Saving the Cheer Squad, Part 1

Hey this is my first sex story ever and was wondering how others would like my fantasies and past experiences. All criticism is welcome, but don't go overboard with the negativity please. Please also tell me how to improve my writing as I am hoping to write more. I stopped halfway to see how others wrote about when characters were talking.

This story is about Kyle a 15 year old football quarterback who saves some cheerleaders from a few football jackasses that end up having broken body parts.

This will most likely not have a sequel and each story in the future will have (maybe) 7.5k+ characters. There may be a few sequels to some stories too.


I guess I should start by saying my name is Kyle and i'm 6"3 in the 11th grade. I have brown hair and boring brown eyes to match. Because of my size, I was the quarterback for the Southland Sharks and had only played one game for that season. There have only been a few girls that I've actually dated and haven't really been too serious to go as far as sex. I never pressured them into it but they knew I've wanted to. Half time came and the cheer leaders came out, one girl that I've had my eyes on for a while came rushing onto the field leading the others. Her name is Jessica and she was 5"7 with black hair and blue eyes, maybe about 130 pounds. The other cheerleaders were quiet boring and all looked the same as every other girl alive so I never paid any real attention to them. The half time show consisted of the girls doing some normal flips and pyramids and random shouting to the crowd but I sat drinking water and staring at Jessica's sexy figure. I was pissed because the school's cheerleading costumes were long and didn't let me see much skin like other schools do but It's ok because I still had a nice show to watch. My friend, Jacob, caught me staring said "don't stare at her like that, makes you look stupid like your in a trance" him saying "her" the way he did made me think that he knew who I was watching. I looked his way kind of embarrassed and said that I couldn't help it, because she was so damn sexy. I could tell he knew I liked her by the way I was staring so he told me, " go ask her out after the game then" sort of like he was annoyed or mad. When the game ended about an hour later I went over to where Jessica stood talking to her friends Adam and Chrissy and asked if I could talk Jessica for a bit. Even though it was a few seconds, Chrissy automatically said yes excitedly and nudged Adam into leaving with her. I was relieved when Chrissy caught onto why I needed Jessica alone but Adam sulked away annoyed that I had them leave. In her kind sexy and smooth voice (not rough or manly, silky I guess...) she asked
"what's up?"
"I was hoping maybe we could go do something Friday or Saturday?" It was Tuesday night at 9:45 now about 30 minutes after the game ended.
"Sure sounds fun, either of those days is fine.. when and where should I meet you?" Inside, Jessica's heart was pounding because she was excited and always had a crush on Kyle.
"Ah, Friday night i'll come pick you up at 7 and we could decide then or I could text you" I said giving her my phone number. I smiled and she smiled back as I walked away and Adam and Chrissy came running back, noticing us smiling were curious to know. I'm guessing they were happy for her because Wednesday morning she came up to me happy, and a little nervous and said that Jessica had been wanting him to ask her out. All day Kyle was wanting Friday night to come so he could take an escaped angel from heaven on a date to who knows where.
At lunch, Kyle saw Jessica and Chrissy and a few more cheerleaders leave school and drive off somewhere so he got up and followed. It took him about 4 minutes to get off the interstate and 2 more minutes to get to their destination. Once Northland High School came into view, Kyle was curious to see them driving here to where the team he played last night attended. The girls parked, followed by Kyle in Northland's parking lot, and got out and headed towards the school's sports locker behind the football field and between the baseball diamond. There were a few students and teachers out but many in the cafeteria eating pizza that comes weekly for hump day. Kyle waited a few minutes and got out and went and followed the girls to the locker and heard a faint sound of a loud slap. He waited outside the door and heard a deep voice saying "alright, which one of you bitches is gunna cooperate and let me slide my dick into your pussy?"
"Fuck off Luke" Kyle never heard this voice before so he had no clue to who's voice this was.
A few seconds later another loud slap came from the locker that made Kyle burn with rage. Someone shrieked inside and the sound of a thud as Luke must have pushed someone down. Kyle had a pretty good idea what was going on and so he barged in and glanced at Luke, who was ontop of Sarah, one of the cheerleaders and looked to his right and saw a baseball bat which he quickly picked up. A stunned Jessica heard Kyle wreck the door and looked to see him picking up a baseball bat. Luke obviously didn't like being interrupted during a fuck but slowly turned his head as Kyle's bat came down on his back, knocking the wind out of him. Luke fell over and fell unconscious. The cheerleaders saw the fallen Luke and quickly celebrated, Kyle immediately asked Jessica, "what the fuck is going on?"
The unknown girl he heard a few moments ago replied, "You just knocked out Luke, he was pissed that your team beat his so he threatened them" gesturing towards the Southland's cheerleaders "and told them that if they don't let him fuck them, then he was going to find them and rape them at their house. I'm here because he dragged me here" as she was talking, Kyle found some zip ties and tied Luke's arms behind his back and said "He shouldn't be able to move, now what's your name?"
"Cool, just tell a teacher that he's here and that I came with the girls and knocked him out for raping you"
"Okay, hey before you go, can I get your number?" Now Jessica was feeling a bit jealous and interrupted and blurting out "NO we have to go back to school, lunch will be over soon!" As the victims and hero were leaving, Rebekah came from the school's door and gave Kyle her number and smiled, leaving him to go back to lunch.

Please tell me if this sounds boring, this is the end there will be a sequel to this, as I figured that I just leave it hanging there, part 2 should be out to tomorrow around this time. I promise there will be sex, what you all clicked here for. I would REALLY appreciate feedback!

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