My new business was a huge success, thanks to a bunch of bikini clad women.
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My New Business

My grandfather had sold off the perimeter of his farm. A land developer offered him a whole lot of money for very little land. He kept the center of the huge development and then left it to me in his will.

Grandpa owned a square mile, six hundred and forty acres of land. He sold off three sides at a depth of one hundred and fifty feet. The developer guy then built houses and sold the pieces off at one hundred and fifty feet wide. Most of the houses looked the same.

It reminded me of that ShowTime series called “Weeds.” Their theme song is “Little boxes:”

Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same.
There's a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

So anyway with thirty-five houses on each of the three sides there were plenty of parents and children everywhere. The barbed wire fence and the long horned bulls kept most of them at bay.

After I took over the farm I decided to sell off the long horns and raise Black Angus. After all it was the latest craze and I was a USDA Certified butcher. I cleaned up the barn and installed huge walk–in coolers.

I hired three of the women that lived close by to help me out. In no time at all we were making and selling our own farm raised drug free meat. Besides the cows I added sheep, pigs, and chickens. Besides the meat we sold milk, cheese, butter, and eggs.

The eggs were interesting, being free range, you had to search for them. That involved the three lady’s daughters. They were the BJ girls. Surprisingly, even their mothers referred to them as BJ’s. They were Bobby Jo, Betty Jo, and Billie Jo. They were not related but they sure looked like triplets. They were the most adorable thirteen-year-old girls that you ever wanted to see. Anyway their job each morning was to gather the eggs. The best part was that they did it in their bikinis.

Their mothers started wearing their bikinis too and suggested that I call my little business Petticoat Junction.

Oh yes, the mothers were also BJ’s… Bethany Jane, Brigitte Jessica, and Bonnie Jean. While the girls were all thirteen their mothers were thirty-four, thirty-three, and thirty-two years of age.

The six of them looked mighty fine in their bikinis standing side by side. One day I had them pose in front of my store and used the picture to promote my business. Boy did that ever work out well.

The day the picture hit the papers we were swamped. The first five guys brought in their cameras to take pictures of the girls. I had to put a stop to that immediately. After all they were minors. I put a sign in the window stating that if I saw a camera or a cell phone that I would confiscate it. That slowed things down a little, especially after I took a cell phone away from a guy and told him to come back with a cop to retrieve it. Meanwhile, I cleaned it out. There were no pictures, no phone numbers, and no messages when I handed it over to him. He started to complain when I asked him to describe the pictures that were missing. He gave it some thought then his eyes bugged out and he told the police woman that had accompanied him that everything was just fine.

The truth was that I found a dozen pictures of three young naked teenage girls in his phone. He was in a couple of the pictures nude with them, and what I believed to be his wife was in a couple of them too. She was also nude. Of course I copied them all, and his phone directory. When I checked the phone numbers I saw that he had some kind of family plan and that five of the numbers were consecutive. They were his wife and daughters.

I went to the local library and looked at the school yearbooks. I knew his name so it wasn’t very hard to find his three daughters. In the fall when school started up again Sylvia would be in the eight grade, Karen would be in the seventh grade with my three BJ’s, and Paulette would be in the sixth grade. Unless I was mistaken, Paulette was not even a teenager.

I called the man, explained to him who I was, and what I had found in his cell phone. I told him about the yearbook pictures. Then I told him that I wanted his wife.

He started swearing at me so I hung up.

Next I called his wife, Veronica.

She was much more cooperative and certainly more polite. In fact she was willing to do anything that I wanted, to keep her husband out of jail. I liked her attitude and told her to report to work in the morning and to wear a bikini.

Veronica arrived early, which was a good sign.

I asked her if her husband knew about her working for me.


I asked her daughter’s ages.

Fourteen, thirteen, and twelve.

Just as I had expected.

Then I asked her why she let her husband take nude pictures of her daughters.

She told me about her father taking nude pictures of her as she grew up. Then of him having sex with her when she got old enough. Then of her husband taking over where her father had left off. She had never know any different. The poor, poor woman.

When my three women arrived I introduced them to Veronica and asked them to show her the ropes. They laughed and took her right over to the butter churn. They were already taking bets on how many times Veronica’s big boobs would come out of her tiny top. Veronica just looked back at me and smiled.

By lunchtime Veronica was exhausted. Her arms felt sore and she informed me that she had tucked her breasts back in three times. I smiled.

Then I said, “I wish I had seen it and gotten a picture.”

Veronica smiled and said, “Get your camera.” I just looked at her and she added, “I told you my life story. Do you really think one more man taking nude pictures of me is a problem?”

So I took my camera out of my desk drawer and followed her to the butter churn. It was empty but she was willing to pretend for the pictures. The store was also empty so the other three women looked on.

Veronica shook and shook but her boobs wouldn’t flip out. Disgusted she popped one out and started to churn the make believe butter.

One of the other women removed her top and said, “I’m next!”

After taking topless pictures of all four of them I had then pose together for several more.

One asked, “Will we get a raise out of this?”

Veronica giggled and said, “I don’t know about us but he sure did.”

She was right, I had certainly enjoyed seeing them topless.

At the end of the day Veronica said, “I’m a very good baker, if you can find a need for that. I bake all of the time at home. I do a variety of breads, pies and cakes, and cookies and donuts. People are always telling me that I should start my own bakery.”

I told her that it would be too much work for the four of them along with the rest of the work.

Veronica said, “I have three daughters that help me at home…and…you should see them in their bikinis.”

I whispered, “I have seen pictures of them out of them already.”

Veronica whispered, “I know, but how would you like to see them in person?”

That afternoon I ordered several ovens to be delivered the following day. Then I had her get dressed and I took her shopping. Veronica purchased all of the supplies that she needed from flour and sugar to nuts, raisons, and spices. She got cookie sheets, bread pans, and cake pans. She got muffin, cupcake, and other assorted pans. Many were made out of silicone.

It cost a small fortune but when I found out how much the markup was I just smiled. Besides when the tree girls were not helping their mother they were selling the bake goods. In no time at all the bakery was out selling the rest of the store and the other three daughters were helping out too.

By the end of July a television news crew stopped in to do a story on my thriving business. When the newswoman saw my four women and six girls in bikinis she said, “No wonder your business is doing so well.”

Permission slips were signed and the cameras started rolling. Customers flocked in as usual and spent lots of money.

Veronica sold her baked goods, Bethany Jane churned butter, Brigitte Jessica sold cheese, and Bonnie Jean took care of the meats. My six teenagers collected the money and made change. The gallon tip jar got filled.

Two days later our segment aired on the local network and then it was picked up nationally too.

My business was a complete success.


Oh…you expected to hear about the sex…didn’t you?

Well the three mothers did more than just pose topless, their daughters certainly lived up to their BJ names, but it was Veronica that rocked my world.


The women loved to walk around in their sexy bikinis and tease the men that came in. However, it had the same effect on them. So whenever one of the three mothers would feel the urge to masturbate they would come looking for me.

I had found my limit quickly. I was good for three or possibly four times a day so it was sort of a first cum first served, if you know what I mean. The women certainly knew what was going on and spaced out their requirements by a couple of hours.

Bethany Jane liked if from behind as she was bent over my cutting table.

Brigitte Jessica liked it on her back with her knees tucked under her elbows.

Bonnie Jean just liked it…that woman would do it in the parking lot if I would go along with it.

As too Veronica her three daughters always wanted to watch me fill her up so that they could lick her clean. Sylvia, Karen, and Paulette had been doing that for Veronica for years. They said that it was okay for me to fuck them but I knew better. I only hoped that one day their father would get caught fucking them.

As I said…the three BJ’s lived up to their names. They were always taking one of the teenage boys back to “show” them to the bathroom. According to them they were all still virgins but there were certainly an awful lot of happy boys coming around. Whenever I saw one of the boys come out he would stick a ten dollar bill in the tip jar. It didn’t take long for Sylvia, Karen, and Paulette to start taking boys back to the bathroom either. Their business picked up so well that I converted an old tackle room into a blowjob room. The girls sat on short benches along the wall with the boy standing in front of them at face level. There were dividers between the benches so that no one got a peek at his neighbor.

Things went well until just before school started. It was the day after Labor Day, I had been warned about a possible problem. That lady cop had taken a fancy to me and we had been on a few dates. I really liked her. So anyway I got a warning and passed it on.

By that time Veronica had asked her husband for a divorce and she had asked him to stop fucking his daughters. Well, being the asshole that he was he came into my store, grabbed Paulette and took her out back. I caught a glimpse of him taking her into the blowjob room so when my lady cop arrived I took her out back and pointed to the room. Then I cleared out.

Several minutes later she came back out with the father in handcuffs.

Paulette ran to her mother and said, “She arrested Daddy.”

As I found out later my lady cop had entered the room quietly and found that he had tied Paulette’s ankles and wrists to a sawhorse so that she couldn’t move. The girl was naked and his pants and underwear were down to his ankles. Of course his cock was buried deep in her…ass. It was her first time for anal and she was crying real tears.

Veronica went to the hospital with her daughter, the other girls stayed with me, and we only stayed open to get rid of the perishables.

Veronica got her divorce and I married my lady cop.

Now there was a woman! She liked it hard and she liked it often. She even let me continue to fuck Veronica because she didn’t have a husband to take care of her needs. As to the other three women they could work for me but they had to get their sex from their husbands. After all I had to save something for my wife, didn’t I.

The girls had all of the boyfriends that they wanted. They sure knew how to keep them happy.

My wife invited Veronica into our bed. That kinky bitch handcuffed Veronica to the bed and fucked her with her nightstick. Veronica loved it and kept asking for more. In fact Veronica loved the strip searches and the cavity searches too.

The End
My New Business
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