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My favorite sport is basketball and I spend many hours playing with colleagues after work. I have two close workmates, Peter and Frank who are also avid basketball fans and we meet almost every evening at the local sports arena.
To cut the long story short, last Wednesday evening we had the shock of our lives! We had just finished playing, and we were heading to the men’s locker room. All of a sudden, while we passed outside the ladies locker room, we noticed that the door was left slightly open and we joked that there was big chance to see some naked tight-body women in there.
"In your dreams!" Peter said and he kept his way to the men’s.
However, I checked Frank canny smile and I could guess that he was in for a game! There was nobody else apart from the two of us in the lockers' corridor, when we started to hear some moans and noises of pleasure coming from inside. What on hell, we took our decision to check what was going on in there!
We opened the door carefully and quietly we walked to the showers' area. What we saw in front of our eyes was beyond belief!
There were six incredibly-looking horny women doing love to each other! Two of them were in the 69 position and they were enjoying themselves licking each other. Another lesbian couple were tribbing their pussies hard on each other and in the corner of the room, there was a blonde with a pair of huge tits ramming a strap-on inside the cunt of another blonde who had closed her eyes from intense satisfaction.
They were all moving in a rhythm that was growing, as well as the pleasure.

The girls were going hard on each other and we watched them in the wet atmosphere of the showers trying to their best to satisfy their partners’ lust. We couldn’t believe our luck!
I turned and looked at Frank and he couldn’t take his eyes off this lustful lesbian scene. His mind seemed to find it hard to believe that this type of things can happen in the ladies’ showers.
I looked again at this horny mass of female bodies and slowly I felt my cock sensing a nice and pleasant bulge in my pants. The spectacle was too much for me and it was only natural to start getting aroused. What on earth, these beautiful women were very focused on what they were doing and they did not seem to take any notice of what was going on around them, so I took down my pair of shorts and started stroking my cock. I sensed an extreme sexual arousal and playing with my cock looked like some sort of relief, but it wasn’t. Of course, the more I played it with it, stroking it up and down, looking at the girls fucking each other, the bigger it got and the more I needed to take part by touching those glorious bitches!
Frank was doing the same thing as me: he was masturbating, although a bit harder moving his hand up and down all the length of his penis. Looking at the strap-on entering frantically the vagina of that horny pussy made him even more ecstatic, and he finally decided to make his move. He took off all of his clothes and with his fully erect cock, like a flag pole, moved towards the fucking women. I was still stroking my cock, and I hesitated to follow him, not sure whether I should interrupt this fucking scene or not.
The first woman to notice him was the blonde wearing the strap-on dildo. While she was ramming her friend’s cunt, she looked at my friend’s cock and as soon as he got close to her she grabbed it with her hand and started masturbating him. Her wanking movement followed the pace of her dildo fucking. My friend reached to her right tit and started fondling it and licking the nipple. With his free hand, he reached the blonde’s clitoris and he started to massage it. At this point, the other blonde, who was taking the strap on her vagina, saw Frank and he showed him to move his cock near her face. She took it all in her mouth and gave him a glorious blowjob at the same time that her female fucker pumped inside her pussy.
Then it was time for the rest of four women to realize my presence and stare at my glistening bulge in my hand with insatiable lust in their eyes. All four of them moved towards my direction and suddenly I could feel their hands touching all over my body, caressing my balls, playing with my cock and kissing me passionately. I lost count of how many boobs I grabbed and massaged and the different taste of the nipples and mouths I licked and kissed.
That was it, I wanted to lick a pussy, and I wanted a pussy in my mouth as crazy! I stopped kissing one of the bitches on the lips of her mouth and moved to her pussy lips. She was so wet and her fluids were flowing incessantly from her hole. At the same time, another girl had her mouth all over my cock and was giving me the best blowjob I had ever had in my life. I increased my pace licking the pussy on my face and it wasn’t long before I made her reach a loud orgasm.
When I moved my head away from her pussy, I saw that Frank had already moved behind the blonde wearing the strap on and he was fucking her for good while she was still fucking her friend.
This sandwich of horny bodies was too much for me to take. I saw that two of the girls around me were using a double-ended dildo and were having the fun of their lifetime fucking each other. I laid my back on the floor and ordered the other two girls, one of them to sit on my cock and the other on my face. I can’t say for how long all 8 of us were fucking each other, but I can say that we had very close orgasms and that we were so satisfied that we agreed to meet again for another steamy session.
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