My sisters were not happy when they asked Mom for money and she told them to get a job.
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My Sisters Got Jobs

I heard Mom screaming in the living room and ran from the kitchen to see what the matter was.

In a moment I was looking at my mother. Her mouth was open and she was just standing there looking at my two sisters. She was stiff as a statue.

From behind my two sisters looked perfectly normal. They each had on tight white T-shirts and tight yellow shorts. I could not see bra lines or panty lines and the shorts were tucked pretty far up into the crack of their full asses.

Mom asked, “Why are you two trying to leave the house dressed like this?”

I walked around to stand next to Mom.

Allison and Brittany were definitely not wearing bras. Their nipples were hard and their dark areolas were visible through their white T-shirts. The crotch of their tight shorts was formed right up into their pussy slits and tucked up the sides to form the perfect camel toe. Damn, my sisters were giving me a hard-on.

Mom said, “Well!”

Allison my sixteen-year-old sister said, “We got jobs.”

Brittany my fifteen-year-old sister said, “He is going to pay us extra to wear these shorts and no underwear.”

Mom said, “Extra!”

Allison said, “Tim, Mr. Daniel, at the pizza shop is going to pay us twelve dollars an hour…”

Brittany added, “Each.”

Allison continued, “To wait on tables…”

Brittany added, “And we get to keep any tips.”

Allison continues, “Actually he is going to pay us two dollars an hour to waitress, plus five dollars an hour not to wear any underwear, plus another five dollars an hour to wear these pussy enhancing shorts.”

Brittany asked, “Don’t they look great?”

I could not help myself. I just had to say, “I like the way they make your pussies look.”

Mom said, “You would, you little pervert.”

Mom asked, “What do you plan on doing with your money?”

Allison hemmed and hawed before saying, “College fund” in a questioning way.

Mom replied, “Good answer.”

Mom checked them out almost as closely as I did. They blushed a little.

Mom said, “You better get used to boys, men, and perverts staring at your pussies. After all, you are putting them on display.”

After checking them out she said, “Damn, you two could make a fortune stripping when you turn eighteen. Talk about a college fund. A year or two of that and you could attend almost any college of your choice without a student loan.”

Both of my sisters smiles at her and then they shook their boobs, trying to be sexy.

Mom said, “Tell you what…for a while I will drop you off and I will pick you up, no dates with your customers, and your brother and I will eat there. Any problem with that?”

They both nodded their heads and Allison said, “We have to be there in twenty minutes to start work.”

Mom glared at them and said, “You were going to sneak out of the house without telling me, weren’t you?”

They both held their heads down in shame and mumbled, “Yes ma’am.”

Mom said, “You will be punished…but first get in the car.”

Mom turned toward me and asked, “Do you want pizza for dinner tonight.”

I smiled and followed my sisters out to the car. Mom got her pocketbook and keys and followed me.

The pizza shop was owned by one of Mom’s old boyfriends from her high school days. The girls ran into the backroom and Mom and I took a small table in the far corner. We both sat to the backside so that we could keep an eye on the entire room.

Shortly my sisters were out and about impressing the hell out of the other customers and taking orders. Obviously they had had some training previously.

Then Tim came over to our table, smiled at Mom and said, “Lilly, I’ve missed you. Thank you for letting your daughters work for me. I was sure that you wouldn’t sign the parental form.”

Mom said, “I didn’t.”

Tim said, “Oh! Should I fire them?”

Mom said, “No! Now I have two things to punish them for. I wonder if they will make it three.”

I asked, “What’s with the uniforms?”

Tim said, “I was just trying to out do Hooters. Your sisters were the only girls that were willing to wear them.”

I added, “Without underwear.”

He smiled and said, “Lilly…want a job…I’ve got extra uniforms in the back.”

Mom laughed and said, “You aren’t going to get me to display my pussy like that.”

Tim said, “I seem to remember more than that on display when you were a cheerleader.”

Mom looked over at me and said, “It was a dare! I cheered at the Home Coming Game…without…my underwear.”

Tim said, “She was my girlfriend and after that game every boy in school wanted to get into…her…pants.”

Mom said, “A couple of them did…including your father.”

A sad expression came over her face.

Tim said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to dredge up old feelings.”

Mom said, “You would think that after three years I wouldn’t miss him so much.”

Then I remembered seeing Tim at Dad’s funeral and I felt sad too.

Allison came over and in a very cheerful voice said, “What can I get you, ma’am?”

Tim said, “It’s on the house so order anything that you want.”

Mom placed her hand on top of his and gave it a little squeeze before saying, “Thank you.”

We ate in silence as Mom thought about Dad and I kept an eye on my sisters. I wasn’t the only one keeping an eye on them. Guys made phone calls and more guys joined them. Soon the place was packed full of men and boys…all staring at my sister’s crotches.

I saw a few very large tips being left on the tables.

Tim came over to our table and asked me if I wanted a job bussing tables. The other kid had quite. It was too much for him. He said, “Ten bucks an hour and a free pizza to take home afterwards. Saturday and Sunday only.”

Mom said, “He’ll take it.”

I asked, “Do I have wear the same uniform?”

Tim laughed and said, “No…but I’ll consider it…maybe we can get a few women in here too.”

Mom asked, “Is business always this good?”

Tim laughed again and said, “No! This is all because of your daughters. I may have to give them a raise.”

Mom giggled and said, “Maybe you should. They have given all of your customers a raise.”

Tim took me into the kitchen, quickly showed me a cart to put the dirty dishes on, and gave me a bucket of fresh water to clean the tables off with. Then he pushed me out into the dining room.

At first I had no idea of what to do. Allison pointed at an empty table and said for me to start there.

After cleaning a couple more tables I found Mom in the back. She gave me another cart, fresh water, and sent me back out. On the next trip in I saw Mom loading a commercial dishwasher.

She said, “Now the whole family works here on weekends.

Tim started stacking dishes on the tables before I got to them and seating people at the tables that I had cleaned. It all resembled a three-ring circus but time sure flew by.

At one o’clock in the morning Tim pushed the last customer out the door and locked it. The open sign got flipped over to closed.

In the kitchen he was jumping for joy. It had been the busiest night ever with the most income ever.

Allison and Brittany were jumping for joy at the vast amounts of tip money.

Mom asked Tim if his offer of a ‘uniform’ was still good. He smiled and took her into his office. The door got closed.

A few minutes later we heard Mom crying out, “God damn it Tim, you know what to do.”

Tim replied, “I want you to tell me what you want.”

Mom shouted out, “Spank my ass, hurt me, and then fuck me hard.”

Tim said, “Just like old times…huh.”

Things fell on the floor, Mom pleaded for him to spank her and my sisters giggled.

Allison looked at me and said, “I am so fucking horny that I’ll let you spank me and fuck me.”

Brittany said, “Hey, what about me?”

Allison said, “He can spank and fuck us both. Look at him! He is just as horny as we are.”

I asked, “What’s up with this spanking?”

Allison said, “Daddy started spanking me and fucking me when I turned thirteen.”

Brittany said, “He did the same to me but then a few months later he died. I miss him. I miss getting spanked and fucked as much as Mom and Allison do.”

Allison said, “Mom is going to be in there for awhile. You will have time to do us both together.”

I watched my two sisters push their tight orange shorts to their ankles and bend over a cutting table, grabbing the other side to hold on.

I said, “Nude” and they quickly shed their tops and shorts. Then they resumed their previous position.

I looked around and saw one of those wooden paddles that the cooks use to put the pizzas in the hot oven and to remove it. The paddle was called a Pizza Peel and that one was fourteen inches wide and sixteen inches long, plus there was a handle.

I grabbed a hold of it and hefted it, gave it a spin, and then I swished it through the air.

Brittany looked back just as the Pizza Peel struck Allison on her ass. Her butt flattened out and she said, “Oh.”

Then Brittany felt it for the first time. She liked it too

After that I just started swinging away at them both. I got better at it and struck them harder and harder. They certainly enjoyed it until right near the end...

Allison said, “Please stop and fuck me, please.”

Brittany said, “Fuck me first. Allison always gets to go first.”

Allison said, “You were Dad’s favorite and you know it.”

Brittany said, “That’s just because my pussy was new to him. He fucked your old worn out cunt for a year before he did me the first time.”

Allison said, “Go ahead, do her first. I can wait.”

Brittany said, “Do us both together at the same time.”

I inched my pants and underwear down to my ankles, Allison said, “Nude…we had to be.”

I stripped out of my clothes and just for delaying me I gave Allison five more swats with the Pizza Peel.

Then I slipped my cock into my very first pussy. I gave my sister Brittany my virginity. It felt so wonderful that I didn’t move over to Allison. However, she wouldn’t let me get away with that. I had to slip my cock into my oldest sister and WOW was her pussy ever nice. The spanking had moistened her pussy to the point where I had very little friction and that caused me to last longer than I had expected too. I fucked into Allison for a long time but it was Brittany that I came in.

Both girls were cheering when Mom opened the office door and looked out. One of her breasts was exposed to my eyes.

Allison said, “Oh, hi Mom. We just got our asses beat with that pizza thing and then we got Royally fucked by our brother.”

Mom smiled and said, “Oh okay, continue. I was just wondering if you wanted to go home.”

All three of us replied, “NO!” at the same time.

Mom just smiled and went back in with Tim.

We could hear Tim spanking and fucking Mom once more. However, I had spanked and fucked my sisters three more times by then. I had cum in both of them twice.

Mom came out wearing a tight pair of orange camel toe shorts and a T-shirt. My sisters had dressed too and we headed home.

Mom told us that we were all going to be working at the pizza shop all summer, seven days a week. Then she told us that her and Tim were an item.

Allison and Brittany told her that the three of us were an item too.

Well…once word spread about the camel toe waitresses the place was packed every night. The girls waited on the tables and Mom waited at the take out door. It was a window but then no one could see Mom’s camel toe, so it quickly became a door…a full service door…if you will.

For a twenty-dollar tip the pick-up door customer got to slip his hand down into Mom’s shorts and finger her pussy for two full minutes. She made more money than my two sisters did.

Of course Mom wouldn’t let them get felt up…after all…they were too young.

Apparently not for Dad to spank and fuck them on their thirteenth birthdays.

The End
My Sisters Got Jobs
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