The dance had a guy checking every girl for the two inch rule.
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The Two Inch Rule

My sister wanted to go to a dance at the local teen center. While we were waiting in line for the door to open another girl told my sister about the two-inch rule.

She said, “Roll your skirt up at your waist to make it shorter or they won’t let you and your boyfriend go in. They have this stick with a two-inch pad on one end. When they push it up between your legs it cannot hit the hem of your skirt or you can’t go in. If that happens and you still want to go in you have to remove your panties right in front of them and hand them over. Then you and he can go in.”

I looked at my sister and asked, “Do you still want to go in?”

She said, “Yes. Emily said that it was great last week but she never told me about the two-inch rule.”

So I watched as my sister rolled up her waistline. Over and over until there was a slight bulge. I bent over to check her out and I could see her panties. She decided that it would have to do. To cover the bulge she pulled her blouse out and let it fall almost to her hemline.

A few minutes later the line started to move. The girl in front of us spread her legs and let the guy push his stick up to her crotch. Her hemline must have gotten hit because she removed her panties and handed them to the guy. He put a pink bracelet on her right wrist.

My sister spread her legs, the guy touched her pussy with his stick, and then he let us go inside. He put a green bracelet on her right wrist.

Lights were flashing, the music was too loud, and there were lines at the soda machines.

The girl that had been in front of us asked, “Can I hang out with you guys?”

I said, “Sure” and my sister asked, “Why?”

The girl said, “Well I didn’t expect to have to hand over my panties so I didn’t bring an extra pair with me.” She held up her pink bracelet and said, “Now if I dance with a boy he will have his fingers in my pussy the whole time. The color tells everyone that I’m not wearing panties, pink equals pantyless and green equals good girl. That makes me a target.”

I started to suggest that I cut it off but then we didn’t have a green one to put back on her.

She introduced herself as Wanda, sixteen years old, and a grade ahead of me in school. I introduced myself and told her that I was fifteen. Then Jenny introduced herself and told her that she was fourteen.

Jenny called Emily and questioned her about the dance. As it turned out she was still outside trying to get in. She laughed about the two-inch rule and said that she wanted to give the guy her panties and get a pink bracelet because last week fourteen boys had fingered her pussy all night long. She had about a dozen orgasms and couldn’t wait to let it happen again. As it turned out Emily was a slut and Jenny was not at all impressed.

Jenny danced with a couple of guys that kept trying to slip their fingers into her pussy.

Wanda danced with me. I did not try to feel her up so before the second song she placed my hand on her pussy and told me to go for it. It was the first time that I had ever felt up a girl and I thanked her for letting me do it. She said that I deserved it for being such a gentlemen during the first dance.

When Emily finally caught up with us she proudly displayed her pink bracelet and asked me if I wanted to dance with her before everyone else stuck their fingers in her pussy.

Wanda told me to go for it and then be sure to wash my hands before I fingered her again.

I grabbed Emily and danced with her just a few feet from where Wanda was. Jenny took off with another boy to dance with him.

Emily opened her legs and squatted slightly so that I could have full access to her pussy. She was a lot wetter than Wanda had been. I got three fingers up into her pussy and I was fucking them into her as she moaned loudly into my ear. Emily definitely got off.

Wanda made me go right into the bathroom and wash real well with soap and water. She said that at the end of the night last week she was sure that the seventeen boys that had finger fucked her had finger fucked at least one other girl during every dance before they got to her. A quick math calculation estimated that one hundred and ten other girl’s pussy germs had been shoved into her pussy. Of course there was a chance that the boys had fingered some of the same girls but still the odds were way too high to allow it to happen again on purpose. That was why Wanda had asked if she could stay close to me.

When Jenny came back she was pissed because that last guy had managed to get his finger into her pussy and then the bastard stuck one in her ass too. She wanted to go home.

Emily wanted to know who the guy was so that she could dance with him next. What a slut she was!

Wanda asked if we needed a ride home. She could drive and had her mother’s car. She wanted out of there as much as Jenny did.

First they had to use the girl’s restroom.

It took about twenty minutes for them to come out and get me. Then in the car they started to tell me about the girl’s restroom.

They had run out of toilet paper and two of the older girls had decided that Emily would do the job and lick their pussies clean and dry. Emily was naked and on her knees. None of the stalls had a door so it was easy for the girls to pee then spread for Emily. She crawled in between Jenny’s legs and started licking the pee that was still coming out of her pussy. She enjoyed doing it too and made sure to give my sister an orgasm.

Wanda let Emily lick her to an orgasm too and then she had Emily lick her asshole. Just another way to let the little slut know how low she had gone.

Wanda’s mother’s car had a bench seat so the three of us all sat in the front with our seatbelts on. Wanda asked me to finger her clit while she drove. She cautioned me not to get her too excited. After all we didn’t need to get in an accident.

My sister removed her panties and asked me to finger her at the same time. Jenny did not want that bastard at the dance to be the last finger in her pussy…or in her ass.

I gave Wanda a nice gentle orgasm. At the same time I drove my sister crazy with several forceful orgasms. When Wanda dropped us off at our house she asked if she could come in.

We introduced Wanda to my mother and then she asked Wanda if she would be spending the night. Sure, but she had to call her mother first. It was okay as long as Wanda was home by noon. Her mother needed the car for something.

Up in my bedroom Jenny removed her panties once more, then her skirt, and then she asked me to finger her asshole. I told her that I needed to see her naked, that I needed to see her tits. So Jenny removed her blouse and then her bra for me. Wanda undressed too so that I could see them both naked. My sister at fourteen had 32-B cup breasts while Wanda at sixteen had 32-C cup breasts. Both girls had shaved pussies. Both girls were virgins, like me.

Jenny got on her knees on my bed and placed her breasts on the blanket, lifting her ass up in the air nicely. Wanda saw some suntan lotion on my dresser and suggested that I use it as a lubricant. It did let me get my finger all the way into Jenny without too much discomfort on her part. Wanda got up on my bed next to my sister and let me stick my finger in her ass too.

I heard an almost silent noise behind me and turned my head slightly to see my doorknob turn shut. Mom had seen us and had gone away without saying anything. Interesting!

The girls let me finger their asses for several minutes before Wanda asked me to go wash my fingers and come back to fool around some more.

When I walked down the hall to the bathroom Mom came out of her bedroom and followed me in. Then in a whispered voice Mom said, “I saw what you were doing to the girls. They seemed to really enjoy it. Are they going to let you butt fuck them?”

I replied, “I don’t know, we haven’t gotten that far yet.”

Mom said, “Don’t ask them, just do it. Use plenty of lubricant and push it in slowly. Start with your girlfriend and then your sister will just fall in line. Remember, use plenty of lubricant. Here!”

Mom handed me a tube of K-Y Jelly.

I had washed my fingers so I went back to my bedroom. Mom’s fingers prevented me from closing the door. Both girls were still up on their knees and they were giggling. I put some K-Y on my cock, in their pussies, and in their assholes. I got close to Wanda’s ass and touched my cock to her asshole. As I pushed into her, she pushed back. The head of my cock popped inside and then it was just steady going until skin was slapping skin. Wanda told Jenny that if felt great.

After a few minutes I slowly pulled out of Wanda and pushed it gently into my sister. Jenny told Wanda that it really did feel good and then she told me that I could fuck her ass every night if I wanted too. I thanked her for her offer and told her that I really wanted to fuck her pussy. All she did was giggle. I pumped into my sister for a minute or so and then I put it back in Wanda where I eventually came. It was the best climax that I had ever had.

Behind me Mom said, “Okay girls come with me and I’ll give you each an enema to clean you two out.”

Jenny asked, “How long have you been standing there?”

Mom laughed and said, “Long enough to know that you two gave your brother your anal virginities and that later you two will be giving him your vaginal virginities too. In the morning I expect you to give him his first blowjob…what about you Wanda?”

Wanda replied, “I sucked my father’s cock once but Mom caught us and he didn’t cum in my mouth. Does that count?”

Mom said, “Well in a way yes. However, I think you should get the full reward for your efforts and to swallow that reward for it to really count.”

Jenny asked, “Did your father fuck you, Wanda?”

Wanda said, “No! I’m still a virgin. Mom keeps Dad drained. She fucks him constantly. He doesn’t come near me anymore. It’s too bad, he made me feel really good.”

Then the girls went with Mom and I followed. As they got their enemas they told Mom about the dance at the youth center. Mom was pleased that they had gotten out of there. Then Mom told Jenny to stay clear of Emily. That she could get all sorts of venereal diseases.

When the girl’s butts had been cleaned out Mom asked them to do her. Mom smiled at me as she undressed. Now Mom was thirty-five years old, and she had 36-D breasts. They looked huge when she bent over and let Wanda stick that tube up her butt.

Later that night I got to fuck all three girls starting with my sister and ending with my mother.

Jenny was tight because she was nervous. It was a wonderful first experience and one that neither of us would ever forget. Mom had insisted that I start with Jenny’s pussy since I had started with Wanda’s ass. Actually she told us that loosing our virginities together would make us closer for the rest of our lives.

It took me a while to cum in my sister but that gave her time to enjoy it too. Wanda took longer yet but for some reason I enjoyed fucking her more. Maybe because she was a year older than I was and also because I started to think of her as my girlfriend.

By the time that I got to Mom I was pretty well shot. I had cum three times and had done all of the work. Mom took pity on me and let me get on my back while she straddled me. She turned around to face my feet and to give me an incredible view of her wonderful brown puckered asshole. It was the only one that I hadn’t been in that day. Mom was rubbing her hanging tits on my knees and asked the two girls to lick her two holes and get me hard again. Oh my God!

I could not believe that Wanda went straight for Mom’s asshole, leaving her pussy for my sister. I started to twitch. Wanda was feasting on that asshole and then French kissing my sister before sucking my cock and going back around again. I got hard in no time at all. Wanda even held my cock upright so that Mom could slip down over it.

The two girls helped Mom out by sucking on her nipples together. Mom was starting to get a sexual overload. Then all of a sudden my mother went berserk. She grabbed onto my knees hard and started bouncing her pussy up and down on my cock like a jackhammer. I felt my ass sink down into the mattress and just as I came back up Mom was smashing her pubic bone down onto me again. She was snorting like a bull. She was shaking as if she was in an Earthquake. When she screamed I started to shoot my hot cum up into her well-educated pussy. She could do things with her pussy that the other girls hadn’t even though about doing with their pussies yet. It actually sucked the last few drops of cum out of my cock then her lips were like a squeegee, cleaning my shaft as she lifted up off from me.

Surprisingly her hole sealed itself as my cock slipped out. Not a drop escaped.

The four of us spent the night together in Mom’s king-sized bed.

The End
The Two Inch Rule
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