Striking Forth
Plans are set, and Lyden is ready to strike out to remove his curse. Muramasa might have other things to say about that, however, as the two pit their wills against each other. Can Lyden hold out long enough to find Masamune, or will Muramasa change him forever?

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Chapter 22
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Striking Forth

I wake up before the sun has even decided to peek over the horizon. Rolling over, I find that I’m alone. Slowly getting dressed, I hesitate for only a moment before buckling Muramasa on. There’s no sense in angering the sword first thing this morning.

Pulling aside one of the golden tapestries, I look outside the Orange Bubble. Even with the distortion of the dimensional differences between the inside and exterior of my car, I can make out a number of people outside. Faces are too distorted to make out, but I can tell they’re waiting for me to come step from my car.

They’re waiting to ambush you. Waiting to take you out. You can’t trust them. You can only trust me.

I take a few moments at my car door to gather my nerves before stepping out. Shoving the voice of my cursed sword to the back of my mind is almost becoming second nature.

There is a difference between knowing that people are outside waiting for you, and stepping out to meet them. It doesn’t help when there are more sets of eyes than you expect, either.

Sheila is already there, staring at my feet in subservience. Becky and Lisa are holding hands, waiting for me to speak. Angela and Brooke are huddled together, and I can see Ondine’s blade on the wrong side of Brooke’s hip. I’m not sure how well she’ll be able to defend herself left-handed, but I seriously hope I don’t have to find out.

Yeah, because every other trip to the Shadow World has been a piece of cake. . . .

Thomas is there, holding a rifle that probably belongs to the large-chested woman holding a shotgun next to him. I didn’t expect to see either of them here, and for a moment I debate on telling them they can’t come. Jennifer must be able to see it in my eyes, as she caresses her weapon like a phallus and grins lewdly at me.

Ondine is looking at Thomas, frowning at the rifle in his hands. Knowing how she feels about the older man, I wonder what she thinks about the very human weapon he’s carrying.

AnnaBelle stands off to the side, hands clasped in front of her, and her head bowed in thought or prayer.

Only Areth is actively moving about, listening in on conversations. She looks bored, however, and I can’t help but think that’s a bad situation for the entertainment-starved fairy to be in.

Lisa clears her throat, and gestures for me to do something. It takes a moment to realize they’re all waiting for me to speak.

What words do they want from me? If I had any real say in coming events, none of them would be coming with me, but they’d all made it clear that they were going to come and support me, whether I want them to or not. I take a moment to meet their eyes, before filling my lungs with air, and hoping that I don’t shove my foot in my mouth.

“I don’t know what to say,” I tell them honestly, “and I wish that none of you were here.” Frowns meet my statement, but I quickly continue before anyone else can speak. “The friendship I see on this lawn warms my heart more than I will ever be able to say. I can’t ask any of you to follow me on this trip, but I know where your hearts lie, and all are welcome under one condition.

“Understand that I can’t guarantee your safety, especially from me.” Patting the evil blade on my left hip, I harden my gaze to drive my point home. “I’m constantly under attack from this thing, and some of you have seen how unstable I am becoming. I truly hope to be able to break this curse, and return to who I was, though I understand the curse can’t be truly broken.”

“We’ll find a way!” Lisa shouts at the same time Sheila promises, “I’m here for you when you need me, Master.” The two women frown at each other, but I continue as if neither had spoken.

“I don’t know what we’re going to face, or what will be asked of you. If you choose not to go, no one will think any less of you.” I have to swallow before adding, “In fact, I’m asking you to stay behind. Please don’t risk your life for me.”

“You were willing to risk your life when we were in that demon’s dream world, for a daughter I didn’t really have,” Thomas says, his voice loud and firm. “You followed me, when you had no reason to. I’ve served in Iraq, and if you’ll have me, I’ll serve by your side in this.”

I open my mouth to speak, but a sudden lump in my throat cuts me off.

“You trusted me, even after I tried to kill you,” AnnaBelle adds next. “You’ve shown me that life isn’t just about faith and serving a higher power, though I see great things in what you do.”

“I used to be happy with who I was,” Jennifer says next, before I can formulate a response to the others. “Sure I didn’t get laid a lot, or even at all, but I accepted that. When you changed me into this skinny woman, I was upset at first, thinking that you had changed who I was. Instead, I found I was the same person, but happier and healthier. Lyden, thanks to you, I’ve gotten more cock and even pussy, than I’d ever thought I could get. If saving your skinny ass again is the only price to pay, then I’ll pay it again and again.”

Everyone else starts speaking at the same time, telling me their reasons, but it’s a deep baritone voice that cuts through the early morning din.

“I truly hope your invitation to bring anyone is a valid one.” The speaker steps forward, and I’m shocked to see the hook-nosed Captain Jewkes.

“I didn’t expect to see you here, Captain,” I tell him, stepping forward and offering him my hand. He stares at it for a moment, before gripping it in a firm hold.

“You’ve been under surveillance,” he tells me easily. “When I saw this gathering, I came to listen in. If everything you’ve told me is true, then I need to see for myself the threat humanity is facing.”

“Does this mean I don’t have to stay behind?” Ondine asks, drawing our attention to her. I’d forgotten that she was going to stay back to answer any questions the local law enforcement might have.

“I’ve seen her fight,” Thomas states. “I for one would feel safer with her at my back.” You’d think the older man had handed her the world. She doesn’t even notice when I nod her way.

“Will you be believed when we get back?” I ask the police officer.

He gives a self-deprecating chuckle before saying, “I’ve already been warned about the report I filed on you. The higher ups didn’t appreciate—let’s see, how did they put it?—my whimsical and poor attempts at story telling.” He shakes his head, but when his eyes meet mine again, I know he’s deadly serious. “I know what I saw, and need to know the danger we face.”

“And Miranda?” I ask, worried about the trouble the Daughter of Respite could cause for him or I.

“Still locked up for now. There were too many witnesses at her assassination attempt, though she has some friends in high places.” His response doesn’t alleviate my concerns, but at least she’s locked away for now.

“The sooner we get going,” Angela says as she walks up to me, “the sooner we can break your curse.”

“Good,” Arethusa says, fluttering up and landing on my shoulder. “I’m really getting bored. I need some entertainment.”

Jewkes looks at the golden woman on my shoulder, and just shakes his head again. Apparently he still doesn’t fully accept his new reality, but I can’t really blame him either. It had taken me some time to fully come to grips with everything myself, and I still keep finding myself surprised by events.

Even as large as the inside of my car is, it feels slightly crowded with everyone filling it.

“Where do we need to go?” I ask Angela.

“Just head downtown,” she tells me. “The closest portal is the oak tree.”

My eyebrow rises at that, knowing that it’s also fairly close to TanaVesta, but close my mouth and get into the driver’s seat. I can’t drive my car directly anymore, the exterior view being too distorted, so I command my car to head downtown.

The drive is mercifully short, but seems to take forever. I’m starting to get claustrophobic by the time we pull into the garage. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everyone being here to support me, but do they have to keep trying to talk to me? Muramasa keeps up a constant litany in my mind, and I can feel my nerves slowly growing raw at the constant bombardment.

I can’t hide the heavy sigh I give when I step out, and Becky arches one eyebrow at me, but thankfully doesn’t say anything.

It ends up taking two trips up the elevator to get everyone through the portal, and I can’t help but grin at the looks on some faces as they step out of the oak tree-elevator, and find themselves in a large field, filled with flowers of every shape and color.

I notice Jewkes slip on a pair of rose-tinted shades, and looking around in wonder. Compared to the early morning dimness, the bright light of this part of the Shadow World is a stark contrast.

He notices me looking, and takes the shades off, looking at them for a moment before replacing them. “Blublockers,” he tells me, referring to the amber colored lenses. “They’re not standard issue, but I find they help with brighter lights.”

“Where do we need to go now?” I ask our guide, turning to face the person who’d introduced me to this world, what almost seems like a lifetime ago, and at the same time only last week.

She frowns at me, and I know I’m not going to like her answer.

This is a trap. She plans to hand you over to your enemies. She will lead you into an ambush. Kill her before she betrays you.

“We need to head to the fire border first, and then follow it to Light’s Demesne.” She says the words calmly, but I can’t fully shake off Muramasa’s words.

“The border between Fire and Earth?” I ask unhappily. Do we really need to get that close?

She nods, and I look away from her. If this is truly a trap, then the best thing to do is head straight for it. At least I’ll be prepared.

“It’s too sunny here,” Areth complains as we begin our walk. “Have any of those in my size?” she asks Jewkes referring to his sunglasses.

“I only brought enough for me,” he tells her apologetically. I think he still doesn’t know how to handle the little woman.

I ignore her, as I try to keep my eyes peeled for danger. I keep telling myself that it’s not because I don’t trust Angela, but because of the danger this world poses. Muramasa laughs insidiously in my head.

It doesn’t take long until we come across the Orc’s cave where Angela and I were captured. The stench of rot and decay coming forth tells me that the dead bodies are probably still in there.

I’m surprised at the sense of nostalgia that comes over me at seeing the cave. Life had seemed so much simpler back then. Of course I hadn’t known what I was, or what I’d been heading to, but I also had no idea about the prophecy to save two worlds that now weighs over my mind, or had to deal with my cursed sword, Muramasa. I don’t know. . . . Maybe it’s just that when I think about how innocent and ignorant I used to be, I almost wish I could go back to those days.

“Wait up,” Brooke shouts as I try to keep going. I turn to look at the redhead. “There may be a weapons cache still near here.” I arch an eyebrow at her unexpected statement.

“Why didn’t we use it before?” I ask her pointedly. “They might have come in handy when we’d gone to see TanaVesta. Or do you think you’ll need to use them on me?” The last part comes out a bit more suspiciously than I mean it, and I have to forcibly remove my hand from Muramasa’s grip.

She gives a sheepish glance at Angela, and I begin to understand, relaxing. She hadn’t trusted the succubus at the time. Was she right not to trust the demonic creature? Should I be trusting her now?

I have to shake my head to rid it of that unfair thought.

“Well, I hope you’re happy with the way things turned out back then,” I state, anger thick in my voice. That hadn’t been what I’d meant to say. Hurt and anguish fill her green eyes, but before I can say anything, she takes off walking briskly away from the cave.

“I’m here for you if you need me, Master,” Sheila’s voice chimes near my shoulder, and I glare down at her. What makes her think I want her right now? Always so obsequious and smiling at me. What’s she hiding? What are her true motives for coming along? Who in their right mind would want to be a slave?

Her gentle lips brushing along the underside of my jaw resets my mindset, and I shudder as I recognize Muramasa’s influence. He’s becoming more subtle.

“Thank you, Sheila,” I say appreciatively. I can’t wait to get rid of this weapon!

“Anything for you, Master,” she nearly whispers, and I can just make out a note of disappointment. She really had hoped I’d take her right here and now. For just a moment, I’m tempted to do just that, but I see AnnaBelle giving me a dirty look, and remember the unfair way I’d treated Brooke.

It only takes me a few steps to catch up to the redhead. “Brooke, I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that.”

She only barely glances at my hip, before facing forward again, refusing to look at me. “I know. It’s the sword,” she tells me, but I can still hear the pain in her sweet voice.

We walk in silence for a bit, until the one-time assassin stops next to a large rock sticking out of the ground. A small spring bubbles forth from a crack in the stone, and cool water gurgles up out of the opening.

With an unexpected shout of glee, Areth leaps from my shoulder and splashes merrily in the water. Despite the mood I’m in, I can’t help but grin at the childish way in which the tiny golden woman frolics and splashes.

“Give me a hand,” Brooke says and I walk around to see what she’s doing. Her hands are already dirty, as she digs her way under the rock, and I drop down to start moving dirt out of her way. It only takes a couple more seconds before she strikes something solid. By now everyone except for the still-playing fairy are gathered around us.

The redhead takes a moment to unbuckle Ondine’s blade, handing the weapon over to the other mermaid, before pulling up a small hatch. Darkness greets my view as I try to look past her. She reaches in, and I see her grip something before pulling it out with a sigh of relief. It looks like the same wavy blue sword she’d had when rescuing Angela and I from the Orcs, but I know this one has to be a copy since she’d lost the other one when she’d been taken into custody after saving Varun’s worthless hide. I wonder if it’s the standard blade used by mermaid assassins. She sets that aside, and reaches in again, pulling more weapons out. Ondine gets a small well-balanced dagger, Becky and Lisa both get regular looking short-swords. AnnaBelle takes a crossbow, but it becomes very apparent she doesn’t know what she’s doing with it. Brooke tries to offer weapons to the rest, but other than Jennifer taking a thin stiletto type blade, everyone refuses.

“I can make my own weapons, with Lyden’s help,” Angela says, and when I understand her desire, I help her change to her Amazonian form, replete with a long spear.

Thomas and Jewkes both indicate their own guns, and even Areth states that she can just use her magic. The tiny fairy looks refreshed after playing in the spring.

We cover up the plate to the weapons and refill our water bottles before heading out again. Areth is sopping wet when she lands on my shoulder, and it takes every ounce of my patience not to yell at her. I’ve got to keep a handle on my temper.

Heading out again, it doesn’t take long before we reach the border between Fire and Earth. Behind us is a rich green vista with trees and plants of every description. Before us is a barren rocky scene, heat waves lifting from the dry ground.

The succubus makes a sharp right, and we follow on the edge of the two realms.

“What exactly are we expecting to find?” Jewkes asks me, breaking the otherwise silent trek.

“I’m not sure,” I tell him honestly, wondering why he wants to know, and if I should keep a closer eye on him. Had he been sincere about protecting the human race, or is he really in collusion with Agent Olsen? Why does he keep staring at Angela and Jennifer? Are they in collusion together? Or is he just admiring their proportions? They’re mine, dammit!

“He’s sincere,” Angela says, dropping back to walk next to us. Had she been reading my mind? Why is she invading my privacy? “I’m sorry, Lyden,” she says contritely. “I can read intentions, remember? Of course, with the way you keep grabbing that hilt, you’re pretty easy to read.”

With a guilty start, I loosen my grip on Muramasa. When had I grabbed hold of it?

“You missed the meeting last night,” Angela says to the officer. “The plan is to go to the border of Light, and from there, only Areth, Lyden, and I will go forward. Shemhazau is a shy man, and I’m already afraid of how he might react with me bringing anyone with me.”

“Shemhazau?” I ask. “How long have you known him?” I can’t fight the wave of jealousy that starts to wash over me.

Her soft hand slipping into mine warms my chest, as I remember that she loves me. She won’t betray me, I know. Those thoughts all belong to my wicked blade.

Unless that’s only a ploy to get you to her true lover, Muramasa snidely says, but I block him out again.

“You know my past,” she tells me, and I realize she’s talking about when she’d killed her master’s son through sex, thereby becoming a succubus. “After that, I wandered alone and afraid for a while. Shemhazau Encantado found me, nearly starved to death, by a stream. He came to me as a dolphin, and I was so delirious that it didn’t even seem odd to find a dolphin in such shallow water.” She looks wistfully at the sky, and I can tell she’s looking into the distant past. “He nursed me back to health, and showed me that I could use my abilities to help people. That I didn’t have to kill them.” Jealousy once again rears its head at the thought of some man ‘nursing’ her back to health, but I force it down with some effort. She looks back to me, her large Amazonian eyes wanting me to understand. “He saved my life, Lyden. If not for him, I would have died centuries ago. He’s almost like a second father to me. He’s also the one that paid for your apartment when you were injured, and helped me broker a deal with the Cyclopes for your car.” She turns thoughtful a second later. “Now that I think about it, it’d been him that suggested I visit your office building that day. He’d told me that no one could use a mental break or sexual fantasy more than the poor saps that have to work such menial jobs.”

“You’re not kidding.” Surprisingly those words come from Sheila. “What?” she asks when we all look at her. “Do you think I liked my job?” She shakes her head before looking adoringly back at me. “I’ve never been happier than I am right now.”

I smile at my black haired slave, and am almost shocked to see her blush. “I thought Marchosias had something to do with my car,” I ask the tall succubus.

“Him too,” she says soberly. “Marchosias helped make me what I am, but it was Shemhazau that shaped who I am.” I hadn’t asked that, and a niggling thought makes me wonder if she’s changing the subject.

“And how do we break this curse?” Jewkes asks while adjusting his glasses, bringing us back to the original line of questioning. I wish I’d thought to bring a pair of shades. The heat coming from Fire’s side, and this never-ending afternoon light are giving me a headache.

“Angela says he has Masamune,” Areth pipes up, fluttering about my head for a second before landing on my shoulder again.

“As nice as he sounds,” I say, “do you really think he’ll just hand over the sword?”

“I don’t understand how another sword is supposed to break this curse,” Jewkes says before Angela can answer my question. My anger flares at his rudeness, and it takes a second for me to tamp it down. I need to keep a reign on myself.

“Masamune is oppositely cursed. It can only harm the most-wicked of beings, and creates such a sense of calm and peace that most people cursed with it just lie down and die. They’re no longer even interested in living.” Angela’s words haunt me, and I forget that I’d been angry a moment ago.

“So you just want him to lie down and die?” Jewkes asks shocked at the statement.

“They should balance each other out,” Areth says. “Muramasa makes survival the highest priority, at the cost of paranoia and sanity. Masamune should help balance that out.”


“Or tear him apart,” Angela shoots back. “There’s no telling what will happen to someone cursed in two opposite ways like that. It could destroy his mind.”

“I’m sure Lyden can handle it,” Lisa says, always the cheerleader.

“Why has no one else asked the most obvious question?” Becky states, and we all stop and stare at the petite brunette. “Lyden is cursed by this blade, and can’t get rid of it. Do you think this other guy, Shem-whatzit, will be able to even hand over the sword?”

A sudden sinking feeling overwhelms me at the sudden concern.

“We’ll figure that out when the time comes,” Angela says and turns to start walking again. From her tone and body language, I can tell she’s not happy. I wonder if it comes down to her second father or me, whom will she choose?

Why would she choose you? Muramasa snidely asks. She’s known him longer. Probably been fucking him longer.

We’re silent once more, as we contemplate our task. It had seemed so simple when starting out this morning, and now the closer we get, the more improbable it becomes.

“Angela,” a chittering voice breaks the silence, and I feel cold chills run down my spine, “I’m surprised to see you so close to our queen’s borders.”

A metallic ring sounds out as blades are drawn, and I turn in horror to see a Myrmidon begin forming out of millions of crawling red ants.

“Lyden,” Jennifer asks, fear already thick in her tone, “is that what I think it is?”

“What do you want?” Angela asks the monster as its mouth begins to form, mandibles slowly protruding out. She looks around, and seems to notice our ready stance for the first time. “If he’d meant to attack, he would have done so by now,” she tells us. “He’s here for another reason.”

“Our queen wishes to talk with you, succubus,” the thing says in its clacking voice. “Though she has no orders for your companions, she has stated regret at her prior behavior.”

“TanaVesta is no longer my queen,” venom nearly drips from Angela’s voice. “She lied and is trying to destroy our world.”

“Tsk, tsk,” the Myrmidon mutters. “She will be most grieved to hear you feel that way.”

“I doubt that,” she says evenly, stepping forward. “You won’t be reporting back.” The large spear in her hands swings around, the sharp blade severing the monster’s arm.

It only laughs, as the appendage splatters on the ground, and the myriad ants that make it up rush to its foot. The arm is already reforming.

“Our orders were to bring you to her peacefully if you would come. Kill you if you didn’t.” Its mandible-filled mouth opens wide, and I can already see the glow of fire before I start moving.

Scorching heat sears my back as I tackle the succubus to the ground, just in time to avoid the full blast. Gunshots ring out, as Jennifer, Jewkes, and Thomas open fire. Rolling over, I look up to see the rounds impacting the monster, but having no better effect than they had back in the grocery store parking lot. AnnaBelle just looks at the creature dumbly, not even trying to use her crossbow.

Angela shoves powerfully against me, and somehow I’m able to roll onto my feet, and come up hand on Muramasa’s hilt.

“Lyden, you can’t!” Becky shouts at me. “That sword is too dangerous!”

Nodding to the smart woman, I remove the sword, hilt and all, from my hip, and then turn to face the beast.

“I don’t suppose you have a can of Raid on you by chance?” Jennifer asks, coming to stand next to me while reloading her shotgun.

Brooke steps in, her rippling blue sword raised in her left hand and brings it down hard on the creature’s shoulder. The Myrmidon screams in pain, and I watch in hope as the red ants around the blade start to turn black.

The mermaid assassin’s watery blade can hurt the thing, I think, just in time to see the creature backhand her, sending her tumbling away from the weapon still lodged in the monster’s shoulder. I have no doubt she could have avoided the blow if she had been using her normal hand, but her reflexes aren’t geared for her left hand.

The monster’s hand grips the hilt of Brooke’s sword, and tears it free with another cry of pain, before flinging the weapon with a powerful throw. I can’t make out where it lands.

It takes a couple steps towards Brooke, and I step forward without thinking, standing over her to protect the fallen redhead.

Its golden mouth opens wide, and I know I’m about to be burned to a crisp. Swinging my sheathed blade at its head, the thing catches it in his hand, halting my attack. Red glows brightly from its maw as it prepares to finish me off.

NO!” Areth’s voice rings out high and loudly, and a moment later a column of water blasts the thing, drowning the building fire and knocking the Myrmidon back.

Unfortunately he takes my sheath with him.

Free! Feed me. Let me taste its ichor. I want his soul! Muramasa’s voice rings out clearly in my mind, demanding; this time unwilling to be satisfied with a minor cut.

I feel rage deeper and hotter than any I’ve ever felt before flood through my system, and feel my lips turn up in a feral smile.

How dare this insignificant fucking ant try to kill me or my companions? With Muramasa in my hands, I am nearly a god! It seems so easy to step forward, dodging the swing of its arm, and removing the hand from its wrist. It curls and blackens as it strikes the ground, tendril of smoke slowly rising up before it’s consumed in a puff of flame.

Yes! Tastes so sweet. Blood, soft, wet, hot, blood! Feed me!

Somehow I can make out fear in the thing’s gaze, but that only makes me smile wider. There is just something about the feeling of knowing that your enemy is about to fall, seeing the terror on its face, and a thrill that permeates my body at knowing that its fear is because of me.

Its mouth opens again, and this time there is no delay before the flame gushes forth, but Muramasa blocks it, swallowing it all, its chrome blade turning a bright red color. I marvel at the beauty of my sword. Why have I kept it sheathed? I should keep him out all the time. I’ve never felt as good or powerful as I do right at this moment.

Muramasa leaves a golden trail of light as I almost lazily flick my wrist, and watch the insignificant thing’s head separate from its shoulders a moment before flames engulf the entire monster.

“Oh, yes!” I scream exaltedly. “That was fucking awesome!”

“L-Lyden,” Lisa’s voice breaks through the battle fog and I turn to look at her. Why is she looking at me like that? Why is she afraid? I just saved her. She should be on her knees, groveling in supplication to how powerful I am now.

She wants to kill you. Kill her now before she can strike. FEED me more! Why do she and the short one follow you? They don’t truly care about you. None of them do.

Yes, my blade is right, of course. She saw how powerful I am now, and fears me. It’s only right, of course. I should be feared, but why would she want to kill me? Why isn’t she thanking me for saving her and everyone else?

She takes a step towards me, and I prepare for an attack. I don’t know why she would want to hurt me, but such an aggressive movement can only mean one thing.

Raising my wonderful blade up, I prepare to separate her head from her shoulders.

“Master, no!” another voice cries out, and I see Sheila prostrate herself before me, hands outstretched pleadingly before her as she beseeches me. “Leave them here, Master. Take your slave with you, and we will go somewhere we can have some real fun.”

What are you doing, Sheila?” Thomas demands of her, but he’s ignored.

A truly subservient slave could be some real fun, I think. At least she knows her proper position.

And when we’re done with her, I can feed.

Yes indeed, I think as I bend over and grab the skinny woman around the waist. She squeaks as I throw her over my shoulder and walk away, taking only a moment to sheath Muramasa.

He screams about being put away too soon, but I know he’ll be there and ready when I want to feed him again.

* * *

“Wh-what do you plan on doing with me, Master?” my little slave asks, her voice quavering in fear.

“It’s not your place to question your master, slave,” I tell her forcefully, slapping her ass to emphasize my point. “Now strip!”

Somehow, I had been able to find a cave a little ways away. A couple of Orc carcasses rest a bit deeper in, but right now they are of no concern to me. Right now, I intend to fuck the shit out of my little slave.

She begins to do as I command, slowly pulling her arm from the sleeve of her shirt. She’s taking too long, moving at a pace that I can’t accept, and I grab her top, twist, and yank it off her in one pull, reducing it to rags with ease.

Her larger than handful size tits stand free in the dim light of the cave, and I grin that my slave knew better than to wear a bra today. She doesn’t hesitate to pull her pants off, and finally I see she understands the urgency of my need and desire.

I start working at my own pants, but she moves quickly, her own still around her ankles, slapping my hands away. Greedily she undoes my fly, and reaches in to grab my already hardening phallus. A low throaty moan escapes her throat as my rod pops free.

Hungrily she swallows me between her lips, sucking me deep into her throat, and gagging herself on my tool.

Gripping a handful of her soft black hair, I force her face against my pelvis, truly enjoying the way my cock feels mashed down her gullet, her drool and saliva slipping free from her open mouth and dripping off my scrotum.

“Oh, fuck that feels good, slave. Yes, lick my balls!” I moan, before yanking her head back to look into her eyes. “Be a good slave, and I’ll make sure you’re rewarded,” I tell her, having no intention of keeping the promise.

Tears stream from her eyes and drool from her mouth, but she nods and grabs my ass, pulling my prick back towards her hungry mouth. Her hands work at my waist, pulling my pants the rest of the way off. I hear my sword skitter across the cave floor, and worry that she’s trying to disarm me, but when she starts humming a second later, I forget about it, enjoying the pleasure she’s giving me.

Leaning forward, I grip her left breast, squeezing hard until she moans. My lusty emotions drive higher at the sound of her voice, barely making it around my cock and I yank her off me again.

“Ready to get fucked, slave?” I ask her, not really caring if she is or not.

“Yes Master! Fuck your willing slave. Punish her, or please her! I’m yours!” She kicks off her pants and shoves her ass into the air.

I waste no time before stepping forward and driving my rock hard penis straight into her vagina. With almost no foreplay, I’m shocked at how wet she already is. She still screams out as I hit bottom in her, and continue driving forward. Some part of my brain knows I can change the size and shape of my cock to conform to her cunt, but I’m not letting it, forcing my full size and length into her, until I’m butting up against her womb.

Placing my left hand on her hip, I once again grab her long black hair. Her pussy clamps down on me, as I pull back my hips, and then use my grip on her black locks to drive forward. She grunts at the impact, but I don’t let up. Her inner folds convulse around my rod, as I pound into her again and again. Her screams echo around the cavern in counterpoint to my hips smacking against her rump.

I can somehow sense that she’s coming close to her own orgasm, and decide that I need to finish first. She was good, but I’m not in the mood to fully reward her right now.

I throw all of my concentration into reaching my own culmination, centering on how every inch of her cunt feels wrapped tightly around my cock. The way her ass cheeks jiggle every time I slam into her. And how her voice sounds, part pleasure, part pain, in the way I’m treating her body, as it echoes around the cave.

My first volley fires deep into her, filling her womb with my potent seed. Who cares if she gets pregnant? She’ll be dead long before she can carry the child to full term.

Despite my efforts, I feel her own orgasm wash over me, filling me with new heights of pleasure as her juices drip off my nut-sack.

Even so, I don’t stop pumping into her until every drop is sucked from my long prick.

Thanks again to Garbonzo for pointing out where things were confusing or needed better clarification. He is a great editor, and this story wouldn't be where it is now, without his aid!

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