Dad got religion and Mom and I just went along with it.
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The Church Of Sex

Chapter One: My Family before…

Dad was a well-educated man and owned his own business that was apparently doing very well. He was what women called tall, dark and handsome.

Dad’s business made computer parts and it employed a bunch of people. He trained them well and saw to it that he could take more and more time off.

Mom was his trophy wife. She had won some beauty pageants and had gone to all the right schools. From birth Mom had been training to be the wife of a powerful politician.

Mom was tall for a woman at five feet nine inches. She weighed exactly a hundred and thirty pounds and kept in good shape. In fact, that was her job…Mom was to look good at all times. She exercised, she ran, and she swam. She was on several community committees and well liked.

As I grew older though I noticed that Mom and Dad were not getting along as well as they used to. I almost never saw them kiss anymore and I wasn’t even sure that they had sex.

Whenever I got the chance I would check out Mom’s used panties. They smelled of a strong womanly odor that made my dick hard instantly. Occasionally I would find a damp pair but lately not so often. I knew that the panties with a darker crusty coating were from after they had morning sex and that Dad’s cum had time to soak into them. The moist ones usually signified that Mom had been excited or that she had worked up a good sweat, the difference in the smell told me which. All of Mom’s underwear was sexy and I loved to catch a glimpse of her in them.

On a rare occasion Mom would come to me and ask me to zip up the back of her dress for her. Come to think of it, that used to be Dad’s job but somewhere down the line it had become my job. I didn’t mind. All of her dresses zipped up the back and started about halfway down her butt cheeks. In the beginning Mom would have it zipped up to her waist so that I couldn’t see her panties. Fortunately, that didn’t last long and I was ably to see most of the back of her panties. She liked to wear thongs a lot and I liked to see the little triangles of material that held the strings together. The truth of the matter is that I liked to see my mother’s butt crack.

One day I got bold enough to say, “Mom this black and lavender set is my favorite.”

Mom said, “Thank you. I’ll try to wear it more often for you.”

I then said, “I wish that I could see more than just the back.”

Mom said, “Keep wishing.” Then she sort of scoffed at me as if to say…never in your wildest dreams.

As time went on I noticed that a coldness had enveloped the house. Dad was never home, Mom had more and more meetings and they almost never spoke to one another.

Chapter two: Then one day…

Dad told me that I was going to spend a week or two at a religious camp.

What to f…

My suitcase had been packed and I got in the car with Mom and Dad and he drove off. It was an hour later that we stopped out in the middle of nowhere. A small community had been built in the middle of a forest.

Dad took me and my suitcase up to a door and then he knocked. A nice looking woman greeted us and then Dad got back in the car and left.

I watched them drive away.

The woman said, “Hello, I am Janet. You will be staying here with my daughter and I while my husband trains your parents.”

I asked, “Trains?”

Janet said, “Yes! They want to join our church and they will be going through some lessons of their own. Katie and I will be helping you to learn our ways.”

Janet was a nice looking woman in a rather short dress with lots of cleavage showing. It was unlikely that she was wearing a bra. Her hair was long and brown.

Katie was also in a very short dress. Her hair was about the same color and length as her mother’s hair. Her dress was cut very low in the front but she didn’t have much for cleavage…yet. Although I certainly liked looking at her chest!

I was shown to my bedroom. It was actually Katie’s bedroom. She would be sleeping in her mother’s bed while I was there.

I was taken on a long walk around town. It wasn’t much of a town and there weren’t many people but the ones that we ran into were very friendly.

Janet gave all of the men and boys big hugs. She would pull their cheeks into her breasts with their eyes into her cleavage, then after a few seconds she would tun their other cheek and pull it into her other breast.

Katie just stood by and watched.

All of the women gave me those same big hugs. I got my nose jammed into six nice smelling cleavages.

On the way back to her house Katie said, “You’re not doing it right.”

Janet said, “That is our job…to teach him our ways.”

Back in their house I watched them lift up the back of their dresses to sit down. Then I watched them spread their knees.

I just stared.

Katie said as quickly as she could, “Girls cannot wear underwear. We have to sit on our bare behinds and we have to spread our legs for boys.”

Her mother scolded her saying, “You didn’t have to blurt it out like that.”

Katie asked, “Who are we to train him? We have lived here for less than a year ourselves.”

Janet said, “But isn’t it much better now. Your father and I never fight and we have sex all the time.”

Katie almost snarled at her mother as she said, “Maybe you do but all I ever get to do is finger myself.”

Her mother said, “Hush up…or…he will have to punish you.”

She looked toward me, then she looked at her mother before saying, “Let him. At least one of us will enjoy it.”

I was completely confused but Katie got a slap across her face and sent to her room.

Chapter three: The explanation…

Janet took me into the kitchen, sat me down, and them poured us each a tall glass of iced tea.

She lifted up the back of her dress and sat down across from me.

Janet said, “For lack of better words this is a religious cult. We were all unhappy with our lives, our marriages, and our husbands. After two weeks of…again for lack of a better word…we women were brainwashed. That is to say were made to see the light. The way that God had meant it to be. Woman was put on this Earth to serve her man and to procreate. Love and sex…love and sex…that is what it is all about…love and sex.”

Katie stepped in and said, “I’m sorry mother, please forgive me.”

Janet told Katie to have a seat and then she got another glass of iced tea for her.

Katie sat on the chair next to me. She lifted her dress up much higher than it needed to be showing me her fine ass. I had seen my mother’s ass many times but seeing Katie’s sweet little ass gave me a hard-on. I was glad that I was sitting.

Katie said, “Love and sex. Yes that is what it is all about but not for me. I’m just about to turn thirteen and there isn’t a single boy in town for me. God is punishing me.”

Janet smiled and said, “God will provide.”

Then Janet pointed at me.

Katie got all excited and asked, “Are you thirteen?”

I nodded my head.

Katie grabbed me and pulled my face into her breasts and said, “Thank you, God!”

Janet laughed and said, “Wow! Sad one minute and happy the next. Isn’t love and sex a wonderful thing?”

Chapter four: Our training…

Katie and I started our training the following morning.

Katie’s training was easy because she had undergone most of it already but didn’t know it.

She made a big deal of lifting the back of her dress to show me her bare ass before sitting down. She also made sure to spread extra far for me. Even at the kitchen table her one knee never failed to press against my leg.

Janet taught me to snuggle into her breasts and enjoy the closeness for at least ten seconds before turning the other cheek.

Since I was a teenage man I had other privileges. I got to slip my hands down under the hem of the woman’s dress and cup her ass cheeks during our hugs. I practiced that move a lot on Janet and especially on Katie.

Even though Katie was not a teenage woman as of yet she was one of my teachers so I got to enjoy those kinds of hugs with her that no one else could.

It seems that God had decided that thirteen was some sort of magic number.

The following day all of the women over the age of thirteen stopped by for a hug.

I felt like the luckiest boy in the whole world. Adam in the Garden of Eden if you will.

I got to sample all of the fine fruits.

I hadn’t realized it before but at least half of the women were pregnant or carrying babies.

I learned to place my ear over their nipples and then press my nose into their cleavage for a long wonder whiff of their perfume. As I was doing that my hands were busy on their backsides. I cupped their lower asses, rubbed their smooth behinds, and gave then squeezes.

I heard many of the women tell Janet what a fine job she had done with my training.

I had had a hard on, all day long. I hadn’t even tried to hide it. In fact I was quite proud of it.

So while I was eating dinner at the kitchen table that night I asked, “Love and sex! So when does the sex come in?”

Janet said, “Thursday…when Katie becomes a woman in more ways than one.”

Chapter Five: My training continued…

That Thursday I had been sent to another house for the morning.

Paula and her daughter Rachael were nice.

Paula had pulled her dress down over her breasts and was nursing her baby.

Rachael was about four months pregnant but she glowed with a brilliance that only God could have given her.

It was a very strange morning. We talked for the first hour but that was about it

Then Rachael asked, “Have you ever had sex before?”

I replied, “No!”

She said, “Then we need to talk.”

Right there in the living room in front of her mother Rachael told me about the birds and the bees, about love and sex, but especially about the sex.

She told me that Katie was being prepared for me…prepared to become a woman…and that I was God’s messenger. That I had been chosen for Katie.

Rachael told me that in the eyes of the Lord and the church community that Katie and I would be married.

For the next hour she taught me everything that I should know to make Katie happy.

Without any hesitation Rachael leaned back and spread her legs out wide for me. She had me get in closer to look at her pussy, her vagina, her precious life-giving organ.

She explained that it would be my cock in Katie’s pussy that would create life. That Katie would grow that life inside of her and that it was her pussy that it would come out of…God willing! Then believed strongly in ‘natural’ childbirth.

She explained to me about her pussy and had me touch the various parts and inspect them.

Her mother Paula then spread her legs for me so that I could inspect her pussy too.

Then she told me that Katie still had her protective barrier inside of her pussy that it was called a hymen and that it would be my job to break through it with my cock.

Paula then had me feel everything down there, touch it all, and pull on her lips. She had me smell of her down there and even to kiss it and lick it. I got to put my fingers up inside of her and feel around. She had me play with her clit until I had given her an orgasm.

I was then told that only their husbands could fell of their pussies or have sex with them unless they were lucky enough to have their name drawn at church on Sunday.

Rachael told me that she wasn’t sixteen yet so her name was never in the drawing that she got felt up by her husband.

When I asked them about me, they said that I was special because they were training me.

They also told me that I could feel up every woman in town. That meant anyone thirteen years old or older. Paula said that if I wanted the women to really like me that I should take my time feeling them up, that I should take fifteen or twenty minutes with each one, and that I should give them all an orgasm. She told me to put my fingers and my nose inside every one of them. In fact she told me that I could only get away with it because I was in training. Apparently I could get away with just about anything…like putting my cock in them too.


That was right. Katie was a virgin but I didn’t have to be. Paula said that it really would be better if I did get in some practice while I could. Besides with about twenty-five women in the church they only got to be picked twice a year. Apparently they wanted sex with other guys more often than that.

Rachael said, “I wish we girls had the same rights as the boys.”

Her mother Paula said, “Yeah, the Church of Sex certainly does favor the men.”

Paula made a couple of phone calls and Janet rushed right over.

Janet asked, “Can I be first? Can I please?”

Paula told me that I really should start with the mother of the bride.

Bride…hymen…Katie…virgin…me…married! I was only fourteen. Hell, I hadn’t even been asked. Did my parents know?

Then I looked right at Paula’s spread legs waiting for me. I got closer and she pulled on my cock. She pulled it right up to her gapping pussy and then pulled on my hips. Was I fucking her or was she raping me? To tell you the truth, I really didn’t care. All too soon, I was cumming in her.

At their suggestion I was to ask the women to clean my cock for the next woman. That way I could get it in their mouths too. Wow!

Paula let Rachael go next. It was much better but I couldn’t cum that quickly. However, Paula got my second load.

Then things slowed down a little bit. My wedding or rather Katie’s deflowering would take place at nine o’clock in the evening. I had twenty-two more women to take advantage of in the next ten hours.

They worked out some kind of a schedule and came by two by two…usually mother and daughter.

They would give me the customary hug on each cheek as I felt of their ass. Then they sat down, spread their legs wide, and enjoyed.

I got in close and looked at their puffy pussies. Most were trimmed neatly but some were shaved bald. I would sniff of it and I found that there was an overall musky odor but that there was something different and special about each one. The same was true about the taste. I pinched, I poked, and I pulled at their pussy lips. I rubbed, pinched, and scratched their clits until they had at least one orgasm and sometimes as many as three or four orgasms. They sure enjoyed having me play around down there but they especially enjoyed it when I slipped my cock into them. They often cooed or moaned but every now and then they would praise the Lord while I was fucking them.

After fucking twenty-five pussies, I came six times that day, and I hadn’t even gotten to Katie yet.

Chapter Six: Katie becomes a woman…

When I was led into the church I only had a white silk robe on.

I looked over and saw that Katie was wearing the same robe as me.

She smiled at me and my heart melted.

My parents were standing against the far wall. Mom smiled at me and then Dad gave me a thumbs-up.

Standing next to them was Janet and her husband. They both smiled at Katie.

Katie and I walked down the aisle together.

At the end was a raised platform with a thin mattress, covering the marble altar surface.

Rachael removed Katie’s robe and Paula removed my robe.

We stood there naked before a hundred or so people. The head man said a few religious things about the Son of God marrying the daughter of man, go forth and multiply, and sexy stuff like that, that I had never heard was in the Bible before.

My cock was limp from the workout that it had. I wondered if that was the way that it was supposed to be.

Katie knelt down before me and slipped her warm moist mouth over the head of my cock. She was the twenty-sixth woman to do that for me that day. Wow! However, it worked. My cock started to grow in her mouth until she could only hold about half of it in her mouth.

People clapped for her, mostly men.

Katie then climbed up onto the mattress that had been placed on the altar like a sacrificial lamb. She settled herself into a comfortable position. Then I climbed up between her legs. Katie spread wide for me and I crawled closer until my cock was kissing her open pussy.

Then I backed up, bent down, and kissed her virgin pussy goodbye.

People clapped for me, mostly women. Women that had already felt my kiss on their pussies!

I crawled back up to her and let her aim my cock where she wanted it. With a gentle push the head popped inside her vagina and rested there up against her hymen. She had taken in a big breath and was then letting it out slowly.

I looked into her eyes. She was smiling up at me. Then she blew me a kiss and her lips formed the words ‘I love you’ silently. I pressed myself into her. Our bodies merged for the first time. I knew at that very moment that I was in love with her. A tear came to one of her eyes as she cringed below me. I held my breath and stayed still until she opened her eyes again and smiled at me.

God must have arranged for us two soul mates to get together.

I made long slow passionate love to Katie. She learned to enjoy it quickly. Soon her legs were around my waist, up in the air, and resting on my shoulders. She kept trying to find a new position where my cock got further into her.

It worked too because I started hitting her uterus at the deepest part of my stroke. She cried out but not in pain, she cried out in pleasure. She praised the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost in ways that I had never heard before. She praised Eve for giving Adam that apple. She praised Noah for building that ark. She even praised my parents for having sex and creating me.

Then in the end just as I was cumming inside of her, Katie clutched my shoulders, digging her fingernails into my flesh, as her orgasm exploded within her.

Paula and Rachael had told me that a virgin almost never had an orgasm the first time, especially a virgin with her hymen still intact.

Katie’s mother Janet stood up and said, “She is having an orgasm! It’s a miracle! Praise God!”

Both of us looked toward the congregation. All of the women were standing, clapping, and chanting, “Praise God!” “Praise the Lord!” “Hail Almighty!”

They kept it up long after Katie and I had finished. I had kissed her and was lying next to her cuddling before the chorus started to settle down.

The head man did not seem at all pleased by the women’s outburst but at least I think they got their message through…women enjoyed sex too…and not just with their own husbands fifty weeks out of the year.

Chapter Seven: My mother…

After spending the next five days in bed with Katie I was invited to my mother’s Church of Sex Baptism.

The other women had told me that twice a year, after they had turned sixteen, that they were chosen to receive the Church of Sex Baptism where all of the men over the age of thirteen got to fuck them and deposit their heavenly seed inside of her. It was nothing more than a glorified gang bang but the women were happy to get it.

It seemed strange that they could fuck a different woman every Sunday but that the women couldn’t.

Mom was going to get fucked by thirty-seven men…and then…she would become a member of the Church of Sex.

I wondered if she had any more choice than I had.

Probably not!

Katie’s father or possibly my new father-in-law took me to the church. Mom was squatting on the altar with her legs wide open for all to see. I had never seen her completely nude before and she looked good. Her pussy was hairless.

When she saw me she smiled.

Mom was being examined by each of the men that were lined up next to her. They were squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, and probing her pussy.

I got in line behind my father-in-law and waited my turn.

When I finally got up to Mom, she leaned over and gave me the hug. She pressed each of her breasts into one of my cheeks before kissing me. Then she whispered, “Congratulations. She must be a wonderful girl.”

Numbers were drawn to see what the order would be. The head man took out number one before the drawing took place. He also handed Dad and I the last two numbers. I was surprised to learn that I wold be the last man to fuck my mother.

I watched for hours as thirty-six men fucked my mother. Each one took ten to fifteen minutes thrusting into her. Janet had told me that some of the men use a cream that prevents them from cumming to quickly. I thought that that was dishonest and just causing Mom more punishment than necessary. Anyway Mom smiled at each one, she thanked them for Baptizing her, and she even cleaned all of their cocks off afterwards.

I climbed up between my mother’s legs and asked, “How are you feeling?”

Mom replied, “I’m tired and a little sore down there.”

I slipped my cock in and Mom said, “Things are definitely going to be different after this.”

I said, “You have great tits.”

Mom said, “Thank you.”

She closed her eyes and moaned for me to let me know that she liked having me inside of her. I moaned to let her know that I too was enjoying it.

When I came, Mom held me tightly, and she came too.

Mom kissed me, thanked me for Baptizing her, and then my mother sucked my cock clean.

Chapter Eight: What happened next…

Well, Mom became one of those mothers that you see in those old series from the fifties and sixties. She was a cross of the Partridge Family, Leave it to Beaver, and The Brady Bunch.

I got a lot of hugs into her breasts and felt her ass a lot but as far as sex, that was strictly reserved for Dad.

I got to visit Katie every weekend but I had to go to school until June.

By then my house had been built so that Katie and I could move in and live together. I would go to the school there.

By the end of that summer, Mom and Dad’s house had been built and they moved in.

Dad commuted to work three days a week.

Mom got pregnant.

Katie wanted to get pregnant but I convinced her to wait until she was sixteen, eighteen, or even twenty-one before becoming a mother. She agreed with me that a fourteen-year-old would not make a very good mother.

The End
The Church Of Sex
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