I came home early and caught Mom cheating on Dad.
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Caught Mom Cheating On Dad

School had let out early due to a problem with the latest experiment in the Science Labs. The whole school smelled like rotten eggs.

I was surprised to see the Fed-Ex truck parked out front. I had placed an order over the Internet but when I tracked it on-line it wasn’t supposed to arrive for two more days.

As I entered the house I saw the deliveryman coming out of my parent’s bedroom and he was zipping up his pants. He looked scared and just barged past me on his way out.

I rushed into my mother’s bedroom. It was empty but her bathroom door was open and she was sitting on the toilet completely naked with her head down.

I walked in and grabbed onto one of her soft saggy tits and pulled her up to a standing position. As I pulled her to her bed I was ranting and raving and then I pushed her down face first onto her bed and smacked her ass.

I might not have been completely coherent but basically I said, “You let a stranger fuck you but you won’t let Dad fuck you. You whore. You tramp. If a strange man can fuck you, then I can fuck you too.”

Mom started to get up but I pushed down hard on her upper back and planted a big red handprint on one of her fine butt cheeks. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants and my underwear, kicking them off too.

Then I shoved my hips forward and slipped my cock into her. It was my very first and it went in easier than I had expected it too. Then I realized that I had just gotten sloppy seconds and that it was no wonder that it was well lubricated in there.

Mom rolled her head to one side and said, “Be gentle back there. I’m pretty sore and he was pretty big. I’ve never done anal before but he insisted.”

Never done anal before?

I pulled back and looked down. My cock was in my mother’s ass. I pulled it out, tilted my hips, and thrust it into her pussy. That hole was not as well lubricated and I experienced a whole new feeling and I liked it. I liked it a lot.

Soon I was thrusting into her at full speed.

Again Mom turned her head and said, “I’m not on the pill…I could get pregnant…oh…oh that feels so good…don’t pull out…cum in me baby…it has been so long…”

Mom moaned and I just kept pumping hot cum into her depths.

I was done but I was still inside of her when I asked, “How could you cheat on Dad with that guy when you won’t even give it to Dad?”

Mom was quiet for a moment and then she said, “He has been cheating on me for years. He has two girlfriends and his secretary. He doesn’t have enough left over to give me anything.”

I let that sink in before I asked, “Then why are you still with him?”

Mom’s answer was no surprise, “You!”

It all made sense now, his late hours, his business trips, and Mom giving him the cold-shoulder.

My cock stirred inside of her. I was getting hard again. I had already raped my mother once…what more did I have to loose?”

I just started to gently saw my cock into her as we talked. We had never really talked about her and Dad’s relationship before but, as we were having sex it seemed quite appropriate.

Dad had not fucked Mom in over a year. He had a client that he bangs whenever she is in town, he has a twenty-one year-old blonde bimbo that he fucks regularly, and of course he boinks his secretary occasionally.

Mom said that he even brought his blonde bimbo home one night when I was away. He brought her into their bed and had sex with both of them. Then he had the two women have sex together. That was the last time that Mom had let Dad fuck her.

I started to cum and Mom started to have an orgasm. She pushed back into me hard and she ground her hips against me. She was up on her hands so I leaned over and grabbed onto both of her nice soft saggy tits and held on for the ride of my life. Who would have thought that my first time at sex would be with my own mother and that it would be both anal and vaginal sex?

I pulled out of her, spun her around, and stuck my cock in her face. I said, “Suck it!”

Mom hesitated so I added, “Suck it! I need to cum in your mouth and I need for you to swallow it! Then I can truly claim you for my own!”

Mom leaned in and took me into her mouth. I felt myself getting harder, I felt the wonderful sensation deep down inside of me, and then I felt Mom sucking my cum out of my balls.

She swallowed it all, looked up at me, and said, “Now I am yours!”

I had always dreamed of finding the prefect girl. She would be pretty and she would be willing to do anything that I wanted her to do.

Mom had just become that girl. I wanted one that enjoyed sex as much as I did and one that didn’t care where I put my cock. She was my mother, not my wife. So I had an advantage that Dad didn’t have…Mom would want me to have girlfriends and she would want me to fuck them. In fact I was pretty sure that she would be okay with a threesome…as long as Dad didn’t take part!

After that things changed for the better around the house. Mom gave Dad more freedom, she would accompany him whenever necessary as the dutiful wife, and then she would sleep with me in my bed every night.

A month or two later Mom said, “We are going to have company…a threesome…with your father’s bimbo.”

I asked, “Why?”

Mom said, “Well in a nut shell, your father is out of town, she is horny, and he told her to come here.”

I asked, “And you are okay with it?”

Mom said, “Yes! I never told you how good she really was. She is absolutely gorgeous, dumb as a box of rocks, and just fabulous in bed. That girl can fuck! And can she ever eat pussy!”

I watched a big grin come over her face and then Mom said, “You really should record it.”

I got Dad’s new digital video camera out of his dresser drawer where he keeps it. Just for the hell of it I check and found he had recorded something on it. Boy was she pretty. It must be his blonde bimbo. She was doing a strip tease on a stage in a very crowded bar. There were other girls there too but she was the best. In the end she was crowned Miss Lagoon Beach Bar Broad of the Month and handed a hundred dollar bill and a T-shirt with her title on it.

Soon I had transferred that video clip to my computer and had emptied the disc.

Mom answered the door and the blonde bimbo said that her name was Bambi. How cute!

Bambi knew exactly why she was here. She wanted sex and my father sent her to us. Bambi remembered being in bed with my mother but she had never met me before.

One thing about Bambi…she was not the least bit shy.

She went into Dad’s bedroom, saw the camera sitting there, and said, “Oh goody…I love to be filmed. I perform better. Turn it on. Lets get started. I am so horny that I played with myself on the ride here. If I had a stick shift I would have been humping it.”

I turned it on and aimed it at her.

She looked thirty and sounded thirteen so I asked, “How old are you?”

Bambi replied, “Seventeen! How old are you?”

I answered, “Fourteen.”

Mom asked, “How long have you been fucking my husband?”

Bambi gave it some thought and said, “Three years. He got my virginity when I was thirteen.”

I laughed and said, “That was more than four yeas ago.”

Bambi giggled and said, “I never was very good at math.”

Mom looked at me and then she looked at the camera, then she asked, “Tell us about loosing your virginity to my husband.”

Bambi rolled her eyes and said, “It was a long time ago. There was your husband, my Daddy, and eleven other guys. I remember Daddy said that I needed to do it with thirteen men because I was going to be thirteen. Get it? Your husband paid my Daddy the most money so he got to go first.”

Mom asked, “He took your virginity?”

Bambi giggled and said, “Oh yea! He got them all.”

I asked, “All?”

Bambi looked at me and smiled then she said, “Oh yea! He got them all…my pussy, my mouth, and my butt. After your Daddy finished with my pussy, the other men took their turns, and my Daddy went last. My mouth was next and then it was my butt. It was a good thing that my mother made me sleep with one of her dildos up my butt because I sure was sore back there when Daddy was done with me.”

Mom asked, “Do you remember the names of any of the other men from that night?”

Bambi named off nine of the eleven men and said that other two were friends of my father.

Mom took the camera from me and I saw her stop the filming and then restart it.

Mom asked Bambi, “What do want with my fourteen-year-old son?”

Bambi giggled and said, “I want to fuck his brains out!”

I looked at Mom and she nodded so I took off my clothes but Bambi was a lot faster at it. She grabbed me, threw me on Dad’s bed, and jumped on top of me. Bambi was really horny. She was so eager to fuck me that all I had to do was lie there and let her do it to me.

Mom was good. In fact Mom was very good in bed. She had taught me a lot about sex and pleasing a woman.

However, Bambi was wild. That’s it…Bambi was wild in bed. She knew what she wanted and she knew how to get it. I was being used and I loved it. She went berserk when she orgasmed and she orgasmed frequently, riding my cock.

Finally, Bambi said, “Oh my fucking God, you are unbelievable. I never fucked a kid before. Your cock just won’t go down. I never got a ride like this out of your old man.”

Mom said, “You do realize that he is only fourteen.”

Bambi said, “Sure I know! I’m fucking a minor! So what!”

Mom smiled and turned the recorder off again. I knew what had just happened but Bambi was too stupid to know that she had been filmed fucking a minor and confessing to knowing it too. On the other hand she had incriminated my father in her gang bang rape as a young girl.

Bambi stayed with us for the next two days. If she wasn’t fucking me she was having sex with my mother. Now there were some nice videos.

When Dad got home his bags were packed and the divorce agreement was on the table for him to sign. Mom had him dead to rights and he knew it.

Mom and I lived happily ever after. The sex just kept getting better and better. Mom never did go wild like Bambi but she was still all the woman that I ever needed.

The End
Caught Mom Cheating On Dad
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