I confessed my love to my mother.
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Mom, I Love Janet

I had been tossing and turning all night long. I had this deep dark secret that was just eating me up inside. I couldn’t take it another minute. I looked at the clock and it was only six-fifteen. The sun had only been up for a short while.

I got out of bed and didn’t bother to put anything on. I walked just a few steps down the hall and into my mother’s bedroom. I slipped under the covers with her. We both slept nude and for the first time I looked at her as a sex object. My mother had the best set of breasts going, and I had been paying special attention to breasts lately.

I nudged her and she opened her eyes. Then I said, “Mom, I love Janet.”

She smiled at me and asked, “Can we talk about this later? I’m tired.”

I must have fallen asleep because it was ten o’clock when Mom nudged me and asked, “So does that mean that you are a lesbian?”

I replied, “I think so.”

Mom asked, “Do you find me attractive?”

I replied, “Mom, I’ve always found you attractive.”

Mom laughed and asked, “In a sexual way?”

I swallowed hard and said, “Yes!”

Then Mom asked, “Do you want to fool around before your brother gets up and demands that I feed him?”

Stunned I answered, “Can I just feel you up for a while? I’ve never really touched a fully developed woman before.”

She gave me a hug, laid flat on her back, and opened her legs up before saying, “Go ahead, make my day.”

As I ran my hand over her right breast I felt her take in a deep breath. When I got to her nipple it was already hard. I pulled the covers down to her belly button so that I could get a better look at her magnificent breasts. I had seen them plenty of times before but never while touching them. They were much firmer than I had expected them to be. Janet and I have softer newly developing breasts. Mom’s stood up nicely too. I’ve seen other women on the beach lying on their backs and most of their breasts looked like fried eggs.

I continued to play with Mom’s breasts. I squeezed them, I flicked her nipples, and then I started to roll them between my finger and thumb like Janet does to me. Mom started squirming around and breathing harder…and…and then…she let out a moan, shook all over, and then she relaxed.

I knew that I had just given my mother a pretty good orgasm and I was proud of myself. I had given Janet a bunch of orgasms but never one that strong before.

Mom opened her eyes, smiled at me and asked, “Do you want me to return the favor?”

I said, “Not yet. What I really wanted to tell you was…oh…and I need your advice too.”

Mom laughed and asked, “What is it honey.” Then she placed her hand between my legs and just let it rest on my pussy. Her touch made me tingle all over and I nearly forgot what I was going to tell her.

I said, “Janet and I have been making out for four weeks now and I love her…but…last night she made me let her little brother feel me up. I had to let him finger fuck me and play with my clit for five minutes. She said that it would make my pussy taste better. It must have because she practically devoured me afterwards.”

Mom smiled.

I said, “That’s not all. Then while she was eating me out he stuck his cock in my mouth.”

Mom whispered, “A threesome. Lucky you.”

I almost shouted, “Mom! That little shit came in my mouth and Janet made me swallow it. Then after I had finished eating her out she told me that Timmy would be joining us in sex every sleepover. I don’t know what to do! Mom, I love Janet.”

Mom just smiled and said, “You have a horny brother too…invite her over.”

I just looked at her as if I had seen a ghost.

Mom said, “I can almost guarantee you that her pussy will taste better after your brother gets her juices flowing too.”

She laughed and said, “Besides your brother would love getting his cock sucked. I swear that that boy would do naked pushups over a knothole in the floor.”

That thought made me giggle.

Mom slipped a finger into my vagina to get it wet and then slipped it up my moist slit to my clit. Then Mom proceeded to give me the ultimate orgasm. It was mind blowing. I could never imagine an orgasm ever being better than the one that my mother’s finger gave me.

We took a shower in her bathroom and she gave me one of her nighties to wear. She wore one too. Then we went to start lunch.

Steve came into the kitchen, let out a wolf whistle, and said, “Wow! You guys look great. What’s up?”

Mom didn’t even turn around to look at him. She just said, “Besides your pecker!”

That was probably the first time that I had ever seen my brother blush. Then I watched as he adjusted his erection in his pants and then sit down.

Our nighties were not transparent but they were short and sexy. I got another tingle in my pussy.

Then with my brother watching me I walked up behind our mother and ran my hand down her back and over her butt. Mom giggled. Then I ran my hand along the bottom of her night knowing that she wasn’t wearing the matching panties…because I wasn’t either.

Mom said, “If you keep that up, you’re brother will explode.”

Again I watched him blush.

As we ate dinner Mom relayed my story to him and asked if he would be interested in feeling Janet up and as she called it “Fucking her face.”

Of course he was all for it so I called Janet and invited her to a sleepover at my house. She was excited…and…so was I…not to mention Steve.


At that time Timmy was thirteen, I was fourteen, Janet was fifteen, and my brother Steve was sixteen years old.


When Janet arrived she looked good in her tight fitting T-shirt and her low rider blue jeans. Mom gave her a big hug, a kiss on the cheek, and then Mom ran her hand over Janet’s butt, as she said, “Why don’t you girls go upstairs and enjoy yourselves!”

I took Janet’s hand we practically ran up to my bedroom. Once inside Janet said, “Your mother felt me up.”

I replied, “She just rubbed your butt. I did more than that to her this morning.”

Excite at hearing that Janet wanted all of the sexy details, I got her so excited that she looked like she had to pee. We were both naked and just ready to get started when I said, “You have to let my brother feel you up first.”

Janet almost shouted, “What.”

I explained to her that she had set that rule the day before and that my brother was no different than her brother.

Janet said, “Oh yes he is! My brother is only thirteen and your brother is sixteen. If he fucks me I just know that I won’t want pussy anymore.”

I was stunned but I quickly recovered and said, “You will have to take us both. If you want me then he gets to have you…and…if you want him then you have to have me. It is a package deal.”

I had been stroking her clit the whole time and I knew just how to keep her on the edge. A little too much and she would cum, a little to less and she would be able to think of a way out of it. I had her just where I wanted her.

She whispered in a harsh voice, “Okay! Okay, he can have me. Just get him quick. I’m ready to explode.”

I called out, “Steve, she’s ready.”

Steve opened the door, he was just as naked as we were, and it was the first time that I had seen him naked in years.

Instantly I knew what Janet was talking about…

If he stuck that thing in me, I might not want girls again either.

Then it struck me what Janet had said, “If he fucks me I just know that I won’t want pussy anymore.”

I never mentioned him fucking her and she had never mentioned her brother fucking me either.

As he approached us I moved over on the bed to give them room.

His finger went straight for her pussy. In no time at all he had two fingers in her hole, a thumb on her clit, and a nipple in his mouth.

I leaned in and whispered, “She wants you to fuck her.”

He looked at me and his eyes were glowing in lust. He moved in between her legs, aimed his cock at her, and thrust it inside. I knew that she could take it, especially after that cucumber that I had shoved up her one night. I got a banana shoved up me that night.

I was impressed at my brother’s staying power. It took him a good fifteen minutes to cum in her.

He pulled out and I dove in before she could recover. Together we had taken Janet into a new world of multiple orgasms. We became a tag team. When he was ready he would tap my shoulder and I would move out of his way. It was almost an hour after we had started that Mom stood in the doorway and said, “Hey, you guys need to come up for some air. You’re liable to kill her with kindness.”

Janet just rolled her eyes into her eyelids and moaned out, “What a wonderful way to go.”

Mom laughed and said, “Tell me about it! Been there and done that!”

Naked we walked down to the kitchen where Mom had fixed us a nice snack to eat and plenty to drink.

Mom looked at the three of us naked and said, “I feel out of place.” Then Mom undressed and joined us in a bite to eat.

Steve could not take his eyes off from Mom’s big beautiful breasts…neither could Janet.

That night after Steve had drained his balls inside of Janet, Mom gave her a douche, and brought us two girls into bed with her.

All is well that ends well.

The End
Mom, I Love Janet
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