I had to admit that sex was getting better and better all the time.
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Cum In Me Again, Please

My wife came back into our bedroom and said, “Cum in me again, please.”

I laughed and asked, “What did you do with the load that I just gave you?”

My naked wife blushed and said, “I gave it to Jessica but now Amanda wants a taste too.”

I was totally dumbfounded. Jessica was our thirteen-year-old daughter but Amanda was one of the neighbor girls that was spending the night.

As soon as I could get my brain and mouth connected I asked, “You gave my cum to our daughter?”

My wife brushed her hanging breasts against my chest as she leaned in for a kiss. She rubbed the tip of her nose against the tip of my nose, she placed her palm over my soft penis, and then said, “I’ve been feeding it to her for six weeks now, ever since she got old enough.”

My daughter had turned thirteen just a month and a half ago. I asked, “Just how do you feed it to her?”

My wife giggled. I hadn’t heard her do that in a long time. She only did it when she was extra excited about something.

She said, “Well first I spread my legs and let her lick up as much as she can. Then she lays on her back and I get over top of her. When she has a good lip to pussy seal…I force a big gob out and into her mouth. After she swallows all of that I let her go back to licking and sucking until I am clean down there.”

“Really!” was all that came out of my mouth.

Then I asked, “What about Amanda?”

I heard that giggle again and then, “Well, she woke up right at the end while I was sitting on Jessica’s face. There wasn’t any cum left to give her. Cum in my again, please!”

My mind was just buzzing with all of the possibilities floating around inside of my head. Getting caught and going to jail was right up there. My daughter licking her mother’s pussy was exciting. My daughter eating my cum was very exciting. Thinking about watching it all happen, made me hard again.

After that last giggle my wife sat down on my erection and started to fuck me. About halfway through it though she rolled us over saying, “If I’m on top when you cum in me, some of it leaks out when I get up. I want Amanda have a full load.”

I asked, “What would her parents think?”

There was that insistent giggling again. Then, “She has tasted plenty of her father’s cum from her mother’s pussy. Jessica has too. It’s only fair that Amanda gets to taste your cum from my pussy.”

I asked, “Does Henry know about this?”

My wife got silent as she gave that question a little thought, then she said, “No! I don’t think so. Trish would have told me.”

I asked, “When did all of this start?”

My wife kept thrusting up at me, knowing full well that her story was making me more and more excited by the second. She said, “It was about three months ago. We were at Amanda’s thirteenth birthday party. That was when Amanda asked for a very special present…she wanted to taste her father’s cum and she wanted to lick her mother’s pussy. However, she did not want to suck his cock. So the easiest solution was to lick her mother’s pussy after she had had sex.”

I asked, “So what about Jessica?”

My wife said, “Well of course Jessica wanted to taste your cum but I told her that she would have to wait until she turned thirteen like Amanda had.”

I pumped her full and held my cock in her for a moment before slowly pulling it out of her wonderful hole. I didn’t want to spoil Amanda’s first taste of my cum.

My wife smiled and waited for her pussy to close up before standing and going to the door.

She turned and said, “I’ll leave Jessica’s door open a crack, if you would like to watch…give me a minute though.”

Then she was gone, she was naked, and she walked funny trying not to loose any of her precious cargo.

I saw her go into Jessica’s bedroom and counted slowly to fifty then crept down the hallway.

As I peeked in I saw my wife facing me head on. Amanda was on her back with her feet toward me. She could not see me so I slowly opened the door. Jessica caught a glimpse of me and just smiled. I thought that my daughter would freak out. She had never let me see her naked before. Then that little dickens spread her girlfriend’s legs and fingered Amanda’s pussy for me.

I smiled at her and at my wife. My wife was playing with Amanda’s nipples as if they were radio knobs. Jessica was playing with her own nipples.

I enjoyed watching them. My hand gravitated downward toward my cock and started to automatically stroke it to erection.

The harder my cock got the bigger my daughter’s eyes got and the more my wife smiled.

The silence in the room was deafening, then my wife started to moan and groan. I knew that sound…she was getting ready to cum. Amanda must have gotten to her clit.

Jessica reached over and started to pinch and twist her mother’s nipples causing her to go way over the edge. She shimmied and shook like I had never been able to make her do.

Just before she reached the edge, I pulled the door almost closed and went back to my bedroom leaving the girls to themselves.

Just as I got to my bedroom door I had a change of mind and went back to listen to them talk.

Amanda said, “Wow! You taste as good as your husband…and he tasted wonderful.”

Jessica said, “Yeah, he does. How come?”

My wife gave a little laugh and said, “You are what you eat!”

Amanda asked, “What does that mean?”

My wife said, “My husband and I eat well…so does Jessica. On the other hand your father eats a lot of tomato sauce and garlic. Therefore he has a strong acid taste with a garlic overtone…right.”

Amanda said, “Yeah! How do you know?”

My wife said, “Because your mother has the same taste.”

I smiled to myself. I had not known that my wife and Trish had been fooling around.

Jessica said, “Amanda has that sort of taste too.”

My wife said, “She would…you are what you eat.”

Jessica giggled and said, “Then I’m both Amanda and you.” There was a pause then she added, “And Daddy too.”

My wife said, “Amanda, would you mind if I tasted your pussy? Just for the sake of argument. To see if you really do taste like your mother.”

Amanda replied, “Not at all! Besides you own me for that orgasm that I just gave you. It was good, wasn’t it?”

My wife said, “It was very good. Better than my husband usually does. Your mother taught you well.”

Amanda said, “Well, most of it was from Jessica and I sleeping together, but my mother certainly enjoys my talents too.”

When my wife had finished eating Amanda’s pussy she said “Goodnight girls” and came out. I was still standing right there and I was hard again.

My wife grabbed onto my cock and led me back to our bedroom. She whispered, “Cum in me again, please.”

I just looked at her and then I looked down the hallway to our daughter’s bedroom.

My wife pushed me into our bedroom, shut the door, and said, “It’s not for them this time! I miss having you in me all night long, waking up in the wet spot, and that dried up crust in my pubic hair. I love your cum.”

I chuckled and said, “You’re not the only one.”

So I made love to my wife for the third time in less than three hours. This time she rolled onto her side and I spooned into her. She lifted a leg to allow me to enter her. Then I held her lower breast while she held my hip. That was how we made love with Jessica growing inside of her. That sure brought back memories. I’m sure that I came in her but I hardly remember it. It was so romantic that we both fell asleep like that.

In the morning my wife thanked me for the wet spot and the crusted pubic hair. I just smiled knowing that I love her more ever day…and always will.

The End
Cum In Me Again, Please
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