I patrolled over ten million hectares of forest and streams. I frowned as I waited for the flyer door to open. It opened and a slim woman stepped out and began accepted large packs. Two girls stepped out, one was in her mid teens with slightly slanted eyes. The other was a little younger and tanned with strawberry hair.

They turned and lifted the packs as they walked towards me while the flyer lifted. I stood and shouldered my small pack, “so why do I have the pleasure of your company?”

The woman smiled, “I am doing a survey.”

I glanced at her, “of my area?”

I turned and started to walk and she fell in beside me, “yes.”

I shook my head, “that is going to take awhile.”

It was only an hour before I glanced back at the struggling girls and the woman. I walked between bushes and under the huge broad leaf evergreen trees. I climbed the steps of the steep roofed chalet and waited for the woman and the girls, “this is home when I manage to find the way back.”

I opened the door and walked into the large room and set the small pack on a table before sitting in a chair. They dropped their packs and looked around. The woman cleared her throat, “where do we sleep?”

I glanced at the wide bed beside the central heater, “well that is the only bed so either you sleep there or the floor.”

I sighed, “my name is William.”

The woman looked at the bed and then at me, “Alexa and my daughters are Jessie and Olivia.”

I nodded to the girls and gestured towards the back of the room, “there is a large fresher with a shower through the left door. The right leads to the equipment shed where I keep the anti grav sled.”

The girls started across the room and their mother hesitated before following. They went into the fresher and I stood as I checked the time before going to the side and the kitchen. I was preparing dinner when they returned and came to help. I glanced at them, “you might want to change into loose pants or long skirts tomorrow.”

They looked down and Alexa cleared her throat, “why?”

I smiled, “walking through the forest in tight pants isn’t a good idea.”

She grinned, “we could just wear panties.”

They giggled and Olivia grinned at me, “or go naked.”

It was my turn to blush as we started cooking dinner. We ate and cleaned up and I went outside on the porch. It was a little while before they came out wearing just tee shirts. I glanced at them before looking through the trees as they began to change colors. They sighed and murmured as the sun set and I turned to walk back inside.

I turned on a light beside the bed as I headed to the fresher. They were right behind me as I went to the bathroom and got ready for bed. I stripped as I walked out and put my clothes in the recycler. I waited and ignored them as they came out and climbed into bed. I folded my clothes and went to shut the light off before slipping into the bed.

I relaxed and then Olivia whispered, “will you fuck me William?”

I turned and reached out and cupped one of her breasts, “Alexa?”

She murmured, “go ahead. Jessie wants to do it next.”

I rubbed Olivia’s nipple and then caressed down her body to feel her pussy. She shuddered and spread her legs as I pushed a finger into her slit. I rubbed through it and on her clit and she shuddered and her hips lifted as she moaned. I kept it up and pushed the tip of the finger into her tight hole.

She humped and wiggled as I began to finger fuck her. She started to pant and her pussy became slick as I pushed my finger into her deeper until it was to the last knuckle. She was thrusting up harder and moaning out loud as she shook when I pulled my finger out. I turned and moved between her legs before I slowly forced my thick cock into her tight pussy.

She groaned as it spread her pussy and sank all the way into her. I gave her a kiss before pulling back and fucking her slowly with long deep strokes. A minute and she was writhing around while her pussy was constantly grasping my cock. I buried it to hump and jab and rub and she clutched me as she wailed and bucked, “mom!”

I smiled and gave her another kiss, “she can’t help you now.”

I pulled back as Alexa and her sister giggled and began to fuck her firmly with deep thrusts. She was thrusting up each time and her pussy was a lot slipperier as it tried to grasp my cock. I continued to fuck her with long thrusts as I kissed her and she thrashed and jerked. I buried my cock to grind against her and she howled and spasmed, “ooohhh... fffuuuccckkkk!”

I fucked her hard and deep suddenly as I tried to cum. Olivia grunted and jerked while her slick pussy constantly tightened, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I buried my cock and held her as I poured cum into her while she screamed. She twisted and jerked with each huge spurt of warm sperm I pumped into her. When I was done I relaxed and sighed, “it has been a long time.”

Olivia was panting as her pussy squeezed and kept milking my cock, “and you saved all your stuff.”

Her mother and Jessie laughed as I grinned and humped before pulling out, “just so I could put it in you.”

She grinned and I kissed her before I moved over to Jessie and kissed her and slid down. She spread her legs and tilted her hips as I reached her pussy and licked through it. I pushed my tongue into her and then nibbled on her inner lips and moved to her clit. She was shuddering as I began to lick and wiggle my tongue on her clit before I sucked and squeezed it with my lips.

She jerked and thrust up, “aaahhhh!”

I continued to lick her pussy and play with her clit as she wiggled and squirmed while moaning. It was awhile before she tried to close her legs and pushed my face back. I moved up her body as she panted and gave her another kiss before lifting and sinking my cock into her. She tilted her hips and lifted her legs as she spread them and I buried my cock.

I held her and kept kissing her as she hugged me while her tight pussy grasped and squeezed. She finally shuddered and I pulled back before I began to fuck her with long thrusts. She sighed and clung to me as her warm slick pussy constantly grasped my cock. I began to press and grind each time I pushed into her.

She started to moan louder and shake as she humped up to meet each thrust. I kissed her and fucked her hard and deep and kept it up for a couple of minutes. She stiffened and when I buried my cock she wailed and bucked and thrashed around. Her pussy contracted and held my cock as I kept rubbing against her.

I pulled back to fuck her slowly with long strokes as she continued to clutch me and howl. She wiggled and spasmed while her slippery pussy massaged my cock. I fucked her hard again and she spread her legs wide as her pussy tightened. She began to convulse and jerk as I fucked her and finally sank my cock all the way into her.

She screamed when she felt the torrent of warm sperm suddenly erupting deep inside her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I humped and jabbed slowly as I continued to spurt cum. She shuddered and her pussy grasped my cock. When I finished I relaxed and gave her a kiss, “thanks.”

She was panting and still shuddering but grinned, “anytime.”

I pulled out and moved towards Alexa as she laid back with a huge grin. I moved down as she spread her legs and started licking her. I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled on her inner lips before covering her clit. I wiggling my tongue and kept teasing it as she humped and shuddered. I sucked and squeezed it with my lips before going back to licking her.

She finally thrust up and twisted as she tried to close her legs. When I started to move up she wiggled, “fuck me from behind.”

I moved aside so she could roll onto her stomach and go to her knees. I moved behind her and felt her slit before I pushed into her. She shivered as her pussy tightened and I held her hips and began to fuck her. I used deep thrusts and paused to feel her warm pussy as it kept grasping and squeezing my cock.

She shivered and pushed back as I fucked her. She was moaning into the bed as I continued to use firmly strokes and she began to shudder and jerk. Her pussy became more slippery as I kept pushing into her. I fucked her hard and deep suddenly and she howled and spasmed while wetting me.

Her pussy clenched and kept tightening as I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes. I finally slowed to just long deep strokes into her but she continued to yell. I let her sag to the bed and followed her as I kept fucking her. I was thrusting down into her and she began to kick the bed and writhe around on my cock, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

I buried my cock and humped and jabbed and thrust as my balls churned. Alexa thrashed and bucked as her pussy clenched. I kept thrusting and fucking her firmly before shoving all the way in and pushing as my cock erupted and I spewed large spurts of cum. She jerked as her pussy gripped my cock while I continued to flood her with warm sperm.

When I was done I relaxed for a moment before pulling out. She sighed and sagged, “damn, it has been a long time.”

I grinned as Olivia rolled me onto my back and straddled me before pushing her cummy pussy down onto my cock. I woke to my alarm and glanced at the naked girl on me. I rubbed her butt and she lifted her head, “again?”

I smiled, “time to get up.”

Jessie gave me a kiss before moving off me and onto her mother. I turned the other way and fingered Olivia. She was on her back and moaned as she lifted her hips and humped. I grinned and turned to kiss her and moved over her, “come on before I fuck you again.”

Alexa laughed as she moved out of bed, “I think that was what she wanted.”

I laughed as I headed for the fresher, “first I need the fresher.”

A moment later the girls almost ran me over with their mother following them. We used the fresher and washed before I dressed and went to pull out the sled. It was already packed with most of the stuff but I added a couple of large thick furs to put in the tent. I went to grab my pack and waited as Alexia chased her daughters out.

I closed the door and went to put my pack in the sled before gesturing and adding theirs. I shook my head at their tight pants but turned to start walking. I glanced at them following me, “in the rear outside pocket is a few fruit and energy bars.”

The girls grinned and moved to the back of the sled as I kept pulling it. I stopped an hour later and they dropped to the ground with a groan. I shook my head, “take those pants off.”

They looked at me but Alexa was already removing her hiking boots. I added the pants to the sled and after ten minutes we started walking again. They were walking easier and giggling a lot. They were just in long sleeved shirts, panties and shoes and kept saying they should just go naked. I didn’t say anything as it started to warm up.

When I stopped an hour later they sat and wiped sweat off their face. They looked at each other as I stretched and looked around. The forest wasn’t as thick here and I could see several animals foraging. I glanced at Jessie as she pulled her shirt off and walked to me and turned, “unhook me.”

I smiled and undid her bra before turning her and bending to suck on one nipple. She shuddered and held my head, “mmmm!”

Alexa and Olivia laughed but came to me so I could help remove their bras too. When we started walking they were only in panties and shoes. We came to a wide stream at noon and I lowered the sled, “we have an hour.”

I went to collect a few plants, nuts and berries while they removed their shoes and waded in the water. When I came back they were naked and splashing each other. They came out when I sat and started to eat and joined me before hesitantly tasting what I had brought back. After a taste they were eating with an appetite.

We stopped once each hour for them to rest. It was a couple of hours before the sun set that I stopped and put up the screen tent. I made a single wide bed with the furs and added the opened up sleeping bag. I left them at the tent and went foraging and returned with roots and plants and a large scurrier I had already skinned and cleaned.

I pulled out the cooking utensils and added water and salt to a pot. I cut up the roots and then the scurrier before starting to let it boil with several pinches of herbs as seasoning. Alexa cleared her throat, “you eat off the land?”

I nodded, “during the spring, summer and fall, otherwise it would cost us a lot more to do the job. The game we take is plentiful and so is the plants. We never strip one area and are constantly moving.”

I watched the sun set as the smell of the stew started to fill the air. I moved to the side of the tent and dug a trench and brought out a small stack of very large leaves I had picked during the day, “this is the bathroom. Use the leaves to wipe. Besides being very soft they have a scent like a flower.”

After dinner the girls cleaned up and helped me make fresh breakfast bars for in the morning. I packed up and headed for the tent and they joined me after a trip to the trench. I closed the tent and undressed as they giggled and snuggled together on the large fur bed. I laid down and turned to caress Jessie as she spread her legs.

I bent to lick each nipple before sucking and then kissing down her body. She wiggled and squirmed before moaning as I licked through her slit. I nibbled on her inner lips and moved to tease her clit before squeezing it between my lips as I hummed. She shuddered as she lifted her hips and moaned.

I continued to use my tongue on her clit and lick until she finally covered her pussy. I moved up and gave her a kiss before lifting and pushing into her. She groaned as she tilted her hips and wrapped her legs around me. I started to fuck her slowly with long deep thrusts. Her pussy began to squeeze and she started to shudder.

A few minutes and she was writhing around and thrusting up while wailing. I continued to fuck her and began to rub against her each time I buried my cock. A couple of minutes and she screamed as she stiffened. She suddenly went wild, bucking and thrashing around as she wet me and her pussy spasmed.

I fucked her hard and deep and she clutched me tight as I continued to ride her and she yelled, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I finally shoved into her and buried my cock as I kissed her and began pumping cum. She jerked and shook as I spewed and spurted warm sperm into her. When I was done she was panting and shuddering as I kept holding her. She smiled and then grinned, “nice fuck.”

Her mother and Olivia giggled as I shook her and gave her another kiss. I pulled out and looked at Alexa but Olivia pulled on me, “my turn and then you can pound mom.”

They laughed and I gave Olivia a kiss before starting to kiss down her body. She caught me and pulled me up and between her legs, “nice and deep.”

I lifted and pushed and sank my cock into her as she spread her legs more and tilted her hips. I began to fuck her with deep thrusts and she kept lifting her hips. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and breathing hard. Her pussy became slick and continued to grasp and squeeze. She hugged me tight a few minutes later and yelled as she began to spasm, “yyyeeessss!”

I kissed her and fucked her long, hard and deep as she kept thrashing around and wailed. It was several minutes before I grunted and shoved into her. I kissed her hard as my cock throbbed and erupted with strong spurts of cum. She clutched me and jerked while her tight pussy milked the sperm into her, “mmmm!”

When I was done she sighed and slowly relaxed and I pulled out. Alexa smiled and let Jessie go as she moved over and laid back, “hard.”

Jessie giggled as I moved over her mother and kissed her while shoving all the way into her. She grunted and clutched me as I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep firm strokes. I continued to fuck her firmly with long thrusts and she kept lifting her hips and thrusting up to meet each one. A few minutes and she began to wail and writhing around.

Her pussy kept tightening and grasping my cock. She began to spasm and buck after that as she clutched me and howled. I was still fucking her hard and deep and she stiffened and then screamed as she began thrashing around, “yyyeeeessss!”

I groaned as I finally buried my cock and kissed her hard. She hugged me tight as my cock throbbed before it erupted and I began to spurt and spew. Alexa jerked while her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

When I was done she was panting and I slowly pulled out before moving to Jessie. I fucked the three for awhile before we slept. I woke to the hint of dawn and shifted away from Alexa before grabbing my clothes and climbing out of the tent. I stretched as I looked around while getting dressed and going to the trench.

I was packing the sled when they came out carrying everything. I came to take it while they went to use the trench. I pulled the tent down and packed the sled before I started walking. They knew where the breakfast bars were and walked behind me while they ate. It was almost noon before I stopped walking.

I held my hand up to keep the girls from speaking and then turned to lower the sled. I pulled the girls together and whispered, “stay here and don’t make any noise.”

I took my sonic rifle from the sled and moved into the bushes. It was several minutes before I was looking out at the flyer in a wide part of a stream. Four men were in a camp to one side and I saw a couple of dozen hides laid out and dead bodies piled together. I looked at everything before moving back to the sled.

I looked at Alexia as I dug into my pack, “you might want to put clothes on.”

I pulled out the sat comm and set the freq, “this is William McCandless. I have poachers and need a peace officer at my comm location.”

It was a moment before I was answered, “on their way.”

I nodded and set the comm beacon and turned to head back to the poacher camp, “give me ten minutes and then come towards the sound of the stream.”

I moved through the bushes and walked out and into the camp. The four men turned and froze and I gestured with the rifle, “hands up and turn around.”

One cleared his throat, “we have...”

I growled as I pointed the rifle between his eyes, “turn around before I shoot you and keep your mouths shut.”

From his dress he was probably the guide. They turned slowly but the man that had spoken shifted so he was in a stance to strike or draw. I moved to one of the others and took the pistol he was wearing and the knife. I used slim restraints and sat him down before moving to the next man. When I reached the last man I was ready and he began to move.

I shifted back and out of the way as I brought one hand up to push the barrel of his pistol away. I fired the rifle and he jerked and had a look of surprise as the sonic lance punched a hole through him. He looked down at his chest before falling and I knelt to move his weapon before standing.

I used the sat comm, “this is McCandless. I have one man down with a fatal wound and three in custody.”

The other three men looked white as Alexa peeked out. I gestured, “keep the girls with the sled.”

She looked at the men and nodded before moving back. It was an hour before a blue peace officer flyer dropped down to land in the stream behind the poachers vehicle. Four officers climbed out and two went to check the vehicle while the other two headed towards me and the poachers. The men started talking and one of the officers told them to shut up.

They took vids of everything and then began collecting it and putting most in the poachers vehicle before two officers took off in it. I was given a charge number before the body and prisoners were put in their vehicle and they left. I looked at the empty camp and turned to head back to my sled.

The girls ran and hugged me when I got there and Alexa smiled. I gave them a hug before gesturing, “strip so we can go.”

Alexa laughed as the girls giggled and reached out to start undressing me. I grinned as Alexa striped and I was pulled down so she could straddle me. Alexia and the girls never left after she finished the survey. Of course there was also the children we had. It did bring a few changes like more equipment for our patrols and better funding.
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