horny teen, trapped in the country, discovers his early developed ten year old sister's pussy

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I'm Robbie. I'm fourteen, pretty good looking, five feet eight inches tall, weigh a hundred and forty five pounds and I have a thick eight and a half inch cock that pees a heavy stream of cum that just keeps coming out of me. When I was eleven , I learned to have two paper towels handy when I jerked off because I always squirt so much cum.

We'd just moved well out in the country, leaving the suburban home that we'd grown up in. We now live in a much older house on a seldom traveled county road, with fields and woods all around us. The nearest neighbors are an elderly couple who live about two miles down the road and the next closest neighbors live five miles away. It's fourteen miles to the small town that we'll be going to school in when it starts up in the fall.

We moved right after our old school let out so it's still the last week of June. Mom and Dad's divorce has messed everything up for all of us. They had to sell our house but then there wasn't enough money for mom to buy another one so she found this one and changed jobs. We're ninety miles from everyone we grew up with and stranded in the country, while mom works eight hours a day, six days a week. ... plus she has another hour and a half total travel time to and from work.

We've only been here for a week and I'm already going stir crazy. I want to fuck one of my girlfriends and realize that I don't have any because I'm new here... I'm stranded out in the sticks... I don't know anybody... nobody knows me and nobody knows that I'm here. I'm fucked until school starts in September... three long months. Christ!! I won't even remember how to fuck by then.

I'd just taken my laundry from the dryer and was in my room, putting it in my closet and dresser, when I thought I heard my ten year old sister, Ellen, crying. Ellen's a pretty girl but she has some kind of hormonal problem that causes her to be perpetually overweight. She always had problems in school with kids and classmates picking on her about her weight.

Walking toward her room, hearing the sound of her crying get louder, I was thinking and remembering that, 'More than once I'd walked her home from school while she was crying because of some cruel shit that had been yelled at her. I was her best friend... always telling her that she's pretty and to ignore the fools... that if she wasn't my sister, I'd marry her, take her to bed and make her have lots of babies. Recently, she'd giggled and snuggled against me whenever I said things like that. I think she'd heard about me fucking other girls and that they loved it. One of them was the older sister of one of her classmates.

(FLASH) It hit me. There's a pussy in the house and I'm positive that she'll let me fuck her!!

I got to Ellen's door and pushed it open. She was lying on her bed, facing the wall and sobbing her heart out. I watched her plump ass move and wondered what it'd be like to fuck my ten year old overweight sister. She's bigger than the normal ten year old but can she take my cock? Well... we’re about to find out.

I moved to her bed, took all my clothes off and then quietly told Ellen to move over so that I could get in bed with her. She turned her head and looked up at me... her face streaked with tears… her eyes red from crying. When she saw that I didn't have a shirt on, her eyes automatically moved down my body to where my eight and a half inch cock was standing firmly out from my pelvis... all ready to penetrate her ten year old pussy and fuck a huge load of cum into her. Her eyes opened wide when she saw my cock and so did her mouth, as she looked back up at me with a surprised expression on her face. I smiled back and said, "Take your clothes off, Ellen. I told you I'd marry you and make you have lots of babies so stop crying because I'm going to be putting this in your pussy all the time, from now on. Just don't ever tell Mom about it. OK?"

Her eyes were still red but they were fixed on my cock as she began taking her clothes off. I helped her sit up so she could take her house coat off. She didn't have anything on under it. I saw her large, plump and firm ten year old tits and wanted to suck them. I asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom. She said she didn't have to go because she'd gone just a few minutes ago. I stepped to the hall closet, grabbed two dark bath towels to put under her ass and a couple of hand towels to wipe my bloody cock off with after I've fucked her. At the last second, I went to the bathroom, got the large jar of Vaseline from the medicine cabinet and brought it back into Ellen's bedroom. She'd spread one of the bath towels under her and was lying naked on her back... waiting for me to mount her, fuck her and make babies in her pussy.

I looked down at her ten year old pussy and can't believe what I'm seeing. Ellen has a full dark bush of hair on her pussy! I'm going to be fucking and cumming in a ten year old woman’s pussy!! I decided to try licking her pussy to see if she produces pussy juice. If she does, I'll be able to fuck her without having to use the Vaseline. I moved over Ellen and kissed her on the lips, like I'd done ten thousand times before... but this time was different because we both knew that I was going to put my cock in her pussy and fuck her. I knew that she'd watched some porno stuff on her PC so I wasn't really surprised when she spread her legs to make room for me between them. I aimed the head of my cock at the pink slit that was showing between the two dark hair covered lips of her small cunt.

When my cock touched her pussy, she shivered all over and her eyes fluttered. "Ohhhhhh, Robbie! I've watched a hundred videos of brothers and sisters doing it with each other and now we're going to. I can't wait. Your cock is a lot bigger than most of the brothers have so I'm lucky. I can't wait to have you shoot your white stuff up inside of me. Don't pull it out and squirt it on me, like most of them do. I don't like that. I always want yours way up inside of me so, when you do it to me again, I'll be extra slippery inside."

I kissed her again before bringing my head down to her left tit and sucking it into my mouth. Ellen let out a little shriek of surprise but I was already pulling her body and tit to my mouth so she couldn't get away. I was running my tongue all over its nipple and felt Ellen's legs moving up along the sides of my legs, in response. The connection between her tits and her pussy is solid. I moved my mouth over and sucked on her other tit. I realized that Ellen was humping me... fucking her ten year old cunt up at my belly!! I sucked and licked her tit for a few seconds longer before releasing it and sliding down her body. My mouth was just above the dark brown hair on the miniature pussy that was soon going to be tightly wrapped around my thick eight and a half cock. Ellen was still humping her pussy up at me... clearly anxious to be fucked. I lifted my head and looked at the beautiful pink cunt between the two dark hair covered lips and dove in.


She had her hands on the sides of my head, guiding me to where it felt the best to her but it clearly felt wonderful everywhere because she was moving my mouth all over her pussy. I couldn’t believe how much juice she’d begun secreting. I was licking her little cunt like a wild man... slurping up her juices and kissing the pink inner lips of her cunt.

I certainly won't need Vaseline when I'm fucking Ellen. Her pussy is DRIPPING wet with sweet, slurping wet juices. I pushed her thighs up and continued feasting on her bucking little cunt. Ellen has a really large clitoris and when I sucked it into my mouth and started running my tongue all over it, she screamed so loud that I thought she was going to break the old house’s windows. Her head was violently flopping back and forth... from one side to the other, as I licked and sucked on her clit. Her whole body was trembling as she fucked her pussy up to my mouth and suddenly let loose with a powerful stream of juice. I knew that she was cumming and I wanted my cock inside of her, NOW!! I quickly moved up into position, placed the head of my cock at her tight little pussy opening and FORCED it into her. She was still gushing her hot cum out onto my balls… even while I was getting lined up to fuck my cock into her tight little pussy.

My cock was buried to the hilt in Ellen’s extremely tight little cunt. I raised up to look down between us and could see that our pubic hair is mashed together between us. My ten year old sister has my entire eight and a half inch cock in her pussy and is still squirting hot cum on my balls.

As I looked at her face, the look of euphoria transformed to a look of sheer agony. "AIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEE EEEE EEEE EEEE!!! …. (very deep inhale) Oh, Robbie! Please!! Stop!!... Take it out!!... Oh, God! It's too big! You broke something inside of me. It hurts awful!!"

Then she started crying like a lost soul.... hugging me, one minute and then letting her arms fall to her sides, the next... but not pushing against me to get my cock out of her ten year old pussy. I didn't fuck her... just kept my cock buried inside of her, with her pussy hair and her little cunt lips tightly mashed against the hair around my throbbing cock. I lay forward and began gently kissing my fat little ten year old sister... telling her that it'll stop hurting in a minute... that it always hurts, the first time a girl has a cock go in her pussy... only the first time. I told her to focus on thinking of something nice for a few seconds until the pain lets up. My cock was still buried in her and it was lurching... anxious to begin fucking Ellen's tight, juicy pussy. I can't wait for the first time we both cum in unison. I can't imagine how good it's going to feel to be injecting my firehose stream of cum into Ellen's tight little cunt while she's simultaneously washing my belly and balls with her hot cum. I kept tenderly kissing her... planting them all over her face... licking her tears from her eyes... licking them from the sides of her neck, where they'd run down from the corners of her eyes. It was while I was licking her neck that I felt Ellen starting to push and hold her pussy up to my cock. I kept licking her neck... under her chin... leaning down to suck on each of her titties... feeling her pussy continually twitching and squeezing my cock.

Finally, I raised myself so that my face was suspended over hers, where we could look into each other's eyes, pulled my cock almost all the way out of her pussy... then slid it deep into her again and asked, "Are you ready to spend the next thirty years letting me make babies in you, Ellen?"

She'd tensed up while I was pulling my cock back and even more when I started pushing it back into her but I'd sense her relief when she realized that it hadn't hurt. Now I saw a smile spread over her pretty face as she brought her knees up alongside my hips and said, "I'm ready, Robbie. Are you really going to do it to me for thirty years?"

I kissed her between the eyes and said, "Yes I am, Ellen. I'm not letting ANYbody have your sweet tasting pussy. They don't deserve a pretty girl like you... especially one with a tight pussy like yours is. From now on, your pussy belongs to ME. Is that alright with you?"

Ellen giggled and said, "Yes, Robbie. You've always been nice to me when everybody else was mean and nasty so you can fuck me forever and they can all go to hell. I won't let anybody else inside of me. I promise. Gee, I wish I really could have babies. I'd let you get me pregnant right now but Mom had the Dr. tie my tubes when I was six because I started to develop and was getting hair. She was worried that I'd get pregnant because if anybody knew about me having hair on my pussy, she said they might put their pee pee inside of me before I was ready to be a woman. She told me that I can have an operation when I'm grown up to reverse what the Dr. did.

I said, "Too bad you never told me about that, Ellen. I could have started fucking you right after you had the operation. Nobody would ever have known that we were fucking... just like they won't, now. Mom might find out we're doing it but, even if she does, she'll never tell anybody. She won’t want the publicity but she'll probably be glad that it's me because she knows I'll always be good to you."

"So, my tight pussied little sister, it looks like we're all set for the next thirty years. Now I'm going to fuck you nice and slow. I'm going to kiss and make love to my pretty sister before I squirt a whole bunch of your brother's cum in your pretty pussy. I sure wish you'd told me about your pussy when you were six so I could have started fucking you, then. I'm surprised you never did because you always hung around me and we were always close. Do you know how many times we're going to fuck in the next four years? .... Thousands of times, Ellen.... and if I'd known, four years ago, we would already have done it thousands of times." ...

"I'm sorry, Robbie.” She said. “Mom told me to never talk about it to anybody but her and the Dr. I wish I had, now. It would have been fun to grow up and know that you started fucking me when I was six.

* * *
I've been fucking Ellen two or three times a day for almost three months and I've never seen her look so glowingly happy. Mom's noticed the change in her, too. She's even asked her if she's been exercising because she looks like she's losing weight.

Since school's going to start in a couple of weeks, Mom had taken today off to get us registered and then take us shopping for new school clothes and supplies. When Ellen's sizes were considerably smaller than they'd been last year, she stopped at a chain pharmacy that has a professional scale like the nurses use in a medical office. Ellen has lost seventeen pounds since I started fucking her. I know that she often works up a good sweat because she really wants to make sure that she pleases me, too. The truth is that I've never had any girl fuck me anywhere near as good as my little sister does. Whenever I think of sex, I think of my little sister and my cock starts to get hard.

We left the pharmacy and as soon as we were in the car, Mom turned... looked straight at both of us and pointedly asked, "What's been going on between you two this summer while you've been home alone and I've been working? ... and don't lie to me because I can smell a lie a mile away. Just tell me the truth. Ellen? Is there something you'd like to tell me about what you and your brother are doing that's making you so cheerful and has helped you lose so much weight?

Ellen's face was as red as fire and I knew that mine was, too. We were flat busted. Mom shifted her gaze to me and said, "Well, Robbie, it would appear that you're intimately aware of your sister's early development and, from what I can see, it seems that what you’re doing is agreeing with her. At the rate you’re going, you'll have her transformed into a beauty queen by Valentine’s Day."

I saw the twitch of a smile at the corners of her mouth and breathed a sigh of relief. She's not going to kill me for fucking Ellen.

She continued, with a tone of warning in her voice, "Be very careful and don’t ever trust anyone. If the wrong person ever finds out what you're doing, they'll embarrass and disgrace the both of you, as well as our family. . . . That's why I’m emphasizing that you trust no one. A trusted friend today might not be a friend next week or next month and they could really hurt you if they had that kind of information to use against you.

Robbie, you're a very handsome boy. When you start in your new school, what about the girls who'll be attracted to you... especially because you're the new boy in school? I don't want you taking chances that might cause you to give Ellen some kind of an infection."

She sat there looking at me... obviously waiting for a response.

In a low, firm voice, I said, "It'll never happen, Mom. It's just Ellen and me. She's beautiful... and nobody in this new school is going to get away with picking on her. Anybody who does will answer to me."

Mom smiled at that and said, "I know you won't let her down, Robbie. She's always loved you and counted on you to be there for her. To tell the God's honest truth, I'm surprised that it took this long for you to find each other. You're a long way from being the first brother and sister doing what you're doing but remember how important it is to always be careful. Never get foolish and reveal your personal business to anyone. One slip up can hurt you for life... not just one of you but both of you."

"We will, Mom, but I'm glad that you know. We were both embarrassed but I was always pretty sure you'd be OK with it. I even said something like that to Ellen." Ellen nodded, as she remembered what I'd said.

Mom then said, "And what about you, Ellen? What happens when you lose all that weight and you have a bunch of boys chasing after you?"

"They can go chase themselves to Hell, Mom. I know I've got Robbie and he was good to me when nobody else was. He's the reason I'm losing weight. I always want him to be as proud of me as I am of him... especially after I have the operation, so I can start having his babies. I'm going to give him lots of them, Mom.... as many as he wants to put in me."

Mom looked at Ellen, sighed and said, "Sounds like you’re going to keep me busy being a Grandma. I'm glad your brother is nothing like your dad. If he was, I'd put a stop to this union right here and now but I know that Robbie will never do anything to hurt you."

She started the car, reached for the shifter... then shut the engine off again and turned to look at us. She suddenly looked tense and had a nervous expression on her face... her eyes shifting back and forth between Ellen and me. Finally, she awkwardly asked if she could watch us having sex, sometimes.

I don't know what came over me but I immediately answered with, "Yes, but only if you're in bed with us and part of it, Mom." That caught her off guard and Ellen saw that it did. She started grinning at her and said, "What would you do if Robbie put his big cock inside of you and started doing it to you, Mom? I'll bet you'd love it as much as I do. Can I watch him fuck you and cum in you? We'll never tell anybody. Will we, Robbie?"

I saw the look on Mom's face and that's when I knew that I was going to be fucking her, too. She was looking at me like a trapped animal. I leaned over to Ellen, kissed her and then looked at Mom and said, "Anything we do will be a secret that only we'll ever know about, Mom. No matter what we do or how many times we do it."

"B..But what if I get pregnant by my son?" she murmured.

With a faint smile, I asked, "Would you like me to do that?"

Just looking at Ellen and then at me, she simply nodded her head 'yes' and looked as if she'd have started cumming, if I'd reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. I put my hand on her arm and said, "When we get home, Mom. … We’ll go to your room, as soon as we get home."

Ellen said, "I'm going to be there, too, in case you have anything left over for me, Robbie."... "But you probably won't" she added "because Mom hasn't had any for a long time. She's going to want everything, the first time she's getting it."

Then she threw a curve, asking, "Mom... Is Dad's thingie as thick and long as Robbie's is?

Mom looked at me, with curiosity written all over her face and then looked at Ellen and said, "Your dad's is medium thick, I guess, and almost six inches long."

When Mom saw Ellen's big grin and the look of a winner on her face, she knew that she was in for some serious fucking, today, tonight and from now on. Through her big grin, Ellen said, "Robbie's is real thick... almost fat, like me, and it's eight and a half inches long when he’s hard. It's so big I like to measure it before he puts it in me. It gets me really excited to know that my brother only wants to put that big thing inside of me... well you too, now, but you're our Mom, so you're one of us.

Mom looked dead at me and whispered, "Really? … over eight inches? Really?" Her hands were shaking.

Ellen answered, saying "Really, Mom. It's huge. You're going to love having it inside of you... even when you're just lying there and not doing anything. It feels awesome because it’s so far up inside of you."

While they were talking, I looked around and when I saw that mom had parked in a remote, low traffic area, I took her hand and said, "Mom, move over into the passenger seat and take your panties off so I can fuck you right now. There's no traffic in this part of the lot so nobody will see us or know I'm fucking my mother. Ellen will be our look out, just in case."

Hitting the release to let the seat recline, I quickly stripped my pants and undershorts off so that Mom could see what I was going to be feeding up into her long unused and underused pussy. When she saw my throbbing hard-on, I thought she was going to faint. All she did was breathe out the words, "Oh My God... Robbie."

Turning sideways and lifting myself up from the seat to make room for her, while holding my hard cock in my hand, I quietly said, "Hurry Mom. As soon as your panties are off, this is going up inside of you."

Suddenly, she was a blur of motion... clambering from the driver's seat over to the passenger's seat and then pulling her skirt up around her waist before grabbing her panties and tearing them down her legs... kicking them off and then looking hungrily at my cock. Her pussy is soaking wet, just like Ellen's gets. I positioned myself between her legs, put the head of my cock in her slit and slid it around to get it slippery before placing it at her opening and slowly pushed into her.

She winced and her eyes opened wide while her pussy opening was being stretched but then she let out a long sigh of pleasure, as my cock forced its way up into her tight, slippery cunt.

As tight as she is, there was no doubt in my mind that she hadn't had a cock as thick or as long as mine in her before or at least for a very long time. As soon as I had it all in, I started fucking my mother's wonderful pussy and on the fifth full length plunge I made into her pussy she started violently cumming... soaking me, my balls, the car seat, the rug on the floor of the car.... and I just kept fucking her deep and hard... driving all eight and a half inches of it up into her.

I didn't even recognize the woman I was fucking. She didn't look anything like my mother. Her face was totally distorted with agonized pleasure. I held onto Mom's hips and fucked the living shit out of her because I knew that she'd never been fucked like this before. Her mouth was moving and she was making unintelligible sounds but I just kept fucking her deep and hard... savoring the feel of her hot, tight, slippery cunt.

As I'm fucking her, I'm thinking, 'This is my mother's cunt and I'm fucking it. I'm going to cum in her and make her pregnant. That's what she wants me to do. She looked into my eyes and told me that she wants me to make her have our baby.'

As I continued to viciously fuck her, I locked my lips to hers and started kissing her. Mom wrapped her arms around me and started fucking me like a wild woman. She broke our kiss just once to say, "Cum in me, Robbie. I want you to fill my pussy with your cum so it'll still be leaking out of me a week from now while you're pumping more into me."

I kissed her and then broke the kiss saying, "Squeeze my cock with your pussy muscles, Mom, because I'm starting to cum in you. I'll bet you've never had this much cum pumped into you in your life." and I erupted into her... pissing a solid stream of cum deep in my mother's cunt. She felt it and had another huge orgasm that gushed hot cum all over my belly, balls, the car seat and the rug on the floor of the car. Mom's pussy locked down on my cock and began milking it, like a farmer hand milks a cow's tit. I'd felt Ellen do that a few times but not as strongly as Mom's doing it now. When I finally stopped cumming, I looked at Mom and gently kissed her on the mouth. I've never seen her look so satisfied... as if she had everything she could ask for. Her eyes came open and she gave me the most beautiful smile. I couldn't help doing it, I kissed her again.

In a dreamy voice, she said, "Robbie, I've only been with a few men in my life but that was, by far, the most incredible fuck I've ever gotten from anyone. My God! I feel like I've got a quart of your cum up inside of me. When you were cumming in me, it was filling my pussy like a garden hose. Ellen, I hope you won't mind sharing your brother with me because I'm hooked on his wonderful cock.” . . . “And how in the world does he get it all inside of your ten year old pussy? I really want to see that happening." She added.

I answered, "You will, Mom, but not tonight. I think it's you who's going to be getting all the fucking for the rest of today and tonight. Maybe I'll take a quick dip in Ellen so you can watch us fuck for a minute or so."

Leaning forward from the backseat, Ellen asked, "Can I suck on you after you take it out of Mom? You always get hard again quicker when I do that."

Mom said, "Let's both suck on him, Ellen. I'll lick him while you suck him and then you can lick him while I'm sucking him. When he's nice and hard, he can put it in your pussy and fuck you. You're his real woman... I'll just be happy to have him fuck me three or four times a week.

"Mom, you’re my woman, too. Anytime you need it, I'll be here to take care of you. I love making love to both of you, I love making both of you cum and I love cumming in both of you. Now who's going to suck my cock first?"

Mom held me in place, with my semi-hard cock still buried inside of her, as she looked into the back seat at our horny look out and said, "I'll flip him for it."

When she heaved to flip me off, I had a death grip on her ass so she tried again and then again... several more times. She quickly stopped trying so hard when she realized that she was getting happily fucked again.

"Ellen," she breathed "keep a sharp lookout, honey. I think this one's going to last longer than the first time." ... and then she was gushing cum onto me, the seat and the carpet beneath my knees.

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