It turned out that both of the girls were way better swimmers then Nate. Once they all got over the original shock of the water it took about five minutes to get the bags lashed to the outside of the raft. The three of them piled in like wet rats and squeezed into the raft. Nate got in first, then the girls, one to either side of him. Nate had dug Massoud’s shoulder bag out and had placed it under his back to keep it dry and to prop himself up. It was semi-dark under the closed canopy of the raft. The three exhausted passengers cuddled together and listened to the sound of the stricken ship sinking.

The ships momentum had carried it about a quarter mile away before it had finally capsized. The sound of fatigued metal and rushing water echoed through the early morning. The three of them peered through the unzipped canopy as the ship’s stern pitched into the air and dove beneath the waves. After a few minutes, the water was calm spreading out under the over cast sky in every direction.

Nate scanned the horizon for a moment looking for any sign of other ships. They were alone. He zipped up the canopy and lay back down. Melanie was cuddled under his left arm and Kim was against his right, their heads on either side of his chest. All three of them were still wet from their swim. Within minutes of settling in, Mel fell asleep. After a few minutes of listening to her breath, Nate turned to Kim and whispered.

“Did you two work everything out while I was away? I cannot afford you two cat fighting any more.” Nate knew the answer damn well, but he was hoping to hear details from Kim.

“Well, what do you think?” She replied. “You saw us cozying up in the closet while you were gone. We’re good”

“Real good?” He prodded.

“Damn good. Was it that obvious?” She continued, “You know she was jealous of us. I think I might have been the first person who ever even kissed her. She has the hots for you too, spyboy. I promised her she could have a shot at you if we made it out of this.” Kim added, probing for a response.

“I am glad you are so liberal in passing around my gentlemanly honor.” Nate quipped.
“You know once your parents find out about me, I won’t ever be able to go back to the states with out a warrant for my arrest. I’d be better off if I threw you both overboard.”

“You really want to do that?” Kim nuzzled against his throat.

“Nah, I’ll keep you around for a while.”

“So what is going to happen to us? We can’t exactly sail back to California in this thing.” She was curious but not concerned. He didn’t seem worried yet, so she wasn’t.

“Well this thing is day glow orange, at night it has a strobe light. I have a flare gun with several flares. We are in a major shipping lane. I would be surprised if we didn’t eat our lunch on somebody’s ship today.”

“So why did you grab all the food and water?” Kim asked him.

“I used to be a boy scout. If you assume the worst, you’ll never be disappointed.” Nate said. He went on, “Look, as much as I am enjoying the company, Mel has it nailed. Why don’t we try to get some sleep before it gets too hot? We all had a long night, especially you guys.”

“Okee dokers” Kim said, snuggling close. The gentle waves rocked her to sleep within minutes.

For the second time in hours, Nate thought about his luck. The shit had hit the fan and here he was, doubled up, a girl on either side. Nate squirmed a little to get more comfortable and let the sea rock him down as well.

As his luck would have it, most ships were steering clear of the little war torn island. Besides, there was a tropical depression moving in and most captains who had enough sense to sail around it were doing so. The temperature never rose above the morning high. As the winds picked up so did the size of the waves; from gentle rocking at first light gradually building to six foot swells by mid morning. The wind and waves slowly pushed the exhausted trio many miles to the northeast, farther away from the island and the shipping lanes.

Kim was the first to wake. As she forced open her salt crusted eyes and got her bearings, she noticed the waves and the sound of wind. She crawled up and unzipped the storm canopy a few inches and looked out.

The sky was black. The sea had grown to nearly eight feet. From the tiny raft the eight foot swells looked like walls of water. Spray and rain filled the air reducing visibility to a few hundred yards. The wind skittered the tiny vessel across the water like a leaf blowing across a puddle. Kim’s heart nearly stopped.

“Guys, Nate, wake up. Now.” Kim called out to them.

Nate crawled up beside her and peered out through the canopy. He could feel his insides rising and falling with the sea. He could not believe he had slept through this. Mel sat up behind them and looked over their shoulders. After a few minutes of the sea spraying into their faces, Kim zipped up the rain fly.

“Now what?” Mel asked.

“We ride it out and hope for the best. I’ll start the strobe light back up, hopefully someone will see us. Til then all we can do is ride it out and wait. Keep the life jackets handy. You guys hungry?” Nate asked as he began rummaging through the bag of food. He pulled out a chocolate bar and began eating it.

“Wow, there is some good stuff in here” He said around the candy.

“Oh my God, I can’t even think about food.” Mel collapsed back and stared up at the nylon ceiling. She groaned and held her hands to her mouth.

Kim looked a little better but very scared. She was overcome by the enormity of the sea. Food was the last thing on either of the girls’ minds for very different reasons. Over the noise of the growing storm, Nate could hear Mel begin to sob. Kim just looked vacant.

He took Kim in his arms and whispered to her, “Listen, we are fine. This little boat is made for this kind of stuff. People never fall overboard in good weather. It might get a little rough but we’ll be fine. Right now Mel needs us, I need you to be strong. If we don’t get her settled down she is going to be miserable.”

“Its not like I can’t hear you guys. You think I don’t know we are going to die in here. I’m sick, I’m cold, and I’m going to die.” Mel was not quite hysterical, but she was close. It was Kim that reached for her first.

“Baby, remember when I said I wouldn’t let anything hurt you? I meant that.” She put her arms around Melanie and continued; “I won’t let you be cold” she began kissing Mel’s eyes and cheeks. “I will make you forget all about the waves” Kim began gently kissing and nipping at Mel’s lips. Mel began to respond and kissed Kim back. Kim broke the kiss briefly, “You’re not allowed to die until I am finished with you,” Kim clutched Mel’s breast and kissed her deeply, then came up for air, “and that might take a very long time.” The two of them were now making out in earnest.

Due to the confined space, Nate was on his side with his left arm under both girls. Kim was between them with her back to him. He let his hand wander up and down Kim’s hip while the girls furiously kissed and petted. Both of them were breathing hard while they chased each other tongues. Kim kept returning to Mel’s ears and neck with her teeth. She held Mel around the neck with her left arm while she wrestled with Mel’s shorts with her right hand. Finally getting them undone, she pushed them down with mel's panties.

“I need to taste you again” Kim whispered as she slid down Mel’s body to kneel at her now naked thighs. She wasted no time with foreplay or teasing. She held Mel’s legs apart and began eating her roughly, almost violently. Mel looked at Nate with a combination of shy embarrassment and anticipation. He quickly dispelled the embarrassment with a kiss of his own.

He tried to focus on what he was doing but the show was just too much. Mel had moved to the middle of the raft while Kim ate her. Nate had always thought he knew how to take care of a girl, but Kim was good. As he watched, she did things that he had never thought to do. She alternated between nipping and pulling, tracing little patterns with the tip of her tongue, and aggressive licking and penetrating. The effect on Melanie was awesome. She was unable to raise her hips into Kim’s mouth because of the soft bottomed raft so she pulled and guided Kim with her hands. Nate helped Mel out of her clothes in between kisses and whispered words of encouragement. Then he sat up and helped Kim undress.

Nate tried to run his hands up into Kim but she stopped him.

“Not yet, I am trying to work here. Get your clothes off, you’re next.” She mumbled without ever coming up from Mel. She slid two fingers into the very tight passage and started slowly rotating them while she tugged at Mel’s clitoris with her teeth.

“Ow! Oh my God, do that more. Didn’t she tell you to get your clothes off?” Mel looked at him and barked; then she squeezed her eyes back shut again. “Oh Kimmy, do that again.”

Nate was not one to disobey orders from two different superiors, so he shucked his clothes as fast as the tiny raft would allow. He then began kissing and caressing Mel’s breasts. They were very nearly flawless. They were high, tight, and stood above her chest even while she was on her back. The hard dark nipples barley protruded beyond her large puffy areolas. A soon as he suckled her she brought both hands to the back of his head. She was hopelessly lost. She could not tell where one orgasm started and the other ended. Nate did not think he had ever heard a woman make so much noise.

Finally, Mel squeezed her thighs together to stop Kim, and pulled Nate up to kiss him. Then she shuddered and went limp, trying to catch her breath. Nate continued to kiss and nibble on the lovely creature barely conscience before him.

Kim would have none of it. Thwarted from eating Mel she turned her attention to Nate’s tool, only inches from her face. Like she had with Mel, She wasted no time with foreplay or teasing. She took half of his length in her mouth with the first stroke as she pushed on his hip to roll him to his back. She grasped the base with her left hand and pointed him straight up. Without ever losing contact with her mouth, she straddled his left leg and Mel’s right and began to slowly stroke with her hand and mouth. This was something she enjoyed even more the eating a pussy. She could completely control a man for hours like this. How else could a fourteen year old girl dominate an ex-commando? She had been too rough with him earlier on the ship; her own need had overcome her. Now she was in charge. She continued to lightly pet Mel with her right hand while she worked. She still had plans for that girl.

Mel turned to them and propped herself on one elbow. She was fascinated watching Kim work. She would stroke deeply with her with her mouth and hand together for a moment then she would let go and slide her lips nearly to the base. Then she would completely release him and begin kissing and licking around his balls. She even sucked the testicles into her mouth, first one then the other. After a moment she would begin again with her hand and mouth together.

Mel had never seen a penis in person before, only in old forbidden magazines. She had been intimidated by the thought of it but in person it looked much more. . . accessible. Mel figured she could almost cover it with both of her fists, though she was not sure if she could touch her finger and thumb when she did it. She reached down and stroked him lightly while Kim worked on his balls. She lightly closed her hand around the wet shaft. Maybe she would need three fists to cover it.

Nate was not thinking about fists or control or much of anything. The girls had built a lot of tension in him since the attack and Kim seemed hell bent on increasing it. So close. Then she would pull him back down. He concentrated on the wind and the waves and the boat; if she wanted to make him suffer she would have to work for it then. He looked down at Kim, her pale skin flushed with effort. He could see her braces glimmer as she pulled away to catch her breath and stroked him with her hand, then dove back down on him. He glanced at Mel, lightly stroking him like a young child with an unfamiliar toy, and smiled at her. She smiled back and leaned down to kiss him.

Kim caught the movement in the corner of her eye. Oh no you don’t, she thought, not yet. She reached up to Mel's head with the hand that had been toying between her legs and grabbed a fist full of her hair. She gently pulled Mel’s head towards Nate’s lap. Mel was forced to sit up and bend over Nate to accommodate her. Kim rose up and kissed Mel deeply and wetly. Still hold Nate’s cock and Mel’s hair, she pulled Melanie back down with her.

“There you go sweetie, not too deep. Keep your teeth behind your lips. Use you hand a little, that’s it.” Kim guide Mel’s mouth onto Nate and coached her as she began her first blow job. She took both of Nate’s balls into her mouth for a second then pulled up and whispered to Mel again.

“You look so fucking hot doing that. Open your eyes, watch him, you own him. Go a little deeper and watch his face. Oh yeah, he is totally yours. Deeper baby, slow down, make him hurt a little. Watch you hands mister! She is deep enough!” Then she giggled as she slapped his hands away.

Mel was starting to get the hang of it. Wow, she thought, she’s right. I DO own him. She slowed the stroking down to match the rise and fall of the boat. She felt Kim pulling her hips around so she was straddling his legs, facing him. Kim knelt beside her and looked up at Nate.

“Look at her eyes. Isn’t she beautiful? Look how red and puffy her lips are. Look how flushed her cute freckly face is. God Nate, how can you not cum in her mouth right now? Scoot up so you can watch her suck your big hard cock. That’s it, go as deep as you can baby. Use both of your hands. Watch his face. Now, slow down, just the head, squeeze gently with your hands, watch him, now, see what you did?” Kim pulled Mel up for a minute so she could kiss her. She then lowered them both back to Nate and they began sucking him together. First one then the other, sometimes they would actually fight for him, sometimes they ignored him while they kissed each other. Finally Kim felt the changed in hardness and the tightening of his balls. She leaned into Mel’s ear.

“He is really close; do you want me to finish him?” She whispered.

“Mmm-hmm” Mel nodded, pulling off, leaving a little stringer of saliva from her lower lip to the tip of him. Kim covered Nate’s full length with her lips. She rested her forehead on his abdomen and began stroking deeply in earnest, grinding her tongue along the base of the shaft. Mel caressed Kim’s breasts and kissed her neck, starring at Nate, waiting eagerly to see what it would be like.

Nate relaxed and let go. He clenched up as jet after jet erupted into her mouth. He felt his balls draw up and grow tighter and he dug his fingertips into Kim’s shoulders. During his climax he never unlocked his gaze from Mel’s eyes. Damn she was hot, in his mind; it was her mouth that he filled with his cum.

Finally Kim knew she could not milk another drop from him. She held all of his sperm in her mouth, pooled on her tongue, her lips sealed. She then turned to Mel and pulled her close for a kiss.

Mel hungrily kissed Kim before she realized her mouth was full of Nate’s cum. She panicked for a moment before Kim hummed reassuringly into her mouth. She felt the semen run down her cheek into her ear as Kim’s tongue probed her mouth. Now with the cum in her mouth, she didn’t know what to do with it. Then, as quickly as she had filled her mouth, Kim pulled the fluid back into her own mouth. She let a little dribble down her chin intentionally as she looked seductively up at Nate. She made a very obvious display of swallowing and licking her lips.

Mel was taken back by the brazen display. She understood the sex, but not the theatrics. Kim kissed Mel again, then trailed her lips along the cheek to her ear where she licked the cumfrom her ear into her mouth. She whispered into Mel’s ear, just loudly enough for her to hear over the storm. “Now we both own him. Never forget, you have to fuck a man’s eyes just as hard as you do his cock. You were fantastic.” Then she pulled away and held the semen out on her tongue for Mel. Mel glanced at Nate. She took Kim’s tongue into her mouth and sucked it clean. Then she looked at Nate and swallowed.


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