented as well. “It’s just crazy, though! If anyone ever found out about this—”

“No one does find out about this!” emphasized Lexi, a sense of irritation in her voice. “That’s the whole point! Part of being in the Sisterhood is absolute secrecy after being initiated. Now, the new girl always has to get caught at first, so her parents will consider birth control, but never does anyone find out about the Nymph Sisterhood itself.”

“Wait, you need to get caught at first?” Jiz reiterated, not sure whether he had heard correctly.

Smiling mischievously, Lexi nodded. “Yup. The birth control we’ve convinced our parents to get has apparently changed over the years – Nancy and Nicole remember when the idea of the pill was being switched to a contraceptive ring and then to the IUD – but the principle is the same. Get caught, have the new girl’s parents talk to the other girl’s parents and then get the contraceptive going.” She raised her eyebrows at Jiz. “So, now we’ve all got IUDs now to make sure we don’t get pregnant. Trust me, works every time!”

“Sounds good to me,” agreed Jiz. “Then, at these little parties you learn how to seduce guys, huh?”

“Even the most non-seducible, yup,” Nicole confirmed with a broad smile, “even ones as tough as Rick over there. Adelle had a hell of a time trying to get him to break.”

“I just had to help him realize he was in love,” Adelle pointed out, planting another kiss on Rick’s cheek. He kissed her back the same way. “I think deep down he wanted it, but his idea of society looking down on him made him hesitant.”

“Hell, yes, I wanted it!” admitted Rick. “Every guy wants it, girls. It’s just getting past his moral defences that block you from getting access to his cock.”

“And that’s exactly what we try to work around,” Lindsey concluded with a squeal of delight. “That’s what we do here and whenever we’re hanging out: discuss what we’ve learned works and doesn’t work. We give each other pointers and stuff to seduce our next victim – I mean lover – with.” She winked at Rick as she sarcastically corrected herself.

“Plus, when we’re up here,” added Nancy, “we do some small-time electrolysis stuff.”

“Electrolysis?” Rick inquired. “You’re talking about hair removal?”

“Exactly,” replied the sixteen-year-old. “Have you ever actually seen any of us shave? But, it sure looks like we do, doesn’t it? Me and Nicole’s parents run a spa, so it’s easy to get a hold of stuff like that. They usually just let us have what they don’t need or buy cheap off of them.”

“So, it’s permanent?” he probed further.

“It can be. Pretty close, anyways. Depends on the hair follicle itself, I guess. Sometimes it re-grows. We have all sorts of stuff to try out, though. We get what we can from our parents: small electrolysis machines, skin creams and massage tables. I think Adelle showed you that one, Rick.”

Rick gave her a wry smile and a mock laugh, finally putting some more pieces of the puzzle together.

“Yes, I did!” Adelle cheered joyously. “And I think he loved every second of it, didn’t you, Rick?” She gave her adult boyfriend another long, passionate kiss to confirm her emotions for him. He answered mutely with the same fervent gesture.

Across the room, Nicole laughed. “You guys really are the most sickeningly cute couple on the planet!” she complained teasingly. “I wish I had been so lucky when I was younger. In fact...” her expression turned glum, “I’m upset that I’m still not,” she complained.

“Oh, don’t worry,” reassured Adelle, ending her kiss with Rick. “You’re only a couple years older than me. It’ll happen for you.” Nicole gave her a wry but unbelieving smile. “And probably when you least expect it. Just go out and have fun! That’s how I found Rick,” Adelle told her.

Nicole nodded slowly. “Well, we’ll see, I guess.” She took a deep breath and sighed, “I guess it’s a pride thing.”

“Pride thing?” Rick prompted her.

“Yeah,” chimed in her twin with exaggerated complaint in her voice. Nancy smiled defiantly and put down what was left of her breakfast to explain, “Addy was able to catch a great guy at fourteen – a guy who’s twenty-seven, too! Yeah, sixteen’s only a couple years older, but, for whatever reason, it just doesn’t seem as impressive.”

Everyone laughed.

Nancy continued, “It’s like you’re ‘supposed’ to be catching guys’ eyes at sixteen, whatever their age.” She suppressed a smile and narrowed her eyes at Rick’s young girlfriend. “Fourteen, not so much. It’s like fourteen’s supposed to be completely ‘off-limits’ and so it’s that much more ‘risqué’!”

Her answer brought a chuckle out of the two men and an accord from each of the girls.

“Well,” Jiz, who happened to be sitting beside the sixteen-year-old, laughed, “if it’s any consolation, you’ve certainly caught my eye.” He put his plate down and reached his arm around Nancy, pulling her close and tilting her face towards his. The two leaned in and kissed, long and deep. The other girls jeered them with a collective taunt. Just then, Jiz reached his hand inside Nancy’s tank top and began searching for the nearest breast to caress.

Everyone laughed as the twenty-eight-year-old began to fondle one of the young woman’s sensitive nipples inside her shirt. Nancy broke the passionate kiss, sighing, “Oh...Jiz... That feels really good...” Abruptly, she unexpectedly removed his had from her clothing and stood up. “But,” she waved a finger at him, “I think you should save that for later, naughty boy.”

“Oh, you think so?” Jiz sneered playfully, grabbing at her long, bare legs. “I think me wants it now!” he roared teasingly, standing up and scooping the young brunette into his arms. She squealed as her slender figure was hoisted into the air, before wrapping her arms around the man’s head and kissing him intimately again.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” she giggled.

“Looks like someone has a new boyfriend,” Lindsey jested with a mock pout.

“Hm...maybe,” replied Nancy as her kiss with Jiz ended. “I think we should go find out what kind of boyfriend you really are,” she suggested to him, “and if I should keep you around. What do you think?”

Jiz agreed, “I’m up for that idea.”

Just before they were about to leave, her twin caught her attention. “Hey, sis!” Nicole called out. “Since you’re up, mind taking my plate to the kitchen?”

“Mine, too?” Lexi asked, followed by Lindsey and, eventually the rest of the vacationers. Jiz set Nancy on the floor again and the two of them gathered the disposable dishes, throwing them in the trash before climbing the stairs to the bedrooms. Everyone watched them leave.

As she led him by the hand along the mezzanine, Nancy suggested, “I have some great ideas for that cock of yours, buddy. I’ve only seen it at a distance, so I’m really looking forward to this.” She opened the door to the bedroom.

“Oh, I am, too!” agreed Jiz with anticipation, taking off Nancy’s shirt as he spoke. “I can’t wait to see what ideas we can try.” With that, they closed the bedroom door.

Rick returned his attention to the other five young teenage girls sitting on the couches with him. There was an air of anticipation as they all looked at him. Obviously to have all five of them would be against their ‘two-to-one’ rule. However, he still wondered if being intimate in one another’s presence as they had that first evening was still acceptable.

He decided to tote the line as much as possible, beginning to caress Adelle’s young and slender body through her clothes. Before long, he could see a passionate fire reigniting in her sapphire teenage eyes.

She inhaled deeply at once and sighed, “Rick...”

To keep her sexual interest fresh, he quickly scurried one of his hand underneath her shirt, feeling back and forth along her trim stomach muscles, following her body’s smooth, adolescent skin upwards towards her breasts. Just as he found the young globes on her chest, Rick leaned in towards her face and kissed her with a powerful, vehement passion.

Adelle melted into the warm embrace, moaning lightly at the feel of Rick’s hands and lips on her tender body. Just as she relaxed, Rick moved his hand upwards slightly further. Finding one of her nipples, he began caressing it gently between his fingers. The young woman in his arms, seemingly completely in his power now, drew in a deep breath, her body going taut and trembling at the sudden stimulation.

His fourteen-year-old girlfriend broke the kiss, throwing her head back and tilting it to the side, revelling in the sensations her boyfriend built in her young body. Once more, she let her entire frame go limp again. “Oh, Rick...” she cooed humble submission to her adult lover. “I love it so much when you touch me...”

Wasting no opportunity, Rick seized the moment to lean down and drop kiss after kiss on whatever skin her tank top did not cover. He began placing his lips tenderly high on her neck behind her ears. Slowly he began working his way down, pausing to kiss every inch of the youth’s delicate, fresh skin as he made his way towards her protruding collar bone. All the while, Rick kept his strong hand on her womanly chest, gently rubbing and circling her stiffened nipples in turn.

No sooner had Rick begun to neck her than Adelle wrapped her petite arms around the grown man’s head, wordlessly holding him close as he necked her endlessly. Rick could sense her unspoken words, as though willing him to go on igniting pleasure and passion in her youthful, teenage body.

“Rick...!” she breathed labouriously, her mind struggling to absorb every intricate sensation. “Oh, you so much, Rick... I love you so much...!”

Laying her gently down into his lap, Rick whispered, “I love you, too, Adelle.” He kissed her fully on the lips to accentuate the meaning of his words while his hand exited her clothing. In confusion, Adelle stopped kissing him, but before she could object, he gripped the bottom hem of her shirt and lifted it off her, exposing her upper body to his eyes.

Tossing the unneeded vestment aside, he replaced his hands on the maiden’s chest, gliding them over her teenage chest softly but meaningfully. She cooed and sighed at her twenty-seven-year-old boyfriend’s expression of love and admiration. Before long, Rick moved one of his arms underneath her head, raising her up slightly to kiss her lips more easily.

“Enjoy this, Adelle,” he encouraged sweetly with a whisper as their kiss ended. His other hand infiltrated her light panties, finding the warm and slick crevice between her legs. Adelle inhaled a quick, shallow breath as Rick’s fingers touched the sensitive skin on her pubic mound, her face contorting in delighted surprise and subtle pleasure. She moaned as he moved his fingers along her feminine slit with gentle pressure. “This is for you, Sweetie. Enjoy it.”

Adelle’s breath found no depth, coming in quick, rapid succession as Rick’s masculine hands teased and tantalized her fourteen-year-old womanly treasure with adroit precision. “Mmmm...mmmm...! Hmmm...!” she voiced urgently through her nose. “Mmmm...oh, Rick...! Ohhh...!”

A broad smile crossed Rick’s face as he watched Adelle succumb to the pleasure he expertly and knowledgably exacted from her body. Her eyes were closed tightly, her head lolled over his arm as she closed her mouth again and breathed heavily through her nose. Soft moans echoed deep within her throat as she basked in the sexual treat he gave to her. Adelle’s hips thrust up to meet his hands as her own gripped the couch desperately as though to ground her in reality as pleasure filled her mind.

“Damn...” came a voice from down the couch. “This is one hot display.”

Having almost forgotten about their audience, Rick looked up and admired the other four teenage women in the room. All four of them had already reached one of their hands into their own clothes and were slowly and deliberately fingering themselves as though wanting to share in Adelle’s enjoyment. Of the four, Nicole and Lexi had also removed their upper clothing, allowing their free hand to explore their own bodies and create a fervid desire within themselves.

Lexi was staring at Rick intently. He knew hers was the voice he had heard. The way the fifteen-year-old touched herself showed Rick clearly that she was approaching an orgasm. He wondered if he could get his young, blonde girlfriend to climax sooner.

Lifting the fourteen-year-old in his arms, Rick kissed her passionately and intimately again. She responded with a more avid reaction than he expected, bringing her arms up behind him and nearly clawing at his scalp and back in an effort to encourage him. Undeterred, Rick moved his fingers along her young flower with slightly increased speed and pressure. Eventually, he probed her womanly cavern with his thick middle finger, rubbing along her sensitive sexual canal.

Immediately, Adelle gasped and strained, “OH, RICK...! That’s...gonna CUM...!”

Rick kept up the pressure, feeling the young woman’s vaginal muscles tighten all around his wandering finger pressed deeply up inside of her. Feeling encouraged, he began spinning circles with his thumb around Adelle’s sensitive young button. He felt the adolescent woman’s clitoris quiver as her pelvic muscles flinched in response to the new stimulus. Almost immediately following, the lustful man felt additional moisture gathering around his finger and leaking onto his hand as his girlfriend’s orgasm took hold of her.

“RICK...!” she cried out in ecstasy. “OH...KEEP GOING...RICK...! YES...! GONNA...CUM...! KEEP...GOING...! I’M...C- OHHH...! OOOH...! MMMM...!!!”

Adelle trembled from head to toe as the teenager yielded herself to the sexual climax as it burst inside of her. To accentuate it, Rick hoisted her up and necked her again, adding to Adelle’s pleasure. Small, high-pitched squeals of sheer pleasure squeaked from her mouth as her breathing was momentarily halted.

“So damn hot...!! Oh...ohhh...! MMMM...YES...!” Rick heard from the other end of the sofa as Lexi’s efforts paid off next. Looking up under his brow, he saw that she had stripped completely, her panties now sitting forsaken on the floor below. Lexi’s fingers vigourously rubbed the womanly flower between her legs, anxious to produce the same reaction in her own body that Adelle had enjoyed – one the redhead so adamantly wanted.

Suddenly, her muscles went visibly rigid as the slender young woman cried out, “OHHH...YEAH...! UHHH...! OOOH...!”

As Rick watched the crimson-haired teenager climax, womanly hands wrapped around his head gently as Adelle breathed, “Mmmm...thank you, Rick...” He returned his gaze to Adelle just as she pulled him down for a long, deep kiss of gratitude.

When their lips finally parted, he responded, “You’re welcome, my love.” They kissed again softly.

“I think you need some attention now,” Adelle suggested, a look of pure sexual intent in her eyes.

Rick chuckled. “Well, if you really think so,” he resigned.

The pubescent blonde giggled and rolled off Rick’s lap, landing on the floor. As she was readying herself, Rick looked around the room again. Each of the teenage vixens still had their fingers rubbing their own precious labia, though their efforts had slowed to only gradual at best. Instead each young woman’s focus was on watching Rick and Adelle closely. It seemed to be a moment of anticipation for what was about to happen next.

Most of them had also removed all their clothing again. The only exception was Sierra. While she had taken off her shirt, her black pyjama pants remained. The fabric around her pubic area writhed as her fingers moved, but she seemed reluctant to rid herself of them completely again in mixed company. Rick smiled compassionately at her and her naive innocence.

Still half naked, Adelle positioned herself on her knees and knelt in front of Rick, reaching up and wrapping her fingers around the elastic on his boxers. She looked up at him, biting her bottom lip expectantly. “Time to show me that monster cock of yours again, Rick.” He raised himself up to allow her access.

As Adelle began tugging off his only clothing, Rick looked down the couch towards Lexi. Her face was flush and beads of sweat dotted her forehead, obviously having worked hard for the orgasm she achieved. She was still panting as she told him, “Damn, I was trying to beat you guys. Maybe next time.” She winked at him playfully.

“Maybe,” Rick agreed. “I figured you were trying to beat us, though, so I worked harder on getting her to cum.”

“Glad you did,” pitched in Adelle, now wrapping her fingers around Rick’s well-hardened, nine-inch manhood. He moaned softly as his adolescent lover’s slender fingers again touched and stroked him so affectionately. “Shall we begin?” she offered.

Without waiting for a response, Adelle held the large organ in place with one hand as she leaned forward and encompassed the head of Rick’s fully-erected penis in her mouth. She sucked tenderly as she slid her lips back to the precipice.

“Mmmm...” groaned Rick, brushing his lover’s hair back. “Addy...Sweetie, that feels so good! You are so amazing at giving head.”

“She’s one of the best,” Nicole agreed from across the room. Rick looked at her, raising an eyebrow. “Well,” she clarified, “so we’re told.” Rick huffed a soft laugh.

Giggling lightly at the compliment, Adelle opened her lips again and took the first few inches of the man’s phallus deeply within her mouth. She slowly retreated, until just the head of his manliness remained between her lips, then bowed her head down once more.

With each loving glide her lips and tongue made along his rigid pole, Rick moaned deeply and his breathing became more and more shallow. He watched as the other adolescent girls began touching themselves with a little more pressure again, inspired by the display of oral sex they were now watching.

Rick reached out, gently cupping Adelle’s golden-haired head in one hand and caressing her shapely teenage back with the other. “Oh, Addy...” he moaned in the deepest pleasure as Adelle fellated him. “Mmmm...Sweetie... Oh, that feels...amazing... you...Adelle... Ohhh...I truly...truly do... Mmmm...yeah...!”

To his right, Sierra watched with rapt interest. “Wow...” the thirteen-year-old gasped in awe, watching Adelle’s mouth glide along Rick’s manhood, “I don’t know if I could ever do that.”

“What do you mean?” Lexi asked her.

“It just looks so...disgusting.” Sierra visibly cringed at what she was seeing.

“That’s just because you haven’t been properly introduced to everything yet.” Rick opened his eyes to see Lexi leave the couch and crawl along the floor towards the young blonde. “It’s actually a lot of fun to do to a guy – or a girl for that matter.” Lexi’s hands grabbed Sierra’s black pants. “And it feels amazing to have it done to you.” The redheaded beauty began to tug on the younger girl’s clothes in an effort to remove them. “Here, I’ll show you.”

“Lexi...” Sierra hesitated, pulling her bottom-half clothing back weakly. Rick could see the conflict in her eyes. “I...I’ve already... I mean... Nicole...last night...”

“I know,” Lexi agreed, finally prying the sleepwear from Sierra’s unsure grip. “And you want it again, don’t you?”

“I...uh... Um...” argued Sierra in nervous indecision, her unsure eyes wide as saucers. She watched with trepidation as Lexi removed the clothing from her legs entirely, tossing it casually on the floor beside them.

“Or else you’d be stopping me.”

Lexi placed her hands on Sierra’s young, thirteen-year-old thighs, gently urging the youthful woman’s legs apart. Rick could see the young teenager trembling with anxiety, still evidently very nervous about all the new experience she was gaining.

“Just relax,” Lexi pacified her, opening her legs completely, revealing Sierra’s maturing, adolescent flower.

Lexi leaned in between the apprehensive young lady’s thighs. Rick could tell when her lips made contact with Sierra’s body. Immediately the younger girl squirmed and gasped, clutching Lexi’s head with one hand and grasping at the sofa cushions with the other.

“Nngh...! Ohhh... Mmmm...” heaved Sierra uncontrollably, her young, firm, size-A breasts barely shaking from the movement. Sierra tightly squinted her eyes shut and leaned back on the soft couch, allowing the pleasure to overcome her. “Oh...that feels good,” she whispered hoarsely, her voice becoming a high-pitch squeal. “Oh, Lexi...that good...!”

Just watching his beautiful redheaded coworker bring out pleasure and passion in the inexperienced young blonde was a satisfying sight to see. With the two of them occupied in such a sexual endeavour and Adelle’s mouth still sucking and sliding on his turgid pole, Rick could feel himself edging towards yet another orgasm. It wouldn’t take much to put him over the edge one again.

“Lay down, Nikki,” Rick suddenly heard Lindsey order on the couch across the room. “I wanna taste that sweet pussy of yours!”

The twenty-seven-year-old’s gaze was immediately drawn to the spectacle unfolding across from him. He watched the other two sexy, horny teenagers as he kept rubbing his hand along Adelle’s bare back and brushing his fingers lovingly through the golden hair on her head. All the while, her lips kept a sight, gliding seal on his solid reproductive shaft.

Nicole laid herself down on the couch, spreading her legs widely to give her raven-haired friend above access to her womanly loins. In turn, Lindsey realigned herself, planting her own feminine treasure squarely on Nicole’s face. Between them, Lindsey cried out first as Nicole’s lips met her tender, wet labia.

“Oh! Mnnn!” she squeaked, feeling the pleasure surge from the delicate touch of Nicole’s mouth. She struggled to breathe normally. “Oooh...hell yeah...! Nikki...your mouth on me...!!”

Once she caught her breath, Lindsey dove straight down, passionately devouring Nicole’s sacred flower, nibbling fervently with her tongue and lips at every inch of exposed skin she could. Immediately, Nicole moaned in absolute pleasure. Nicole’s hands gripped Lindsey’s hips tightly, pulling her downwards as their mutual cunnilingus grew and blossomed into reckless physical intimacy.

The sight was too much for Rick to process. With sex and passion between the young teenage girls everywhere he looked and a gorgeous young woman overwhelming his own mating senses, it drove Rick’s mind into an unprecedented sexual frenzy. Muscles tightened through his body, his breathing all but stopped and he clenched his entire face in preparation for the inevitable climax.

Unable to withstand any longer, an abrupt, intense explosion of pleasure began threatening its release.

“Oh, Sweetie...! I’m gonna cum...! Oh, Sweetie...oh, Addy...yes...!” he grunted in absolute ecstasy as Adelle began to handle his scrotum affectionately in her hand. The pressure within his pelvis reached the breaking point. His groin muscles clenched again and again, content to spew anything they contained into Adelle’s wanton, anxious mouth. “OHHH!!! MMMM!!!” he bellowed at each involuntary spasm. “OOOH...! Adelle...! Oh, Sweetie...!”

Opening his eyes, Rick looked down to see Adelle staring back at him, her eyes full of love and excitement. “I think that was a pretty good one for you, Rick,” she commented, her voice low and soft, careful not disturb the other pairs enjoying their passionate moments.

“Couldn’t have been better, Sweetie,” Rick agreed congenially, his voice equally soft. “Come up here,” he encouraged, pulling his young girlfriend swiftly up onto his lap. Sitting there together, Rick enfolded her in his arms, hugging her tightly. She leaned in, basking in the affection, as she felt his adoring lips kiss her tenderly on the neck again.

Rick relaxed his embrace, allowing his thick hands to traverse her body, coming to rest on her succulent young breasts. He squeezed them fondly, his thumbs caressing her petite areolas with loving care. Closing her eyes, Adelle sighed softly under his amorous touch and relaxed, snuggling up to the man she loved so much, enjoying the care and physical attention he gave her.

“Look,” Rick told her urgently. He could tell when she opened her eyes and saw what had caught his attention. Across the room, Nicole had stopped driving her lips and tongue against Lindsey’s sensitive body. The brunette had begun to clench her teeth and contort her face as an orgasm wracked her young body again. “Can you believe they got so turned on just from watching us?”

Nicole’s breathing became more and more shallow as she heaved from the pleasure filling her senses. “Yeah,” giggled Adelle in his ear, the two of them watching Nicole orgasm with unbroken interest. “It’s because you’re so hot,” she complimented her adult boyfriend.

“I beg to differ,” returned Rick.

“Lindsey...! Oh, Lin...! LIN! MNNN! OHHH!” Nicole hollered with difficulty as Lindsey brought her to an immense climax. Nicole thrashed underneath the fifteen-year-old, reaching around the naked teenage woman on top of her and holding the black-haired goddess’ head in place. Lindsey continued pleasuring her friend, not actually needing the encouragement. “SO...DAMN...GOOD...! Oh, Lin...!” Nicole breathed as her rush of ecstasy dissipated.

To his right, Sierra’s high-pitched, rhythmic humming next caught his attention. “Hm! Hmmm! Lexi...!” she squealed in her young, barely-teenaged voice. Her voice quivered as the youthful maiden tried to describe what she was feeling. “I think...I’m gonna...ohhh...!” she mumbled through gritted teeth. Then, her breathing was gone.

Rick smiled knowing the thirteen-year-old’s pleasure was also reaching fruition. He encouraged Adelle to watch her young cousin orgasm. His pubescent girlfriend leaned her head on Rick’s cheek and he could feel her smile as she watched Sierra’s thin, young body tremble in overwhelming gratification.

“Lexi...oh, Lexi...” Sierra wheezed as her body settled. Keeping her eyes closed, she continued stroking Lexi’s flaming red hair as the fifteen-year-old pulled away from the spent young woman. “Lexi... Hmmm...oh...”

“You look like you enjoyed that, Sierra,” observed Lexi as she rubbed her hands over Sierra’s warm, bare skin while the younger girl relaxed. The redhead licked her lips. “You taste like you enjoyed it, too,” she added.

“Yes,” Sierra breathed in agreement. “You’re right,” she confessed. “I did want that. It feels so good to... Well, to...” She struggled to complete the sentence.

“To ‘cum’?” finished Lexi, smiling at the young blonde.

Nodding affirmatively, Sierra agreed, “Yeah... I’m just not used to saying that yet.”

Lexi smiled kindly. “I know. You’ll get used to it. I promise.” The assurance didn’t seem to comfort Sierra, thought he younger teenager didn’t say anything. Lexi looked up suddenly and Rick followed her gaze to the other couch. “Watch,” she told Sierra, “Lindsey’s about to cum, too.”

Grinning, Rick set his sights on the other two young women. Nicole had begun devouring Lindsey’s beautiful womanhood with renewed vigour. Lindsey had pushed herself up with her arms, raising herself so that her hands, knees and pubic mound were the only things that made contact with anything beneath her. Of it all, the majority of her forceful concentration was aimed directly through her precious femininity.

“Ohhh...! YES...!” Lindsey cried, grinding her pubic lips against Nicole’s face. “Oooh...damn, Nikki...! That’s so good...! You eat GOOD...! Gonna...gonna...! YES...! OH, NIKKI...I’M CUMMING...!”

Lindsey trembled violently, her arms threatening to give out more than once as she absorbed the orgasmic bliss the young woman below unleashed in her body. As her blinding climax ended, Lindsey’s spent teenage frame collapsed on her friend.

“Damn, that felt good!” exclaimed Lindsey into the couch cushion between Nicole’s legs. Her words were barely decipherable, being muffled by barriers all around her.

“What?” Nicole asked with a smile.

Rolling off the other young woman and landing on the floor, Lindsey repeated, “I said, ‘Damn, that felt good!’ You can eat pussy almost as good as Adelle over there.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing like what Rick can do,” forwarded Adelle. “He’s awesome!”

With hands still resting on her naked chest, Rick hugged his petite, young girlfriend and kissed her lovingly. “Thanks, Sweetie,” he accepted. “Glad to know you enjoy me making love to you.”

“I always will,” responded his teenage lover.

“ guys almost make me sick, you’re so lovey-dovey,” Lexi commented from beside them.

Lindsey huffed, “They’ve pretty much made me sick.” Rick and Adelle laughed at her mock contempt. “You would be too, if you had to spend the last couple days with them.” That just made the couple laugh all the harder.

“You think you two could get a room?” asked Lexi, sitting on the floor against the couch.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Nicole countered, getting to her feet and helping Lindsey to stand. “Why don’t we split them up?” The two young women walked towards Rick and his youthful lover. “C’mon, Addy,” the older girl told her. “It’s time to share your toys. We want to see just how good he is to the two of us without you around.”

Adelle’s shoulders slumped. “Aw, really?” she complained.

“Better believe it,” confirmed Lindsey.

Sighing heavily, Adelle complied, “Alright, I suppose.” With a quick turn of her head, she looked at her lover and asked, “Would you mind if I joined Jiz and Nancy up there?”

Rick chuckled at the innocence in her voice. He knew she was many things, but innocent and naive were not among them. “Not a problem, Sweetie.” He leaned in and kissed her, their wordless token of affection full of love and respect. “Have fun,” he whispered as their lips drifted slightly apart.

“Thanks,” she responded, giving him another quick kiss. “You, too!”

With that, Adelle stood up, warned her friends to be nice to him and walked off to find the other couple upstairs. Lindsey and Nicole each took an arm, pulling Rick to his feet. He stood and looked up just as Adelle opened the door to the bedroom his friend and Nancy were sharing.

“Wow,” she giggled. “You guys sure don’t waste any time, do you?”

“Sure don’t!” Rick heard Nancy agree. “Now get your pussy in here so I can eat it while Jiz has his cock in mine!”

Adelle looked down. Biting her bottom lip, she gave Rick a big wink before heading into the bedroom and closing the door behind her. Rick smiled widely as he watched her leave his sight.

“C’mon, lover boy,” Lindsey prodded him along, “let’s get up upstairs, too.”

“We’ll just stay here,” announced Lexi, gesturing to Sierra. “We’ll get started on the electrolysis – and maybe practice some more pussy-eating, if that’s ok with her.” Lexi gave Sierra a meaningful glance.

Nodding anxiously and biting both lips to suppress a smile, Sierra hummed, “Mm-hm.”

“Alright,” Nicole agreed. “We’ll be back, then.”

The teenage duo led Rick up the staircase and into the empty bedroom, neither willing to let go of the hand of his they possessed. They shut the door swiftly and pushed Rick onto the king-sized bed, both kneeling in front of him.

“Time to get you ready,” Nicole insinuated suggestively, taking his reproductive column in both of her hands and rubbing it meaningfully, intent on preparing it as soon as possible.

Lindsey’s mouth was gaping as she looked at Rick’s manhood. “Won’t take much,” she warned the older girl. “Look at how much his cock has grown already!”

Rick knew the midnight-haired teen was right, even without looking down. Ever since Adelle had sat on his lap, he had sported a semi-erect organ, thanks to the pills Jiz had given him not willing to allow the erection to disappear entirely. It was finally hardening fully as the girls led him to the bedroom. Now, he could feel its expansion was almost complete. Both Lindsey and Nicole gawked in awe as Rick’s firm digit finished growing to nine inches.

“Damn, that’s huge!” gasped Nicole at the thick rod of tissue in her hands. “I just...I can’t stop staring! Was that thing seriously inside me yesterday night?”

“Better believe it,” Rick confirmed with a chuckle. “And he loved every inch your tight little pussy.”

Nicole bit her bottom lip and looked at him seductively underneath her eyebrows. “Oh, I don’t doubt it,” she agreed, leaning forward and sucking briefly on just the tip of his inflexible pole. Rick groaned lightly at her wicked touch. “I know I still remember how amazing it felt!”

“I know I could never forget!” Lindsey chimed in. “I’ve had Rick’s cock and cummed with it in me several times and I still can’t get over how good it feels.”

“Well, then it’s my turn first, isn’t it?” insisted the sixteen-year-old brunette, climbing onto the bed and straddling her hapless quarry. She laid down on him, pressing her full, round size-C breasts against his strong, manly chest. Leaning in and kissing him repeatedly with renewed passion, Nicole pinned his arms with her own hands, using her weight to limit his movements.

Rick knew he could easily overpower the beautiful, slender young woman, but chose not to. The feeling of giving into her custody had its own allure of sexual enticement. Nicole began to grind her crotch against his hard erection, whimpering into his mouth as she continued to kiss him.

Finally, she backed off from his mouth. “Oh, Rick...take me!” she pled urgently, continuing to grind against his body. She opened her eyes and looked at him. A deep, yearning emotion glowed from her brown irises; her need for sexual release was more than apparent. “I want you deep inside me,” she insisted breathlessly. “Make love to me like I’m the one you want to be with forever.”

She quickly rolled her athletic teenage body off him and Rick grabbed her and pulled her close before she could get too far. “Gladly, my little nymph,” he acquiesced with her back against his chest. Nicole’s eyelids fluttered and she gasped, clearly further incentivised for sex by his strong words. He reached one arm around the teen’s shoulders where his hand found her bare, delicious teenage breasts. His hand began to fondle and caress the upper half of her gorgeous body, his fingers dancing wildly with her dark, stiffened nipples.

With his other hand, Rick lifted and held one of her strong, slender legs backwards over his body. With her legs spread widely, the man guided his stout, firm manhood to the waiting entrance of her female depths. The tip of his phallus had barely touched Nicole’s hot, folded labia when he felt her adolescent body rise sharply in another sharp intake of air.

Sitting on one of the chairs off to the side so she could stare at them face to face, Lindsey watched them both grown man and teenage woman ready themselves for a moment of intimate passion. With her naked body comfortable on the cushiony seat, Lindsey jokingly threatened them, “You guys had better put on a good show.” Her fingers began to rub her barren womanhood anxiously. “You already stole the first orgasm with his huge cock from me; I don’t want to be disappointed as I watch.”

Already panting, Nicole eyed her with a snide, mocking expression. The two shared an unvoiced conversation, Nicole grinning in wicked triumph, Lindsey staring her down and keeping her fingers busy with her glistening, adolescent treasure.

Rick caressed Nicole’s entire ready body again, making her virtually ignore their onlooker and focus herself completely on him.

“I’m so horny, Rick...!” whispered the sixteen-year-old in urgent want. “I’m just horny! I want this so badly...!” The brown-haired maiden in his arms shifted, her effort pushing the obelisk between his legs into the warm, slick crevice between hers. In desperate need of fulfillment, she pled, “Make me...cum, Rick...! Make me cum...!”

With his arms wrapped tightly around her, Rick began flexing his legs and relaxing, driving his private thickened spear into the sixteen-year-old’s sexual interior. Inside of her, Rick could feel Nicole’s warm vagina quivering and trembling as it struggled to part and stretch for its pleasuring visitor.

“Ohhh...” Rick groaned in delight, feeling the maturing woman’s body shake with intimate rapture. He moaned in time with his thrusts, “Mmmm...oh, Nikki... Nicole...your body good...! Oooh...yeah...!”

Nicole’s anxious voice responded in pace with his own. “Rick...! Oh, Rick...! Your cock...feels good...!” One of the young woman’s hands reached around, clawing at his thigh and butt, spurring him on “Harder...! Deeper...!” ordered Nicole frantically. “Oh, Rick...! Faster...!”

Rick increased the speed and ferocity of his mating exercise, pushing his erect manliness further and faster into the young female beside him. Her moans of pleasure became shouts of reckless ecstasy, another intense orgasm building in her sporty, nubile body.

Opening his eyes, Rick watched Lindsey work her personal magic on her own sexual device. She rubbed and stroked her own sensitive body, one hand between her legs, the other grasping at her breasts. “So hot... So hot...!” she vented while she admired the mating couple.

“Oh, Rick...! Ohhh...Rick...! OH...YEAH...!!!” Nicole cried out anxiously, desperate to feel the euphoric rush overtake her. She pressed her slender body hard back against Rick as she trembled and shuddered, taking in as much pleasure as her mind could process. “YES...!” Nicole hissed, approaching her climax.

Letting go of her leg, Rick licked his fingers, then reached around her trim tummy and laid them to rest on the solid little bud near her fresh womanliness. Gently at first, then with growing effort, he rubbed her clitoris, growing her forbidden passion exponentially.

“RICK...!” seethed Nicole through tightly-grinding teeth. “OH...! DAMN, RICK...! I’M CUMMING...! AHHH...AH...!” Nicole’s every muscle vibrated. Her breathing paused, allowing her waning consciousness to enjoy the flood of pleasure. “OHHH!” she moaned as her orgasm echoed in all corners of her body. Bit by bit, her breathing returned to a more normal level. “Oh...that felt so damn good...!”

“Glad you liked it,” Rick murmured softly in her ear, still sliding his hard phallus in and out of her slowly and gently. He kissed her neck and cheek several times before asking, “Satisfied?”

“Oh, yeah...” breathed Nicole appreciatively. “Adelle was right. You’re the most amazing lover ever! I feel incredible right now!” They kissed one another deeply, savouring the intimate moment of afterglow.

“Good!” Lindsey cheered, standing up from her chair. Her abrupt voice brought them both back to awareness of the third member of the party. Walking over to the bed, Lindsey announced indignantly, “My turn!” Without hesitation, Lindsey drove her hands and arms between the two spent lovers, wedging them apart. “I wanna ride this enormous bugger for the best screw-and-cum ever!”

“Hey. Hey!” shouted Nicole in annoyance as Lindsey physically moved her. Scrambling to get out of the way, Nicole huffed, “No need to get pushy, Lin! Everyone knows you’re up next. We all get our turns.” She stood up from the bed and added, “There’s plenty of Rick to go around.”

“I dunno,” Rick assessed jokingly, somewhat enjoying Lindsey’s forwardness. “I’m getting pretty used up.” He relaxed as Lindsey wrapped her lips around his thick digit and sucked gently. “I guess for some, it looks like I’m becoming a scarce commodity.”

“Damn rights!” agreed Lindsey, lifting her head from his groin. She pushed him back onto the bed and straddled his brawny, muscular body. He took her torso in his hands, caressing the smooth skin from her waist to her breasts and back again before helping her to settle herself down on his loins. Slowly grinding on him as Nicole had done, she insisted, “I wanna get some of this awesome cock before it’s all gone for a while again.” She turned her attention to Nicole. “Is that too much to ask?”

Nicole pursed her lips. “Guess not,” she complied. “Fair enough.”

“Great,” Lindsey declared, reaching between her body and Rick’s. With careful precision, Lindsey pointed Rick’s turgid staff towards her warm, womanly canal. She lowered herself slowly, enjoying the sensation as his every inch slid deeply inside of her. “Oh...yeah...” she gasped, breathing in and out slowly. “Now get over there and just go...rub yourself off or something,” Lindsey dismissed her friend.

Dropping herself dejectedly into the plushy chair Lindsey had been sitting in, Nicole stared at her friend in mind contempt, not happy with having her sexual experience cut short.

“Don’t worry; this won’t take long,” the raven-haired fifteen-year-old assured. Pleasure filled Rick as Lindsey began rocking back and forth on his body. Her tight, gripping interior enveloped his masculinity with a warm, comforting pleasure. Despite her youth, she knew what she was doing when it came to having sex. “Then, when he’s about to explode, we can share his cum, right?”

The statement at last drew a smile from her brown-haired friend. “Right,” Nicole agreed. The sixteen-year-old’s hands had already started wandering her own body, searching to renew her bodily enjoyment. As Lindsey had done, one of Nicole’s hands found her breasts, the other probed and slid over her precious young vaginal opening.

“Mmmm...hmmm... Hmmm...oh, yes...” Lindsey murmured as thrust herself against Rick. Her jaw hung open, seeking air to fuel her body as she made love with him. “Sex with you...feels so good, Rick... Your cock’s...amazing...!” she muttered almost incoherently, her voice being drowned out by pleasure.

“Ohhh... Oh, Lin...!” returned Rick in kind. “Lin...your body... Mmmm...! Your pussy is tight...!”

Suddenly, Lindsey stopped. “Rick,” she breathed, looking at him with meaningful intent, “I want you to take me doggy-style.” She climbed off him, his long, hard erection emerging from her thick, womanly body. “C’mon, Rick,” she begged, getting on all fours and spreading her legs, “get that huge dick of yours back inside me.

“This is gonna be hot!” Nicole surmised succinctly. Her pure, brown eyes regarded the loving couple intently.

Smiling greedily, Rick knelt behind his young lover. The fifteen-year-old arched her back, allowing Rick easy access to her womanly gem. With relative ease, Rick aimed his nine-inch club straight into Lindsey’s awaiting body. She moaned, feeling it stretch her feminine cove again.

“Oooh...yeah...” Rick exhaled, feeling her interior grip him. Placing his hands on her hips, he held her at the perfect angle. Shifting his posture as he began thrusting into her, he groaned, “Oh...oh, Lindsey... Tight...young body... Mm...yeah... So good, good...!”

“Yeah, Rick...! Oh...yeah...!” Lindsey moaned back, pushing back against his stripling torso. Keeping herself up by bracing herself with her elbows, Lindsey started rocking in time with Rick’s heavy thrusts into her feminine teen body. Dropping her head between her arms, she lauded, “Loving this...Rick... Feels so...GOOD...!”

Leaning forward, Rick caressed her smooth, pubescent curves, her skin feeling like silk underneath his hands. He led his fingers underneath the fifteen-year-old, cupping her busty, size-D breasts with his hands. The soft, supple gloves felt like the richest putty. He kneaded them, caressed them and sent shivers down Lindsey’s spine as he tantalized her every desire by fondling her breasts so delicately.

“Mmmm...nngh...!” the black-haired vixen groaned below him. “Love it...when you...touch my...titties, Rick...!” She rocked back against his twenty-seven-year-old frame harder than before as her desire grew. “Keep going...don’t stop...!”

Keeping one hand on her chest, Rick moved the other to the stiff nub near the orifice he filled with his manhood. Lindsey’s clitoris twitched at his gentle touch. Using the slick juices leaking from her pulsing vagina, Rick spun his fingers around and around her sensitive button. Lindsey squealed in euphoria, her body beginning to tremble.

“Rick...I’m gonna...cum...! Yes, Rick...yes...! KEEP GOING...! AH...AH...! AHHH...!” Lindsey screeched, her timed movements becoming unruly thrashing. Weaving an arm around her waist, Rick held her in place. Continuing to press his long, thick sex into her, his fingers kept tantalizing her clitoris, prolonging her orgasm.

The combined might of all the pleasure Rick had given to these two gorgeous teenagers had begun to overwhelm him. With each plunge he made with his solid, thick organ, Rick could feel an orgasm approaching. With all his might, Rick increased his efforts, hoping to have them pay off before Lindsey’s peaking sexual excitement could end.

Suddenly, Lindsey finally gasped for air. Unfortunately for Rick, the teen’s arms gave out and she crashed on the bed in front of him, exhausted and spent.

“Damn!” he cursed, falling on the bed next to her. His erection throbbed, desperate to be satisfied and released. “Did you have to do that?” She opened her eyes slowly, looking at him and sighing as the sexual bliss distilled in her mind.

“When you’ve cum as many times as I have today, Rick,” she sighed again, “you just want a break.”

Rick frowned at her. “I’m so bloody close!”

“That’s something I think we can take care of,” suggested a voice at the side of the room. Nicole practically leapt onto the bed from the chair, crawling towards Rick with a seductive expression on her face – an expression that implied only one intention. “If Lin’s too tired, I can sure take care of this for you.”

As she reached the top of Rick’s legs, Nicole wrapped her fingers around Rick’s unsatisfied phallus. Lowering her head, she took the first several inches into her mouth. With a modest suck, she withdrew her head to the very tip before bowing down again and repeating the gesture.

“Mmmm...that’ll work...!” Rick moaned, watching with satisfaction as she fellated him. “Oh...yeah... I need this... Thanks, Nikki...”

“Hey!” interjected Lindsey. “Wait for me!”

Nicole’s lips released Rick’s manhood with a loud pop. “You still want this?” she asked Lindsey sourly. “Why? Only because I’ve suddenly shown an interest in it?”

“I was getting there,” Lindsey argued. “I wouldn’t think of leaving Rick unsatisfied after all he’s done for us today.”

“Hm...” the sixteen-year-old brunette huffed, returning her concentration to Rick’s pleasure.

The teens laid down on either side of him, drawing their lips along the rigid shaft of his penis and wrapping their tongues around the bulbous head whenever they reached it. Feeling the two of them ignite his animal desires, he couldn’t help but moan from the delightful treatment to his body and mind. He reached down the bed, caressing their young, teenage bodies as they pampered him.

Looking down at them, Rick smiled as their efforts blended together. While one of Lindsey’s womanly fifteen-year-old hands played gently with his scrotum and testicles, one of Nicole’s feminine sixteen-year-old hands held his large reproductive spear at its base, keeping it steady and slowly stroking its stiff shaft.

The most incredible part for Rick to watch was the girls’ faces themselves. The teens’ mouths had met at his erection’s crown, their lips and tongues dancing wildly. It looked as though the two young teens were making out with each other – and his penis had just happened to get caught in the middle. He caressed each of their young heads as they mutually tantalized his sexual desires.

All at once, the tango of their mouths on his overly stimulated penis began a familiar chain reaction. Rick’s pleasure had reached its impasse. He felt the girth of his masculine digit swell in preparation for the climax. Having had each young woman in turn and now both at once, the pressure for his ejaculation had built to an unbelievable level. He could feel all the fluids his body could gather amassing deep in his groin.

“Oh, girls... Mmmm...! OHHH...GIRLS...!” he shouted out carelessly. He held each of their heads gently, but firmly, asking them without words to continue exactly what they were doing. “YES...! OH, YEAH...!” he managed just as his climaxing body spewed its payload of sticky, white fluid.

A few moderately-sized volleys of semen later, Rick dropped his head onto the pillow underneath him. The volume he had left to pump out though that pathway had shocked him. He figured he’d be all but spent now, with nothing left to show for his efforts. His body had certainly surprised him.

He lay there relaxing as Nicole and Lindsey happily and greedily lapped up his liquid seed. On occasion, one of their mouths would move along his skin just right, causing a jolt of ticklish pleasure to shoot through him. As he felt his erection settling, he encouraged the two nude nubiles to join him at the head of the bed.

As the two teens laid themselves down on either side of him, Nicole asked, “So, did that work for you?”

Rick heaved a chuckle through his nose in response. “Oh...hell, yeah!” he told her with a big smile. She curled into his arm, pressing her soft, nude body against his. The feel of her warm skin against him almost gave Rick another erection. His penis twitched against Nicole’s leg.

“Are you sure?” she giggled, feeling the spasm ooze out another drip of his white juice. It trailed down the skin on her thigh. “Because if not, we can always try again.”

“I don’t think that guy’s going to be trying anything for a while,” sighed Rick in sated bliss.

“Oh, what a shame,” Lindsey jokingly rued, pulling the bed’s light sheets over them.

With Nicole tucked under one arm, Lindsey scooted closely up to Rick, spooning him as best she could. She made herself comfortable, her open hand draping over the man’s naked chest. He took her hand gently in his, wanting to make both of the teenage girls feel wanted and special. Feeling Lindsey reaching around him again sent a tingle through his loins. The flaccid digit there twitched again.

Nicole reached between them, petting his manhood gently with her fingers. “Hey, easy there, tiger. Settle down,” she told him. Rick chuckled.

Lindsey took a deep breath and thought out loud, “You know, people say you can have too much of a good thing. But there are exceptions to every rule, right?” Rick and Nicole looked at one another and smiled, knowing exactly where this was going. “I totally think sex is one of exceptions. I could never get enough, I don’t think.”

“You might be surprised,” Rick commented. “You can certainly get your fill.” Rick let the words hang for a moment before adding, “It’s an appetite, though. It always comes back.”

“Good,” yawned Nicole. “Let’s hope it comes back in an hour or so.” Rick huffed a laugh, shaking his head in disbelief.

“We’re teen girls, Rick. What do you expect?” Lindsey clarified. Before he could answer she included, “We need lots of sex to keep us happy.”

“C’mon,” Rick chuckled, closing his eyes and pulling each of the girls sharing the bed a little closer. “Let’s have a nap.”

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