The Seers were gone, a new Clan must come...from where...
The fantasy which became romantic reality when finally I met Her was destined to be it seems….I had been chosen to continue the line of Mystics (I prefer the term ‘Seers’)
But, in truth, this Reality which became more Magical every minute, more fantastic and mysterious and loving every one of the short days we spent together – it changed my Life into something I could never have foreseen…
NOTE: This Chapter begins as Chapter 4 left off: going beyond the boundaries of Believability, but it is an Author’s privilege and right to do so. He/She can write anything which comes from the Imagination…
And, even as Destiny brought me to this Beginning, it can also lead me where it will be Fated to go….

However, this might include very young sex – if you cannot read about this, STOP NOW!

Part 1
(From Ch.4:
Ming chuckled and sent her thought to me in her shield: “I know exactly what she means, Daddy.”
“Just remember Ming: I am Daddy’s first daughter; you are second. I know even better how to take care of Daddy.”
“But you remember Alpha, dear sister….”

So began what I had planned to be an escape from domination and (somewhat melodramatically) evil intentions.
‘The best laid plans of mice and men….’)

As I drove up the main road, I shushed the bickering girls to say “My daughters, we need your shield protection on now and I don’t know when we might be able to take it off.”
I paused for a moment to be sure we were safe from Neng, my youngest daughter’s mother, listening in to our thoughts.
“Right, listen to me; this is our chance to escape girls, but it will only work if we do things together. This rivalry is unnecessary and will only give us all a headache, so let’s calm down, take a deep breath and Dad and his 2 daughters can get on with starting a new life – ok?”
We drove through the Village entrance, through the open security gates, where I smiled at the guard I had known for years.
“You are no longer the ‘Girls in the Village’; now you are Daddy’s Girls, until we find a new Village” I chuckled to them and was happy to note they both laughed a little by return.
“All right, let’s get this settled” I mumbled as we turned on to the Motorway heading south-east. “Alpha, I thought we would first head back to the Resort where Nun works – this sound good as a starting point while we make a Plan?”
“Yes, Daddy, I liked her and it is fun at the beach.”

“Good, Ming you will like it I am sure, but it is a few hours’ drive.”
“Second point: Alpha, you are my oldest daughter; Ming you are my youngest daughter: those are facts.”
“I love you both equally, but it does mean Alpha is older and slightly more developed than you Ming: that is also a fact.”
“You are Neng’s, your mother’s, chosen First of her new Clan, Ming, while Alpha is her mother’s, and my chosen as the First of a new Alpha Clan: those are also established facts.”
“I am a chosen Outsider to what was the ruling Clan, and my sperm mixed with your mother’s to create you both. But I will not choose between you and can only hope there is a Seer still living who can help us as you grow.”
“What I want is each of you to only, only, feel for the other: ‘you are my sister and this is our Daddy’.”
“That is all I want to say now – hopefully also the last time I have to repeat myself. Now, this road is busy so I need to concentrate on driving; we will stop at the Services in about 45 minutes so have a nap until then, my beautiful girls.”
“Oh, last thing – I forgot: there is no need now for you girls to, ah, ‘help’ me keep my sperm from getting Neng pregnant; I said this last night but perhaps you didn’t listen…so, to be blunt: sucking my cock is no longer required and I want you to start again growing up as just young girls, not my lovers. Ok, is that clear, girls – yes, you did beautiful and wonderful things to me, but it has to stop, ok?”
“But daddy…”
“Daddy, what if we want….”
I held my hand up for silence and said “It has to stop.” They both lapsed into silence – morosely no doubt.

We stopped to pay tolls and for a break at the Services.
I took them to the Men’s toilet in my arms, but once in a cubicle, I set them down and let them take care of themselves - even Ming had been going to the toilet for herself for some weeks.
When they had finished I did help them adjust their clothing and they stood there while I relieved my bladder; they giggled when my semi-hard cock took a while to release, but I held my finger to my lips and frowned at them: they giggled again, knowing their Daddy was never angry with them! We washed our hands then I picked them and carried them over the busy road to an open air restaurant.
“First major test, girls; I will put you on the chairs and you can take care of yourselves – order what you want to eat and eat yourselves. We might as well begin living openly – you will just have to be my ‘special’ children, very advanced despite looking so ‘babyish’!”
I chuckled when they smirked at even a reference to the fact they were physically still babies.

The waitress came over, café for me, and then Alpha spoke and ordered – in fluent, knowledgeable Thai; the waitress was shocked, looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled at her; she wrote down as Alpha ordered for both.
After she left I praised Ming for considering the effect if she had also spoken to the waitress intelligibly and letting Alpha do the ordering.
Of course we had spoken Thai at home with Neng, though I used far more English than Thai and my thoughts and times speaking alone with the girls was always pure English, so they were fluent in both now.

Their food came and they fed themselves as I glanced around to check there were no familiar faces: all clear, so I relaxed with my café and ignored the many stares from astounded people.
When they had finished, I left them at the table sipping water from their cups while I stood just a few metres away, outside on the pavement to have a cigarette – I had virtually given up these days, busy with the girls, but enjoyed an occasional one, as indeed a beer!

I paid the bill, including 2 cans of cold beer for the trip, giving our waitress a reasonable, but not exorbitant tip – not wanting that to add to her memories of our visit; settled back in the car, I clicked both their seats into a more reclining position for the remaining 2 hour’s drive.
I told them I loved them and glanced back in the mirror 5 minutes later to find them asleep; ahh.

They were still asleep as I checked into the Resort – “perhaps 2 weeks” I advised as to our length of stay; occupancy was low so I chose a bungalow somewhat hidden by trees, but close to the restaurant and a short walk to the beach and shops.
As I walked back to the car with our key, Nun appeared from the Restaurant and came to greet me, a respectful wai followed by a big smile on her face, pleased we were back….

(Nun had been a friend of Long’s, the original ‘Girl in the Village’ who had so captivated me for some years before I finally had the chance to meet her…though it hadn’t been ‘chance’ at all really, as Long and her Clan –the ruling one until they had all been, well, destroyed by Neng – had chosen me to be their Chosen One. Long and I had hoped to gain the approval of Grandmother Long to marry, but she had died before that could be.
But it had been Long and her mother who regenerated my sperm and encouraged me to love and make love with Pung: Alpha was her baby, delivered by me even as Pung lay dead around her….Nun was a painful reminder, but also a cheerful, lovely young woman and Alpha and I had both liked her on our week’s retreat after Alpha’s birth….)

“You’re back! Welcome, how is Alpha?” She glanced into the back seat through the open window….she stepped back, another look and, seeing them sleeping whispered to me “2 babies, Khun Steve….?”
“Long story nong Nun; I’ll tell you later ok. Now I will take them to our bungalow and settle in.”
“I have a break coming up in about 45 minutes – can I come and visit Khun?” “Sure, Nun, you will be welcome any time.”

Part 2

I settled us in, opening a beer to sit and relax while the girls explored the room and then outside under my watchful gaze from the front steps.
They were soon hungry so we went inside and I made sandwiches for our late lunch, told them we could go to the beach later and I produced swimming costumes for them both – they squealed in delight, ignoring their lunch and not knowing I had bought them at a surf shop just before arriving at the Resort.
I bought red for Alpha, always thinking of her in that colour (it had been her mother’s favourite, but I wouldn’t tell her that) and black for Ming – a dark colour, sure, but somehow there was always a slight concern about Ming’s future, somewhat clouded and impenetrable and it did worry me a little.
Just as they stripped off their morning clothes, wanting to try on their costumes ‘right this minute’, a knock came at the door and Nun smiled, then gaped, then looked askance at the 2 ‘babies’: naked yet standing, talking yet so cherubic, flopping, giggling, on the bed as they pushed one leg, then another through the costumes’ legs.

“I did it first, Daddy!” Ming exclaimed and I laughed “Well not quite, honey…come here and I will fix it just a little.”
Ming had 2 legs thrust into one of the costume’s legs, so I stripped it down, pulled the tight nylon material up her body and was just tying the string around her neck, pushing her hair out of the way, when Alpha announced “I am finished, Daddy! I win!”
“Only by one second, Alpha” as I spun Ming around to show she too was dressed.

“Hi Nun, welcome to our home for a while; Alpha you know and this is Ming, only slightly younger than her sister. Girls please show respect to Pi Nun.”
The girls both bowed over their hands in a wai, and Nun returned the gesture to them. Then she looked at me…waiting for an explanation.
“Girls, you can stay in those, but please go to the table and eat your lunch; Alpha could you get a bottle of water from the fridge and pour 2 cups please. I need to talk with Nun, just outside for 5 minutes.”

So I gave Nun an explanation: no lies, but nothing like the full truth…”So, Ming’s mother needs to rest for 2-3 months so we came here to start; they are ‘special’ children, Nun, very advanced as you see, but they are both my daughters and both of them make up my Life now. If you can accept being constantly amazed by them, you are very welcome – I only ask you don’t run and tell the world about ‘these babies I know can…’ Ok? ” And I took her hand as I waited.
“Ok” was all she said, but there was a smile so I pressed her hand in gratitude, hearing the girls giggling inside. I turned around and said sternly “I said: eat your lunch!” They giggled even louder knowing Dad had never been angry with them in their lives!

Nun looked at her watch “I better get back; nothing to do, just setting the tables for this evening, but we have hardly any guests – this is the low season – so I have more shifts off work than on for another few weeks.”
I thought for only a moment before suggesting “How would you feel helping me with the girls on your off-shifts? Not baby-sitting, just giving them a woman’s view of the world and their lives as women to come, not deep matters, just a woman to young girls conversation….”
“I would pay you” I added “No, don’t complain – if I am paying you, you can tell people it is a ‘baby-sitting job for an over-worked single Daddy who is worn out by his 2 girls and needs a holiday!’”

The girls in question, listening avidly, began yelling and complaining ‘I wasn’t over-worked, I loved taking care of them – and they didn’t need caring for anyway – and I couldn’t go away for a holiday without them….’
Nun held up her hand, laughing “Yes, I would love to spend time with them, and you Khun Steve, but certainly I won’t ‘babysit’ 2 such grown up young ladies!”
“See you at the beach later?” Nun queried as she ran back to work waving to the girls

The girls helped me unpack our clothes, set things up in the bathroom and kitchen; “Let’s at least make it feel like a home while we are here, girls, ok? Yes, a cleaning maid will come, but we don’t have to make it messy or dirty.”
“Who’s ready for the beach and a swim – ok, I will just get changed, pack some water and fruit….5 minutes.”
I readied towels and drinks first then stripped to put on my own new costumes, bought because they were red and black – to show the girls I was impartial. Unfortunately the ‘M’ label, my normal size, seemed rather small and the girls both grinned as my never-deflated cock was well outlined.
I turned away from them and slipped on a pair of baggy shorts and a t-shirt, put t-shirts on the girls, floppy hats on their heads, grabbed the beach bag and off we went. 10 minutes later we were under the shaded area, covered in sunscreen, in our lazy chairs for one minute and the girls were ready for the water. “Come on Dad, you are too slow!”

There were very few people around, so I took my shorts off, left my hat on as I prefer and took the girls’ hands as we trotted to the water’s edge. I wasn’t sure how, but Alpha could swim – both well and stylishly and she quickly dived under and then curved up like a porpoise and swam 20-30 metres out, standing up at my call – relieved to find it was less than waist high for a long way out, I motioned for her to swim back and forth across so she would never be too far out.
Ming said “I want to put my head under Daddy, and soon I will swim better than her.”

I let Ming hold her nose, close her eyes and duck her head down, before I plucked her up around my waist as she spluttered water. “You have to close your mouth too Ming!” I chuckled, as she slid down me and did it better this time. I lifted her up in the air; she wrapped her legs around my waist and sat on my cock bulge!
She bounced on it a few times as I sank down to my haunches in the shallows. “I don’t need to swim now, Daddy, I like it better here with you” and she bounced again, grinning as she felt an even larger protrusion under her bottom; “Daddy, did I do this to you?” Her face of innocence was countered by her hand snaking down and between us to stroke along my outlined cock.
“You’re getting bigger, Daddy! Is that me too, Alpha calls it being ‘horny’ – are you horny for me Daddy?”

“Ming, I thought we talked about this: my cock shouldn’t be in your thoughts at all!”
“I don’t want it in my thoughts either, Daddy; I just want it in my mouth…until I am a little bigger, and then I want it in….”
At just this moment, a voice called out “Can I join you?” Nun was standing at the edge, only a few metres behind me. I lifted Ming off and sat her beside me, unclutching her hand from my cock and said to Nun “Sure, perfect timing” as I saw the scowl on Ming’s face; “Could you sit with Nun for 5 minutes, Ming, while I have a swim myself and check on Alpha?” Ming growled an ‘ok’.

Nun stepped through the water and I looked at her; no swimming costumes, just a t-shirt and shorts (like many Thai women, shy being seen in costumes which might display their bodies), but she was lithe and slim and, with her hair released and flowing down her back, very attractive: my cock stayed as it had been.
When Nun sat beside Ming, I stood and walked out to slightly deeper water; Nun called after me “You need feeding, Khun Steve, you are very slim.”
I only turned my head, not my body, to smile and say “Slim is a nice word, Nun, but I am skinny; I have always been.” “Not everywhere Daddy” Ming called out and I dived into the water, hardly deep enough but I had to, to escape for a few minutes.
Alpha had stopped swimming and was standing, waiting for me; I didn’t stand up, just smiled at her, complimented her swimming ability and style and asked her to wait while I swam out and back a little for ‘exercise’. “You can exercise with me, Daddy…” but I dived back under the water again: what am I going to do with both girls?

I hadn’t had a seaside swim for such a long time; it would be nice to stay here for a while and do this every day. For today, my whiter skin –unlike Alpha and Ming’s much more olive skin – was already feeling the strength of the sun, so I swam back to Alpha, swung her up into the air and dropped her down into the water before running through the shallows back to Nun and Ming, Alpha complaining about me as she struggled behind.
As I reached them, glancing around to see Alpha coming, I saw both Ming and Nun’s eyes locked on my groin area; my cock had gone down, but the costumes still outlined it all, and all too much – I needed to go shopping! I plopped down, jumped up and said “I am too hot out here, let’s go back to the shade ladies” and I ran up to the chairs and quickly put my shorts on, sitting down.

I watched the 3 of them ambling up the sand to me: they were 3 ladies, despite the baby-like physicality of 2 of them; I had been in a ‘no-win’ situation with my daughters which I had hoped would now be over, but Nun’s added attractiveness and both my girls’ continued lust…I was a lost man for sure.

The waitress from the beachside chair rental/drinks order business coughed politely beside me; as I turned to her I saw her eyes fixed on my groin for a few more lingering moments: oh no!
I paid for the chairs and ordered a cold bottle of beer and ice for myself, as a starter anyway. She smiled – beamed a smile actually – and walked away with quite a pronounced look back at me…
“Daddy…” It was Ming trying to run to me, “I need to go to the toilet…”
“Oh, Ming, you didn’t say – can I take you, I need to go too and it’s a little hot for me in the water; I’d like a shower better; will you come with me and we can do that?” Nun had clearly found herself able to talk with the girls easily.

I gave Nun the key when Ming agreed, just as the young girl came back with my beer; “Daddy will have his beer, then Alpha and I will be home and we will talk about dinner, ok my little one?”
Alpha beamed and jumped on my lap as Ming and Nun walked quickly away, Nun stooping to pick her up – a rush trip to a toilet needing longer legs, I guessed. The young girl bent over close to my shoulder, to put my plastic cup on the table, brushing me with her breast back and forth as beer bottle followed and an ice bucket last – I needed the ice first as Alpha squirmed on my growing, excited prick!
She told me the cost and I paid her double with a big smile for her ah, thoughtful attention, and she responded by leaning both breasts over and on me to pour my beer…very slowly. Gosh, what wonderful service they have here!
Alpha jammed me in the ribs and the girl grinned and left, mouthing ‘she is jealous’ at me; I nodded, shrugging my shoulders and showing a face which was meant to convey ‘what can I do’.

I reached for my beer, pushing Alpha down a little in my lap in order to get to my cup; she squirmed more and pushed a hand under and between us to grasp my cock. “Daddy, this was mine first and it should stay mine first; do you like other girls more than me?”
I hugged her “Oh, Alpha, nothing like that: I love you - and Ming of course, but there are certain ‘things’ a man feels for big girls which I mustn’t feel for you, my daughter.”
“You said ‘you mustn’t’; is that like saying ‘you shouldn’t’?”
“Yes, love, that’s exactly right.” Good, she was understanding -or so I thought.
“So, you ‘mustn’t’, you’ shouldn’t’, but you do – is that right Daddy?”

I was quiet, reticent to answer with a blatant lie; of course my cock answered for me without conscious thought – or was it – by kicking up and at her bottom with such energy that it had to be an affirmative to her ‘but you do’ question.
She squealed her delight and threw her arms around me as far as they could reach; “I got it – sometimes your cock answers without words, and I am sure your cock doesn’t lie, right, Daddy! Whoo-hoo!”
“You sit in that chair my too-intelligent daughter!” I lifted her and plopped her down beside me, then ostentatiously adjusted my cock through shorts and costumes, reaching for my beer straight afterwards, then changing to the opposite chair and lighting a cigarette.
“It won’t matter soon, Daddy; I will be more able to get what will be mine, when I want it; I think you know what I mean Daddy….”

We sat in a strained silence while I finished my beer, packed up and carried my ‘toddler’ daughter acoss the road home.
The front door was open, but all was quiet, so I motioned quietness to Alpha, expecting to find Nun and Ming asleep; they were certainly in bed, comfortable as in sleep, but what we saw was Ming lying on Nun’s naked body and sucking her breast as if there was milk to find!

Part 3

It was decidedly erotic! On the top step, I leaned to Alpha’s ear “What do we do now?”
Alpha took a moment before replying, after careful thought it seemed: “We get on the bed quietly and I suck your breasts, Daddy.”
Taken aback, I said “I don’t have breasts like a woman, Alpha; let’s just make a noise outside and wake them up….”
“Oh, you don’t have breasts Daddy; ok, let’s just go and lie on the bed quietly and not wake them up – but I would have liked to suck breasts also…poor Mummy…”
We had never had the chance, not really, to discuss her mother’s life with me leading up to her death – tomorrow, I would talk about her with Alpha, as painful as it was for me, and for her daughter.
We stripped off inside the doorway and went to the bed, where I picked her up to lay on my chest, but she didn’t now want my poor substitute for breasts: she was heading for my cock immediately!

I thought that mightn’t look very good when Nun woke up, apart from trying to stop the girls from this pastime, so instead I gently placed her on Nun’s available breast which was next to Alpha and allowed her to place her mouth on the nipple and suck a live breast (her mother’s milk had been plentiful immediately after Alpha had been born but she had been a lifeless body nevertheless.)

Leaving them to enjoy each other, I just put my costumes and shorts back on, went outside with a can of beer and a cigarette and sat under a tree on the grass, catching a sea breeze for relief from the heat – I should go for another swim while I had time to myself, came the thought, so I checked the 3 girls on the bed – asleep happily it seemed – picked up my hat and shirt and bag and wandered back across the road.

As I passed the young girl, I gave her enough money to rent a chair again and asked for another bottle of beer and ice; she accepted the order, looked around for my girls, and cocked an eyebrow at me; “They are having a sleep, so I thought I would have a quick swim by myself.”
She was over within 2 minutes, just after I had removed my shirt and shorts and readied for a swim; she came around in front of me to place the items on the table and turned her head the short space away from my costume-hidden cock to get herself an eyeful of the bulge it was making. She gasped, so I turned away quickly and jogged down to the water, mindful I had to go shopping – quickly!

Splashing through the water until I could dive in, I swam out to deeper water, until it was at neck level when I stood for a few moments to wipe the saltiness from my eyes. I sensed a presence and found a small hand reaching around my back, inside my costumes and encircling most of the girth of my quickly aroused prick.
“I had to feel it, Khun, I just had to!” She moaned, moulding her long t-shirt-only clad breasts, indeed whole body, to my back and wrapping 2 slim legs around my thighs while her hands pushed my costumes down to give her the access to the item she ‘just had to feel’. Well, she was having a good feel, no doubt of that!
It wasn’t enough; she pulled on it and didn’t let go until I had to turn around and the water had ridden her t-shirt up floating so her body was virtually exposed to me under the water.

Facing her, my cock jutted out, hitting her abdomen as she came close to me again; I lifted her and she sat down on my cock while I held her to me by feeling, fondling and holding her small breasts….
“How old are you, nong?” “15, almost 16” she groaned, bouncing on me easily in the buoyancy of the water. “Have you had sex before?” “Ah, yes, some boys, but it wasn’t much fun…not like now and not with a man and not with a cock so big!”

She pulled her body back 20cms or so and reached for my cock, directing it and spearing it into her cunt.
I had fucked Neng only 2 nights ago, but Neng’s idea of love-making or sex was just to get me ramming so far up her body that my sperm would have only a little distance to travel to her womb and get her pregnant…
But I hadn’t had a nice fuck for such a long time, and now I wanted one.
The water helped to make it easier and I was standing, so my erection could easily be at the best angle as I pulled her gently onto my rod. She was clinging to my neck, her body supported by the throbbing long cock, so I had 2 free hands with which to snuggle between our bodies and find her young woman’s nipples and breasts to fondle and tweak. She groaned into my neck, pulled her mouth away and around to my face, lathing kisses all over until I captured her lips, then her tongue with my own and devoured her mouth as I made a final thrust to have perhaps ¾ of my prick within her stretched young cunt.

She was so young and so unused to such a cock that I only had to throb and she jerked and moaned at the sensation of stimulation, in depths never reached before I guessed.
2 throbs and she stiffened.
3 throbs and she must have climaxed; her body shaking against me, her cunt sucking hard around me, her mouth sucking hard around mine.

It was beautiful, just like this, as I began to gently ease my cock back a few centimetres and forward again, never trying to push too hard, just enough to make her orgasm roll on and over her continuously.
Perhaps 10 minutes I maintained this until she was whimpering with overloaded sensations and reached the limits of her pleasure. I had not tried to bury myself fully and I hadn’t allowed myself to come to the point of ejaculating within her – mindful of my ‘little fish’ and unclear as to whether they were still potent or safe to release, so I thought of other things….

It was of no concern to…I don’t know her name....she had been fucked and she knew it. I eased myself out; she made a feeble attempt to pull me back, but she was exhausted, so I took my cock away, gently turned her around and cuddled her back to my front. Yes, my cock was still erect, but I held her close and only played with her breasts and nipples gently as I willed myself down somewhat and let her recover enough that we could make it back to shore.

“What’s your name?” I whispered in her ear, kissing the earlobe and her neck under her hairline. “Nok” she groaned; ah, ‘bird’, a gentle little bird, a dove I thought, hugging her tightly. “That was beautiful my little bird; I am Steve….sorry, but we need to get out of the water: people must be wondering about you, and I have 2 daughters and their child-minder to get home to.” I pulled up and adjusted my costumes as best I could.
I felt slightly guilty referring to Nun as their child-minder – perhaps ’wet nurse’ was almost a better term, even if her breasts weren’t full of ‘wet’ – but how else to explain how I could leave my girls alone.
I mostly carried her back to the shallows, by which time she could walk by herself; I didn’t hold her hand, but I did try to hurry her as the beach had filled more as the afternoon sun weakened and more people were closer to us than earlier.

Her t-shirt dress was covering her enough as I steered her towards her family workplace, very lightly, fleetingly, caressing her back as a gesture of sweetness and she turned her head to smile at me; “I can’t talk, I am just so…feeling wonderful. Thank you, Khun Steve…” I smiled, picked up my shorts and towel - enough to cover me – placed my warm, unopened bottle of beer in the bag and headed jauntily home.
As I passed the rental shop, where Nok worked, an older girl – too young to be her mother, perhaps her sister….called “Nice swim, Khun Steve – Nok said it was wonderful -?” At least she was smiling at me.
‘Best swim I have had for a long time, nong; see you later.” I smiled and walked on, feeling her eyes following me across the road to the Resort.

Part 4

At home, I gave up the pretence of covering my groin, hung my towel and shorts on the outside line next to my daughter’s and Nun’s and then went inside.
The shower was running and much giggling and chatter told me all 3 were in there; I got a can of beer, put my unopened warm bottle in, and sat on the doorstep; too much beer today, though I reconciled myself by thinking of the actual amount consumed versus the amount bought…I hadn’t drunk that much at all, really.
I heard the shower turn off and put my beer back in the fridge as I knocked and said I would dry someone…the door opened and 3 naked female bodies were exposed to me, albeit with towels! “Me” “me” “me?” they all spoke together!
Obviously, Nun had also given up any pretence and was leaving me in little doubt that she was now part of my…harem?
“Youngest first” and I wrapped Ming in her towel and hauled her out, ruffling her hair dry then gently rubbing the fluffy towel all over her tiny body; she spread her legs so I could dry up – and down – her slit and bottom, hugging me and whispering “That feels sooo nice, Daddy – sure I am dry there?” I wiped once more up her slit and scooted her away in her towel to “rub your hair a little more, little one”.

“Come on Alpha...oh, you’re here!” I had turned around but she was right behind me, leaning in to my body as I began on her long, flowing black hair
“Daddy, your costumes are too small, and your cock is too big…”
“I know Alpha” I began as that very same cock jumped against her face against me, “As soon as we are ready, we will go in the car and buy some new ones – a bigger size – maybe a whole wetsuit! Then we will go and eat dinner, ok? Now go and finish the rest of drying yourself, my big, little girl.”
“But your cock is so close to my mouth, Daddy – wouldn’t you like me to help you get it down while you dry me…you know I can?”
I playfully pushed her away, wondering before I turned if the 3rd female body was there, still waiting to be dried.
It was; “Do I need to do this nong Nun? Do you want me to?”
“Yes, yes” and she held the towel out to me with one hand, with no attempt at hiding her body’s secrets; “You have a beautiful body Nun” I began to dry her hair and smooth back and she bent it down; “you have a beautiful cock, Khun Steve – well, so the girls tell me!”
I was flabbergasted, red-faced and smitten with an inability to speak!
Nun was smiling, taking the towel back from my paralysed hands and she waltzed away across the room to the bed, giggling with my daughters. I rushed into the bathroom and locked the door, then straight under a cold shower.

When I emerged, towel wrapped around me, the 3 girls were dressed for dinner; “I don’t have to work tonight, Khun Steve – is it ok if I join you?”
I pretended to scowl a “Yes” but all 3 laughed as I found underwear, clean shorts and a casual going-out shirt. I dropped the towel, facing away from them, wriggled my bottom and went back into the bathroom, smiling at their cackling laughter behind me.

We went to the surf shop first; I declined Alpha’s offer to come with me and help me choose ‘a bigger size’ and left them in the car with Nun. Within 5 minutes I was back, to heckles of ‘try them on and show us Daddy/Khun Steve’.
I asked Nun for directions to a restaurant for dinner and kept my engorging cock, I hoped, from giving Nun, in the front passenger seat, another view of my state when aroused.

Dinner was a raucous affair, mostly at my expense.
The setting was beautiful: on the seaside only 10 minutes from the surf shop/our Resort; a thatched roofed Thai restaurant, thankfully with not even one other foreigner that I could see, though we were at the early hour. (Foreigners are generally more ‘nosy’ than Thais and I could do without any probing questions when I told Nun to give them the menu and leave them to it…)
She showed surprise but only until Alpha began reading out dishes she would like and asking Ming for hers, then Nun just shook her head.

I vetoed some dishes as too spicy, whittled the number down to a manageable quantity and added rice and a vegetable dish, and one small change to one dish; I would have enough leftovers for my small appetite, so let Nun choose for herself.
A waitress came over and I nodded to Alpha who rattled off the whole selection without faltering, added water for herself and Ming, a bottle of beer for Daddy, and only needed to ask Nun for her choice of beverage letting her pronounce the name of a cocktail she had always wanted to try.
The waitress checked with Nun and, shaking her head, took the order away just as Alpha had said it, accepting my late call for the drinks to come now please, with ice.

With the drinks, while waiting for the food, came my daughters musical chairs; the music was piping through the restaurant, the chair was mine as they took turns at running around the table and jumping on Daddy’s lap, each time it seemed with a little more squirming on the growing cock they knew was there. Thankfully, Nun was sitting on the opposite side of the table unable to see the bulge, but her foot could feel it as she probed in between the girls’ laps around. She smiled innocently as she gulped at her cocktail.
“Do you normally drink alcohol, nong?” She shook her head, so I warned her to sip slowly in that case; she downed the last of it in response!

Ming was on my lap when the music stopped/paused while changed, so she declared herself the winner! The prize was to stay right where she was, with Alpha relegated to the chair beside us; I expected some arguing but the arrival of the first dishes stopped that.
Ming said “Daddy, I am only a baby – can you feed me my prawns please?” Accompanied by a sweet, babyish smile, I laughed and hugged her, mentioning she was also ‘lazy’.

The prawns were hot and it was actually Nun who gave them the first couple before my fingers could hold them; unlike Thais, I preferred to shell the body, twist off the head and tail and skin the waste vein away before dipping in the sauce and eating, so I went ahead and prepared them this way for the girls thereafter, getting to eat only 2 for myself.
Oysters were next, thankfully the small ones I had specified, rather than the very large ones Thais generally ate, but which made me gag.
I had also requested with them my preference of the dip, far preferring the Vietnamese way I had learned many years previously: salt and pepper stirred with lemon juice, a condiment I generally had with all seafood, French fries and even salad on occasions, loving the tangy taste.
The girls all said “Yuk” when I gave them a tiny taste, so mine it was and we all ate some oysters with our own chosen sauces. Watching the 3 young women eat oysters, I thought they hardly needed any help with their sexuality, let alone any aphrodisiac!

Ming squirmed on me as I fed her prawns from my fingers, gleefully sucking my fingers into her mouth at the same time, then voluptuously – if such a trait can be found in a ‘baby’ – slurping the oysters from a spoon oh-so-slowly; yes, just as if it was my cock she was slurping into her mouth, and she knew it and knew what it would do to her Daddy when her body rocked upwards with a particularly strong surge of that cock under her bottom. She giggled and asked for another one and repeated her slurping, waiting expectantly for the next growth surge, grinding down the better to feel it and hitching her dress up at the back so it was her panties clad bottom – gosh, they are wet, I realised – closer to me through the material of my shorts.

I swallowed the last oyster, drank some beer and said I had to go to the toilet; Alpha said “So do I Daddy” and became morose when I suggested, fleetingly, she ask Nun to take her to the Ladies’. “Ok, ok Alpha, come on; Ming, be good and stay here with Nun please….look at the stars up there – we can’t get such a beautiful sight in the city can we.”
I ushered Alpha away at a brisk clip, smiling at Nun as she began talking to Ming about the heavens and stars.
Given I had a little girl with me we went into a stall, though there was nobody else in any case. I pushed my shorts down over a difficult cock and stood over the bowl as Alpha watched and waited: I was too aroused to release the urine I knew was in my bladder, so I suggested Alpha go first, reached under her dress to pull her panties off and held her as she sat on the lowered seat.

She spurted only a little and I washed her vagina with the washing spray, making her giggle at the tingly feelings and squirm up and down, bringing her face close to my dangling cock – which I had left out to try and get it relaxed enough to urinate.
Within a few sucks, all relaxation had gone and it was stiffening in her mouth; she mumbled between sucks “Oh, I have missed you, Daddy” and she gave me a blowjob so well I had to cover my mouth to stifle groans as I erupted with all the built-up sperm stored there from my afternoon encounter with Nok in the water.
There was too much for Alpha’s mouth to swallow and it began bubbling out the sides; I quickly pulled a tissue from my pocket, but some fell on her red dress – unnoticed at that point – as I closed my eyes and let her empty my balls.

“Heavens Alpha, have you been practising on something? That was incredible!”
“I am getting older and better, Daddy.”
Then I gathered my wits and resumed my fatherly role; “Alpha, I thought we agreed that had to stop?”
“No, Daddy, we didn’t ‘agree’; you said we had to stop, but Ming and I didn’t actually ‘agree’ to stop.”

My daughters were becoming too smart and too precocious, obviously. While she showed me her intellectual capability, I gathered some toilet paper, wiped myself, then more to dry Alpha’s slit and bottom of water, lifted her off and we each pulled our pants up, panties in Alpha’s case. I pressed the lever and we went out to wash our hands, returning to the table both with smiles on our faces, albeit for different reasons and Alpha’s more a smirk of renewed conquest.
Ming wasn’t fooled; she knew we had been up to ‘something’ and when her eyes looked at Alpha’s dress mine followed – and that is when I realised cum had dripped down on her. “Oh Alpha, we spilt soap on your beautiful dress!” and I grabbed a wet towel and wiped the spots, hoping it wouldn’t leave stains.

“So, what have we to eat now, though I am not very hungry anymore?” “Nor me, Daddy, I feel filled up” said Alpha with a big grin and I rolled my eyes at her, knowing she was deliberately teasing her younger sister.
“Actually Ming and I, mostly I, have eaten the next dish – sorry. Do you want something more, Khun Steve, or dessert?”
“I just want some milk now” Alpha said, Ming nodded and added her agreement; “Nun’s milk” she said, to the acute embarrassment of a squirming Nun opposite. But I laughed and asked “Would that be to drink here or take-away, girls?”
“I want mine in bed at home – first” Ming added pointedly, clambering into Nun’s lap. “What’s my dessert to be then girls? I only drink milk in my café.”

“You get 3 servings of cream Daddy” Alpha pointed to Ming, Nun and herself as she counted “1, 2, and 3 is me.” My mouth watered and my cock stirred as I sighed “Well, home it is, milk and cream it is – though I was looking forward to ice cream!” They giggled, 3 of them, as I motioned to the waitress for the bill and drank some more beer, the prospects rousing my prick even fatter and harder in my shorts.

Back in our room, I changed the girls into pyjamas after making sure they both went to the toilet and watching them both brush their teeth; while we were all in the bathroom, Nun took her clothes off and simply wrapped a towel around herself, using the bathroom after I brought the girls out and settled them in bed.

Nun came out, sans towel, and – brazenly for a normally shy Thai girl - walked straight in front of me, hiding nothing from me. She got into bed and my daughters latched on to her nipples; she smiled at me, but it was a smile of contentment.
Surprisingly, I felt little sexual attraction for Nun and after 5 minutes just watching them, I murmured I was going outside for a while…nobody showed any signs of having heard me, let alone seemed concerned at my presence or lack thereof.
I wasn’t sure why Nun didn’t attract me, though the idea of sucking on nipples did – the problem was: the image of whose nipples appeared in my mind was that of my daughter’s unformed nipples, and then another image was of young Nok’s succulent ones felt this very afternoon.

Nok had made a very strong impression on me, it was clear.

I was still in my shorts and shirt; I put my cigarettes in my pocket, checked I had money and took the key, closing the self-locking door behind me. I stood outside for a minute until the whisper of the sea breeze ruffled my hair and filled my nose with smells of the seaside; I headed over there.

I walked through the stacked, chained chairs and folded, chained umbrellas where the girls and I had sat in the morning; all was very quiet, the gentle, tiny waves lapping way out on a low tide, but I saw a lone figure sitting straight in front…as I walked through the sand closer, I said “Nong Nok, is that you?”
She turned and smiled, her teeth gleaming in the starlight; she was sitting on a towel and motioned me to sit beside her.
“Why am I here, Khun Steve – is that what you are wondering?”
I nodded, reluctant to interrupt her obvious reverie.
“I couldn’t settle at home – I live with my family just back there, next door to your Resort actually – because I wanted to re-live what happened this afternoon, just out there in the water.” She pointed straight ahead, as if she had memorised exactly where my cock had been inside her young cunt.
My heart skipped a beat at the Romanticism from this 15 year old young woman; I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled myself closer to her side and we sat in companionable silence for long minutes.

“What happened this afternoon was quite beautiful, my little bird, but birds need their rest at night.”
I only said these words, nothing else, and made no physical move other than a squeeze of her shoulder. She leaned her head on my shoulder but remained quiet.

Eventually, she did turn her head and lifted her eyes up to look into mine; I kissed her lightly on the lips. Then her cheeks, her again-closed eyelids, her forehead and down to her ear closest to me, nuzzling it and her neck, then back up to her lips where she had an open, waiting, expectant mouth.
I delved briefly into that open cavern, feeling I could easily allow myself to be swallowed therein, but it didn’t seem right to me at this moment – very altruistically, I felt she had had an experience of profound importance to her this afternoon with me, and didn’t want a tongue-thrusting, groping session to ruin it.

So I held her chin and kissed her wantonly but briefly, whispered “Go home and sleep, little bird” and left her with a final squeeze of her shoulders into my side.

I walked slowly up the beach, a little concerned she was sitting there alone, so I waited behind a stack of chairs. 5 minutes later, she picked up her towel, shook it, and turned up the sand towards me.
Satisfied she seemed to be heading home I turned, crossed the road and went to my bungalow.

All was quiet as I brushed my teeth, emptied my bladder and flushed the toilet behind the closed door; walking quietly back into the bedroom, I tucked Alpha in a little further towards Nun in the middle, kissed them both lightly on the cheek, turned off the dim bedside lamp and went around to the other side.
I climbed in naked beside Ming, enough room for all 4 of us without being squashed; Ming rolled over to me, sleeping soundly, so I joined them in slumber cuddling Ming in the crook of my arm.

Part 5

Waking in the morning, girls still asleep, I had to empty my bladder; it was early, I could tell from the risen sun’s soft light, but I deemed myself well rested, so washed, cleaned my teeth and went back to the kitchenette.
I found a note from Nun saying she had to work 2 shifts today but hoped to see us later – and ‘thanks for a wonderful time everyone!”
I made a café, decided sitting outside without shorts might not be wise, and took a clean pair of house shorts off the shelf.
Morning café and cigarette later, the sun now beginning to rise higher and bring higher temperature with it, I heard Alpha calling and went inside, leaving the door open.

“We’re hungry, Daddy!”
“Of course girls - that is rather normal of course; right, let’s get washed, dressed and have breakfast. You have a choice of cereal and milk here, toast…or we could go to the Resort restaurant today…bacon, eggs, rice soup, omelettes, juice…which would you choose?”
“Very funny, Daddy” Ming said sarcastically, “Besides, Nun already suggested we eat over there; come on Alpha, race you to the bathroom!”

We were soon walking hand in hand across the grass to the reception/restaurant/games area; the girls skipped ahead, Alpha very proud she had mastered this difficult activity, Ming complaining she couldn’t do it yet.
We walked in, not too many people but Nun was busy at one big table, so another young waitress met us, introduced herself with a wai and pointing to her name tag as she said “My name is Ping; would you like to sit inside or in the courtyard – it’s lovely out there and away from the sunny side in the mornings…”
I was about to answer when the girls gave Ping a wai and nice Thai ‘good morning’ and ran straight out to the courtyard. I gave Ping my own respectful greeting and shrugged my shoulders “I was going to say the courtyard, nong Ping, but my girls knew that already!”

Ping gave the girls a menu (Nun had already told her they could read and talk very well) while I decided on café, bacon and eggs and tomato – which Ping said she would bring me - and the girls finally closed the menu and decided to go and see the buffet. Ping only had the courtyard to care for and with only one other couple drinking their café/tea, she said she would bring my café first, then help the girls and bring them back; I relaxed, thinking: it is nice to have a helpful woman around sometimes….

I relaxed but I was thinking as I ate, so when the girls sat back with bloated tummies and sighs of fullness, I asked them to sit there for a few minutes while I ran back for my phone.
Returning with it, Ping was sitting in my chair watching over them; I thanked her, asked for a can of beer and ice in a glass and when she had delivered that and cleaned off the table, Alpha said “What is it, Daddy?” “Yeah, you’re all fidgety, Daddy” Ming added.

“I’ve been thinking, girls that’s all. It is time to talk with your mother Ming, so girls, turn off our protection please; even though I know she could just reach into my thoughts, I want to use the phone – it might keep her thoughts from you 2 a little better. Even so, you need to be careful what you think – eventually she will know you are both ‘special’ and have the qualities of the Clans within you, but let’s try and keep her from knowing for as long as we can, ok?”
They both nodded, so I called Neng.
“Hello, my husband, where have you been?”
“Hi Neng, are you ok, resting helping you?”
“Yes, I feel fine, but I am actually at an aunt’s house up north; with your ‘wife’ staying away and you not here, I was bored, so I flew up yesterday; she is not of the Clan so knows nothing of Ming or you, but she is always nice and I like it here.”
My mind was whirling….”Oh that’s a good idea, honey; listen, say a few words to Ming, will you? She won’t really understand and babbles away, but she would probably enjoy hearing her mother’s voice…just a second…” I proffered the phone to a pouting Ming, urging her to be a ‘baby’ for a minute, then said “here Ming, it’s Mummy…” Ming was incensed but squeaked and laughed for 15 seconds or so, while I could hear Neng’s disinterested voice on the other end.

I took the phone back to my ear; “Oh, she loved that, Neng! Alpha is fine too, by the way” (though she couldn’t have cared a less – ‘sorry Alpha’ I mouthed to her). “2 babies are a handful but I love them both; but so tired with them, so I have been sleeping every time they have. They love the seaside so we will probably tour along the coast; I might even start them on swimming lessons, like kids do in Australia…”
“I don’t care about all that, Steve, or how long you are away – just so long as you are back when the doctor gives me the all clear to start fucking and getting pregnant again; I am not sure about Ming – I should have been able to get to her thoughts by now, I think, but I haven’t had anything. You aren’t protecting them are you, can you do that?”
“I will protect them both with my life Neng, but I don’t know how else to protect them. Don’t worry, I am positive Ming will be special – just let her be a baby for a while, ok; we’ll be in touch, but I have to go Neng, Ming has just done #2 on the floor in the restaurant…take care, bye!”
I heard a “Yuk!” from Neng and turned off the call and the phone, taking a long mouthful of my beer before even daring to look at Ming and the expected earful of complaints!

Alpha was guffawing with laughter when I turned to a red-faced Ming to say “It worked Ming, you were brilliant – just as Daddy planned it to keep her mind away from you girls! Well done, let’s go to the beach, shall we? Right after I go to the toilet…I don’t want to pee on the floor do I?”

I rushed away, smiling but hearing a scolding “Daddy, I want to talk to you…” in one ear and a loud bout of laughter in the other; they would calm down, I hoped as I went into the restaurant’s toilet and did urinate.

Once back, I called Ping over and signed the bill to my room account; she asked what we had planned and Alpha said “The beach for a swim – Ming is feeling a little hot”; “Well, if you want later and have nothing to do, come back and find me and I will show you the games room and children’s play area…”
“That’s very nice of you, nong Ping, thanks; be polite, girls, please.”
Instead of a polite wai, both girls clambered down from their chairs and hugged Ping’s legs; “Daddy might like a game with you too Pi Ping; he is good at games, but he cheats!” Ming had decided how to start and repay me for the phone conversation - it seemed Ping was to be the opening gambit.

I stood up, draining my beer and pressing a large denomination banknote into Ping’s hand.
“Well, any games Pi Ping and Daddy might play might be when my babies are asleep. Bye nong Ping, thank you!” I rushed out as Ping replied “thank you, Khun Steve; bye girls”; I only went as far as the front steps and hid behind the side wall, waiting for the angry ‘babies’’ voices to catch up. I picked them up in my arms and endured a battering of small fists on either arm as we headed home to our bungalow.

Laughing by then, we all changed and now the girls saw my new costumes for the first time; they were still red and black, to match their colours, but 2 sizes bigger which I thought was fine to keep me ‘decent’ and hidden.
Well, it was until Alpha came over for a closer look; she didn’t touch me, she just looked, but the scrutiny had me aroused and growing within seconds. Then she touched my hardness lightly and said in an exasperated voice “next time you go shopping, Daddy, just give in and let Ming and I choose for you, ok? But they do look nice, Daddy; you are just too big for anything, that’s the problem!”
“I’ll be ok with my long shorts on; thank you for the advice Alpha – you sound just like a wife!”
“That will come soon enough, Daddy.”
I wasn’t sure if she meant I would find a new wife, or if she was to be. I decided not to pursue the matter, put my long shorts on and gathered supplies, towels, hats, sun cream and ushered them out the door.

Across the road, we stepped up to the paved area and across there towards the sand, the umbrellas and the water. Nok and the slightly older girl I assumed to be her sister were seemingly waiting for us to arrive; smiles all around as Nok came with us to the same chairs and umbrella as yesterday, asked me “Beer, Khun Steve, ice, anything for the girls?”
I nodded my head and beheld her cleavage as she leaned down close to my shoulder.
“Girls, I have water, enough for now right?” They both nodded, looking at Nok.
I turned my head towards Nok and said “Just for me then, thank you, nong Nok.” My eyes flickered down and up and down, then up when she stood, smiling and said “Be right back, Khun Steve.”

“She likes you, Daddy” Ming said quietly; “Who, little one?”
“That girl, Pi Nok, Daddy – it looked like you like her too.”
“And Pi Ping also, Daddy; she told us when she helped get our food for breakfast – what about us, Daddy?” Alpha seemed most upset and close to tears and I rushed from my side of the table to lift Ming on to my lap and lean over so I could cuddle Alpha, and Ming, at the same time.

“Oh girls, why can’t you try to be young for a little while? You don’t need to be worried about ‘grown-up’ or many other matters; let yourselves have fun before the world becomes claustrophobic to you, smothers you in problems, leaves you no choice but to accept and face them in your special way – but it isn’t that time yet; trust your Daddy: yes, older girls and women might like me, I might like them too, but not yet should you be so worried about that – I will never love anyone as I love you two: never, that I know and I promise you.”
To take their mind off the matter (I hoped) I made them stand in front of me as I applied sunscreen and made them laugh when I deliberately made it into a tickling game. But I was able to do the job: sunscreen their bodies to protect them, as my conversation with Neng had mentioned.

Nok came back with my beer; when she had poured beer over ice into my cup – actually, a glass today – Ming couldn’t resist, “Do you like my Daddy, Pi Nok?”
Nok was taken aback; she didn’t know my daughters were anything more than babies able to sit up and walk! ”Well, yes I do…Ming is it, and Alpha? Your Daddy is a nice man.”
I smiled, “See Ming, your Daddy is a ‘nice man’! Want to swim now girls, come on…”
“Do you want to go to bed with him and have sex, Pi Nok?” Alpha decided she was part of this conversation – interrogation – also.

Nok stood there, wrestling with her thoughts it seemed but just like Amy in one of the ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ stories I had read to my girls, she took a deep breath, apparently counting to 10, and decided to answer from her heart: “Well, yes, I do, Alpha – but he hasn’t asked me of course; is that a problem for you girls – I don’t want to cause any problems with your Daddy, it is just that he is the nicest man I have ever met: don’t you think the same about him?”
This sent both girls into silence, but first Ming, then Alpha nodded their heads and simultaneously they smiled broadly at Nok and Ming replied to – both Nok’s question and to me “Yes, he is; let’s go for a swim, Daddy; see you later, Pi Nok.”
I took a gulp of my beer as the girls got out of their chairs and began running down the sand; I had to quickly take off my shorts and glasses and then I found Nok looking at my body.
“New costumes, Khun Steve…you need a woman to choose your size for you….”
I broke into loud laughter, turned away from her but said “That is exactly the same as my daughters told me! Thank you for accepting them and speaking – truthfully was it, my little bird?”
“All true, Khun Steve…every word – and all my unspoken words also…” I put my shorts back on and ran for the water.

Part 6

The tide was way out, so the girls were content to just sit in the few centimetres of water which ran along a narrow channel just off the edge of the dry hot sand. I stood there, my ankles barely covered by the water’s depth, still with my long shorts on.
I glanced up towards our table, feeling eyes on us; Nok was standing there gazing down – I had a sudden idea and called up to her “Nong Nok, could you find and buy 2 sets of buckets and spades for me please?”
She smiled and turned away; back within 5 minutes and beside me, opening the bags holding one yellow set - Ming claimed that- and a pink set for Alpha. The girls laughed and set to work; I told them I would go back to our table as my skin needed sunscreen also and I hadn’t put any on and I would pay Nok for the spades and buckets.

They ignored me and seemed happy to play together and I could watch them from only a few metres away in the shade.
I paid Nok, for the umbrella and chairs and beer also, rounding the amount up by an extra 100 baht; she proffered it back but I had turned my back for a moment to check the girls and she accepted it “thank you, Khun Steve, but it isn’t necessary.”
I turned to her “Nok, I can see how few people there are around and it must be difficult for your family, so it is only my way of saying ‘thank you’ to you – you saved my old legs from having to run and find the spades to buy!”
She laughed, just as I noticed her sister reach us – heavens what a sight as my eyes, sitting in my low-slung chair, were looking perilously close to a tight, sheer black swimming costume covering an outlined protruding slit in her groin – guess this is what I read of as a ‘camel toe’!
“We aren’t busy, so I thought I would have a swim; can you introduce me to your daughters and, if they will, they could walk with me out to the water’s edge for a paddle – don’t worry, Khun Steve, just to their knees or so and I am a good swimmer, they will be fine for a little while, ok?”

It was all too tempting: the vision of her, Nok’s hand which had somehow, sometime appeared on my shoulder, gently squeezing – and getting the girls wet without me having to endure the sun for a while longer…”Sure, ah, nong….?”
“Nip, Khun Steve, sawasdee ka” and she gave me a wai with her name’s introduction, and I responded in kind, pushing myself up from my lounge chair and heading for the girls, with 2 more girls in tow.
It went as offered by Nip and I watched them splashing, falling in the sand, laughing all the way the 60-70m to the main water.

I headed up the bank to my table, my hand brushing Nok’s as we bumped against each other slightly walking in the sand; I felt different about her, more than just a feeling of lust and sex…I felt her touch my heart.
But I shouldn’t get involved just yet, with anyone, not until I worked out a real plan for the future of the girls and myself. I hadn’t had a minute since the phone conversation with Neng to just contemplate matters through further, but I knew her break away far to the north had to somehow help us way down here in the south-east.

Somebody called her and she smiled at me and trotted away; I looked to the girls with Nip – they seemed fine so I sat facing them, under the shade, drank some beer, had a cigarette and began to think….”Daddy, come on…” came a loud shout, both girls yelling together to make sure I heard.
So much for thinking – or had I fallen asleep; I finished my beer, took my shorts off and jogged down to them, now only 40-50m out with the incoming tide, but Nip had kept them where the water was no more than waist high for them.

The girls splashed me as I came closer so I reacted by picking up Alpha and throwing her into the water; she was fine swimming so I wasn’t concerned and that was her just desserts; Ming jumped behind Nip for protection, squealing as I turned to her with a predatory look; I feinted around Nip’s body one side, then the other, mindful of the body I was brushing lightly against with my arms and feeling aroused.
Ming clambered up Nip’s back with Nip’s arms supporting her under her bottom, her front thrust towards me and I studied her breasts, the pointed nipples straining the costume material; my cock was still above the waterline and it throbbed harder, just once, but enough to catch Nip’s eyes as they dropped their gaze down.
My attention thus directed, I failed to notice Alpha come up behind me and give me a shove forward, straight against Nip, her breasts hitting her lower abdomen; afraid they would fall, I had no choice but to wrap my long arms about both of them and keep them from stumbling – but this kept our bodies even tighter glued together.

Nip was breathing heavily as I moved half a step away, a slight moan escaping as I unglued us and I walked behind her to untangle Ming’s arms from choking Nip and sat us both down in the water, getting us wet up to our necks and hiding my cock from at least plain view. Ming could feel it though as her legs kicked around in the water, and she quickly sat her bottom on it as a resting place!
With Nip facing Alpha, this put me behind her rear and a beautiful rear it was! Her cheeks – gosh the moulding of her costume to her body shape was so erotic before my eyes wherever I looked, I wasn’t even sure if I had looked at her face yet! Her long black hair streamed down her back, but her perfectly slim, rounded buttocks took my breath away and Ming giggled as she felt her resting place become even more secure for her with its burst in girth and length.

“Your skin will get all wrinkly and old if you 3 girls don’t get out of the sun for a while” and I picked Ming up, using her to shield my front and silently asked Nip to take her (against those lovely breasts, my eyes sending the sight to my brain and my cock yet again); “Daddy wants a 5 minute swim and then I will be up and we can order some food or something, ok girls, ok Nip if I ask you for another 5 minutes with 2 little monsters?!”
I porpoised away quickly, under the water for a few strokes, then freestyle out away from them; when I paused and turned they were already heading for the chairs, Ming and Alpha running, Nip continuing my erotic feelings with her walk.
She stopped and turned, as if feeling my eyes undressing her, and I saw a smile of brilliant white teeth gleaming in the sunshine out at me; I waved and she responded with a ‘come on out’ wave of her own; I began the swim in, adjusting my cock the whole way, now agreeing with Alpha I should let my girls choose my clothes in the future.

A towel quickly wrapped around me, I plonked down into my chair after helping Nip dry the girls, thanking her; she smiled and said ‘anytime, Khun Steve’: like sister, like sister, it appeared.
“Hungry girls…” “Oh Daddy, you are so slow; we have already agreed with Pi Nip what we want, and Pi Nok is getting it for us. We ordered prawns for you…” ”And another beer, Daddy” Ming chimed in, never wanting to let Alpha have all the conversation: the rivalry had subsided, but seemed destined – and it perhaps was Destined – never to disappear; it was a concern to me.
I finished drying Alpha and she sat in the chair next to mine; my towel was slipping, so I turned and pulled my shorts on over my costumes, adjusting my cock in there just as Nok came with the beer! She was smiling so wide as I was blushing red-faced; she put the new bottle on the table, refilled my glass with ice and poured, her hip brushing mine for the long, slow moments it took to fill my glass. I groaned and Alpha looked up at me, perplexed for only a moment before she smiled, looking at my groin.

When Nok finished, she and Nip headed off, Nip needing to shower and change; they had their heads together, chuckling and both talking at once; Ming came around and jumped on my lap, squirming on what they both knew was under my shorts and costumes.
Ming said seriously “Daddy, are you going to have sex with them and Pi Ping too?” I rolled my eyes at her and cuddled her to me as Alpha said, equally seriously “Daddy, I don’t know if I – if we – can protect you from getting them pregnant, but it would be all right to ask us to suck your sperm out again before you have sex with them…it might work, and Ming and I would do this for you, Daddy.”

Her face was so sombre, even more so when she sighed as if it was such a sacrifice for her to be offering to suck my cock, on behalf of them both – when, I was certain, she couldn’t wait to ‘help’ me again in this manner!

I reached and hugged her to my side, my other arm around Ming; I kissed them both, not even minding when they turned their mouths to me, open and inviting for a tongue-tangling kiss, even with a squirming Ming as she half-turned to do the same as her sister.
I kept a serious face, though inwardly I felt like laughing, as I replied to them “Girls, that is so wonderful of you to offer to ‘help’ me again, but I might have found a way to protect any ladies who might want to have sex, plus myself, and save you from that awful cock-sucking job….”
“Oh, how Daddy – your cock is always ready to fuck…just feel it now Alpha…” Alpha squirmed her hand under Ming’s lifted bottom and received confirmation of what her younger sister had said, but I was more concerned with admonishing Ming; “Ming, you shouldn’t talk like that, I don’t like it!”

She whimpered against me, but just then Nok came with food, so I stood up and put Ming back down in my chair and I moved opposite so I could help them both with their food – and to show Ming I was a little miffed with her.
Nok had to go, so I shared them what they wanted, though only prawns really required my assistance – they were both well capable of taking care of themselves mostly: so grown up….

“Well, Daddy, how are you going to protect everything?”
I looked around, we were alone; “I had sex with Pi Nok yesterday, girls, while you were asleep sucking on Pi Nun’s breasts. I controlled myself and didn’t, ah, let myself go, but it was still enjoyable for both of us and I was happy to hold it inside; so she won’t get pregnant for certain!”
“How, Daddy – how did you stop yourself?” Alpha’s probing questions unnerved me – she was just too discerning, as I realised I hadn’t even acknowledged to myself yesterday what it had been I thought about to distract my cock from ejaculating.
“Alpha, can you, or Ming, read my thoughts?” “No, Daddy, but we keep trying, don’t we Ming?”
I laughed and then decided to look cross at them – it didn’t work!
“So, come on, Daddy, answer Alpha’s question, it is my question too.”
I paused; I never lie to them, so I simply said “I was thinking about you two.”

“You were, thinking about us; what were you thinking Daddy?” They wouldn’t let go, they had to have a definitive answer: “I was just thinking of you girls sucking me and I knew I wanted to try and keep it for you – for when you are older, I mean!”

It was true, but their smirks of triumph undid all the restraint I had tried to instil in them these past few days: they knew their Daddy was theirs to keep, and they both knew what they wanted: Daddy to be theirs only.
“Of course, maybe I won’t be able to ‘hold it in’…it isn’t easy when there are quite a lot of older women seem to like me….” I had to lighten the conversation, get them – Alpha particularly – away from this subject totally. “Eat girls, I don’t understand why Thai people still enjoy their food cold – I much prefer mine still warm or hot if it is cooked food; so eat please, then we rest, then a swim…then we shall decide what activity we do, or where we go this afternoon.”

Alpha wanted to say more, I knew it from her look, but with a resigned sigh, she understood I had now closed the discussion – for now.
Ming had the last word, however, “It’s all right, Daddy, we understand you need to, ah, make sex sometimes – just while we are growing up fully.” I groaned inwardly and drank half a bottle of beer quickly.

Part 7

I tidied up after they had finished, told them to lie back in their chairs and we could all doze for a little while until our food was digested before swimming; I fell asleep – great protector I am, I thought afterwards!
When I woke with a start, realising how delinquent I had been, they were chatting quietly with Nok and Nip, who were holding one daughter each in their laps.

They were also both wearing costumes, Nok today replicating her sister’s slinky nylon full-body one to show she had equal curves, bumps and defiles where necessary! I groaned and wished I could sleep again, but Alpha had been waiting and she said excitedly “Daddy, let’s go for a swim – you promised, and you’ve had a rest, ‘old man’!”
I bristled; “Hey, enough with the ‘old man’ young lady – you aren’t too old enough for a spanking, if you are disrespectful to your elders, even if they are ‘young Daddies’!”
“Oh yes, please, Daddy – you’ve never spanked us – it might be fun!”
“Alpha, you are getting too confident, too smart; how old do you think you are now?”
I had taught her some Vietnamese and she answered in that language, a way of restricting knowledge to Nok and Nip: oh she is clever, I had to admit. “15 toi, Daddy, khong co gi Ba ninh be; be biet nhieu roi.” I huffed: ‘doesn’t matter if she looks like a baby to Daddy; she knows a lot, something like a 15 year old.’
“Well, Alpha, I guess I cannot ask you – or Ming – to slow down knowledge development mentally, intellectually, psychologically, even sexually” I added with a slight grimace, “but, I do still require respect and some decorum when we are with other people, ok?”
“Yes, Daddy” and Ming echoed the same acquiescence.

The girls had already cleared the table, so my daughters were up and running down the hill to the water, now much closer on the tide. Nok and Nip were close behind, and I looked at their behinds – from the safety of my chair while I washed my face with some of the very cold melted ice water.
‘Do I dare go in the water with them all? 2 daughters, so precocious they knew exactly what would make Daddy bigger in his pants, along with Nok and Nip who looked so beautiful and inviting and available to me.’

‘No, I don’t dare’, so I left my shorts on and wandered down close to them as they all got wet; “Look at me, Daddy” Ming called, and she stroked through the water like a miniature nymph: she had been hiding her ability yesterday, I decided, preferring to be close to Nun’s breasts and nipples, or sitting – riding – on my cock: she was no less a ‘minx’ than her slightly older sister!
“Well done, I am proud of you Ming; now you can both swim well.”
“Nip” I asked quietly, “As the older, and if you have an hour spare, could I go back to our bungalow and have a sleep…just one hour I will be fine?”
Perhaps slightly disappointed, she answered “We are free all afternoon, Khun Steve; we will take care of them; sleep as long as you like.” I smiled at her and Nok, told the girls their ‘old man’ was indeed tired and have fun – but be good!

I took only my own towel and the beach bag, leaving the girls’ towels, and I walked up to the kiosk from which Nok and Nip’s family operated; there I paid for everything, tipped them for their family making it easy for me and the 2 girls to have an enjoyable time, and went home.
2 metres from my steps, Ping came around the corner, smiling brightly and greeting me with a wai.
“Where are your daughters, Khun Steve?”
When I explained, she asked if there was anything I needed before she began her afternoon break.
“Actually, Nong Ping, yes; could you bring me, say 4 bottles of beer? I am going to take a quick shower, so just leave them on the steep…I will only be 5 minutes.”

She walked briskly away and I went inside, taking the rinsing shower and drying myself, ready to plop down on the bed. I did, picking up my book for a 5 minute read, an almost tradition with me for many years: a little reading before sleeping.
Then I remembered the beer, so I groaned and went to open the door, naked, but I figured I could just reach out and get them without being seen. Fine idea – if Ping hadn’t been, at that precise moment, bending down to put the beer on the steps and, glancing up at the door opening, received an eyeful of naked body and cock barely a metre away.
She was amazingly calm; “Oh good, Khun Steve, you’re still up”… [I must have blushed] “…because I also brought ice with me, and that needs to go in the ‘tu yen’ – sorry, I am not sure of the English for it… so, can I come in for a minute and complete my delivery please?”

I dashed for a towel – oh hell, where are they, ran into the bathroom and wrapped one over my front first and around; but when I turned back, trying to calm the flush on my whole body, Ping was about 2 steps behind me at the door of the fridge: meaning she had seen my flapping body desperately searching for a towel.
She raised herself after putting the beer in the fridge and the ice in the freezer and looked directly at me; “You need a woman, Khun Steve; they would find your towel easily – if you needed one, which you don’t” and she took that unnecessary material off.

I did need a woman it seemed, at least my cock did, as she gasped at my displayed nakedness boldly bobbing ‘hello’ to her; she started this so I waited for her to either run out the door, or follow my bum heading for the bed – if she didn’t come, I was sure I could fall asleep in any case.
My head on the pillow, I turned my eyes and found the answer as her panties were the last item she was removing before she stood and brazenly stood, feet wide apart and hands on her hips, her only adornment a pearly smile on her lips.

Guessing she wasn’t about to leave, I moved towards the centre of the bed and patted the space beside me; she accepted my offer but didn’t lie in that space just then: she knelt beside me for a moment, lifted one leg over my body and sat her cunt down on my face, squirming her already flowing juices over me for a few seconds before my hands lifted her slightly to avoid suffocation.

I held her up for a breath before spearing my tongue straight up and into the folds of a woman who clearly grew ready for action very quickly: the lips of her vagina were red and inflamed and her juices flowed like a tap left turned slightly on and her cry when my tongue hit and rubbed over her thick nubbin of a clitoris was of Agony and Ecstasy combining in an immediate small orgasm.
She was hovering over my prick, centimetres only from her mouth, which itself was drooling and salivating over said cock and running down the shaft to my groin hair.

I felt a surge of incredible power as I used my fingers gently to prise her cunt lips apart and again thrust my tongue inside this fountaining body above me.
Not the power to do anything I wanted to this woman and certain to find her willing – though that appeared the case most definitely.
It was the power I felt, the realisation I had power over myself and my actions and, more specifically, over the actions of my cock!
If my tongue could make her orgasm – perhaps multiple times - perhaps she had not even the need for a spurting cock in her to feel, to be fulfilled – and would I thus be spared yet another potential pregnancy?

Perhaps I had been granted some small power by the Long Clan members I had made love with; after all, they had not only sanctioned, but wanted me to love Pung – a non-Clan member - and create a new child who became Alpha, and she was seemingly imbued with most, if not all, the Clan’s abilities.

Ming was the product of Neng, a different Clan but still a Clan member, and I could not have been expected by the Longs to withhold my sperm from her: she was just too powerful in her own right – and Ming was the new child of that union, and also seemed to have Clan attributes, though which Clan was yet to be determined.
Other than those, Nok yesterday had been the first non-Clan, non-Clan approved woman with whom I had had any sex with since meeting Long; and now here was the second woman, Ping, and a consummation with her seemed, in these first few minutes, almost unnecessary to fulfil my role of giving pleasure to her or others.
While my tongue performed and Ping groaned and squirted a tasty drink almost continuously into my mouth, I almost had to chuckle: perhaps I had thwarted Alpha and Ming’s desire to have my cock in their mouths, in order to help protect these women, with whom I might have sex, from becoming pregnant.
Now that would slow their sexual experiences, at least for a while, if I could maintain this withholding of my sperm from everyone!

I turned Ping over and around on the bed, but kept my mouth glued to her lips, those at her groin, but now I could have my own groin down the bed away from her – just in case my cock wasn’t listening, wasn’t caring more likely, what my rationale had been. But I could now use my hands to feel over her abdomen and sides, up to her generous –sized breasts and nipples as hard as steel when my fingers squeezed them.

Her mouth was too busy moaning and keening to talk or ask for my prick and her body seemed as alive as it was possible to be without my prick inside her, so I was content I was doing a good, satisfying job for her.
Certainly, I wasn’t thirsty for beer any more: her nectar just poured out of her cunt, so much more than I ever could remember from another; ‘perhaps I should put a bottle down there and collect some for later drinking’ one silly thought flashing through my mind.
Finally, I bit her clit and probed a thumb up and inside her anus and she screamed out an orgasm of such intensity, for perhaps a minute, before she pushed her hands at my head and I knew she wanted me to ease off; I did so and she mumbled breathlessly “too much…enough…” so I gave gentle slurps and kisses only, and only to the outside of her body, allowing her to come down to earth.

I slid up and kissed each breast and nipple and then the lips of her mouth, gently, slowly and without trying to arouse further passion.
Soon she was able to talk and she said “I’m sorry, you didn’t get to have sex…it was just so…I felt so…I was taken over…you gave me so many…never climax like that, ever…but I am sorry for you.”
It was rather incoherent and jumbled but I worked out the gist of it and smiled at her; “Don’t be sorry, Nong Ping, it was very pleasurable for me seeing you have so much pleasure: that is my job, try to please the woman.
“Oh you did, you did, Khun Steve!” She kissed me fully for the first time before interrupting and asking “Could you help me to the bathroom please; I need to get back to the Restaurant!”

While she showered, I rinsed my face at the sink, cleaned my teeth and straightened the bed; I couldn’t see myself having enough time for a sleep now – the girls must have had enough at the beach for today.
She kissed me “thanks for a wonderful tip” and opened the door; my brain clicked as I saw 4 girls walking up the path to our bungalow: “Just put the bill on our room, please Nong Ping, thanks for bringing it so quickly.”
“It was my pleasure, Khun Steve. Hi girls, did you have a good time? Remember, if you want to come over for some games later, just find me, ok?”
“Thank you, Pi Ping,” Alpha responded “What about Daddy – any games for him?”

She didn’t wait for an answer from Ping, turning to me to ask “Have a good rest, Daddy; you look terrible!” Ping smiled and rushed off, mumbling she had to get back to work….

“Thank you very much, Alpha; actually, you’re right: I couldn’t sleep for thinking about my daughters.”
“What did you think about this time, Daddy?” Ming had to get in on the conversation. “How black you would come home after so much sun, Ming, that’s one of the thoughts I had – look at yourself and your sister; showers and moisturising cream for you two.”
“How were they, nong Nip, nong Nok – as terrible for you as they are to their Dad?”
The 2 young women laughed, but it was Nok who answered “They are so much fun to be with, Khun ‘Daddy’; my sister and I learned so much about you!”

I rolled my eyes as Ming said “Its ok, Daddy; Pi Nip and Pi Nok took good care of us, and we were good; now we are all going for a shower and a sleep – Alpha and I invited them to have a rest in our big bed.” My eyes kept rolling as the 4 strolled up the steps and into the bungalow; my eyes, perhaps still rolling, seemed to focus on 4 beautiful bums facing me and, as if feeling, 4 smiling beautiful faces looking back.

They all went into the bathroom and closed the door; I made myself a café and sat outside for a cigarette, but it was hot – both to drink café and to be outside, so I threw the café for the tree and grass to absorb and went in to the cooler room.
Ming was on the outside of Nok, sucking on her breast; Alpha in the same situation on the other side of the bed, sucking Nip’s larger offering; no sheet covering them: 4 naked women of varying ages displayed there for a hormone-charged male to feast his eyes upon and (lest it be said I was slow-witted) my mouth drooled at the prospective feast to suck and eat upon.
My daughters seem to have found a new outlet for their sexuality: sucking on breasts of any woman who might make herself available.

None of them opened their eyes, but I saw the unused nipples of the women hardening and lengthening under the gaze they knew was upon them.

I went to the bathroom for a shower, cleaned my teeth of café and cigarette smells and walked to Ming’s side of the bed; it was such a large bed in both width and length that I easily had room to kneel on the end facing up at them and I gave Ming a few minutes of what she had wanted since my fingers had found her wet that first time, and my finger had caressed her insides that first time: my tongue on her tiny vagina, lapping at those juices she so freely offered.

She opened her legs to me, her mouth remained fastened to Nok’s breast, and I slowly slid my tongue and down her slit, sucking in the juices as she excreted them; she squeaked and moved and groaned and moaned and – no, it couldn’t be…a gush of orgasmic juice burst from her into my mouth as she climaxed!
I sucked and drank and lapped her through a further minute of groans – heaven knows what Nok and Nip, and especially Alpha, would think of this…well, depravity in most eyes and minds. But my youngest knew what she wanted and I gave her this: we were a ‘special family’; the norms didn’t apply.

Nok’s leg was trembling against my arm as I kissed Ming a last time (for now, I was positive); Ming whimpered, “Daddy, more please…” but I squeezed her body around the waist a little and moved my hands over to the waiting young woman beside her; I wanted a breast to feel and Nok’s available one was hot and tipped by an almost throbbing hard nipple which I tweaked in my fingers before cupping the whole breast in my hand and squeezing and rolling it around; now I had a second female groaning, and another leg pulsing against my arm from Nip.

Nok had had my cock yesterday; now was the time to give her my mouth and check my new-found belief that I could control myself: I did, I could, and I did bring her to climaxes perhaps even more than yesterday, just by my mouth and tongue. It was short and sweet – but interrupted by a leg kicking me!

It was a small leg, not Nip’s, but draped over Nip’s from the far side – so it had to be Alpha’s; what was she signalling?
I left a moaning Nok with Ming still latched to her nipple and, ignoring the kicking, I slid up Nip’s body and didn’t hold back: my cock slid inside her cunt like a baby heading back into the womb, back to where it belonged – and my cock belonged right here, inside the young woman who was now arching her back and straining to get me into her womb just the same.

I pumped into Nip for perhaps 15 minutes, ignoring Alpha’s leg getting harder and now hitting the backs of mine; she needed to learn: Daddy said he could now control his cock, and I was proving it. But, hell, I was horny and only slowed when Nip orgasmed yet again and she, like Ping before her, begged me when ‘enough…’

Alpha rolled off Nip’s breast and out the side of the bed; I thought she might have gone to the toilet as I rolled to Nip’s side and replaced a little girl’s mouth on her breast with my own.
Immersed in this delight, it was a moment before I understood the mouth around my cock was Alpha’s, who had squirreled up and onto that appendage with all the cunning of a squirrel stealing nuts.

Before I could jump out of bed and away; before I could admonish her – somehow quickly think of a punishment – before I could feel no desire whatsoever…I gave in to her most delectable mouthing on my cock and knew this was not going to last long.
I could maintain control within other women – so why not with my daughter?
Or is this the wrong question?

Perhaps the correct question is: why am I denying what I am, what Alpha is, what Ming is?

Perhaps a second question is: why do my daughters seem to be sure they will be, and only they will be, my lovers – and more?

But the truly worrying question was: how would Neng, the ‘Bad Witch’ in this story, react if she suspected, or – far worse – if she knew!

(End of Chapter 5)
The ending of this Chapter just came to me, unbidden – but at the same time, it released the next one….

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